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Asher Elias:

Alright, what's up everyone? How y'all doing? Things are going well for us, man. We're having a good time over here. I want to shout out all the FCs that are taking the fight to the enemy.

There was a particularly amusing moment the other day, where we went and we fought. We had a, we had a nice fight in highsec. And it, it was, you know, it was, it was a good fight. We, they ended up winning the ISK war by a little bit. We killed the Athenors that we came to kill. It was one of those fights that literally everyone can find something to ping about and say, Hey, Hey guys, we won. Right. If they wanted to. And then Gobbin sent out a ping to Horde where he linked the fight, but he also linked some like jump bridge kills in random systems that weren't part of the fight to the BR to make their BR look better.

So from now on, if I ever send out a BR, I'm gonna just add, like, random alliance tournament ships deaths to the Horde side, so that our BRs look better, because that's apparently how we, how we get things to look good now. So prepare some, prepare for some really good looking BRs, guys.

Ranger Gama:

Wait, Asher, does that mean that we are now copying Horde instead of them always copying us? Is that what you're saying?

Asher Elias:

Listen, listen, when you have an idea this good, you have to copy it, right? This is This is genius. So yeah, but overall I'm super happy with the FCs putting into work, taking people out. If you guys aren't going on those fleets, you're missing out. They're getting fights every day. I went on a last, last two days I went on an Arcadios fleet. They were, they were been very fun.

Yesterday we. took a fight way outnumbered. And that was more just to get a fight and that was an exciting time. And then we had to like evade their, them trying to capture our, our, our smaller fleet.

The day before that we went and killed some Atherons in high sec and had an excellent fight there. There's a lot of good stuff going on. Don't wait for the, you know, 15 pings in a row, stratop-type pings. There are, there's a lot of stuff to enjoy.

But where are our Asher fleets? Yeah. Trensar, I mean. There's, there's only so much oxygen and we have a lot of good FCs and they're doing a lot of good work. I have run more fleets in this Alliance than any other FC by like a factor of like 10, so I don't need to run them I, you know, I don't like to take up that oxygen when I don't have to, especially when people are putting in so much good work. Cause I mean, I'm not going to run any fleets, just that, you know. I'd rather go along on someone else's lead if they're going to do it.

Alright what am I going to talk about? Toaster, you want to talk about stupid idiots? Are you on comms here? How do I stop my cat blocking my EVE screen? Can you control cats? I don't, I like dogs. Guys, I can't... yeah, okay. I can't do a Palatine update every week because it's, it's, the, the progress compared to the task is so minuscule that there's, there's literally no, like, I'll just do it every month or two. Alright, go ahead Toaster.

Toaster Jane:

Yeah, for sure. Okay, guys, so we will be gating the Beehive comms channel to get in it you need to be in one of the crabbing sigs, capswarm for faxes, or stupid idiots, and I will link a bunch of times.

Asher Elias:

Spam that, baby. There you go. Yeah.

Toaster Jane:

Yeah, everyone, come be a stupid idiot with us. It's a lot of fun. It just checks to see if you have a hull and the skill. I'm happy to ping it more. And, yeah, we're going to be doing that today. So, please join that if you're not already in Cap Swarm or anything like that.

Asher Elias:

There is literally no group more emblematic of goons than being a stupid idiot. You too can be a stupid idiot. By joining this alliance you already are, so you might as well make it official and join the SIG.

Toaster Jane:

Really codifies it, so please join.

Asher Elias:

Yeah, exactly. We're all stupid on this blessed day.

This is like an announcement, we are removing everyone from the Special Snowflakes ACL. It's one of those things that is, ACL, maintaining them is just one of those dip not diplomatic, administrative nightmares that that are just a huge pain in the butt. And we just have a sprawling Special Snowflake ACL and you, you talk to someone like, why is this person on there? I don't know, they were added two years ago. We're going to delete everyone off that list and start maintaining it more vigilantly. So if you are on the special snowflake ACL you need to contact someone in the directorate and tell them why that's basically it.

Leave the goon fucker ACL up. That's a totally different ACL. ACL means access control list. It is how you add people to rights to structures and various other things. It is not programmed extremely well but it is the tool that we have. It also means interior cruciate ligament, yes, but not in this case.

Yeah, Pantsufan, if you want to link your SIG, you're welcome to drop it in here, if people are interested. There you go. Valhalla is trying to get off the ground. You guys can click that and check it out.

