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uh is there's very few phone apps for jabber uh jabber on the phone is like a fucking nightmare
uh but our uh geniuses in the it department whoever it was that figured it out came up with
a way to do a discord relay so you can get director bot pings on your phone uh through
like a discord pm so if somebody can link the discord relay uh director bot thing and let me
see him please uh that'll help people get things so that basically like if a super cap fight starts
or something you will start seeing a bunch of screaming all-cap pings that way you can check
it on your phone you don't have to worry about like getting jabber on your phone or whatever
there we go thank you arbs
so it's kind of weird to be given a fireside that's going to be sort of like bullet pointy
like traditionally when we're at peace we have firesides we're like check this check that you
know use update here and use update there and they can be kind of scattershot uh in wartime normally
it's like hey we have a new doctor in here we're doing that and like you would expect a lot of like
fucking hurf blurf um but the bad guys suck so much that it's kind of hard for me to uh
really know where to start i did not expect pro god legend to bitch out when he had like 400 plus
dreadnoughts this morning especially after he bitched out last night uh i i think it's great
but i think it's i mean we're in a situation now like if you're a ret vet if you've come back to
the game after years and you remember when we didn't have many titans you remember when we
had to be super cautious with our super carriers and our titans earlier and from the era of like
motherships i think super carriers is dumb i prefer them being called motherships but whatever
i'm old uh we had to be really cautious with them and like yesterday uh we were outnumbered
by pro god legend's own words like he said and i think it's kind of like a kill a b like doctor
faction titans moment where in that recording we pinged around last night if somebody could link
that elysium for like the three people that missed it uh where pro god says we have 300 more 300 400
more sub caps than them we have one more titan fleet than them we have one more capital fleet
than them and we're still going to stand down and here's a bunch of excuses and reasons uh that was
kind of like his dock up your faction titans moment i don't know if it's going to be as uh
concise enough to end up in a mind one remix like the kill a flea song but uh it wasn't what i
expected i uh we came to fuck last night and they bitched out uh we um had all of our heavy hardware
ready to go and this morning just uh what about five or six hours ago uh we dropped our titans
on some nerds they had a bunch of dreadnoughts they could have dropped them on us from npc dell
and they bitched out so what do we take from this they are going to have to shove their shit in
you can also hear a so they're gonna have to shove their shit in i don't know if you guys can hear
the dog barking in the background but apparently that's very exciting uh either they're gonna have
to overcompensate for the fact that they have failed to demonstrate aggression even though
they are theoretically in a military superior position uh my girlfriend has a australian
shepherd and uh something must have moved outside in some way and now it is time to bark bark bark
hold on a second guys i gotta go check on the puppers hang on
the return of dbrb's dog
you know it's uh it's tragic i think um
uh dago was trying to defend me from the fact that somebody might have been walking around outside
where was i uh bad's gonna bad so if this was an era where we were really hard up for titans and
we haven't like flashed our full titan numbers or anything but if you haven't moved your fucking
capitals to d-tech w please make sure that you do that uh there have been safe sino fleets up for
that uh even i have moved my shit into d-tech w and i have moved my shit into d-tech w and i have
moved my shit into d-tech w and i have moved my shit into d-tech w and i have moved my shit into
d-tech w and i have moved my shit into d-tech w uh so as a slacker cap myself but uh we haven't
shown exactly what we have that's uh opsec obviously because we don't want the bad guys
to know what we have but they're scared for some reason but i tell you if they uh if they put
something that we can like drop 300 dreads on and like in a not completely suicidal sort of way
uh we're gonna do it and one of the reasons is that i know that and we we proved this a couple
weeks ago in g magic where we got so bored of their failure to invade us that we jumped a
regional gate into their space with all of our shit and brawled fantastic and like big dick
bollard lost a vehement who gives a shit like we lost that fight by like we tried to take a swing
of their titans we lost that fight by like 150 billion isk i think we killed like 100 billion
