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Alright boys and girls, we have bingo today and we have several things to go over.
I'm going to wait until the numbers stabilize and we will get going.
I do understand that numbers are low across the cluster in the last couple days.
That is unsurprising given the unpleasantness that is occurring in the real world.
We'll briefly touch on that and then move forward.
As usual, if you are new to Firesides or just kind of confused and want to get your free
bingo square, we do these in Elysium at
We do not do these on the Mumble Chit Chat channel because I have Mumble in minimal view
and will not see anything you ask.
I have some updates on the CAP training op which is going to be at 2130.
It's not going to be immediately after the Fireside, but I'm going to hurf some blurfs
and make sure that people that are confused and don't really know exactly what they're
doing get their shit together so that we can do the CAP training op today as planned.
So I will repeat this later on in the Fireside when we talk about the CAP training, but just
to get this out of the way now, Dave has asked me to tell you guys to move yourselves on
the test server in your super caps to mtac0 using the /moveme command.
The Singularity testing keepstar.
There you go.
All right.
Before I make an ass of myself on the Fireside, can any other old fox like me tell me whether
you pronounce the name of the certain piano guy?
Is it Warren Zetvin or Warren Zeevon?
And I've never gotten that right.
I love rolling the headless Thompson Gunner and I can't ever when it's time to say his
name out loud.
I just Zeevon.
All right.
That's what I thought.
Okay, good, good.
Thank you.
The reason that we're going to be talking about this is simple.
There's an elephant in the room.
That elephant in the room is the fact that there is a massive international conflict
that may or may not be breaking out.
Shit is wild and crazy.
And instead of just sort of tiptoeing around that ugly fact on the Fireside and acting
like this is not happening, I have a little bit of life advice I would like to give every
one unasked for from Warren Zeevon himself.
Warren Zeevon has nothing to do with war.
Warren Zeevon at one point ended up on a David Letterman interview and he gave a bit of life
advice because he had unfortunately been diagnosed with cancer.
David Letterman was asking him, what do you have to say to anybody who find themselves
in your situation or just life advice in general?
Because Warren Zeevon was a guy who really knew how to break the fucking bone open and
sick, suck the marrow out and live life.
And he said to enjoy every sandwich.
And I think that's important.
I think it's important because at the same time as we are witnessing all of this deep
unpleasantness breaking out in the real world, we are also seeing what appears to be an end
to all of the pandemic nightmare, right?
At least here in the United States, certain areas are removing their mask mandates finally
and life is beginning to open up again.
It is an interesting, it is a frightening, it is a freaky time for life to be opening
up again just in time for all of this unpleasantness to break out.
But I want to suggest to anyone that if you are still in kind of a bunker mentality or
if you are otherwise in a situation where you're like, gosh, why is the cool zone so
Why are there too many slices?
Why are so many things going on?
I suggest to you to enjoy every sandwich.
My girlfriend and I, we've been making a point of going outside, you know, walking around,
eating, drinking, living, loving, and doing all that we can to enjoy ourselves and enjoy
life despite everything that is going on.
And I know it is a big shift going from pandemic to all of this.
And I just wanted to suggest to everyone to enjoy every sandwich.
That's what we are doing.
And I think that that is the way forward.
So where do we go from here?
Obviously, the gaming community in a lot of different areas has been disrupted by this
That is also the case here.
And we have a no politics rule that covers it.
The last thing that we want is World War III breaking out in our gaming communities.
This is something that everyone is having to navigate in their own way.
And the general consensus across EVE Online is the correct consensus, which is while the
political leadership of our various countries may be going at it, there is no reason for
us to bring that into this video game where we continue to establish and maintain a no
politics rule.
I've been very proud of this organization because we have not needed to actually engage
on any of the no politics stuff.
We haven't had to crack down on anyone.
We haven't had to hurt.
Everybody kind of realizes that the world is insane in the 2020s.
We are in the cool zone.
We are rolling with it.
So I want to give credit to everyone in the Imperium and indeed in credit to everyone
in EVE Online in general for keeping their shit together.
And that is pretty, pretty, pretty surprising and awesome.
So high fives all around there.
Now, let's talk about some EVE shit.
Here is the deal.
Right now in EVE Online, things look like they are potentially going to get exciting.
They're not directly exciting in our theater of war.
We have things happening in the East, which are interesting.
There are things happening in EVE in the galactic Northwest, as we're seeing today.
