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doing it live I'm just gonna get stuck in. There's never a good time to do a
fireside in a war because there's always shit that's gonna be on fire and
exploiting. In theory anyway.
Okay so let's talk big picture. We've had kind of an interesting week. As you guys
know we decided to be hyper aggressive and jump deep into enemy space across a
regional gate which is apparently a big scary thing that the bad guys are more
interested in putting down a million keep stars to avoid doing and we lost I
don't know a couple hundred billion I guess of caps on Thursday night and we
did it because we're big dick ballers we saw that the enemy was shown a little
leg as Asher likes to say and I've sort of picked that up from him and they had
Titans we took a swing at them because we wanted to blow up their Titans even
if it was in their space and we missed. On the other hand we took the shot I'm
delighted that we took the shot and we will continue to do that I want the
enemy to realize that we will be psychopathically aggressive when
opportunities present themselves and that they do always have to be on guard
that we are willing to do the things that they are not willing to do. They are
scared of regional gates and we are not. So look forward to that. I know a lot of
people sort of turned up a little bit later and were like holy shit there's
like fleet action in like late US time zone on a Thursday what the fuck. As
these guys are getting closer to delve asymptotically closer to delve and that
they don't put enough pressure on us we will be aggressive we will be doing
things in time zones you might not expect this war is extremely serious
right now because in theory they are about to be invading us now that they
have pulled away from fountain. So be on guard for that. We have to it is kind of
interesting so for the fountain front thing they are moving away from fountain
today as we speak our enemies are doing move ops many of you were on ops of ours
to fuck with their move ops earlier today during the main fireside
timeslot. They abandoned the final timer on one of our faction fortizar's in
fountain to run away from fountain. They have blown up all of our keep stars in
fountain go with them using their Titans go with them they brought a few hundred
that's cute but what they're doing is they are now going to install a bunch of
random ass little alliances that are dumb enough to take the offer and leave
the rest of the cleanup to them like they're going to give I don't know like
trailer park Illuminati is a horde is giving them some territory in fountain
and I guess this is going to work out well for them I am delighted by this if
they want to install a bunch of randos in space right next door to our space
that we can fuck with but great but we have to prepare for the fact that they
might be finally about to invade Delph and I want you guys to know what that
looks like there are a couple ways they could do it they could put a keep star
down in queries they could put a keep star down in NPC Delph they could go
cautious again and try to like nibble on North Quarius for a while without
really committing to fully going into our space we don't know what they're
gonna do and the one of the reasons we don't know what they're gonna do is is
that I don't think that they know what they're gonna do there is two very
different philosophies about how this war should go you see that from the
legacy side they want to have this be slow and cautious and blah blah blah and
meanwhile the pan them guys want to win it or get it over with sooner so that's
why there's sort of this disconnect between each of these fronts
so what can you expect we obviously do not think that we are going to lose
Delph we put down three new keep stars this week we put two in 1dq1 because
fuck you that's why and we put one in r5 that was the HK you keep star there so
we are obviously bullish on our chances we don't think we're gonna lose this and
you know if we were at risk of losing this you would think that the enemy
would be up on our grill already like capitalizing on something as opposed to
whatever the fuck this is but that also means that it's hard to predict
necessarily what they're gonna do or when they're gonna do it so like I would
love to see enemy Titans on our keep stars within our super capital range as
soon as possible because that's a fight that we want to take right that doesn't
necessarily mean that we are going to win all of those timers because we have
a bunch of strategies that we have been working on like here's the thing about a
defense war while these guys have been pussyfooting around in like a fountain
and whatever the fuck legacy is doing like our top three commanders are not
sitting there just holding their dicks not only are they running fleets but
when they aren't running fleets they're talking to each other and scheming up
tactics and methods to deal with all of the possible scenarios that we can
conceive of that doesn't mean that we won't be surprised by some of the things
the bad guys do the bad guys get to make moves to but every day that goes by we
