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[00:00:00] Asher Elias: Thanks for coming to a special Sunday, Sunday, Sunday edition of the Fireside. Alright, I'm just gonna lower my volume so that you guys don't hear the pings. So, it's been a crazy week. We had that big Dread Brawl, and then we had a giant fight yesterday. Dread brawl already on the fireside to talk about.

The only thing I'll mention about that, we, we talked about that in a lot more detail, but I'm glad we, I'm glad we took that fight. It, it was sort of a thing that I talk about with our leadership a lot, that there are, you know, correct decisions and there are the right decision. And the correct decision would have been probably like, you know B2 was in there first with their Dreads and we certainly had a moment that, you know, we could have been like, Hey, we're, we're not going into this cause it was pretty obvious from, from the start that, that things were, were going against us particularly the tie dye which was 90% in our staging and 0% in the enemy staging, which meant they could get a lot more people in a lot quicker.

Yeah. You know, it took people 30 minutes to jump clone and undock, which is really unfortunate in a Dreadfight. Either way that might have been the correct decision, but, you know, the right decision is that we roll deep with our allies. We don't hang them out to dry. We would rather get in there, get a brawl, and die together than to live alone.

That's, that's sort of something I talk with leadership about, and it's the kind of call that you gotta make in a split second sometimes. So, that's that's all I gotta say about that one. Then we went on to Saturday. A lot of you were there. And that was a great fight. Like there was an excellent fight.

You guys showed up in big numbers. You guys showed up in huge numbers. And we were, we, we had a lot of fleets out from between us, our allies and the enemy was riding high after that, that, that dreadnought. They have been sniffing their own farts in a very deep way and their pings and in their conversations they were, they were saying game over.

And then we we showed up and we outnumbered them. It wasn't a lot, but we did outnumber them. And we certainly outplayed them. So that's what was important. And you guys were on fleets. Those were, those were some really exciting, fun, frenetic fleets. Very enjoyable, very, very exciting.

And we won every objective. We won the structures. We won the iHubs. And we won the ISK, and I don't care about that last one, but it is nice to mention it when it does happen. Some of you guys were in my fleet, we were rolling around. We were being very elusive for a battleship fleet. Some of you were in John's fleet, he was warping in, sniping people, he got in a big brawl at the end.

Some of you were in more mobile fleets, flying everywhere, putting out fires. Some of you were defending areas, I, I really loved that, I really loved that fight. I'm not a huge IHUB fight guy, personally, like, those aren't not my favorite fights, because I don't like all the the organizational complexity of, like, tracking all of it, I don't like that part very much, but that was the kind of fight that you play EVE for.

Yeah, people were saying their fleet they were in, what they had fun, and I'm glad you guys did.

[00:02:44] Apple Pear: Like, having a fleet with PGL and three SFCs together, that is just also epic.

[00:02:50] Asher Elias: Yeah, we had to ping that fleet third, because, you know, we knew if we pinged PGL-Vee team up, no one else would go to any of their fleets, so we had to, we had to, we had to let that one be the third fleet. Yeah, so, let's talk, let's discuss what their next move will be. They have been attacking for over a year now, I'd say. I mean, it is, it is over a year, right? Yeah. It's a long time, and they still have not taken any SOV in Deklin. They took X- 47 on sort of a, on a Chinese holiday. B 2, frankly, underprepared for, they didn't even tell us about. But they have not taken any SOV yet. And you know, this war every week looks worse and worse for them. Just more pie in their eye. They, they like, I don't get it. If you're a line member over there and you're watching no progress, what are you thinking?

And that's why their numbers are getting lower. Because, you know, you don't want to show up to lose over and over and over again. Alright, so we are replacing our Dreads from the fight, and Kazanir announced a enhanced SRP program. So if you guys lost a Dread, we'll see if you already signed up for this.

We are basically going to upgrade you to a Zirn or a Navy dread even if you lost a regular dread. So we are have that now. I don't have the link, but if you guys go to the forum, it's perfect. So that's something we're happy to do. We saw the performance numbers as we expected Phoenix's, Phoenix Navy Issues and Zirnitras were the best performers.

It was. It was not even close, really. So we had the right read on that. You know, obviously the downside was they had more dreads than us, which is something that, you know, we figured would be the case. And on top of that, any sort of tactical advantage we had was messed up by the TIDI being unevenly applied.

