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Registration Process

  1. First, navigate to
  2. Select -Begin Registration- and click on the -I am registering under a Member Corp or I am an Ally- link to begin the registration procedure.
  3. You will be asked to enter your ESI. This will generate a button list of the characters on the account as well as their admissible status.
  4. The character you select to register as becomes your forum handle.
  5. Next you will be asked to provide an email address: The email address you choose will become your login for the forums. For this reason you should use a permanent email address that you can check easily and not a throwaway email account.
  6. You will be sent an email to the account you provided with an activation link that will enable your account.
  7. The link provided in your email address will bring you back to the auth app and the following info will be displayed:

Forum Login:
This will be the email address you provided, you will use this when logging in to the forums.
Character Name:
This will be the name that will be displayed next to any posts you make this is also the username you use to log in to the external services like jabber and teamspeak.
Forum Password:
This can be changed later in your profile settings, however it's important to note that the forums and ESA passwords are different. Use the forums password to log in to the forums.
ESA Password:
Keep this password handy, however we will change it before you log in to TS.

Please note that there are two distinct passwords, one for the forums and one for our external services. There is a link to the registration confirmation page here in case you're a more visual learner.

Get connected to Jabber / Mumble


Jabber is our secure chat client that allows people to use group-conference rooms to communicate with goons and allies. It also allows for broadcasts based on group membership or to everyone at once. We broadcast for most fleets and especially for rapid form-up defense fleets. You should have a jabber client running whenever you're at your computer.

Our Jabber page will help guide you through the steps of getting connected.


Mumble is our main voice service for all fleet operations. Everyone is expected to be able to connect to mumble, even if you don't have a microphone or the ability to speak (we don't want to hear you speak anyways.)

Go to our Mumble page to receive instructions on how to get connected.



  • If you lost your password and can't log in to the forums, we have a handy I've forgotten my Password link right on the front page.

Click that link. You should see two options for recovering your password via email: YPwW8.jpg

  • Enter your account username: This should be your main pilot's name. If your pilot has some quirky-ass name with apostrophes and sixteen consonants before a vowel, that's literally not anyone's problem but your own and you should be ashamed of yourself. Also you can try the other option.

OR Enter your Email Address: This should be fairly obvious. For the dense ones in the back of the room, this would be the email address you registered with, not the one you'd wished you'd have used instead. Complete the Captcha challenge words: Captcha will give you two words to complete, enter these and click on Proceed and your email should be in your inbox within 60 seconds.

Wait, you don't see a captcha, you say?

Do this next part in Internet Explorer Because everyone on the internet is a self declared security expert and most people use some variant of Firefox, Opera or Chrome browsers with hosts of applets and mods to block ads or stop all of those annoying 'Live chat with HOT LOCALS!' popups you get when you are browsing the 'tubes, this guide requires you to use Internet Explorer. There's a simple reason for this:

In addition to entering your username or email address, you need to complete the captcha challenge for an email to be sent.

In Internet Explorer you may see something like this at the bottom of the window when you go to the 'Forgot My Password' link:

Click the Show all content button to reveal:


The captcha is a requirement and is non-negotiable to recover your password. If you can't read it click the little reload button that looks like two arrows chasing each other in a circle button to get two new challenge words. Seriously, you should be able to figure this shit out.

"My Mumble is still broken!" Check and make sure your API key is current and saved.

Then ensure you are logged in to the forums.

And go to to reactivate your account.

Finally, go to and enter a new ESA password.

Wait 60 seconds and you should be able to connect.

Still not working? Problems? Contact your alliance diplomat.