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Understanding the Overview

Only 8 tabs on your overview for fast switching between different ways of listing items on your overview
Tab presets allow you to switch out tab layouts relatively quickly to fit the situation. See ;Presets
It is often helpful to have one tab where you can safely change the tab presets to fit the situation you are in
Have the critical columns made available on your tabs these include:
  • Item Icons: Learn these various icons as they will help you identify items in the overview quickly
Add some graphics here
  • Distance: Pretty self explanatory. This will show you how far the ship/structure/etc is from your ship in metric *cringe*
  • Name: Also pretty self explanatory. The name of the thing you are looking at
  • Type: This will tell you the type of item you are looking at. This includes things like the ship type
  • Alliance: The alliance that the structure/ship is associated with
  • Velocity: The speed at which the ship is moving
  • Transversal Velocity: Basically how fast is the thing moving across your ship. This describes the speed at which an object moves perpendicular to you, i.e. its orbital velocity. Higher transversal typically means harder to hit
These define what is highlighted or bracketed out in space and what they show hover/select them
You can have both tab and bracket presets that you can change as needed. This allows you to quickly switch up your overview display depending on the situation. For example mining/ratting vs fleet ops

Overview Setup

Do I need One?

Yes. The default overview will get you killed! It is a good idea to use an overview pack as you join nullsec and other lawless areas of eve online.

Overview Sizing

The overview acts as your eyes in space. It should be one of the most readable items on your screen

  • Increase the height of you overview so you can see more information at once
  • Expand the width of your overview so that you can see velocities

Opening Overview Settings

Go to the overview window and click those magical three dots

Shows how to get to overview settings in eve
Shows the misc tab in the overview

Backup Your Overview

If you've heavily customized your current overview, you'll want to back it up first so that you can easily get it back if needed

While undocked, and in a safe place, click the menu button at the top left corner of your overview window, and choose open overview settings and go to the Misc tab

Shows the misc tab in the overview

Reset Your Overview

Before you load a new overview pack be sure and reset your overview settings. This will make sure you have a blank slate to load the new overview pack

While undocked, and in a safe place, click the menu button at the top left corner of your overview window, and choose open overview settings.

Shows the misc tab in the overview


In order to survive in null space it is helpful to identify "blues" or essentially friendly pilots. Anyone who is not blue is an unknown and should be considered hostile. Always remember "if it ain't blue then kick it with a shoe?"

In nullsec and other lawless areas of space typically security status and criminality is not as important in the alliance. Some of your best friends might be criminals. If they're blue let 'em through

Open up overview settings and choose the Appearance tab and set it up similar to the following (security status does not matter if they are in your alliance):

Make 'em blue

You could choose to show your corporation as greens if you prefer

Pick an Overview Pack

There are many overview packs available that will help you setup your overview. There is an in-game channel called "Overview List" that will list out some overview packs.

A couple are listed below

  • Login to eve online and join the in-game channel "Rakapasers" and follow the ;MOTD instructions
  • You can download this from GitHub but there is an easier way to use this pack.
  • Login to eve online and join the in-game channel "Z-S Overview" and follow the ;MOTD instructions

Many packs will provide a tab which can be used to load any tab presets as needed Make use of this tab to fit specific situations as you need for example mining/ratting, etc

Ease of Life Improvements

  • 3 dots - Many windows will have this and you can typically find additional fancy settings using the 3 dots in the top right of the window. Below are the additional settings on the overview window
  • Compact mode - Compact mode is available on most windows and can return a little bit of real estate to your screen. Typically found by click the 3 dots in the top right of the window and selecting Enable Compact Mode
  • Disable Light Background - In most cases a mostly transparent window works fine but in brighter systems you may find your overview and most needed windows washed out by the background. You can make the windows a bit more visible by selecting Disable Light Background

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