get to refine our discussions and our strategies of how we are tactically
going to handle these guys attacking us through various iterations of how they
could be attacking us but that's basically what's gonna happen and when
they start attacking our keep stars sometimes we're gonna try something and
it's not gonna work and we will end the fight and say see you with the next
timer so I don't want people to think they're gonna come to delve and then
magically we're going to beat them in one big battle and then it's gonna be
over I want you guys to be is the same policy as before essentially is they
come in we test things they try things we say see how it goes I am quite
confident about things obviously but I don't want to be have people have like
an unrealistic picture like you know we're not gonna lose anymore keep stars
like it's all gonna happen one big final batter the battle the first time they
put their Titans on like well we'll have to see how this goes but I'm pretty
delighted by everything I mean this this shit is working out really well for us
I'm pretty pleased by it let me take a look at some of these questions here so
that's like the big overview let me take a look here's a question here which is
what is a large loss super fight for the enemy mean for them like if we had a beer
level beer level 5 fight and they lost it depends upon how the pain is
distributed right like if we if we had a br5 like here's the thing br5 was like
70 Titans lost by the bad guys and like 20 something lost on our side I forget
the exact numbers anymore there might need to be there might need to be number
a number of these fights simply because in the year of our Lord 2020 losing 70
Titan sucks but it's not the same as it was in 2014 right it's not like you're
reset to want like to grant like to the start and you need to like a retreat to
the drone regions and build up for two years which is what we did to pandemic
Legion in br5 so you know this is this level of forces have never clashed
before we don't know exactly how it's gonna go down we do know that the enemy
is continuing to publicly whine about how they think that keep stars are awful
and how they don't want to do it and how they're not having fun so I don't really
know how they're gonna win this thing if they can't blow up our keep stars and
they tell everybody that they hate it so this is the rubber is gonna hit the road
here soon and that's what I want you guys to be prepared for like they are
running out of options to keep this thing going in a way that does not
involve putting their dick on the table for us to chop it off so like we're
getting close to the rubber finally hitting the fucking road with these
Titans are way more cheaper I don't remember exactly how much cheaper they
are compared to the br5 days but especially with the magic of the delve
time unit we shoot these things out way faster than the bad guys
all right so I want people to know you know that that's sort of the big
strategic overview bad guys are pulling out a fountain they are going to put
randos in there we don't know whether this is going to be a you glass tribute
so we glass fat glass fountain kind of thing I'm pretty sure that they're gonna
take a swing at Delve because you know they have to at a certain level like
they have to come test us because if they don't try to take a swing at Delve
then they will for all they know we are actually like a weak alliance a weak
coalition that's going to collapse the moment that they attack us we know that
that's not the case but they're not gonna believe anything that we say and
they sort of are at least obligated to try it so I want people to assume that
they are going to attack us and delve and get ready for it finally
what's the time of her name for us taking as a terrier when they whiff
their swing at Delve it will depend upon how badly they whiff and how many of our
Titans I mean how many of their Titans we kill and our disposition of forces
after that that's also the future plans question so I don't want to there you
know you can check the future plans box on bingo
all righty so let me see some brass tacks
I want to I haven't been directly asked this question but it came up in the
Illumina and I want to make sure everybody's on the same page don't
unanchor anything because the quantum course like we any Citadel that is
actually down already has a huge advantage over any like newly deployed
Citadel with the upcoming quantum core changes so if you're like sitting there
going you know should I do something about my Citadel because quantum core is
the answer is no don't touch it
are we covering our Titans go down in a big fight never been told if we are yeah
we reimburse Titans that are lost
are we allowed to request aid from undesirable parties in the case of us
tackling caps like asking simple farmers to drop in fat you're not supposed to be
making any kind of diplomatic contacts of any kind unless you're an authorized
diplomat like I always hate it when somebody is like hey well actually my
friend in this hostile organization that shoots us like we had this alliance of
convenience and we secretly made a deal and somebody got shot over that don't be