isk 30 or 40 billion of our losses was a vehement because we don't dock our faction toys um we just
swing our shit around i am con and what we saw after that was we had a huge surge in numbers
because you guys are realizing that no really we're gonna fucking fight this thing out this
thing ends in violence right this does not end in diplomacy it does not end in us like using
cornstown to get out because the bad guys have infinite isk it's not the casino war there's no
like weird sma threesome casino bullshit here they don't have infinite isk we can primary by poverty
and uh i want to talk about primary by poverty a little bit here after pigles stood down in shame
last night i uh was browsing the screaming and the crying amongst our foes and the excuse making
that they were doing on reddit and hercules who was the leader of triple a after evil thug if
you're old school you remember the evil thug days hercules took over triple a after evil thug
and he's a friend of ours worked together with us very closely during the halloween war
leading up to br5 and he leads ferovictrix which is our group of hardcore stain rust allies who
are constantly preying on a test hercules had an interesting post as to his explanation as
why he thought that the pigles stood down like a little bitch even though they had so many more
forces uh they're 150 000 fucking bad guys in the casino war i think it was only like 65 000
bad guys so way more bad guys than they ever were before standing down why well they've got 103
alliances even in a scenario where we lose a titan fight where we lose a capital fight
we get to primary by poverty we get to pick these motherfuckers and delete them because the way
that these these battles go they're bloody enough unless we fuck up completely that we can basically
say okay yeah they have like 300 more dudes or 300 more capitals or whatever than us whatever
whatever it ends up being but we can just like pick test or brave or somebody their number comes up
and we wipe them off the fucking field and then it takes them a lot longer to get their shit back
because they are not a centralized space empire like we are like they don't have like a coalition
level production or any of the shit any of the advantages that we have so i think one of the
reasons why these guys are scared is that they have huge amounts of numbers but we can basically
they're playing you know they're playing russian roulette essentially we get to we get to pick who
we are going to delete off the face of the earth and one of the things i'm excited about
in terms of doing that to test in particular is we win a couple of these fights or we lose
a couple of these fights and we primary by primary by poverty uh if pan fam is not nearly as engaged
as they could be uh test if we delete their shit they live right next door to us what the fuck are
they going to do and they know it and that's why i think we're seeing piggles and villi be such
pathetic little bitches in front of everybody after all of the promises how great they are
anyway the other thing is after the signing of the horny indoor i got fucking trillions of isk
we will use our dreadnoughts aggressively where we have the possibility of getting kills whenever
they put something down down that we'll be able to take a shot at we're going to do it
and then i know if we shove even if it works out badly you motherfuckers will go wow we're doing
this and that we'll end up with 500 more dreadnoughts if we lose 200 we'll end up with
like 500 plus like three or four days later because you'll be like oh my god i went in
on this action so yeah it's uh it's pretty cool let me take a look here the notes oh i didn't
finish the hercules story i think i did the hercules story was basically um hercules's post
thank you margaret and mervyn is pointing out i'm getting too tangenty here um basically saying the
reason why pickles is bitched out is that uh he realizes that uh even if he commits all of happy's
forces we would probably uh wipe test off the map uh even if we lost in terms of whatever they put
down on the field uh and then you know pickles and test are screwed and that's exactly what we do
maybe it wouldn't be test we don't want to promise to the bad guys that we're going to do
test over anybody else but we will look at the facts and circumstances on the ground
and we are always going to pick whatever will be as painful as possible for the bads
so we're going to pick we're definitely going to go alliance by alliance and just
delete what we feel like and it was uh pretty cool that hercules pointed that out i like that
question don't they have money from ttt is the money they're keeping from all the legacy enough
srp to lose their caps and super cap fight uh well since villi is getting so much value from the
ttt and legacy is getting so much value which is villi's excuse for why he doesn't actually pay
anybody anything from the ttt like we do um yeah yeah another thing to keep in mind here is is that
