Fireside Chat Transcript 10 Apr 2k22

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Try this
This is cuz I unplugged my webcam and moved my USB plugs around like an idiot on the Meta show and
Here we are. Let's try that again. Alright boys girls as you heard Apple pair there is gonna be a fleet pretty soon
we just wasted a little bit of time with some IT fuckery because that's how I roll and
I have a bunch of stuff for you today. We're gonna be businesslike because there are puppies to murder and
That is one of the reasons why I want to get us back out there as you guys know
The deployment has began a couple weeks ago. You need to be in the Jeff group. Can I get a link?
For joining Jeff posted in Elysium, please because there are a lot of pings going out
And if you are not a member of the goon fleet expeditionary force
User group you are not going to get any of those fucking pings. So there is a bunch of stuff happening
An entire region is falling as fast as we can purge burn and kill and we need to enable more purging burning and killing
one of the reasons why we're doing this is that if we do not test the power of our military and
Exercise our scouts exercise our hackers be they GSFOE or just people practicing their f2s and joining to scout
Joining to hack which is incredibly useful. We'll get to that in a little bit
if we don't learn how to
Maintain our military readiness. We're just gonna rot away like test was doing like test is doing out and outer passage
so we got involved in this thing in faith abolis and then
Constantine the sincere decided to run his fucking mouth and piss off dark shines and here we are
Faith abolis is following the pappies are calling it a floodplain and we are having
I am actually not going to talk about the things that are happening in Jeff because you should be in Jeff and getting involved with
That so what do we need? What are we doing?
Scouts are critically important at a time like this if you're involved in the scouts channel, we love you
We want you to keep doing your thing
we have a lot of fleets in a lot of different areas within faith abolis and some of the surrounding regions and
There is a lot of activity and in those environments. It is critically important for us to have situational awareness
There's a big fog of war when a region falls. We cannot always assume that our enemies are going to
Continue to fall apart and run for the hills. They're insisting the stuff we're purging is a floodplain and that they will fight us in tenerife
We haven't gone to terrorists yet, but I am excited about the idea
We will burn that bridge when we come to it
The main thing is is this we can only purge as much as you are willing to kill the pappies, right?
We've had this happen before, you know me
Alexander wept when there is no more regions full of puppies to set on fire and burn and harvest their screams
Which is a challenge, right?
so essentially we're trying to do this as efficiently as possible to minimize the amount of burnout on you guys and maximize the amount of
Pappy that's set on fire
so we can go as
Long and as far as you are willing to kill and purge
And so far you've been very willing to kill and purge and I'm very happy about that. So join scouts
When we have ball tech fleets, I said this last week
I'm gonna remind you guys again when we have ball tech fleets
Make sure that you have a balance of megatrons and a pox in ball tech fleets
There is now a as of last week again a cool kids option there. You can bring a pimped out napalm
There's information on how to fit it in the thread if you can find the ones that initiative hasn't bought yet
We are now staging out of I mean, I guess I might as well say this here. We are moving in 3l tech
That is where the next purge Nexus is going to be flowing from other than move ops already today
So that is where we are headed. Please help stock that shit
It always takes us a little bit to get our new deployment staging up and running and the purge cycle going but that's where we are
Train slept near us if you haven't started yet. Well, that is part of DACA fleet. Those have been very popular
And of course like at every fireside I am to remind you that we need more PI
And I'm sure that right around any second now if he hasn't lost his little shack. Oh, it's gonna be a Ranger not rat night
I was gonna put a rat night losing a little shack joke in there
But here we are. So check that information out on how to do PI for the Alliance. We need it
It might be a slight pain in the ass
But in practice if I can figure out how to do it
You can figure out how to do it and I can barely make my microphone work on a fireside that I do every fucking week
So if I can do PI you can manage it
What else do we have shoutouts for devs?
