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Asher Elias:
Hello, hello, hello, hello. This is a floss thing. This makes me feel unusual. Nope, not a new mic. Who's gonna win the Rugby World Cup? I really don't know enough. I enjoy rugby, but not enough, uh... not enough to tell you. Have you enjoyed our relaxed Hell Week? Uh, Maxusbe, I like that. That's a good quote.

Nobody's gonna win the Rugby World Cup, but they're all gonna try.

Asher Elias:
Yeah, yeah. Uh, Hell Week has turned out to be, uh, Heaven Week for us. It really has not been much at all. Um, there have been, uh, no soft gains made. It's been pretty, pretty boring. Obviously, um, Pretty much their design. Uh, if you cast your mind back to World War Bee a couple years ago when they attacked us, Um, it was obviously the most boring war.

The plan was to win by boring your opponents out. That's just who these people are. It's not... Secrets, um, you want to fight or that's a drip that is literally and there's almost never a commitment to winning, um, join PAPI that is their, that is their raison d'etre, right? That's why they exist. Um, I want you guys to think of a war that was any sort of resistance that they did not immediately go into this kind of mode.

Um, yeah, I don't know what more to tell you. Like, I mean, it's good that we were prepared. It's good that we were ready. You know, we're going to continue to be ready, but it's just, it's just from a personal level, from, from me being a leader level, I don't, I don't understand why you would do this. I don't understand why you do this multiple times.

I don't understand why you put your members through it. I just don't get it. It doesn't make sense to me. Um, maybe I'm just not giga brain enough to understand the machinations of the geniuses over there personally. I fought a few wars in EVE, and I just don't see this as the way to do it.

Why don't we attack them on their turf? Yeah, this is a great question. Basically, the drone lands, such as they are, configured as they are, are more or less unassailable. Um, the, the way that the space is laid out makes it, makes getting in essentially impossible. Um, once you are, once you are tucked in the drone lanes, it is really hard to, uh, get someone pushed out.

Uh, especially when you, when you're pretty certain that they're going to time it all at the Chinese time zone, right? That makes it just even more impossible. So, um, I would love to go over there and do that. It's just not a fight that. Uh, is a winnable fight. Um, and it's not a fight that would be fun for us after a week.

I just don't think that it would be fun for us. And so when I think about what kind of wars we're going to start, you just have to, I have to consider that you guys have to enjoy it and, you know, it's, it's good for them that they're in such a defensible place. Um, but you know, it also means that, you know, they can't be attacked.

Um, and that's just how it is. Hopefully, I mean, hoping CCP eventually fixes it. I don't think that they plan to. I don't think they have any plans for fixing it, um, I think that it's something that would be useful to fix because essentially there's no other place in the game that is like that, that is not, you know, invadable.

Alright, uh, so, Crimson Harvest sites, have you guys seen these? Have you heard about this? Have you seen this? Have you heard about it? Um, yeah, there's some spam for it. These things are... Printing money. They make a ton of money. Um, it is a really good way if you're trying to blast yourself with some ISK, uh, you can blast yourself in the face with a ton of ISK by doing these sites.

So I would definitely recommend, um, clicking that link and learning about them.

I made a lot of money until I got greedy. Uh, that is the ancient tale, is the knot, uh, that is like, I mean, was making a lot of money with my ratting super, my krabbing super and Period Basis until I wasn't. Tale as old as time.

All right. Um, I wanted to remind you if you are in a TFI fleet or a Leshak fleet, uh, out of DO6h, we require you to have the, what we call the baby amulet set. That's the amulets without the omega. That is required for SRP. If you missed out on that, um, I'm just telling you again because we've had people asking about it.

So just remember, there you go, mid grade amulets one through five. They are not very expensive and they make a huge difference. It's pretty easy to save your ship. Uh, there is a required escape bay frigate. And you can, as long as you get that and as long as you're paying attention, your hands are on the keyboard, you will probably save the implants.

I have a agenda item here, from Zintage, and he wanted me to talk about how hostile hell week have been better than expected. We already kind of hit that But it's pretty it's been pretty so just want me to tell you about it, and I think I just have.

All right Ranger do we want to talk about goonpraisal? Since they were shutting down. Yeah, go ahead.

Ranger Gama:
Um, so let me I did not get the link cuz I'm terrible just.. Uh,

So that link guys, when you use that for something that we run, um, there are other ones out there. The issue is several of those other appraisal sites for it actually are run by our enemies. What they do with that data, we don't know, but they're run by the enemies.

That one is run by our group. So please use that one. Pretty much it. Just don't give free intel to the baddies. Um, use that one's run by our people.