that guy
what I suggest pulling the trigger on Citadel drops before the patch hits for
quantum course to take advantage of grandfathering very likely but we need
to make sure that we have like an official policy on this before the
October patch and we will let you guys know like we're gonna we're gonna dial
into this one of the challenges with dealing with CCP patches and I say this
pretty much every time there is a new CV patch that was recently announced and
people are like what are we gonna do about it is CCP always changes their
initial dev blogs because they have fucked up something or other like in
this case they forgot that wormhole space exists so I often don't like
solidifying our plans as to what exactly we're gonna do about what CCB says
they're going to do until it's closer to patch time and we have a bit more
commitment from the company as to what they're actually going to do so don't
worry there will be guidance we will talk about this on future firesides and
we're gonna be talking about it in Kremlin meetings and we're gonna figure
this out but basically whatever don't panic
should we keep stockpiling faxes and dreads yes absolutely
we are yeah like I'm really the thing is like the fight in G magic the other day
like I was really excited about that I am still really excited about that like
it did not go well for us in terms of like we whiffed but it could have gone
you know flip a coin it could have gone a different way and we could have killed
a bunch of their Titans and so like you have to take certain shots right like if
you have the opportunity you have to be able to say okay we're gonna take a shot
and maybe it misses but you got to take the shot and we did take the shot and
now they know that we're hunting their fucking Titans and now you guys know
that this is a kind of thing that we're willing to do and so in terms of
questions about like dreads there's a there's a lot of carrier and dread
action taking place I strongly recommend that everybody get as many capital ships
as they can get
yeah and the other thing is it wasn't just me that was kind of nice like when
you know there's always a question of like are you drinking your own Kool-Aid
like when it comes to like oh my god spinning or whatever and you know when
you look at a lost battle report my reaction was I'm really glad that we're
making these aggressive plays because it's gonna put the guys who are supposed
to be attacking us more on the defensive because they realize that they have to
play with complete caution even when they're in esoteric and Paragon soul
otherwise we might drop on them and like yeah and it wasn't just me I saw in
general from people in fleet and from talking to people afterwards that we
were all fucking fired up to swing our dicks around and drop some vehemence on
nerds and we did and great let's do it again let's do it again let's do more so
there's gonna be more opportunities I hope
have I already commented on reddit on Asher's reddit post no he posts a lot on
reddit I don't know which one you're talking about
I'm gonna take some more questions here
I also make sure I'm not missing something on my notes and I'm supposed
to talk to you guys about from the other meeting
one thing that you're gonna see a lot of soon I am I it's tough to commit to
exactly writing something because like when the muse strikes the muse strikes
and I don't like mashing out war updates that are not really like up to
snuff in terms of being fun to read and entertaining or necessary but we are
going to have sometime in the next like 48 hours I'm gonna write a war update
just to kind of get everybody up to speed as to all the shit that's happened
because you know obviously the enemy pulling out a fountain and potentially
making an attack on us is like another like save point in this war and we are
seeing a lot of people who are returning to this game that have not played in a
long time so you are going to see as veterans come back for this people
asking questions and fleet and trying to get spun up on 2020 Eve so we have not
had a problem with this this is not a like I need to scold somebody this is a
just look forward to a bunch of returning veterans that is continuing to
be the case as this war heats up more of our old-school people come back and
please do be helpful and kind with teaching old dogs new tricks
iron in Ionin is in fact hiring there is never been a better time to her
flores and right words both for streamers and for writers you can link
the Ionin is recruiting thing in Elysium place
all right
we have a bunch of six and squads that normally I am let's see fuck Mary kill
Vili pro got legends Gobbins I fuck program legends easily like he's the
only one out of those three that is fuckable say what you will about pickles
he's a good-looking boy I would probably marry Gobbins because he would be easy
to set up with a system of never talk to me ever and go over here and then just
by process of elimination not because I particularly want to kill him but just
because it would be easier to marry Gobbins and that way I would probably
say kill Billy
all righty yeah cuddle time that's exactly what I
