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This is an Official List of Goonswarm Federation Diplomats

Only these individuals talk on behalf of the Goonswarm Federation Alliance and The_Imperium. All others saying they are a diplomat of any kind are trying to scam you.


Asher Elias - Alliance Executor

Ralos Emiris - Head Diplomat

Naice Rucima - Diplomatic Director

Shingly - Diplomatic Director

Klavas - Chief of Staff


Name Language Discord ID
Aquinos English Aquinos#0001
Naice Rucima French/English Naice Rucima#4635
Quendan Comari German/English Quendan#5026
Ralos Emiris English Ralos Emiris#4102
Shingly English Shingly#0001
Sylvia Austrene Serbian/English TheClaptainSA#6231
Wade Ambraelle English Wade Ambraelle#0001
Zakurell0 Linda Chinese/English Zakrello#9467