Asher Elias:
You know, it's also the same for descan tools. You know, where like, I ask you guys, please do not use descan tools that are owned by the enemy because that information goes straight to them.

Um, it's, you know, you're just giving them your own intel. Um, is the biggest one, Darth, that people tend to use that's owned by them. So... That would be the one I would recommend you just don't use. Is Janice run by enemies? Yes.

Ranger Gama:
Yeah. Janice is run by NC .

Asher Elias:
Yeah. I'm not, I'm not super worried about Janice.

Like, I mean, that's not like something where we're advising you because it could be an issue. I'm, I'm, I'm trying to like, I'm trying to like operate this. Like some of the things we tell you are super important. This one's not the most important thing, but, um, since there is a tool we run that does the same thing, essentially use that tool. And it's just, it's that simple sometimes.

What is the most important thing? Does anyone know what is best in life?

Apple Pear:

Asher Elias:
Yeah, I think it's to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their women. I believe that that was already established. A balanced breakfast is pretty important.

Apple Pear:
What's also important, Asher, is that people get more dreads.

Asher Elias:
Get more Dreads. PI, see, so we've got Dreads and PI at the same time. Let's talk a bit about Dreads. Um, enemy is definitely rearming. Um, after that last fight they kind of figured out, um, you know, some of the things we've been saying. And so they're pushing very similar stuff that we're pushing.

Um, but they're still on a different level. Obviously, we want you guys to get in Dreads, and, uh, there is the progress threads, you should post in that when you hit your progress, um, but we are, we're, we're, Dreads are the future, they are right now, they're what CCP is pushing, they have forced them into the meta, and so we are playing in that meta, right? Play in the sandbox. They make the sand, get dreads, um, PI, obviously very important because it goes into a lot of things and, uh, is part of some of our big projects too.

Could there be a bit more awareness of deaf hearing impaired community with goons, uh, requiring relay during fleet. There's a deaf swarm jabber channel, as well as your post with abbreviated relay commands.

That's a, that's a good point. There you go. Which Dread should we get into? Uh, Zirnitra, Phoenix Navy Issue, Phoenix, Revelation Navy Issue. Those are the Dreads I would recommend. Alright, um, I think I've covered everything I wanted to talk about. Uh, I'm going to go on the Meta Show. If you want to hear some more relaxed chat about, um, you know, State of the Galaxy, I'll be on the Meta Show in 45 minutes, so you can tune in.

Um, And if I've missed something, um, directors can speak up if you guys have any questions, you can go ahead and ask them and I'll answer them now. "Asher should tell people to be ready to form." When should I tell them to be ready to form Alterari? Over the next hour. Be ready to form over the next hour.

Uh, when can we clone back to 1DQ?

Probably, uh, come Monday, Wintax. Come Monday we'll clone back to 1DQ. And we'll, we'll reset our death clones to 1DQ.

Join Sigs and Squads. Very good, yeah. We're definitely going to be putting, um, We're definitely going to be putting Sigs and Squads into a more prominent position. Uh, we've got Stixx running them now.

So, um, I think uh, in the near future, right now, but in the near future we're going to be making a pivot towards Sigs and Squads. We're laying the groundwork right now. So if you see a Sig or Squad that appeals to you, now is a good time to join, um, and you can get, get to know your Sig and Squad mates.

Do we know how percentage enemies have in the Palatine, if any enemy anchor it first?

Are we going to do a big deploy? Uh, I do not believe anyone other than us is developing one. I'm fairly certain that no one is. Can we have a squad called Sigs and Squads? That would be very confusing, because then whenever someone says, Join Sigs and Squads, you're very ambiguous. That's a good, that's really good marketing.

I like what you're thinking there, Loquacious. Good job.

Can we get some sort of US time zone specific squad that blows things up? That's a good request. I have now said it out loud. Hopefully people are hearing it. We're at 54, actually. We just hit 54 (%) Beyond. Just join EU, problem solved. Just be somewhere else. It's simple.

I want space violence back. Yeah, that's uh, that, like, that's something that, basically, if you've been around long enough... You know, a SIG or a SQUAD will eventually develop an identity around a leader, and it's hard to pivot away from that. So, Space Violence probably isn't coming back, unless Kendar comes back, and I think Kendar is probably done with this game.

That is just the SIG and SQUAD tango. Find someone you like flying with, find a few people you like flying with, and then fly with them. That's just how it goes. We all remember our first, and uh, But you can find someone new.

Ranger Gama:
And speaking of the SIG that shall not be named, if the leader of said SIG that shall not be named ever asks you to take over HR, don't do it. It's fucking trash.

