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Gooniversity was started in 2015 by Markonius Porkbutte, Uncle Pilot, and Ted McManfist as a Special Interest Group for those looking to train new players with the backing and support of years of posts from the The idea was to expand upon Goonswarm's initial training group "Little_Bees" which existed mostly as an ingame channel and jabber room into a full-fledge "Eve-Uni" style place with guides and resources pulled from the forums and piled into one place. While there is no official "graduate" program there are a number of resources provided by the group including but no limited to:

  • Skill Planning
  • Classes
  • Access to mentors via Gooniversity Staff
  • Free Frigates and Destroyers
  • Free Exploration Frigates
  • Free Skillbooks
  • Free hauling

With the introduction of Aegis in 2016 and with it, Alpha Clone states and Omega Clone states, Geodiversity has kept up with its own Alpha Skill Plan and Omega Skill Plan . To learn more about those as well as the knowledge that Gooniversity provides, visit the Gooniversity Wiki.

Contact Information

Applicants for Gooniversity must be in an Imperium alliance group and have registered on the forums. For those interested in mentoring or becoming faculty for Gooniversiity click here. All other inquiries click here