So yeah, special snowflakes, Heidi's dropping scouts. I didn't have it on my list, but scouts is something that we always need more of.

Next week, guys, next week, we should have the Imperium survey. This is available. This is the first, first one we're doing, we're going to do a survey of you guys, we're going to reward you Paps if you fill it out. One of those things where we just want to gather information to know more about you, what you guys like. And who cares about what you think? I care about what you think. So, that should be here next week. So it should be like a five to ten minute thing. It shouldn't be that long, but we've been working on it for a while, so I'm pretty excited about it. I do not have a question on there asking shoe size, but I could ask it. What dimension are you guys most interested in knowing about goons? I can, I can add, I can add that. Whatever dimension you think is most important. Chromosomes. Yeah, that's alright. Chromosomes, it wins. You don't need to write anymore, guys.


It's a survey, not a poll, so there will not be a checkbox.

Asher Elias:

Or will there?

And do you guys like making isk? Do you like making big isk? Do you like making da big money? If so, is an incursion right now? Can our incursions There we go.


Yes, they can.

Asher Elias:

Yeah, there we go. Money is the root of all evil. And that's why we're the most evil group in EVE, because we are making a lot of money. There is a ton of ton of money to be made running Encouragement. Right now, it's on a period basis. Go ahead and join Encouragement Squad if you want to make a ton of money.

Stormbringers are so good. Are you talking about for ratting because they are really good for ratting. They're good for shooting things too. But yeah, agreed.

So I, last week, I believe just last week, I talked about you guys getting MTUs out and getting rat poop. If you can do that, you should, because we've already seen the big uptick in the rat poop available. The Stormbringer thing made me think of this. I would love for you guys, if you are a ratter start using MTUs. It's just. It's an awesome thing, it makes you a lot of money, and it's good for us as an alliance.

Did you really name the fortizar you guys dropped the Catboy Emporium?

Nemahs Aideron:

Ragnar did, I just didn't change it.

Asher Elias:

This is what happens when I authorize you guys to do anything. We get a fort named Catboy Emporium.

I had to learn out in the fireside. Disgusting. Ranger Gamma, you wrote CAD on here? And I assume that's computer assist design, but perhaps it's something else.

Ranger Gama:

So that is for control alt delve, our alpha defense corp. We mentioned this last week. Please do get an alpha alt in there. Yeah, there's skill training plans in it. We process the apps on a pretty regular basis. Super easy. Get in. Push train on all the things and pretty much just sit there and, you know, when we deploy to war, this is how we defend Delve. We used them quite a bit when we were deployed up North. They turned out to be pretty effective. So please do get your alt into there. It is an alpha alt.

Asher Elias:

So there's two useful corps that I want to talk about joining. One is the control alt Delve. That is something that is mandatory. We ask that every member makes an alt in there. We'll do a bigger push when we need them a little more, but it's something that takes a very small amount of time to set up.

The second thing I want to talk about is our Entosis Corporation. So this is a corporation you can move your alt into. SniperEagle, you were ready with that link. Like you, you slammed that thing down there with authority as soon as I said it. That is in a corporation that you can put an alt into and we can move that corporation into any alliance to help them with Entosis. You were still able to use them for other purposes, the characters in there. So if you like Entosis and you feel like being helpful, this is one of those most helpful things that you can do is put people in that corp.


And we'll have, Zintage talked about Entosis Doctrine updates there's a, there's an updated thread for that.

We're gonna work on getting some skill plans together so that you can know what to what to do with that. Question from elysium, yeah, so this is open to anyone in the Imperium and the corp itself is on like it, It's on ACLs, it's on POCO settings, so like, if you have a PI alt that you can train into a drake for Entosis, that's a great fit.

And yes, Malcolm, you can indeed bring your drake, unless we want armor Entosis, in which case, you can not bring your drake. But, you can probably bring your drake.

Asher Elias:

And there's the Entosis ship updates. Due to armor drake now, you're speaking my language. Okay can I bring my Entosis broadhead? What is a broadhead?

Apple Pear:

Broadsword or bowhead? Like a combination of those.

Yeah, is it a broadsword and a bowhead?

Nemahs Aideron:

A bowhead with a HIC?


Tackle an entire hanger of ships. That sounds cool.

Asher Elias:

Yeah. All right. I think that's everything I wanted to talk about. I just wanna mention, you know, I'm, I'm really happy with where we are now. You guys have been doing a lot of like stuff to get us to the place we need to be, and it's a continual process of growth as far as what we need to do as an alliance and a coalition, and I'm really happy with the progress that we've made. I was just reviewing sort of how things have gone in the last year, and we're in a very good position, so I'm very happy about that.

