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                                                                                        Cloaked Goof is recruiting! 
Cloaked Goof as a bee Obviously

Who we are: An active null sec corp in one of the largest Alliances and Coalitions in the game, the Imperium! Our members are active and knowledgeable in all aspects of Eve and regularly conduct solo to alliance level activities that you can participate in! We strive to maintain a community of active players that goes beyond just being in a fleet together but actually consists of a community that’s fun and encouraging.

What we offer:

- Plentiful content that will come to you in Delve!
- Active weekly moon mining ops

- Access to some of the greatest resources available in game

- A wealth of knowledge to help get you started in new gameplay you want to try

- Helpful and supportive community of players that are there for you

- Real life first policy, we know this is a game and won’t punish you for being a real person

What we are looking for:

- 10,000,000 SP minimum

- US/EU time zone

- Not afraid to ask questions

- A reasonable level of engagement and participation in the game (i.e. 5+ fleets a months)

- Close-knit community that enjoys chilling back, blow up the enemy and make some isk!

Click Here to join our Discord server or join 'The Cloak Room' ingame and say hello!

Our Humble Goofy Beginnings

"be me
join eve again
get bored of being a highseccer with the odd dip into null
join a null corp in cloud ring
meet archiebald *Explicitive* hornby" ~Andre Petrussi