want to do in the word or update which is a what the fuck is going on in EU for
everybody who's coming back after a long absence I mean the obvious thing is the
puppies are doing what they do every five or six years which is they get
together and they say that goons are cancer uneven they try to exterminate
us from the game and then ideally they fail again but there's a lot more to
that and we will write that up in a war update and sort of a the story so far
how are the strategic tilde reserves holding up you know the fucked up thing
about this war guys and I wouldn't have anticipated this but the the enemy is
being so cautious in general that we the biggest whelps that we've had have been
kind of like of our own making right like that we took a really aggressive
shot on Thursday in G magic right but that was one of the first really big
reimbursement situations that we've had in this war like one of the things
that's been fascinating about this is in fleet fight after fleet fight we are
beating these guys I mean you guys know you go on fleets and most of the time we
are winning fights occasionally we do have whelps but that's how defensive war
works like if we were not winning these fleet fights we would have lost L by now
so it's been this really weird thing where we are losing many fewer ships of
heavier asset classes than we were in the Jeff deployment where was like a
sacrilege fleet getting fed every single day or hey we're gonna teach you cap
FC's how to do things and we're gonna lose a bunch of carriers right like the
Jeff deployment we're out there putting heavy hardware all day every day and the
enemy was too and now we're in this scenario where the enemy like that they
stick their toe in the water a delve and then they run screaming back to their
space and hope that somebody else does the work so it's just been kind of a
funny thing the the narrative that the enemy is attempting to push is that
we're out of money we're not I think it's really used like I think they're
grasping at straws with that I don't really understand why they think that
but whatever I'll take it but yeah man like the strategic tilde reserves are
there the other thing is like they I there's a bunch of stuff going on behind
the scenes that I can't talk about where it's like they say one thing and I'm
sitting here going I can't say anything about this dumbass all right whatever so
whatever fuck them they're they're gonna have to put up or shut up soon and we're
gonna find out whether they have brought enough Titans and whether we can bring
enough Titans to kill them and you know that'll be that
why are we going to with our caps to do magic and why aren't we waiting for them
to come to us because sometimes the enemy shows weakness and you need to go
on offense you can't just play pure D I mean I guess you could but then we're
playing their game on their schedule right and I don't like doing that right
from a strategic perspective it is important to constantly disrupt the
enemy's plans wherever you have the opportunity and if they want to play
completely passive the right thing to do is to seek out opportunities to play
aggressive because it's unexpected from us they think that we're just gonna sit
there because if test was in the same scenario test would just sit there
because that's how Vili likes to do war he's like an old man eating too many
prunes or something it's just it's a it's a very constipated war strategy
let's put it like that
I guess that would explain why Vili is so full of shit
all right um let me take a look here a locust sig plug that's excellent we have
been using roar qualls on mass to raise our EDM's that is continuing to be very
important as the enemy technically might possibly be about to invade us so please
do check that out if you are a roar call and would be willing to dig some space
trenches and get rich while you're doing it
we have a plug for Allied Scouts we also have a plug for GSFOE which is very
important for all of the hacking contests we've been having all right
let me check my notes here
all right
I think that and yeah as Vesidious points out that GM fight was totally
random it wasn't planned like we saw Titans that we could go after and we
went after them right like it was a target of opportunity and that's the
kind of thing I want people to expect right it's not like we're planning that
for three days we saw an opportunity we took a shot it didn't work out we're
gonna find more opportunities and we're gonna take more shots
the summer children I don't think they know what the Horn of Gondor is but I
don't want to talk about it until we fire it off Diogenes
all right
I think that's gonna be it for now it's a later fireside than usual and I think
we've answered most of the questions that are reasonable to answer and I'm
gonna go like cook a steak or something or other like that we have Saturday
Night Storm tonight that should be fun we will see you guys on the field to
keep on keeping on keeping on like we're waiting for the bad guys to put their
dicks on the table and chop them off so yeah be ready for it we will do this
again next week thanks for coming guys