All of Pappy is reassembling because NCNPL desperately needed the full help of the newly
relocated pandemic horde to kill a final timer in VENAL against BOSS and the other local
VENAL residents.
They are outnumbered, they are outblobbed, and they will almost certainly end up retreating
to where they already were, which is in NPC VENAL because trying to do incursions against
NPC residents is really, really stupid.
But I am sure you're going to see some hurfing of blurfs and a massive Pappy assembling in
the galactic Northwest today in order to finally deal with the final timer of a Fortizar, which
is hilarious, and you should absolutely feel free to make fun of them for doing that.
The fact that NCNPL needed that bailout is hysterical.
However, as a consequence of this, because they have taken too long, because they have
been humiliated in their attempts in VENAL, you are also seeing larger numbers of the
Pappies working together.
You're seeing groups of 900 at a go.
And I think that that means that we need to be able to anticipate that and prepare for
that ourselves, even as the enemy is far away.
This is one of the reasons why we are having our capital training op.
We want everyone who has forgotten the arts of woodchippering and war, if you are new,
if you are rusty, if you come back after some time away, if you've forgotten what it is
like to utilize a capital ship in EVE Online in anger, there has never been a better time
to prepare.
And as a result, at 2130, we're going to have our first monthly capital training op of the
time that we've had in a while.
We need you to get your shit ready on the test server.
You need to make sure that your shit is out of assets safe, and that you're ready to rock.
You have until 2130.
At that capital training op, you do not need to be a member of CapSwarm.
You don't need to be part of anything special.
You need to be willing to learn how to use anger.
I suggest writing down any questions you may have between now and 2130, such that you can
ask them when it is pinged.
And generally, get ready for this.
We need to shake the dust off, because after these guys get done in VENAL, maybe they will
be coming to visit us.
Hope springs eternal.
And in the meantime, we will be monitoring the situation.
So 2130, capital training op, after the fireside, gonna be a thing.
Make sure you guys are ready to rock.
There's a question about do we mean Dreads or just supercarriers.
It means anything, actually.
The point of a capital training op is that you can turn up with any of your caps and
say, how do I shot web?
All of the capital ships, bring them, bring your questions.
The reason why we do these, and if you guys were around before the war, you may remember
If you started during the war or otherwise knew.
When we are not at war, we will typically have a monthly capital training op on the
test server precisely to be able to do this.
To keep people remembering how these things work.
Newer players that get them, because again, the goal is for all goons and all of our friends
to get rich and turn that wealth into military power.
This is how we teach you how to do these things when there aren't pappies coming to just conveniently
wood chipper themselves into our guns and into our fighters.
So I'm really happy that Dave and the entire gang got together to help throw this cap training
And this is something that you can expect on a monthly basis.
We are going to be doing these because we want you guys to know how to use these ships
in anger because critically important for our survival during the Vietnam War.
And they will be critically important going forward.
So it's not, this is not just a one-off thing.
The punchline there is the cap trainings are not a one-off thing.
This is something we are restarting.
We'll be doing these once a month until the next time we find ourselves in a hot capital
war and thus it's not necessary to have the training ops.
It'll be on the last Sunday of every month.
I want to again, big shout outs to Dave and anyone who's been associated with anybody
who is about to be helping out with this op because they are essentially willing to be
mentors and babysitters for those of you who are absolutely clueless with caps.
We expect that.
We know that we're going to teach you what to do.
All right.
We have some other updates.
There are a lot more action.
There's a lot more action in delve recently.
There's a lot of action involving bombers.
If I can get a link to the Astro doctrine thread linked in Elysium, I would appreciate
There's a number of homeland defense doctrines and it depends upon what the enemy is bringing
has a huge impact on what we drop on the enemy.
So we have Astros, we have stupid idiot fleet.
These are both active homeland defense doctrines.
Obviously we throw harpies at anything that moves still nothing wild and crazy there.
But Astros are really good for dealing with enemy bomber groups.
There are enemy bomber groups.
And so yeah, if you don't have your sin, if you don't have your stupid idiot fleet ready
to rock, make sure you have Astros ready to go.
Ideally, you want to have all of these things because all homeland defense doctrines are
inherently opportunistic.
The enemy turns up in a certain place and we have a certain amount of time to get our
shit together to put steel on target and get out there.