So even with more dreads, you know, there's a chance you get in there faster and quicker and you work to your advantage. But that tie dye kind of ruined that advantage. So what we need is more dreads, which is why we've been talking about this for months already. I'm going to keep talking about it. It's like my own personal PI.

All right. While we're talking about the fight on Saturday, I did want to shout out two guys Mister Eufic (sp?) and Killer641. I don't know if either of those guys are here. If you two are here, you did a great job. Those guys were flying around with the multiboxing, a ton of Griffins and just jamming a bunch of hackers.

And that was actually super useful. I like to recognize people who take initiative and do something like that. That's really useful. So thanks to Mister Eufic (sp?) And Killer641. If you guys are here to take a bow.

[00:05:18] Snipereagle1: They are both here and listening.

[00:05:19] Asher Elias: Awesome. Yeah. Bernin says every time there is a big timer coalition should petition node reinforced on staging system nodes.

I totally agree with you, Bernin. And that's what we did. And CCP told us to stop doing it, that they would take care of it. So you know, we, we listened to CCP. They said, don't don't petition the nodes we already have it handled and that was what, that's how they handled it. I don't think it's some big conspiracy theory.

I think that was just unfortunate, but they actually asked us to stop doing it and we did stop doing it. Alright I want to talk about a sort of more somber topic. We moved this because of the server crash. At 0100 tonight we have a cyno vigil for a fellow capsuleer who lost his son, and that'll be 0100 tonight. So if you could show up and light a cyno for that, we would be appreciative and we will be sending, you know, screenshots of the event to the family to see that the family is commemorating and remembering and grieving with them. On a more upbeat news we are going to be having meetings.

And that's in person. We have this month at FanFest and next month at GoonVegas. We are having meetings that Carneros has been organizing. Carneros, can you throw the links in there?

Alright, Ranger got it. Perfect. So yeah, if you want to meet up with your fellow goon you got two options. You got FanFest if you're flying over to Iceland, and you have Vegas, which I believe is next month.

So, there are two chances to meet your fellow goons, hang out, have some fun. Please check those threads out. Carneros didn't organize them, he just told me about it. Okay. Am I going there? Yeah, chances are low. And immediately after this, we have a Cap move op. So, if you, do we have a cap? This will be right after I stop talking.

Yeah, Zintage says if I went to a EVE meetup, you wouldn't know. If you ever hear, like, meet, like, a brave random line member who sounds a lot like me, you know, you never know. All right that's pretty much all I wanted to talk about. I wanted to catch us up. We have a lot of stuff going on. If you have questions, though please go ahead and ask them, and if I forgot something, some of my directors will come in here.

[00:07:14] Snipereagle1: I I think Kazanir has something to talk about that starts tomorrow.

[00:07:17] Asher Elias: Oh, geez, yeah. Yeah, dude, dude, we talked about this so much. Dude, we talked about this so much, and like, literally... Yeah! I'm so Ron Burgundy, he didn't put it on the agenda, and I just forgot it. I'm like the opposite of Ron Burgundy. I will not read whatever you don't put on here.

[00:07:32] Kazanir: I've been literally handing dreadnoughts out the entire time you've been speaking until this very moment, so all fine.

[00:07:39] Asher Elias: Ranger just dropped it on the agenda right now. Yeah, the CSM starts tomorrow, the election. That's a good point. We've been talking about working on this for like literal months, and I just forgot about it in like three minutes.

[00:07:50] Kazanir: That was amazing. Hey everybody. Yeah, go for it. Yeah, so, CSM18 election starts tomorrow. Are you all ready to vote exactly as the state tells you?

[00:07:59] Asher Elias: Absolute freedom to vote however you want the state tells you.

[00:08:02] Kazanir: That's exactly right. So, this year is super interesting. We actually only have Three Imperium citizens even running for CSM, meaning we had to construct a ballot full of people who are not in the Imperium anymore in some cases.

So that's been interesting. I've been talking to a lot of people and we think we have a pretty good team put together. Even from people who you may not have heard of or if you've heard of a couple of them you might raise your eyebrows at. So get ready, I am going to paste the list. It is already updated in the OP of the CSM18 thread in the War Room.

Here we go! So, Angry Mustache and I will lead the ticket just like last year. We are confident in our voting power as a bloc that having the two of us first will, just like last year, lead to us getting elected pretty much right off the bat. The rest of the list is brought to you by the best mathematics in the Imperium.