So with that, I will open the floor to questions. If you got any questions you want to throw them in there, I will try my best to answer them.

Why is Ranger Gamma so awesome? I have known Ranger for a long time. He is a very awesome dude. He, the reason, the, the, basically the reason that Ranger Gamma is Chief of Staff in Goonswarm Federation right now is because he saw me attempting to do like recruitment into my Sig Reavers. And that requires like maintaining a spreadsheet and things that I'm not particularly good at.

And he's like, dude, I'm just going to do this for you. Let me just handle this. And that was basically the start of a fruitful friendship.

Ranger Gama:

So, my version of that story is, mistakes were made, we're just moving on.

Asher Elias:

Yeah, yeah. I actually do a lot of spreadsheets, but the HR aspect of it was not very good.

Asher, any chance that we see SV back anytime soon? So that's a great question. SV is Space Violence, they were a SIG run by Kendar. So, Is there a chance we're gonna see SV back? Probably not. Is there a chance that one of these SIGs that people are starting today will become the new sv? Yes. There's a, a strong chance of that. You know, it's, that that's what happens is people come in, they have a passion and they make something out of it, right? So don't wait for SV to come back. You should make it happen by joining these new SIGs, being a participant and finding out who you like, and then flying with them. That's how SV will come back.

Arkan says, which size shoe do you wear? It's a 13 Arkine.

Apple Pear:

So, so Asher, why, why should people train more dread alts?

Asher Elias:

Thank you for the softball question there. Apple pear. So dreads are the, the new escalation. They're, they're not technically the top of the escalation chain, but the way that the, the CCP set it up is the dreads are by far the most important part of the escalation chain. So I've been talking about building dreads for a long time and getting dreads and it's still my number one priority. So if you guys can get dreads and get them built and get them in your hands and have them ready for alts to fight, that'll be a huge boon to us going forward.

Does this count as capitals in bingo? Yeah, definitely.

What is the best first Dread? I would say Zirn first, then PNI second. Zirns are like the easiest to train for, and they're quite good.

Can you explain why EU folks have no beehives six days a week? Well, I've been twice this week in EU with beehives, so I don't think that question is accurate. But I can explain that. Beehive is run by FCs. If there is no FC, then there can't be a Beehive. So it's something that you can step up and be a volunteer for. If you're ready to become a Beehive FC you can start training and become one. But we are strictly a volunteer org. I cannot force anyone to FC when they want to. We have, but we've had a lot of, we've had a lot of EU beehive this week. So I don't think the question is entirely accurate.

Can you find us a less lame enemy than PH?

So good enemies make for good fights, but beating up a lame enemy is more satisfying in the end. Thank you toaster for linking that.

Do I need more beacons? I bought a hundred, but I, I have used a bunch, so potentially.

No matter how much we suck, we always manage to find enemies who are worse. Sirhan has been around here for a long time, and he speaks wisdom there. It's not necessarily that goons are the best, it's just that other people are somehow worse than us.

WTF is PH and frat actually up to and what is their endgame? It's a good question. You know, if I knew the answer to that totally, then I'd be in a better position. But you can make a lot of inferences from what they do.

So, here's sort of like, there's an axis here, right? The axis is action versus survival. And think of this as a line, right? And on one end you have action and the other extreme is survival. And someone like, remember circle of two, remember gig X that dude was way on the action thing, but he was too far that you can be like. Your, your alliance will destroy itself if you go too far in action. And this is a truth that maybe people don't like to admit that, that sometimes you have to make a decision that's wise for the longterm, even if it sucks for that day, which is, you know, telling you guys, sorry, it's not the fight we're going to take or whatever like that. And that's what you, like, that's what your leadership is there for is to make those decisions. On the other hand, you have survival, and that's like, that's like Solar Fleet, right? This is also a very old example, and there's probably better, more recent ones, but no one is alive in Solar Fleet anymore anyway, so, we'll use Solar Fleet.

There you go, Beyond, there's the line. Solar Fleet, all, their whole purpose was to live. They, they had no action at all, right? And their goal was to live, and they made a lot of money off renting, and you can guess what they did with that money. I don't know. They had, they had reasons just to survive. And they survived for a long time until they couldn't anymore, until they were rotten. And that is the problem, is that both of those things end up with your, the death of your alliance. So, a wise leader needs to find out where on that line is the best place to put yourself. And What I like to do is I like to put us as close to action as we can without jeopardizing the survival of our group because our social bonds are important and if we fall apart, that would end a lot of that.

