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Gooniversity was started in 2015 as a Special Interest Group (SIG) for those looking to train new players. Initially, the idea was to expand upon Goonswarm’s training group ‘Little_Bees' which existed mostly as an in-game channel into a support group and knowledge base for new and returning players. Today, Gooniversity has become a fully-fledged training organization that supports both Newbees and returning vets with a variety of resources, programs, and guides designed to help move them along their Eve journey.

Gooniversity's Structure

Gooniversity has a fairly large department structure, designed to help prevent single points of failure. We also encompass multiple SIGs under the banner of "Education". We encompass new player training (under Gooniversity), Repswarm, Linkswarm, the Goon Wiki and FC Development.

Ankh Lai is a Director of Education, alongside Miss Taheira and oversees the organisation, with the below appointed as Sub-Directors:
Gooniversity Goon Wiki Repswarm Linkswarm FC Development IT and Discord
Gooniversity Director: Miss Taheira Goonwiki Associate Director: Nice Guy Kalkoken Repswarm Associate Director: Aoife Aldent Linkswarm Associate Director: Whitenight FC Development Associate Director: Sonreir IT Associate Director: Broodin
New Player Enablement Assistant Director: Cale Amatin Wiki Manager: Cerym Ozuwara Repswarm Assistant Director: Knight Cole
New Player Engagement Assistant Director: Lodena Minax
New Player Resources Assistant Director: Ulauma Ivanov
Syllabus Manager: Hary Hernandez
Handouts Manager: FarosWarrior

Gooniversity's Offerings

Gooniversity has a numerous and expanding list of programs and resources to help our members develop in Eve.

  • Massive archive of knowledge: The Gooniversity team has condensed a vast library of information into a single sub-forum. The wisdom of ages past guides your way forward.
  • Skill Training & Skill Books: Gooniversity offers a large variety of skill books to help new players develop their characters, negating what would normally be a significant isk expense. For those who’d like a little more direction, we have pre-made skill plans that are as plug-and-play as Eve can get. For an in-depth overview of Gooniversity skill plans with emphasis on Imperium doctrines, visit this page.
  • Free ships: Gooniversity offers free tackle frigates in the ‘gs_frigates’ channel so that even the newest of players can get straight into the action. Electronic Warfare ships are also offered and serve as another low barrier to entry to the fleet warfare that makes Eve so appealing. For isk-making, salvaging ships are offered to help Newbees generate isk from Day 1. Those with some more skill points can take advantage of the free ratting Myrmidon program.
  • Instructional Classes: Gooniversity offers a full curriculum of classes covering everything from must-know, day 1 basics in the form of 101 classes all the way up to advanced PvP and industry.

Joining Gooniversity

Joining Gooniversity is extremely simple. Being a new player focused organization, there are no prerequisites. Simply head over to this link and click join. After that, you’ll have access to the Gooniversity sub-forum where a wealth of information awaits.

Gooniversity Discord

In addition to the massive knowledge base that is the sub-forum, Gooniversity operates a Discord server. This server is where most Gooniversity activities take place, and is a great place to ask questions about Eve, as well as learn more about our offerings. There is also a calender for all upcoming classes. You can join the server here.

Joining Gooniversity as Faculty

Gooniversity is often recruiting new faculty to join the team. Check out the recruitment thread here to learn more.