We, we believe that this has the best EV of getting the most people friendly to us and our ideas on. And so I, I will go through them.

So, in third we have Kontan. Like I said, the only other Imperium citizen running. We wanted to give the best possible shot. He's also getting a lot of help from other people living in Pochven. I just want to say I've been impressed by Kontan's work in the Alliance over the past, you know, couple of years dragging us back into the Triangle very effectively. I think more than any other single person in EVE, he's probably most responsible for the death of the Precious a couple months back, that was amazing. So yeah, congratulations to him. We look forward to seeing him on.

And fourth is Mark Resurrectus. You may know him from the meta show. He's a wormholer, by the way. We did not actually endorse Mark last year, although he did win. We endorsed someone else who was in the Imperium, also a wormholer named Alasker. But Mark has come on strong and we feel like he's actually invaluable in this sort of spot that he has, you know, gained essentially on his own merits without any of our help, right? I think it's great to have a non Nullsec interlocutor, someone who can communicate with a lot of different groups. But we don't have to worry about him losing his space and it being a political topic. Right. So we wanted to ensure that Mark gets back on. As a matter of fact, we think that it's great to have him around. Obviously, he has a lot of support from wormholers, but as he observed yesterday, never before has a wormhole candidate been elected twice. And if we can, we're going to make sure that happens.

The next two slots are trades with friendlies. Pando is a repeat. He's an incumbent. Also, he's going to be higher on INIT's ballot, and we wanted to make sure that he gets some of our ballots also, make sure that we put him over the top. So we've traded and Kontan will also appear on INIT's ballot.

The 6th slot is a trade with I want to say brave, Dujek One-Eye. Yeah, that's brave, brave candidate. They'll also be putting Kontan on

And then rounding out the Kontan saga is Drake Iddeon who is really more well known as like a sort of low sec, small gang PVP guy. Not always thought of as friendly to Null-Seccers, but he's been very engaged in Pochven. He's heading the unified Pochven ballot, as far as we can tell. And he's actually been really first grade at bringing people together. He ran the Pochven round table after the nerfs earlier this year, which was really effective. I really ended up respecting him a lot after that. We had a big fight and he stood up to me. I thought that was pretty impressive. And then can we...

[00:11:08] Asher Elias: Can we address why some people asking why is shine's not on the ballot?

[00:11:11] Kazanir: Oh, yeah, sure. I'll back up before we go into these others. So we like I said best best math in the Imperium we believe that, and INIT is also confident that they're gonna put shines over the top directly.

This happened last year with Brisc in 1st, we actually sent a lot of our overflow in the 3rd slot to Brisc, but he was able to get on just by being in first with the initiative there even bigger this year. And so we're confident that shines has the juice and that we don't essentially need to share on both sides there.

And that if you're not on any ballots elsewhere, yeah, yeah, exactly right. Yes. And I think if angry is he's in a low slot on their ballot, right? By contrast. So it's about looks super interesting. I'm really excited to see what comes of all of this. We've worked hard. I think it actually, it looks like we've worked harder than we actually have with how good these ballots stack up against each other.

I'm pretty excited. But yes, with shines and I, in the 1st slot, we're not camping for other people's spots. Let me see if there's other questions real fast.

[00:12:08] Asher Elias: I'm watching. You can go down the rest of it.

[00:12:09] Kazanir: Okay, cool. Yeah. Yeah, I was talking about Drake. He, like I said, has been impressive. And in talking to, to me in particular, I interviewed some of these guys he was able, you know, when we talked, he was not opposed to the idea of, like I wrote about in the thread, Null-Sec getting you know, a lot more attention for CCP than it has and trying to build something that is better than what we have now.

8th is Luke Ananin, first hostile candidate. You know, probably a long time as a matter of fact, Luke is FRT's top candidate. We wanted to show some support for him as an incumbent. Actually, he's been great to work with on the existing CSM, right? We don't always have to see the universe purely in red blue terms. He's not directly in PANFAN. And so we wanted to essentially have a shout out. These lower slots are mostly for signaling purposes. And we, you know, we wanted to show him a little of our support there. Has become recently a more and more popular streamer and seems like a good person to have in this spot. He's done some outreach to us and I've also talked to him. I got to say, I am personally a little bit favorably inclined here because a few months back Ratatti went on his show and ended up quoting me on Oz's show, which was of course, very flattering. So that's odd. Feel free to go check out his stuff. If you want to look at, at how people see the economy and markets and trade. I foresee that there's a lot more coming on the economic topic this year, even though it feels like we've been talking about it for a long time already, so he is on.