So whatever thing, the single most important thing is, is that you are ready to hop into
that fleet immediately and get out there.
Please keep doing that.
It's been wonderful.
And yeah, absolutely.
Harpies are very useful during homeland defense.
I should hearf that a little bit more because I keep forgetting that of course, there are
always going to be new people joining and rejoining the organization.
Harpies has been a part of Imperium homeland defense forever that I almost take it forever.
I take it for granted like the sky being blue that of course we have a harpy homeland defense
But just in case it needs to be said, there you go.
Astros, harpies, and stupid idiot fleets.
That's what we're looking for here, guys.
And you can see some useful battle reports linked in Elysium there of what we've managed
to do with them.
They're very easy to get into.
And there you go.
So there's one other thing that I want to do that we're talking about preparation.
And in this case, some of the preparation is for CCP things that are going to come down
the line.
We know that there is a patch coming in March, which is going to be changing.
It's going to be adding compression, it's going to be changing battleships, it's going
to be unnerfing our resists partially from the surgical strike thing.
We don't have a date on that yet unless that date has been announced well in the last 24
I don't think so.
But on any given Tuesday in March, this shit is going to go in.
Part of what we need to be doing is building up some of our industrial capacity and stockpiling
material to be able to take advantage of the Ratatouille administration getting its head
out of its ass, at least partially, at least allegedly, maybe, crossing our fingers, we
might start to see some of the Ratatouille administration pull its head out of its ass.
And so in anticipation of that, Ranger Gamma has already linked the thread.
Thank you very much.
There is actually even a 2.0 version of our home economics thread.
Let me take a look at it.
So we have both the home economics, welcome to home ec thread two, and we have a much
more detailed announce on how to set up low effort PI planets.
CCB is insisting that they're putting PI in all sorts of everything.
I myself have managed to run a 24 planet chain earlier in the war.
It is not that hard.
There is initially a lot of clicking, but we have a particular need for four types of
P1 PIs, which of course, bacteria, water, chiral structures, and protein.
So enjoy your bingos.
Those of you that got your bingos, you don't have to go as hardcore as Hyper Viper.
Hyper Viper is gone.
You know, Hyper Viper, he does everything at maximum and that dude is out there rocking
like a 65 planet setup.
You do not need to hit that sort of stank and I've stank and I've height level of productivity.
What we need you to do is pitch in if you can, even a few planets will help.
You do not need to have 65, even if it is a small homeland, you know, a home garden
in your back that craps out some P1 PI.
It is going to help us out a lot.
And thank you for those of you that help make these threads such that we could explain to
people how to make these things.
Stank of I don't know how to actually pronounce it.
That's something that I got from reading books.
It is a Soviet Union reference.
Stank and invite.
Thank you.
There you go.
Between the Warren's Evon stuff earlier, I didn't expect maybe this will end up being
a new bingo square is Elysium helps Mittens pronounce words.
There you go.
Okay, we're going to take some questions.
I have actually a personal request for you guys that has nothing to do with Eve online.
We are looking to convince the Zuckerberg algorithm that my little furniture store,
my partner and I's little furniture store actually exists.
And in order to do that, we would appreciate it if people could like mad Fern design and
Instagram and Facebook.
This is see, I've been taught.
I need to get better at shilling and doing a shameless plug.
And essentially what happens is if we don't have enough likes on Facebook or Instagram,
the Zuckerberg algorithm thinks that we don't yet.
So if you feel like helping out and don't want to buy furniture, we don't have to stay
like you can use the thing as soon as you've liked it.
We just want some help on getting past the Zuckerberg zone of your furniture store doesn't
Help out if you feel like it.
We're going to take some actual questions related to Eve online right now.
And yes, thank you.
And that is the Facebook page.
And yeah, I'm a Gen Xer.
So I didn't like grow up with the whole like and subscribe sort of culture, but I'm trying
to get with the times.
All right.
Let's take some questions about Eve online and internet spaceships, fan fest tickets and
pub crawl tickets.
That is a good question.
People if you've never done the fan fest pub crawl before, it is probably worth buying
There's been some debate in years past about pub crawl.
Yay or nay.
I'm probably going to go ahead and do it though in the past.
I have not done the pub crawl, the official one.
But I think since it's the first time I've had a chance to get together at fan fest in
a post pandemic world, I'm just going to buy the ticket and take the ride.
Are we going to see some new and exciting battleship Dutton's?