So I have to consider that if I was just left entirely to my own druthers, I would be even further down the action chart. But you know, you guys put your trust in me. So I yeah. So that's a really long answer to your question. I hope it answers it well, but you need to, it's, it's, that's what being a leader is. And what I think about a lot is finding us right there. Yeah. So there you go, beyond that's about right. And so when I look at frat and I look at PH, they are there, they're on that survival side. Of the thing. And that is a very important thing to them. And I understand why it's important, but you know, I, I would like to think that we are a little further on the other side of the line that is circle.

Dude. I don't care what anyone says Werther's Originals are great.

Yeah. I did stir the pot there Sebekk with with that post. There are a lot of the, the bads have started hurfing to try to get me to like release and leak stuff because they know it is a bad look to do it and I can understand why they're doing it, but it's not going to work.

What about finding content elsewhere, maybe smaller targets and smaller fleets? Excellent question. That is what our SIGs are for. That is why our FCs are going out. You know, I think Arkadios has a fleet out right now. You know, that's the whole point of that kind of thing.

Apple Pear:

Yeah, that's why Arkadios, etc. goes to Pandemic Horde space. There's small fleets there to fight.

Asher Elias:

Yeah, we send fleets out every day. And that's the kind of thing we want to do. Arkadios fleets are fun. I agree.

More Sun Tzu hurfs when? All the time. It's always appropriate to hurf with Sun Tzu. He was a strategic genius.

Is the answer to a question about the south and bridges updates soon? So, I think I think if you look at the director's letter, it's clear that they've turned their eyes to NullSec. And so I think making any sort of long term decisions right now would be quite foolish because we do not know how they're going to change the game. I imagine in a month or two, we'll have more idea of what they're going to do. I imagine they will release some kind of roadmap or some sort of basic idea of what their plans are to get feedback on it. And then we can have a better idea of how things are going to change. I wouldn't make any decisions right now that would have consequences in December, because I think in December, the game we're playing could be very different.

What I will say is I am extremely confident in the team that we have is the best team to make adjustments to those changes, so I am not worried about It's kind of changes in the sense that like, oh, no, they're going to ruin us. I mean, CCP could intentionally try to ruin us. That is always a possibility. I don't think that they're that dumb. So whatever changes they do make although I do expect to hear some sky is falling chicken littles when it happens. That always happens, by the way. Every time CCP makes a change, there is a sky is falling announcement. But we're still here. And so I expect us to adjust to those changes better than anyone else. That's why I'm not worried. And in fact, in fact, I would say, at least in the leadership level, a lot of us are looking forward to whatever changes they are, because we have a strong belief and confidence in ourselves that whatever it is, we will adapt to it better than anyone else and quicker.

T2 dreads, should we get those? Not really. They're not that great. They have some niche uses, but Navy dreads or faction dreads are the uses.

I mean, we have specifically been targeted before, but like there was a, there was a time when basically they made rats that will attack your structures and CCP specifically targeted Delve. But I don't think that's, I don't think that's the current administration there. I'm not particularly worried about it.

Locust question we chew through six moons that we're given our 16 corps could use this boost. So we, I mean, we're in the process of allocating a lot more moons to corps right now the first allocation order went out and the second one will be happening soon, so Corpse are being given a lot of new moons. But Locust had over 300 people with them, so it's not like we want to take that many moons away from Locust, because they are using them really effectively. Locust, if you don't know, is basically our, our mining sig that goes out and mines our moons when they pop. If you want to get Moongoo, which is a very valuable thing right now you can join Locust.

If our enemies use T2 Dreads against us, why haven't we considered matching them? So Ruckalucka, that's sort of like saying if our enemy uses, I don't know, if they use Nightmares against us, why haven't we considered matching them? We have considered it. Like, there is a plan. We are not worried.

Asher, friend from Sigma here, find me a corp in GS that'll let me throw an alt in so I can find bulk rev hulls on Alliance contracts at 1DQ. I don't think that's, I don't think that works that way, I'm sorry. But thank you for showing up at the fireside and being in Sigma.

What are T2 dreads used for? They're used for making sure freighters can't jump into highsec when you kill them. They have some uses, like they're not a useless hull, it's just they're not made for null. It's sort of like the Naglfar Fleet issue, you know, that's a really good hull for certain things, it's just not really good for nullsec.