We have made a tremendous amount of progress whereby we I mean the organization
But really all of the devs and people have been involved in managing the devs and working and communicating with them on the great IT
Unfucking process you guys are fucking heroes like the fact that we are at a point where we have the skill checker app
That is in testing that is looking really cool. And it's even mittens proof. That's super awesome
A lot of our guys issues have been worked through please check your characters in off if they are throwing any
If you go to off and you look at your characters and they say they're failing or they're failed just read them
I had to do it as well
Everybody's had to do it shit happens
But we've actually kind of drilled down on this because the guys have been heroes so big gold stars big shoutouts
mittens proofing is the final excuse for any kind of
App or test is if I can figure out how to do it
Then it's user friendly enough because if my high ass can management can manage it. It's cool. All right
Again, I'm going to rip through this as rapidly as possible because we do have puppies to murder
And one final thing that I really want to hearth about is something that sort of came up accidentally on the meta show yesterday
I wasn't sure whether we're gonna be talking about it or not or not
there are a
Number of people who are going to fan fest this year. There seem to be less players going to fan fest this year
we are had a little conversation about on the meta show and
It looks like a lot of people are not too happy with CCP and are not going to fan fest this year
So I don't want to
You know spoil that party
But I do want to let people know that that seems to be a situation that things are in and I also want to her for
F's and temp goon Berlin because a lot of the crew that would normally be at fan fest is actually going to goon Berlin
And I will be linking that presently
So that is gonna be in July 9th and 10th. Check that out. A bunch of us are gonna be there
It should be cool and good. All right, let me take some questions
Once again guys
One of the things we really need you to be doing if you are willing to kill the papi
Is to be getting in these fleets and participating in the goon fleet expeditionary force
there's a lot of action out there and some of it of course is whining and excuses and running from the enemy and
Insisting that they are gonna stand and fight at some point in the tenor fist zone and that's fine
But if they are gonna let us sweep the shit and turn these regions into rubble, we're gonna do it
I a question about when is the next move up from 1dq to Jeff's new staging?
I think there has been a bunch of pings for move up so far
I can't speak to the next one from 1dq
But you should have them and I agree that we should have them
So I'm thrown out there for the Jeff cords to do it
One of them just occurred like one of the move absolutely just landed less than an hour ago
Do we have ball tech contracts in 3L?
Probably not yet, but we would love to have them. We would love to get 3L fully stocked for war and murder
Where do we put questions and links for the fireside?
Which is absolutely not bingo bait three firesides in a row. I appreciate it BP
We of course do that here in Elysium at
Because I always keep the mumble questions view minimized and
Bingo links are in scroll back and what do we do with the knife?
And I'm sure that this is absolutely not bingo bait as well. We twist the fucking knife
We have to exercise our muscles when it comes to using our military and remembering that f2 is a thing
F2 is a thing if you don't know what I'm talking about there
We need you to more do more than just turn up on fleets
We want you to practice independent skill sets that can help move the dial for our fleets a great one to get started in you
Don't actually have to be in GSFOE, which is our hacking group if you want to learn how to intosis
So when we say GSFOE is great, they are fucking great and I love them and I encourage you to join them
But if you're just hacker curious and you're not so I'm not sure I want to join another sig for whatever reason
You are encouraged as an experiment
to get started with an f2 to just start bringing a hacking alt and
Ask the GSFOE guys for help and just learn around more hackers more better
Especially when we're eating our fuzzy soft Wheaties here eating our fuzzy soft and taking big I don't know
This is a shitty metaphor. I was gonna taking big fuzzy soft poops after Wheaties and vegetables. I got nothing
It's got to get done and it's a lot easier for your fleet commanders if we have people bringing hackers on mass
So we appreciate that. Please keep that going
What happened to you a ex-death I thought it was leaping fire, but it's this Constantine person
Constantine has been the Legion of Death guy for a while now. It's been ages since death was involved
Ages ages ages, let me get some of the questions and then we are going to
Pause and send you out on ops because again born murder fish update
No news is really good news there. I'm pretty happy about that
The fish are fat and happy
Maybe they're not supposed to be fat
But we have a purple spotted gudgeon who is basically a job of the hut at fish farm
All right
We're gonna go kill a fucking Fortizar or something
Can we get someone from Bastion to teach the new corpse there how to report Intel better?
Intel reporting is something that sort of requires collective shaming
If there are crappy things happening in a channel, you guys know what to do. I love g-saul very good question
I fucking love g-saul g-saul owns. Okay, is Apple Pear gonna yell at me again?
Are we are we nearly at the the thing? I think we're past the point where I need to send you guys out
Let me check my notes
Real quick scouts. We did that shout out. We did PI we talked balance of battleships and Baltic elites
We talked about what you need
We did shoutouts for GSFOE and
Hacking in general gsfoe or otherwise as an excellent way for you to get started learning how to do more than just press f1
But to press f2 we gave dev shoutouts and we mentioned gun Berlin
Excellent. All right, boys and girls that is going to be it for today. This was a quick fireside
I appreciate you turning up and I appreciate you purging these regions
Efficiently and in a focused way even better. Let's help with those move ops. Let's get this new market and free
I'll stop the pub sing the knife. Thank you for coming. Let's get back out there