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Gooniversity is a new player friendly SIG dedicated to making your first few days months years in EVE as enjoyable as possible.

The forums are a scary place with hundreds of thousands of posts. The wealth of information now available to you is unrivaled by any other EVE resource, you have just gained near unlimited access to the combined efforts of thousands of players of the past 12 years. However as you can imagine, when you have so much information scattered around a forum with little structure things begin to get obscured, outdated or lost in threads within threads. Our main goal is to improve the newbee experience by consolidating all old information, and concentrating all new information into this one, easy to access SIG.

We have done our best to ensure that all of the information you will need as a new member of The Imperium will be available here, and easily accessible through our use of dedicated megastations. There are megastations available for Free stuff for newbees, Instructor led classes, Information threads broken down into specific topics and Gooniversity events!

Below you will find a Table of Contents that will take you to the content that gooniversity has to offer. You can use these posts to find all of the basic information you will need, so there's no need to go searching other forums for stuff we may have missed (though we highly recommend it)