as we found in the past uh when these guys and like uh in a situation like that people like
villi they are probably embezzling or spending their money on like i have a faction titan named
the villi named his faction titan the champion's jewel like it's the most wanky [ __ ] thing i've
seen i i don't i don't i don't even know the champion's jewel the champion's jewel
villi's a champion he has a faction titan oh my god are you impressed i'm impressed
i feel like less of a man because he has the champion's jewel
all right what else we got so i want to talk about some brass tacks things um
[Bad guys have a dread bomb in the NPC Delph]
the bad guys have a dread bomb in the npc delph uh we know that i believe it's in 1dh i forget
the exact system but we saw them get ready to use their dreads today from npc delph uh that is cool
and good we want to see these guys use their dreads we want to bait things out uh but they
[ __ ] it out again that's fine uh if we troll them enough about it maybe they will actually commit
stuff uh we'll see uh but if you are a bored goon that wants to help having addicters lying around
in a piece in an in npc delve is going to be very important uh you can really [ __ ] with
their dread bomb attempts if you just have uh have that or if you are like one of those super ninjas
like uh if you are on the the good side of uh the blood raiders and you like to roll around with the
diamond rats there's a lot of opportunities there so spare addictors in npc delve if you
are a big dick baller and want to help interfere with their dread bombs in the future
all right let's see what else we got
we do not do dictor training fleets anymore but that's a great segue x up
uh so tomorrow at uh let's see did we decide i think it was 1930 eve uh tomorrow at 1930 eve
we're gonna do capital training uh we hadn't thinking about doing a capital training on cc
today uh but there are a couple timers coming up that the bads might try something for i know that
they are very very tired because they spent the last several hours moving through regional gate
one ship at a time while we had dread staring at them because again they have 150 000 pilots
and i whatever it's it's just it's [ __ ] pathetic anyway uh the point is uh they we have some timers
coming up in the next few hours uh i don't know if the bad guys are going to form for them i do
want you guys to be on deck and ready to rock if they decide that they're going to find their balls
um so uh we'll do cap training tomorrow at 1930 eve that's going to be on the test server uh asher
and friends gave a a little what the [ __ ] how to use your capital ship q after the op last night
went over very well ccb has changed carriers and titans so much over the years that if you're a
red fed we understand that it doesn't necessarily make sense and how to make fighter go uh is kind
of a problem uh so yeah tomorrow 1930 we're going to get together on the test server and do some
stuff uh that we might have to move it forward or move it backward uh depending on what the bad
guys do like if suddenly they find their balls and are like oh they're gonna do a they're gonna
be on cc now we're gonna do things we will obviously move the capital training as needed to
[ __ ] the bads ivanova [ __ ] welcome back dude i'm glad you finally got your email unfucked
anywho let's see what else we got
uh so this is gonna be a big pain in the ass guys uh i have bad news about ccp uh ccb did
something or other with their this is very complicated technical [ __ ] that i do not
understand at all but ccb did something or other with uh their sso and uh guys which is our
character registration system got all [ __ ] up so i'm gonna drop a link here
so uh do check to see guys or esi whatever it is to make sure that your characters are uh
actually registered basically ccb tweaked something and like all of my [ __ ] suddenly
got unregistered because of it so i've had to like and i still need to do this later today
after the fireside to go through and like uh press all the buttons to get my characters
re-registered we don't believe that this is going to be a problem going forward like we have updated
our software blah blah but please do fix this otherwise you're going to get like weird pings
from uh director bot you will see people getting errors uh repeatedly i got that same internal
service error that you're talking about the insane one and i just refreshed my shit and
tried it again and it worked uh it's a pain in the ass this is an issue not on our end this is
an issue of trying to communicate with ccb servers same [ __ ] different decade
okay another point uh that was made is a whole bunch of people here are going to be asking
questions because they're returning veterans uh don't punch downward or be stupid when somebody
asks you a quote stupid question because it's not a [ __ ] stupid question if somebody was
playing this game 10 years ago long before you started and they ask you how something or other