And lastly, rounding out, we have Mike Azariah. He's a very well known quantity for some people. If you've been playing a long time, you've got to know who Mike is. He's running again this year, and if he can get on, he's a really great person to have on the CSM for constituent service and giving feedback, really good guy and useful to a large section of the player base that often we're not even talking to.

[00:13:48] Asher Elias: All right. Perfect.

[00:13:49] Kazanir: That's what we've got. We are going to work on all the stuff that you were used to. The exit poll should go live really as soon as the election does. Instructions will be coming. This ballot is already posted at the end of the O. P. that I made earlier this week, but there will probably be a separate thread with it directing you with all of the directions, how the election works, the exit poll and all of this stuff.

So thank you all in advance for voting exactly as the state tells you.

[00:14:14] Snipereagle1: So Kaz, I have a question. Say I'm a new member of the Imperium and I'm very confused by the combined ballot and whatnot. Can you explain to me, like, why we do that and what the importance is?

[00:14:26] Kazanir: Yeah, heck yeah. So this election is actually a modified single transferable vote system. And what that means is that it's two things. One, if the person you're voting for doesn't get elected, then your next choice receives your vote. And two, if the person you were voting for does get elected, but they have too many votes, your vote can also overflow to your second or third choice. So what you see in that list above is our ordering, our mathematical choices trying to get the most of our friendly candidates on as these votes cascade.

And the way that works is there's a series of rounds as they add up the votes and votes will move from different ballots. As, as players get dropped out, right, the lowest vote getting people get dropped out. There's a whole set of videos online. If you Google single transferable vote, it's well known as a pretty solid way of choosing multiple candidates without biasing in favor of the groups that are too big, right?

This is actually a pretty good defense against us. But as such, there's a lot of math that we can do, and we've proven pretty good at it. And that's why we put out an entire ballot. We don't want a single person's vote, even a 10th of it to be wasted, even potentially. Right. So we always make sure and fill out all the slots and we also go for extremely high ballot discipline.

We don't want you changing any of these slots. We provide links so that you can click a link and it'll fill out the entire ballot for you. And you can just press go. That's all highly intentional. That is what we mean when we say vote exactly as the state tells you, we have a plan. And if it works, all of the chances are pointing in our favor to, to maybe do a little better than you would think on average that we would do. And that's what we're going for here.

[00:16:00] Asher Elias: Yeah. So even if you don't personally like one of these people, like I don't like Kazanir, right, but I'm still going to put them number one.

And we want you guys to do the same.

[00:16:07] Kazanir: You're the best baby.

[00:16:09] Asher Elias: Put everyone list as ordered vote exactly as the state tells you, as is your right as a free human being in person and vote with every account we will be doing the, the exit polling so we have an idea we can compare it to previous years. So we would love for you guys to to vote exactly as the state tells you.

[00:16:27] Kazanir: That's right. Yeah, we didn't cover some of the basics of the gospel here. The rule is you have to be Omega and it's once per Omega account. The account also has to be older, I think than 30 days. It, I think it's 30, it might be a little longer, but the point is you can't make a new account now. You're too late to make new stuff now.

But older accounts, you can definitely reactivate if you have some other excuse and then you get an extra vote during the next week.

[00:16:50] Asher Elias: So early vote often.

[00:16:52] Kazanir: That's right.

[00:16:53] Apple Pear: Time to do a move up.

[00:16:54] Kazanir: Hell yeah.

[00:16:55] Asher Elias: All right, I'm gonna answer any questions. And then we can do the move up. You got questions, throw them out here.

When we see Stormbringer fleets for these large battles, they seem to perform pretty well in the fight yesterday. Yeah, we will. It's not our number one priority right now because INIT had that covered very well, and you saw, and I don't think two of them would have the same value as one big one. So we focused on Leshaks, INIT focused on Stormbringers, and it worked really well.

What hot sauce do you like? Ketchup. Ha ha! Carrot toast, yes.

Asher, can you explain the disparity of the number of PAPs issued in different fleets? I had to spend five hours with PGL for a measly two PAPs. So you get one PAP every three hours. So, that is the standard amount of PAPs that you should have received.

[00:17:32] Snipereagle1: I'll take a look. I know we did hand out some bonuses and I thought we caught them all. But I'll take a look at it.