Asher Elias:
Yeah, yeah, that is the problem, is if, uh, if your SIG leader ends up becoming just a general leader, you might get booshed into positions of power you did not expect, or even want.

How is INIT doing without us? I mean, I don't really think that, like, they're not under any pressure, right?

They live in Fountain next door to us, so... Um, they're doing just fine. Uh, we didn't expect nor want them to, like, collapse or anything because they, the decision they did, that wasn't, uh, it wasn't a hope and, uh, it wasn't an expectation either. It's not something we would want.

Ranger Gama:
So if you wanna, if y'all wanna know what I was just talking about, Alterari.

Asher Elias:
That's a good meme. Whoever made that meme was pretty funny, I think. Alright, let's see. We have any questions in here?

We're still moving Dreads to DO6. Um, I don't think we have any announcements about move-ops. Like, we would probably do one on a weekend, so just watch out for that.

Asher bedtime story audiobook.

You're not the first person to ask. Probably not the last. Asher ASMR when same thing.

Not really for Asher are Gooniversity broadcasting results from their tournament. That's a good question Um, isn't the tournament this week?

Ranger Gama:
It got delayed for ops guys. It's supposed to be streamed Hank was working on that whether he's gonna pull that off. I don't know. He was paying for streamers earlier.

Asher Elias:
Hot tube stream When? I assume that's hot tub mowie. Hot tube sounds like a website you go to in incognito mode, but, um, uh, I'll do what

Ranger Gama:
I'll say use a VPN with your incognito mode.

Asher Elias:

Ankh Lai:
Just on the tournament. I'll probably ping up in about 30, 45 minutes or so when it'd be rescheduled, but it did get moved from today because of StratOps.

Asher Elias:
All right. Yeah. That is the, that is the problem with StratOps. They do come number one, but, uh, appreciate that. Let people know you can send an all ping and that'd be really useful.

Uh, do I stream sometimes? Big Z every, every now and again. I am not a professional streamer like some EVE players are. I, if I was, I would ping 8 times until my fleet had 80 members, then set off after an hour.

But, I'm not nearly that professional. So yeah, hot tub stream when? I'll do a stream in a hot tub, I just won't have a camera on. Will that be, will hearing splashing sounds enhance your streaming, uh, you know? Enjoyment.

Ranger Gama:
It's just a little creepy .

Asher Elias:
Alright. Right. Uh, I already answered that, demichev, death, clones, probably back on Monday.

We will let you know.

Like, the thing, the reason I don't really want turn my camera on is 'cause I, I don't really, I, I have these regrettable, uh, face and neck tattoos that I just don't want you guys to see. From my younger life.

Stop letting Alterari feed you lines, asher.

Ranger Gama:
I'll say, yeah, that's a total lie. Altarari was talking about his neck tattoos last night.

Asher Elias:
I, I, literally, I did not know that. I did not see that. That was an independently made up thing. So... I did see Altarari in jorts looking like a Florida Gators fan. And it was a very uncomfortable picture.

Ranger Gama:
Having met Alterari in Vegas, I can see that.

Asher Elias:
Alright. Do a hot tub stream with only your lower body? Is this how, like, uh, those female streamers feel? I feel so objectified right now.

Ranger Gama:
Well, if you're gonna do that, you might as well just put it on OnlyFans and, uh, make some money!

Asher Elias:
Dude, goons are really thirsty. Alright, we got any other real questions? I would recommend you guys do not click that photo, if it's the one of Alterari. You do not want to see it, trust me. Trust me, you will be happier not having seen this. Alright, Alterari, you've made a good impression.

Okay, um, looks like we're out of questions. I will see you guys on the meta show in about 40 minutes. Thanks for showing up to the fireside. Have an excellent week. I'll see you guys next week.

Oh, hey, I actually wanted to throw something out there before y'all go. I just remembered, um, Unfortunately, um, a Horde FC passed away. It's on Reddit right now. They're doing a cyno vigil tomorrow, so I think I'm going to try to show up if you want to show up. Please do, obviously. No shooting. Be nice. Um, it's very unfortunate.

It is a sad story. Uh, you can read it on Reddit right now. But, uh, that is tomorrow. I think it was at 1900 if I remember correctly. So, I'm going to try to get there. Uh, if you'd like to go as well, um, please do. They're saying they won't shoot anyone. Alright! If they fucked with our last vigil, it's not something we're going to worry about and or hold against them.

Uh, you don't hold the worst line member against anyone. So, um, we'll just, uh, we'll just go ahead and be ourselves. Thanks for showing up guys. I will see you all next week.