works don't be a [ __ ] because believe me the people who are coming back from 10 years ago
are much bigger [ __ ] than you can be like you do not want to try to get into a [ __ ] slap fight
with furdoc right so if people ask questions like uh don't be a [ __ ] or you'll get your face ripped
off like seriously like old school goons will murder zone you you will be corn cobbed you will
get owned you will know what it is to be owned nick witty bow all right what else we got
one other thing involving red vets so um some of us we're so well off now in the modern era
that a lot of red vets might not realize how cheap for delve uh titans and supers are uh we've seen
some questions of people saying like they're back and they want to get a super they want to get a
titan uh so just so people know if you happen if you're like one of the producers or if you have
so many extra supers that you can't fly them all on your various alts if you have extras please do
throw them up uh in smart uh and uh or whatever system is normally done in the official way to
sell supers i don't know what it is don't do anything new special or different do what you're
supposed to do uh but get that inventory out such that our guys can do their thing uh if you are
returning and you're like hey i want to get a super capital a fit super carrier uh goes for
about between 15 and 17 billion isk in the year of our lord 2020 and uh due to the delve time unit
and the fact that we are you know better at this at the space empire game than everybody else
titan holes and delve uh will go in like the mid 40s you can get like rigged titan holes for
like 50 and then you're gonna have to fit them up yourself but like compared to what titans and
super carriers used to cost we built like this massive factory world down here and we're just
like shitting these things out for dirt cheap so also if you're returning that's one of the
biggest changes that we've had in terms of the galactic balance of power is the fact that ccv
introduced skill injectors and skill extractors so back in the day if you remember bob guys who've
been playing forever with their e honor and whatever i would like grow a titan pilot and
you would have to like grow a titan pilot when it take forever uh and nowadays you can just uh
inject your shit directly so between the fact that you can dock in citadels and well in keep
stars with the super carriers and titans and trade them uh you can uh fit them faster and easier and
you can inject the fucking skills for them so that's why goons have zillions of fucking titans
and pl has withered away to being like horde's tailbone because the whole unique selling point
of joined pandemic legion we're an elite group and we're the only people who have titans because
blah blah elite pvp doesn't really work when you can take a like week-old newbie get them to delve
they inject their way into a rock wall they use rock walls to like get tons of isk and then turn
around and inject themselves into a titan which is basically what we've been doing for the last
couple years and it's hilarious and they hate it all right jessica is recruiting that is super
cool do check that out if you want to run around in a busher we use bifrost and mages to hack all
the things i think i've gone through and hit all of oh um kathy or the how to use the fleet threads
ready to go so we uh have been working on helping like get people spun back up and like learn how to
do things uh so we've decided we had threads like this for fleet commanders and skirmish commanders
to like learn how to like fleet command like a jackdaw fleet and one of the things that we're
going to be rolling out today uh and improving it over the course of today uh and just going forward
is essentially each of our main doctrines is going to have a like okay you are a line member
in this fleet you've just come back to the game you have no idea what the fuck you're doing uh and
you know this is this is what your expectations are what you should look forward to of like how
does a jackdaw fleet work how does a baltech fleet work so hopefully that'll get people back
up to speed faster there you go that's not even wow that's not even mini love i was about to say
like i i assume when people are talking about a fucking jump freighter kill that it was going to
be like a mini love gang elita stops did nothing wrong oh that's another thing if you're right but
elita stops is back and that was a darius johnson's dumbass bullshit that created that
schism just before i took over leadership of this alliance and we are delighted to have elita subs
back they did nothing wrong and it's really kind of cool to see the work that they've been doing
integrated right back in with black ops and uh high fives all around gunkind is healing
kathy says that the jackdaw fleet uh how-to post will be out in about 10 minutes and we
will ping that shit out when uh it's gone or when it's out yes inn is recruiting if you would like