That is a very good question.
Part of that is future plans.
So if some of you are looking for future plans, bingo square, go ahead and do that.
However, I would say and honestly, I'm afraid if I say this here, somebody from the retarded
administration will take some notes down and nerf the hell out of it.
But essentially, I would say that the upcoming battleship changes are going to take our already
existing exciting battleship doctrines and make them way more exciting.
We have stupid idiot fleet, which is it's stupid idiot fleet.
It's at a lot block.
That's cool.
We have super trains can't stop the rock.
That is even more amazing.
And the bog standard traditional all tech fleet also getting a huge buff.
So in general, I wouldn't anticipate that we're going to be like, Hey, guys, here's
a new battleship doctrine that's completely out of whole cloth.
We are very excited to do this, though, because we love battleships.
We have always loved battleships.
Battleships at scale are hilarious.
This organization is the first in history to put 1100 battleships on the field back
in the Fountain War.
So obviously, we're pumped.
And I'm pumped to the point that I don't want to.
I'm afraid to jinx it, right?
Like the CCP monkeys pause always very much in the back of our minds.
If goons say they like something, then gosh, it must be bad.
So cross your fingers and we will see on one of these Tuesdays in March, we will hopefully
get a good battleship buff.
Is there an uncommon delay in alt corp acceptance?
That's a good question.
I'll have to investigate that.
Thank you for bringing that up.
So there shouldn't be an additional delay in alt corp acceptance, but I will find that
Alt corp apps are processed.
They are processed and asking about it is a great way to make it take longer.
There you go.
That's the Cahannes answer.
I don't believe that we actually have an artificial delay.
There is a system.
And, you know, during the war, we turned off any kind of alt corp acceptance, but we have
turned that back on.
Is there a chance for a goon crawl at FanFest instead of the official CCP one?
Reykjavik is a small town.
There essentially FanFest is a goon crawl.
If there's enough of us there, and there always is, the entire thing becomes just one big
goon party town.
And it's wonderful.
Questions about typhoon doctrines.
You know, one of the things No Escape is, even if Cahannes is Cahannes and, you know,
is snarky back at you about that.
I do like it when people bring up org delays or just concerns about things in the organization.
Because one of the reasons why we do these firesides and why we have these questions
and answers is that if there is like a, you know, a wheel that needs some grease somewhere
in the organization, it's useful that I can be notified by it by the line going, hey,
what the fuck is up with this?
And then we invest in working.
That's great.
But I appreciate you bring that up at fireside, even if the answer is it's doing just fine
and wait your turn.
Can we get more peacetime cruiser doctrines?
I hadn't thought about it as going to be not something that I'm really qualified to talk
about right now.
I have a lot of peacetime heavy assault cruiser doctrines.
They're not listed as peacetime, but what the hell you call this shit?
Dave is asking me in preparation again, guys, in about an hour from now at 2130.
That's going to be the official beginning of the cap training op on CC.
But please do take the opportunity to make sure that you have gotten things ready on
the test server.
If your characters are not in goon swarm for whatever reason on the test server, because
you've, you know, basically the CC mirror happens when it happens.
You can apply to ASCII and Dave will accept you on the test server.
So you don't have to worry about that over there.
Interesting question.
When is the state of the gunion speech?
Or did I miss that like a dumbass?
A state of the gunions are something that we typically only do at major pivotal moments,
oftentimes related to war.
So we haven't had one in a hot minute whenever you guys if you're relatively new, whenever
you see a state of the gunion, it's a big fucking deal.
And so please do turn up with bells on.
There's usually when we're about to say have the battle of him to or when we're about to
sound the horn of goondor or what we're about to get invaded by the entire fucking galaxy
and spend a year and a half at war that those are usually the kind of events that result
in a state of the gunion.
Good question.
Guy games just wants an Osprey Navy issue doctrine is the version of cheap Serbs.
I personally love ownies myself.
Like I love just I think they look a lot like attack helicopters and I think it's super
Unfortunately, what is often a cool doctrine at a smaller gang filament level isn't necessarily
great at block level, but I appreciate your appreciation for the Osprey Navy issue.
It is a cool ass ship and it gives missile.
All right, couple more questions and we'll get going.
Lots of people.
I'm really glad that you brought this up.
Nima's a derion, which is lots of people are still having a ESI troubles with caps for
applications even after the reauth is the recommendation to just still reauth again
and hope essentially everything involving ESI issues is just refresh, refresh, refresher,
especially if you're getting 500 errors.
