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There is a basic set of guidelines that applies to fleet op channels as well as to "public channels" such as the channels used for standing fleets on Mumble. Directors, Coordinators, Mumble Moderators and some Fleet Commanders have authority to mute or Jail anyone whose behavior is detrimental to comms, including any of the following:

  • Emotional/Angry/Heated conversations
  • Political and religious conversations
  • Hate speech / hostile behaviour
  • Arguments/Bullshit spats
  • Monologuing
  • Dominating comms
  • Hotmicing
  • Echoing speakers (holy fuck get some fucking headphones motherfucker)
  • Voice activation
  • Burping/sneezing/coughing on comms
  • Speaking over others, especially fleet commanders and other essential people on a fleet.
  • Sexual harassment
  • Sexism/Misogyny/Bigotry/Racism

DO NOT MUTE EVADE. RECONNECTING TO CLEAR A MUTE WILL RESULT IN YOU BEING IMMEDIATELY JAILED! This can be summarized - don't hold comms hostage and don't drive people out of comms with your obnoxious behavior. The intent of these guidelines is not to have complete silence, or to unduly limit speech, but rather to make sure that op channels and standing fleets are kept tolerable to those participating.

Getting Help

Please join the minicom_public jabber channel and ask one of the moderators for help. Instructions and details found here:

Local key

A "local" push to talk key (Mumble) is normally used in command channels for FCs and those providing key support roles to talk among themselves privately. This is the main reason to have a local key set up, however, some FCs recommend that fleet members set up a local key as a courtesy so that you do not interrupt them with fleet chatter. Remember that when using a local key from within the OP channel, the FC and other members of the command channel do not hear you - you MUST use your regular PTT key to talk to the FC. When using you local key in the op channel, remember that using the local key is strictly a courtesy to the FC, it is not a license to hold the rest of the fleet hostage with your cancerous behavior, and will not prevent you from being muted for being an obnoxious asshole in comms. Caution: Because it's easy to get your regular PTT key and your local key confused, it's a bad idea to replace your regular PTT key with you local key or to get in the habit of using your local key regularly - put your local key in an out of the way spot and use it only when you've been requested to do so by the FC. This will make it less likely that you press the wrong key when giving urgent intel or dealing with other emergencies.