to hear some blurfs on the multi-dollar media empire uh we have pretty much the only functional
news website of what happens in eve online anymore okay uh actually perfect timing i'm
going to send a ping here and uh if you need to move your caps and you haven't gotten them
into dd detect w yet check this shit out it's gonna be a super fucking lazy ping
i hope you guys are ready for this high quality herf
maximum effort
all right let me take some questions because i think i've hit all of our uh
narrative points never gotten into gundam is afraid to disappoint you turno alpha
can we get a teaser for the meta show i don't know you know it's a it's a weird day today i'm
gonna it's gonna be a redshirt meta show i'm not gonna be in like uh a vicious herf blurfs probably
because i'm i'm just kind of like leaning back being kind of smug today like the situation is
really fantastic all the way around i mean we're surrounded by enemies they outnumber us horrifically
uh you know but strategically i think the situation is excellent
is the fighter change due to spreading damage type out did i miss a change again i can't answer that
question i'm not qualified to it i barely know how to use a carrier myself questions about mr v mr
v is like happily growing tomatoes like he has been around on jabber and like i don't like to
i don't like to arm twist people to come back right i figure if we're doing a good enough job
and showing that like we have built like a legit empire that is fun for goons and friends to do
our thing in space that people will naturally come back uh i think that one of the worst things that
you can do with a fleet commander is like arm twist them and say like i need you to to come
back because then it's like a guilt and obligation thing like so people do ask him out of history v
has been around and is like doing whatever he wants but i don't want to like twist his arm because
we're doing just fine like he'll come back when he wants to come back and it's cool like i would
love to have him playing with us and that's great but i'm not gonna fucking like the dude is hanging
out growing fucking tomatoes with his girlfriend and having a grand old time like you don't want
to mess with that like if it gets to a point where we are really in dire shape i will in case of
emergency break glass but i don't think we're at a point where we need to like if he wants to come
back that's great but i i don't like i don't like guilting or shaming your friends let's put it like
that i don't want to guilt or shame my friend when there's no need for that
[no audio]
anywho let me see some other questions here let's talk about the locusts uh we mentioned
rorqual's earlier so for people who are returning veterans the soft system is just the dumbest it's
ever been and makes no fucking sense uh we had to try to explain on the essay thread that like
the enemy can take the 49 i-hub and we're like okay cool fight us on our keepstar because the
citadels are really like the area that everybody fights on uh and the interactions between the
sob system and the citadel system are well it's a big pain in the ass and i'm not going to give a
lecture about that right now but [no audio]
we what i want people to expect is uh we are swinging our vulnerabilities around into
the dead zone uh to uh zero zero zero eve for our citadels and one o'clock eve for ourself
our euros have been fighting like lions for like the last couple months since this war started uh
there's still going to be a lot of action in the euro time zone because your time zone is going to
have to defend against initial citadel refs uh and high adm things and there might be some offensive
opportunities i don't want to make any promises or talk about any future plans if you had future
plans on your bingo go nuts uh but yeah i'm surprised that the enemy let us get to this
point if i knew that the that we were going to be changing our vulnerabilities i would have pushed
much harder but they spent the last like month setting up a very long keepstar chain because they
were wimps and afraid of jumping through the 49 gate so whatever sucks to be them they can fight
uphill in the rain uh in and around us time zone for a bit and we'll see how that goes uh in a long
war like this we will be swinging the vulnerabilities around uh depending upon things because
you know after a certain point i feel bad as the alliance leader like making alice have to you know
after somewhere like months and months and months and months of people like doing hard work in these
time zones you just got to dial things around such that people don't burn out in frag uh but also we
found that the enemy's fc layer at this uh at this particular time zone it's not quite us time zone
it's the dead zone so it's gonna be like late euro early us uh but you'll also see some euro prime
fights uh at around like 2100 and some us prime fights and the like 300 uh eve block but you know