[00:17:37] Asher Elias: Yeah, I mean we gave everyone two paps is what it should be right? Yeah.

Tell about the weekend pack deal for extra votes for people interested Yeah, I actually didn't know about this, but you can have your account for like three days or something and

[00:17:47] Kazanir: oh god, they did that

[00:17:49] Asher Elias: Yeah, yeah, so, if you wanted to do that, if you wanted to support the state, and...

[00:17:54] Apple Pear: Is that not for real life money?

[00:17:55] Asher Elias: Yes, yes, it's for a small amount though, so... Like 3 US or something? Yeah, some designers did it for the Dread Fight, so yeah, so there you go.

[00:18:04] Kazanir: Alright, and the answer to Altarari's question is no, you don't have to be Omega for a certain period. The account has to be a certain number of days old, which 30.

But if you re Omega, you can vote immediately.

[00:18:14] Asher Elias: Heh, Asher, how important is it to report an officer spawn to you during a fight? Truly, the alliance would cease to function if you did not report an officer spawn to me during the middle of a giant fight. I wonder what officer that was, I'm actually really curious. If it was like a Cormak or an Estamel or something, I probably would PM me too. But if it was like a Terai, no, just, just handle it yourself.

Why is your keepstar pink again? Some cats need your nonsense, it won't be pink next month. Yeah, Estamel invuln is still a great, great, great thing.

[00:18:41] Snipereagle1: So I'll, I'll answer. There was a lot about booster carrier SRP. And yeah, like, we'll definitely, we'll make those people whole as well. The ISK values on affordable care, they're accurate for subs. They're, basically, you should just ignore them for caps. Because every time we have a cap fight, we handle the SRP in a, in a way that's fair and makes everyone feel whole at the end.

[00:19:04] Asher Elias: Yeah, we just do it on an ad hoc basis. We don't, like, It doesn't make sense to adjust it, because the cap fights don't always happen, like, every week, so... We just, we just do it, and when the fight happens, we do it correctly.

[00:19:14] Apple Pear: Dirk, this is not my favorite color, and Ashi knows very well how about, how about taking

[00:19:18] Asher Elias: guys, I'll tell you, here's one thing I really don't want to hear. I don't want to hear your complaints about the color of the Keepstar. Like, like, there are, there are more things in the game to worry about. It'll be a different color next month. We can handle it. We can get through this together.

[00:19:29] Apple Pear: It's very hard. I was planning to get, move our staging.

[00:19:32] Asher Elias: Oh, jeez. Jirai says, is that Naglfar fleet issue over others? Mm hmm. I mean, you should, if you want to bring one, you can. You won't get SRP'd, but you can bring one. I suppose we can give you regular Naglfar SRP. Is that a game?

If we manage to get all the things with the CSM, what is the first order of business in fixing things? You still here, Kaz? That's a good question for you. I think it's... Yeah, it's from Boat. I think it sort of overestimates you know, what the CSM does. Oh. Yeah, go ahead.

[00:19:58] Kazanir: Yeah, hey Boat go read the whole thread, Boat. You'll love it. I have, I have a whole big plan, right? Do I know how much of that I'm going to get? No way. In terms of like immediate fixes, we just really need to get them to have some attention back on null sec. Anything that they change with the current meta is going to be useful. In terms of like how space is conquered, who can hold it, what produces value. Some sort of alteration to the meta is what I'm gunning for.

Right, because that's a short answer. It's Kazimir's post. It is really well done. I can't recommend that enough. Someone could link that.

Aww. Thanks, Dad.

[00:20:32] Asher Elias: You're quite welcome. I mean, it's true, though. Yeah, yeah, there you go. Please read that thread if you have not. I know many of you have, but if you have not, it is well worth the read.

I also have another thread for you guys to read. It is Angry Mustache's Two Region Navy thread. It is about getting our Dread production to high gear. Go ahead and check that out as well. A lot of reading, but it's good reading. Can we get an audiobook for the thread? That should just be one fiery side where I just read thread to people who are too lazy to read it themselves.

[00:20:56] Apple Pear: I'm going to move up now, sorry, I should have cut you off, but I have Brave also, etc. waiting on us.

[00:21:01] Asher Elias: Alright, we'll go do it now. Sounds good. Thanks for coming guys, appreciate you guys being here on a Sunday, I'm gonna watch some football later today. I hope you guys have a good Sunday, see y'all later.