If you want to buy yourself a T2 Dread, like, you're welcome to do so, like, don't let me stop you if that's your dream. If your dream I kind of want to get a Hubris because I've said Hubris for like the last five years or longer. And it would just be a fun ship to FC from, but you know, that's a meme, and you're basically doing a meme if you get one.

Apple Pear:

Won't it be a bane in your existence?

Asher Elias:

Exactly, you can do whatever one you want.

Ranger Gama:


Unknown Speaker:

You don't need a dread for that, Apple.

Ranger Gama:

Everybody, that was from Apple, not even Sniper who usually says things like that. That was an Apple one there. Damn.

Asher Elias:

Jason, like, yeah, the way they work, they're just not as good as you might think they are.

Apple comes off of the top rope every now and again with a joke. It makes it more funny because you don't expect it, you know? With Sniper, you're expecting a quip a minute, but with Apple, you know, he just, you're just surprised.

Stormbringer fleet ratting in 1DQ when? We could do that again.

Actually, yeah, basic Catch update. So they're trying the strategy they tried against B2. I've talked about this before where they form up, they hit a You know, a structure, and then they blue ball us if they form you know, we have a line that we care about, and we've defended that. There were structures that I think there still are some structures out there past the line and they're mostly Dracarys structures. When Dracarys went out there, you know, I told them personally that, you know, you guys can do this if you want. But please do not expect us to defend them. You know, one thing that I value and that we value as an alliance is keeping a very small footprint. Not only is it good for from a defensive part, it's good from high density is just good for the game.

And I believe, I strongly believe, that there needs to be space in NullSec for new groups to come from. You know, if, if you Let's, let's look at this another way. Do you guys remember that Dumbo? I can't even remember his character name, but he was the guy who stole Excavators. And he got himself on the CSM. Yeah, Olmeca Gold, that's him. He got himself on the CSM by using some guy who had like 700 accounts, and he paid him to vote him into the CSM. And then he lobbied CCP, and he killed his own game style, and then quit the game. Like, Olmeca Gold was a hyena who hunted zebras, and then he, he basically went and lobbied God and had him kill all the zebras and then died.

And Nullsec is like that. You need to have people who can come in because we hunt zebras. There need to be new zebras to hunt, right? And so that's why it is important for us to keep our space relatively compact, you know, using the space that we need. So there is room for new people to join because they will be either our allies or enemies in the future. And that is a good thing. And that is one of the main reasons I'm opposed to renting, because it is bad for the game, and it's bad for our future, and it's bad for the survival of Nullsec, which is the most important part of the game to me. So basically, the reason we do not expand is because we don't want to be Olmeca Gold. We don't want to kill all the zebras.

Nullsec is safer than highsec change my mind. I don't agree with that as a flat statement. I agree that if you Put a lot of effort into it, make it very safe, but that's HiSec is safer by default. But yes, if you have, you know, people literally on watch ready to save you within 15 seconds, and you put effort into it, yeah, it can be safer. But that is a lot of effort that HiSec has that there for free.

All right, I'm not seeing many other questions. I'll give you guys 10 seconds. You got, you got 10 seconds to throw a new one in there if you got a burning question. Yeah, moab counting down.

How loud can you clap? I'm an extremely loud clapper. I got big mitts.

Coalition and logo update? I think that's on the back burner Tariel.

Southeast Agreement? Expires in a few weeks.

Anger Games? They're coming soon. I don't remember exactly when.

Am I still coming to your wedding? I have not planned to do so. Sorry. Sorry, Aoife.

What's the answer of the life, universe, and everything? I believe 42.

Palpatine KeepStar. I'm not gonna do an update every week. We'll do one every month or two.

What's the temp in Florida right now? It is 75 ish which I believe is like 22 in Centigrade . And so, nice. Yeah. But we have a cold front coming through, so it's gonna drop down to like the low or the, sorry, the high will be like 60, so we'll be freezing tomorrow. No, in centigrade. That'll be like, what is that gonna be like 17?

What is the possibility of Asher adopting me? I don't know. Are you housebroken, Lord Trenchard? Oh, probably not then. So can any goon. I mean, I know a sock. You've been trained in the poop sock ways, have you not? Unfortunate.

Alright, ladies and gentlemen, I appreciate you guys showing up. I hope you have a wonderful week. And I'll see you next one. Take it easy.