our our talent our fc bench is just so much better than these guys at at that hour you get all of our
best euro fcs and all of our best usdz fcs and it's pro god legend villi and a bunch of [ __ ]
nobodies uh and you know i think that's one of the reasons why they keep pussying out is that they
just know that they're worse and you know we've been dunking them all week in us time zone and i
think that's one of the big reasons why they got scurred uh even though they vastly outnumbered us
so we will uh keep punting downward as uh hard as uh we can over the next few days because again
this is kind of like in the old school like when you're dealing with a scenario where the bad guys
like when we were fighting raiden back in the day and raiden had their [ __ ] tracking titans this
is like 2011 uh and i was like [ __ ] how do you deal with all these guys having tracking
titans well it's like well you demoralize them to the point that they don't log on
and then no man no problem right it's kind of the same deal here like the the fleet commanders that
we're dealing with in their us time zone are people like blazing bunny from nc uh the guy who
fed like a um an eagle fleet to us to our pharoxes a couple days ago that sort of started the [ __ ]
show yesterday is some dude named like zero musky and it's just a bunch of people that we barely
recognize because they're [ __ ] nobodies and they're bad so uh those are the heroes who will
be leading the pappy uh attack on delve in the uh midnight eve vulnerability window and i wish them
the best of luck in their future endeavors all right let me see if i got some questions here
how's gs recon going these days well we call it recon not gs recon as much but uh recon could
always use uh cynos if you're interested in helping out with that do please join allied scouts you
can also just join the scouts channel i believe i don't think that requires auth i think anybody can
be a scout uh and we are always looking for people to uh have cynos that can be trusted right like we
don't just let any tom dick and harry get into recon right because it's like hey open a cyno
for our entire super capital fleet what could possibly go wrong uh no ordo gars allowed uh
but that's where we are
am i going to diss the horde mumble rapper i think he dissed himself
pretty well like i i think that the diss tracks kind of kind of missed i think that
they're hilarious and i hope they do more though because uh it's just hysterical
every single one of these things so uh
every time that there is like a puppy distract don't worry uh we will broadcast it so nobody
misses out on the fun if i have to suffer through listening through one of these things uh everybody
else gets to suffer all right uh question are you compensating for daily savings time going away
no comment i can neither confirm or deny that good question though
uh anybody know if skavok is still alive haven't heard from skavok in a few years he'd be more than
welcome to come back if he's interested one of the things that has been kind of funny is like a lot
of times people will go away and their memories will change and they'll be like am i really like
welcome back and like yeah like dude it's fucking final battle for like the it's the end times right
it's a win or die glorious battle in hell world 2020 so all right
one thing that we are doing doctrine wise we had some confusion last night uh we asked for super
trains which are our rock doctrine we hadn't used it in a couple weeks because the last time we used
super trains was when the enemies had the balls to put their ships on one of our keep stars that
was in fountain uh and we stung them so badly that they moved all their supers over to fountain to
clean up the keep stars we hadn't used super trains in a while uh so we are trying to get
those things stocked in 1dq1 get them up on contracts etc rocks are back in time is a flat
circle i don't think it apparently it hadn't been posted as like an official formal doctrine but it
has now it's not just something we were using for cash fighting i was really pumped to see them used
last night on fortizar defense if the guys take a swing at our fortizar you should expect to have
a super train op going out we do have some timers coming out i don't know if the bad guys are going
to do anything we are ready for them if so uh but just you know keep eyes on we'll see what
see what happens hundreds of super trains on contracts in 1dq1 excellent perfect
what are my thoughts on the handful of cap kills we get with slippery beats and windrunners uh
slippery beats and windrunners are fucking awesome i think we call them sneaky peats but
those are really cool things we have a group called spec ops now it's not like suess spec ops uh
it's like actually useful and gets things done for real it's not just a personality cold around
like feeding suess's ego uh and so if you're seeing those fights around you need to be in