That's oftentimes that's the shit that's on CCC on CCP side.
You just have to keep trying.
Is it frustrating?
And that's why I'm glad that you brought it up on this fireside such that I can publicly
bitch about it in front of an audience about how CCP needs to fix their fucking shit when
it comes to the ESI system.
It's kind of like how they bought the production and they did all this scarcity stuff, but
oh, now we have prosperity and everything's fine.
You know, there's chaos under heaven there.
It is CCP's fault.
The only thing to be done about it is to keep fighting and keep trying and you will be able
to get in there.
Your frustration is valid and I'm glad you brought it up so that we can remind people
that when you run into ESI issues like that, you just have to keep trying.
Fish update.
The fish are very excitable at the moment because we are gearing up to move house here
in a few weeks and you know, they've been looking out from their aquariums and they
can see, you know, the humans are moving and putting things in boxes and there's lots of
So there you go.
If you can't get, okay, this is important.
It's from the edge.
If you can't get into Cap swarm, fight club or Titan swarm, send the edge a forum PM
with a picture of your missing skill in the app, a picture of the character with a skill
trained and a picture of you sitting in the hall.
So that is your emergency.
Can't manage to reauth method is to PM the edge with that specific stuff.
If you do not include the information that he has asked you to include, he will yell
at you and hurt your feelings.
And uh, essentially it's a proof of cap photo as six to five points out.
There you go.
A question about trains.
My trains are now boxed up because we are taking them to Michigan, but I'm very excited
because there is a, uh, a room, uh, in the lake house that I think is going to be perfect
for a little, a British branch line layout.
And the more there's the world goes to hell, the more I'm likely to be meddling around
with milk trains because the British have six, six, uh, six wheeled, uh, milk tankers
that I think are really cute because trains and there you go.
All right.
So general comment about stockpiling materials and preparing for whatever CCP is going to
I want people to understand that we are in an environment of what I would describe as
regulatory risk, not to put the law, your hat on, but this is a class situation of regulatory
We don't necessarily know what the retarded administration is going to put on CC.
We hope for the best.
We have no real reason to trust a lot of the things that they have done in the past because
they've catastrophically fucked things up.
So when we're talking about goons, getting each other rich and doing whatever we can
to make sure that our brothers and sisters in the trenches are as well armed and as well
prepared as possible for whatever may come.
Uh, that also means building up these PI stockpiles, building up stockpiles in general.
And then when CCP, like we will tell you on a fireside, like now is the time to commit
to crapping out capital ships, right?
As it stands right now, there's a lot of things that are not worth building, but there is
a lot of value in stockpiling and building up the inputs for a time when the retarded
administration gets its head out of its ass.
We can be certain that the monkey's paw has not curled.
So oddly enough, if you've remembered the first discussion of scarcity, when retarded
and all were sitting there, retarded at all, I should say, uh, we're up there talking about
how stockpiles were a problem.
Regulatory risk creates stockpiling behavior because if we cannot trust what is going to
be coming out of Rekovic on any given Tuesday, then we find ourselves in a situation where
the only sensible thing to do is to amass wealth and sit on stockpiles to be able to
handle whatever crap may come again.
Indications are positive, but we will let you know, get rich, get assets, sit on them
and be prepared to turn those into production.
Uh, BP has a really good warning I should throw out for everyone.
One thing that CCB did announce is that existing compressed or types will turn into a legacy
compressed or types.
That means that unless things change, your existing worth of compressed or stockpiles
will remain the same and no old compressed ors will be able to be generated in the future,
but they'll keep their prior value.
Uh, take that for what you will, not my territory, useful warning.
There you go.
According to Sniper Eagle, they're changing how the math works and it shouldn't affect
All right, boys and girls, I want to thank you for coming.
You have about one hour to prepare for the capital training op, which will be on CC.
Look at pings.
Thank you for coming.
Thank you for listening.
Thank you for enduring my attempt to shill.
I will get better at it.
Please like and subscribe as time goes by.
Keep on, keep on.
And again, like I said, the start of things world is crazy, but at least the pandemic
is easing up.
Get out there, live every day to the fullest.
Take Warren's Yvonne's advice and enjoy every sandwich.
I will see you all here next week.
Thank you for coming.
Let's get back out there.