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All right. Hello, hello, hello.
I have not learned any more German.
You guys have been sending me a lot of words, like, saying that apply to me.
Like, I don't know what they mean.
Like, one of you guys said "scheisse,"
and so that's one that apparently, that's a German word that applies to me.
That's very shitty of them to say that to you.
Is it? Oh, okay.
Let people get in here.
Thank you to the people DMing me saying it means shit.
I knew, guys. I appreciate it.
I appreciate that you thought I was being totally punked there, but yeah, I got it.
All right.
Just top 500. There we go.
So, I'm having a, I'm thinking milk does not mean milk, but you know,
I'm happy to say it just so you can put it on your sheet.
Does it? Okay.
I thought it was like "milch" in German.
Oh, okay, okay.
This is just gonna be the fireside for now,
and it's just gonna be me learning German very slowly from Eve player.
So, let's get into it.
Since our last meeting, we've had a very good run.
You guys put in the effort and blew up the X47 Keepstar,
and that was an amazing job from us over two big fights.
We had an excellent armor fight, which was, you know,
really well played by everyone in leadership,
and you guys showed up in insane numbers at a very unusual time.
On top of that, we were within like spitting distance of being 50/50 on the BR,
and we did that when we had two entire Typhoon fleets that were uninvolved in the fight,
except for shooting the Keepstar.
So, we basically went about even on the BR without--
with two of our fleets not involved in the fighting, just pausing the Keep.
So, first off, I want to say thank you to everyone who was in those Typhoon fleets.
You spent the whole time shooting the structure.
You guys were cutting around. You guys were tanking.
Some of you were dying, and that was the most important job,
but in some ways the least--
the least one--you know, the least glamorous one.
So, thank you, guys. I really appreciate that very much.
When it comes to getting the job done,
I think there's no one better in the game than us at accomplishing our goals.
So, where does that leave us?
We still have some things we want to do.
We have some objectives we want to reach,
and I am seeing good numbers from us.
I want to keep seeing those numbers while we still are focusing on those objectives.
That, to me, is the most important part,
and it's not going to be as big as, "Hey, let's get this giant Keepstar done,"
but that still means the goals are important.
All right, so we will be introducing some new things.
First off, we talked about this last week.
We have the Lemmings SIG. Can you link Lemmings?
You guys voted on the name? It is the Lemmings SIG,
and this is open to anyone to join who would like to participate in P at Home.
The idea is that this is like a less organized solo, small gang-type thing.
If there are people roaming around our space, there's 10 dudes.
We will ping Lemmings and let you know, and you can go fight them yourselves.
We don't have to form up a skirmish commander for 10 guys.
It's more fun for you guys to go fight them off yourself anyway.
That's not something we always want to be throwing 50 Feroxes at anyway.
So anyone can join this. There will be a chat room to coordinate in.
You guys can call out targets, and you guys can find people to shoot them with.
This is just so--and if we see a small gang roaming around like the FCs do,
we'll ping Lemmings. We'll say, "Hey, there are, you know,
there are, you know, whatever, 10 stabbers in this system,"
and we're going to make a Lemmings mumble channel
so that you guys can have voice comms to coordinate if you are hunting them down.
"Can you Lemming on every fleet if you are a member of Lemmings?"
You can test that excuse and see if it works. We'll give it a shot.
"Can we extend Lemmings to the deployment area?"
Right now it's focused on home. If it works out well at home,
I think we'll try it on the next time we deploy.
So when we get back home, we'll focus on Lemmings, and then if it goes well,
we'll expand it and see how it works as a small gang stuff during deployments.
This is something I feel like--this is an area we really haven't addressed as well as we could have.
A lot of this stuff is done organically, like, "Oh, this standing fleet, this standing fleet,"
but I would like an area where everyone can coordinate so that, you know,
sometimes you have Karma Fleet standing fleet and AMOC standing fleet,
and they're all running and trying to do the same thing.
It'd be better if people could call off targets and, you know, say, "Oh, we're going to do this."
So anyone can join, and if you are interested at all in home defense and hunting down and shooting people,
please join. It is not a gated group. Anyone is allowed to join.
There's no fits. It's whatever you want to do.
Please don't do Navy dreads, just in general.
Don't do Navy dreads for home defense.
You can bring your Drake.
Question. "Official Typhoon Fleet doctrine when?"
So do you mean Typhoon Fleet like the Navy Typhoon, or do you mean a fleet of regular Typhoon?
You got to be careful how you say it, because there is a fleet Typhoon ship.
We were really happy with the way the Typhoons performed as far as tanking,
and a lot of the Typhoons on...
So there was a B2 Typhoon fleet that took even more fire than our 2 Typhoon fleet,
and although some of them died, they tanked an impressive amount.
You know, if they'd been able to kill them in the same way that they were killing other battleships,
it would have probably put an end to our assault, but they were not.
So we were really impressed with the Typhoons.
We'll look at them as far as what we can do with them if we want to do another battleship doctrine.
One thing that we were incredibly impressed with was the Lashaks.
Lashaks have been statistically just the greatest ship.
If I could have 4 fleets of Lashaks, I would just do that.
Like, we really liked what the Lashaks did.
So if you have not replaced your electric heat guns, please do that.
"Cursed doctrine when?"
Never. I don't know. That would not be a good doctrine.
"Do we still like Stormbringers?"
Excellent question, O'Revere.