spec ops or uh there's this other organization that we don't talk about that uh also gets back
up things are there is there evidence of uh sup isomarc is there any evidence of members on the
other side looking for an opportunity slash excuse to leave their campaign yeah i mean what we've
seen here guys like test isn't gonna leave this war uh pan fam isn't gonna leave this war uh the
value i think we're gonna get in terms of degrading the hostile numbers is something that we have seen
uh effectively throughout the last several months uh it's just like in the great war it's uh the
dudes who are like the guy who's in the third fleet in like a victus dot or whatever it is
like you know that guy's not committed to billy that guy's not committed to program legend he
doesn't give a shit about that he was just promised a good time and he turned up and actually
turned into a miserable slog getting dunked on by screaming cackling goons right so uh where the
value we're gonna get and degrading their participation uh is around these edges there
so you know the more that we are turning up uh and doing our thing we are seeing these guys start to
melt away uh siege green left pappy i think aom like went home army of mangoes like went home to
crab uh we saw nsh left like already we have seen uh some degree of cracks forming and part of the
reason why that is the case uh for people who haven't heard this before is uh they never really
had a fully effective coalition before uh they had a plan to have a plan to invade us after the snip
they hadn't figured out their strategy uh between pan fam and uh and legacy and when we announced
that we had found out about their plan and announced that we were immediately withdrawing
from cloud ring this is back in uh in july guys if you're if you're just tuning in or you answer
to the horn this is the background to how all the shit started uh pickles couldn't keep his mouth
shut our spies picked it up we figured out that they had a plan to invade us uh we were comically
overextended up in cloud ring because we were having a fun uh goon fleet expeditionary force
that's a thing again that jeff uh goon fleet expeditionary force deployment we were just
fucking around cloud ring uh and we uh pulled out because we're like oh the entire galaxy is
going to attack us so we're not going to fight in cloud ring we're going to go back to delve and
dig and get ready so that forced the enemy to then commit to this attack before they had really
synced up between the brain geniuses pilly and uh billy and vigils
okay i'm not even high guys i'm not even fucking high i just
anyway uh anyway so obviously those nerds they hadn't even come up with a real invasion plan
so when we pulled back and started digging in and saying all right they're all going to attack us
then they had to attack us and so there were already some cracks in uh their coalition the
the communication between pan fam and legacy has never been great because nobody trusts or respects
villier piggles for obvious fucking reason uh and uh yeah there you go so cracks are definitely
forming but i wouldn't again don't expect that one day horde is going to go home don't expect
that test is one day going to go home uh the way that we win these things just like we did in the
great war uh is it's like five guys from evictus stay at home five guys from brave stay home and
uh little by little we reach parity in numbers and then we sweep
all righty i think that's about it guys uh we have some work to do and again it's a weird
fireside because i don't really have much to hurt about it's just a bunch of little things like
we're doing great i'm really happy with this we've got uh tons of isk uh we have tons of morale like
everybody is having a lot of fun here because we just call these idiots feeding themselves to us on
our doorsteps um it's about showing up and killing bads and the first opportunity we have to uh unload
on these motherfuckers if they actually put any serious assets at risk uh we will take it we're
not going to suicide our shit stupidly but i am happy to trade 200 dreads for getting some kills
or trying to get some kills because i know that uh you glorious motherfuckers will turn back up
with 500 more dreads in a couple days later because you know that you'll get to see some action
have i heard anything from sion yeah like he lives 10 minutes from me and runs the dnd game that i
play in and uh he just had a or rather he and his wife had a uh a son like six or seven months ago
so they're in like new babby parent land all right boys and girls thank you for coming uh keep on
keeping on let's uh let's fucking continue to win this thing let's do it i will see you in fleets
and eyes on for the next couple hours move your shit to d-tac w if you haven't yet for god's sakes
that is for the capital ships and super capital ships get to fucking d-tac w nerds if you haven't
yet all our caps all of our super caps in one place so we can drop our dicks on these people's faces