We like Stormbringers. We do not like them for Keepstar shoots, or Fortizar shoots, really.
And that has been what we've done almost entirely here.
So Stormbringers would be for more skirmishy stuff.
They would be great for IHUVs.
And we just haven't done a lot of those.
So I would have liked to have used them a lot more than we have,
but we're not getting rid of them, and we are happy with the small sample size we've seen.
But we just haven't had the time to use them.
This has been a Lashak more area than a Stormbringer area.
"Lashaks do not have the range. Tempest Fleet issue way, way better."
Different doctrines do different things.
You know, someone could go, "Tempest Fleets do not have the range. Rogue Fleet way better."
And they would also be accurate.
But there are tradeoffs to range, and there are tradeoffs to being close.
I am not an FC who generally likes to brawl, personally.
I think it is sort of a low-skill style, and it doesn't appeal to me as much as an FC.
But I love these Lashaks, and so that's saying a lot.
When I say I love a ship that is essentially dedicated to brawling,
they must be doing something right, and they are indeed doing something right.
"Why were Baltics mothballed?"
Because they did not do anything particularly well.
They were an all-around doctrine, and the meta caught up with them.
"Kaidi Volshalashaks are something I dream about in my private time."
"Is the objective of this war is almost finished?"
I would say that we have done what we said we would come to do.
There are other things we want to do, and so it is not done.
But killing those Keepstars was our main objective, and it is done.
I'm not worried about saying that, because I know you guys will show up
for these other objectives.
But those are the main things that we came to do, and we have done those.
"Any goalposts moving to be communicated yet?"
You mean by the bats?
We have been moving goalposts back for quite a bit during this war.
You can find a lot of leadership for the bats saying that we would never
blow up the Keepstar.
So whenever we do finish this war, we're going to have a victory celebration.
We'll get everyone on. We'll call out the people who have done great.
We'll say thank you, and we'll have a lot of fun.
So I'm going to save that for that time.
"What are your thoughts on the win?"
So there's a lot of people who have done a great job that I want to call out,
and I think that there's a lot of people who want to celebrate the win here.
"What are your thoughts on the win?"
I don't know what the Rush Matrix mystery is, Overever,
so if I just said some meme, you're welcome.
Yeah, and then Kaznir is leaking some information to the channel.
Oh, is that like – is Rush Matrix one of the people that we have a war deck on?
So my understanding is that basically if they effectively disband,
we can't stop the war deck. We're not paying for it.
It just goes on forever because of CCP.
"Utility 101?" No.
"Napox get more use?" No, Napox is getting retired.
We are retiring Napox. Napox, when you die, do not replace them.
We are SRPing them, but we do not want them replaced.
We want Tempests instead.
"TFIs, TFIs, TFIs for Tech Fleet."
Focus on what the fleet does good.
"TFI vs Paladin and Heavy Tide are amazing."
You are correct, Melendro. You have figured it out.
"We are not doing a suicide fleet." I really hate those.
I think that makes no sense at all.
I will not do my whole victory speech in German.
Me aggressively yelling in German would be bad.
Sorry, but people should keep their Napox and Apox and Megatrons.
It's better to keep your battleships. Don't sell them, just keep them.
Because they always come back, and it's good to have them
and not having to build them, especially with the mineral costs these days.
Yeah. Everything that's old is new again.
In doctrines, ships always come back, generally.
I know there's someone holding out hope that his Abaddon will eventually get used.
"Could we please get one more Dread drop? My Moros is feeling abandoned."
Well, I would say that that takes two to tango.
Keepstars are not really the greatest place to use Dreads.
We had some plans for using them, and the bad guys really did not want to opt in to them being used.
So, that's sort of up to them.
Which is fine. We blew up the Keepstar anyway, so it didn't really matter.
If we were going to go for a Charisma Missile doctrine,
I think we'd heavily lean towards Typhoons because of multiple things.
Ravens are really good at one thing, which is throwing Charisma Missiles very far,
but they're not really good at almost anything else.
Now, the Scorp Navy issue? I kind of like that ship.
I haven't quite figured out how to use it, but I have been playing with it.
Alright, so here's the story. Come on fleets.
When we go home, we'll have a victory celebration, but we're not ready to do that yet.
We have some stuff yet to do.
So, I want to see you guys. Big numbers on fleets.
We will not be here for three more months.
So, please show up now. Don't save yourself for three months from now.
Show up now. Come to fights. I'm enjoying fighting with you guys, and I'll see you there.
Night you with the Doomsday? I like that idea.
I dub thee... what's the name of the Doomsday? I can't remember any of the names.
I dub thee Sir BFG.
Sir Arching Four-Time Projector? That is a bit of a mouthful.
Something you've never heard, Sniper.
He can unmute himself and come back at me if he wants. Don't worry about it.
I have to listen to... Here you guys don't know.
In Command, I have to listen to Sniper's jokes all the time.
And I say jokes with the biggest of air quotes.
This dude, he is the machine gunner of jokes.
He just throws so much ammunition down range and just hopes that one hits.
There's like a hundred. It's like a hundred... yeah, a hundred dad jokes.
And I will give him a credit. Like, two are very funny.
Two are very funny, but 98 of them are just...
You know, I don't know how to describe them, but I wouldn't have any good words for them.
Yeah, Apple just comes off the top rope when you're not prepared for it.
All right. All right. We're done, guys. You can go. Thank you for showing up.