Fireside Chat Transcript 10 Jun 2k23

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Hello, what's going on?
There's so many ways you can go with that, I like that.
Isn't that Habit Asher?
Hatmaker? Isn't that what that is, Sonrair?
I read that the phrase "mad as a hatter" comes from hatmakers who use mercury when making hats,
and that would get into their skin and cause them to go mad.
Yeah, that's how you know it's good, if it has that mercury in it.
It's a good hat.
So yeah, this is Random Facts with Asher. I'm like the all-star on bar trivia nights.
If you want free wings and beer, you just bring me in, I'm the mercenary.
Hey, Red, that's pretty good. You got a genuine laugh out of me, that's good.
Patch week, we got a big patch coming up.
Did I ever get revenge for Goblins dropping a tree on me?
Wasn't it Tess? I'm pretty sure it was Tess.
Yeah, I heard the text, I'm going to look it up after the fireside, don't worry.
Patch day, Lancer Dreads, let's talk about those.
They're not looking to be very strong.
They have the jump freighter shooting aspect, but the actual in-combat aspect, it's not looking to be super strong as of right now.
There are some things you can do with them, but we're not super high on them right now.
As far as the jump freighter thing, we have some plans for that going on, and those will be coming out soon.
I know some of our jump freighter pilots have been running around like chickens with their head cut off, or manhatters.
We've been working on that, that's been the number one thing we've been working to address the last few weeks.
There will be some stuff coming out about that soon, so if you're already a jump freighter pilot, don't worry so much, we've got some stuff handled.
There are some other changes in the patch, pretty exciting stuff.
Large rails are getting a buff, so fitting team is definitely looking at that.
That's something we're looking at with interest.
Paladins are getting nerfs, all marauders are getting nerfs, but paladins are getting like three of them.
We don't use paladins, so that's good for us, it's bad for other people who use paladins.
But yeah, they're especially PvP-focused nerfs, not PvE-focused, so if you're using one in PvE, it's really not that big of a deal, but if you're using one in PvP, it is that big of a deal.
Supertrain, insane buff, yeah, Remy, supertrains did get a very large buff, that's something that we're looking at.
And so it is a possibility that the Rogue could go for more than an ESS defense ship, so like a mainline doctrine, that's certainly a possibility.
That's also a possibility, Apple just loves to say megatrons whenever we talk about large rails.
Those may be less of a possibility, but it's certainly not off the table.
Naga is buffed too, yeah, anything that uses large rails is buffed, just in general.
I really want to fly my mega again, such a cool-looking ship.
If we flew ships based on aesthetics, I mean, we would look cool until we were all wrecks, unfortunately, that's how it would go.
We would be the coolest-looking dead fleet.
So yeah, pretty big buffs there, stuff the fitting team is looking at that could definitely lead to some changes coming up soon.
There's some other stuff coming up in the patch.
One thing is Keepstar Skins, and it looks like we'll be able to eventually get a Keepstar Skin on 1DQ Imperial Palace.
Basically depends on when CCP releases the Evermark transfers, because the holding corp doesn't have any, because there's not real characters in there.
The Paladin Keepstar is still 52% done, Conrad, so we're no closer, but it's only been one week since I reported on that, so it's not really a concern.
In other news, the game's best copiers, Endemic Horde, have copied again.
They have copied our Home Defense Blobs doctrine, basically they just took it and made it worse, which is pretty much standard for them.
I know Frat's doing them as well, but Frat tries a lot of new things.
Horde just basically has spent the last five years copying us, just worse.
Gobbins wanted to call his people bees, but he couldn't do that, so he called them beans.
He didn't even make it not super obvious that he was just copying that, it's just been like that the whole time.
So another Horde innovation that was adopted three months after Goons did it, so well done.
Alright, that's about all I wanted to talk about as far as things we had planned.
If you have any questions, go ahead and throw them in the chat and I'll getcha.
Why are NITT still in Imperium Intel Channels?
I don't think that was something we really considered. They can be in there and give Intel, that's fine.
Any updates to the new industry taxes? Industry taxes are not really my forte, but someone can talk about that I'm sure.
Will I come to FanFest? No.
We don't have numbers yet, but there will be updated guidance for what manufacturing taxes and etc. should be after the patch.
Any Alliance LP policy? So CCP has tied LP tax to your regular tax, so the Alliance will be taxing that at the same rate as your ISK tax.
It's going to be the same as CCP has made it, they're not separatable, so it'll be the same as the ISK tax.
Am I hyped about Messi? To some degree, yeah.
I'm not a huge fan of football except when the World Cup is on, but it's still cool.
Any change in the Diplo situation in the Northwest? B2 vs. FRAT or PH?
So there hasn't been a lot of change. I mean, this war has gone, I wouldn't say cold, but it's gone lukewarm.
We went there, it got real hot, we did what we said we were going to do, we had a nice victory,
and then we reset to a jump clone deploy, and there were a lot of people on the other side who were like,
"Oh yeah, now goons have abandoned them, they're going to get run over."
And obviously we knew that wasn't going to happen, and it hasn't happened.
So we were right, I don't know what to tell you.
We're still going up there and fighting important timers, there just haven't been that many.
But we are committed to being there, if we need to be.
We don't plan to move dreads back until a future date in Kavata.
Did you ever find the Krabs to do crab things? I don't know what that means.
We were pushing crab cools and crab beacons, and we've seen an uptick in those, and we're still trying to get people into them.
It's just a great way to make money.
And Beehive's been up and running, and--
Oh, you're talking about the last time when I was like, "We have lots of people defending and not enough Krabs?"
Yeah, I think we've seen a bit of an uptick in Krabs since I said that.
It was the weirdest request I've probably ever had to make.
Can we get a class on crab beacon thing? Sure, that wouldn't be hard.
We can do that. It's not that hard, but yeah, we can do a class.
Every now and again I run--
I just do a ping, and I'm like, "I'm doing them if you want to come watch."
I'll try to do that a couple more times, too.
Am I English or American? I am American.
When is main metrics? I don't know.
You guys want to know how to tell a British person and an American apart almost entirely?
It's not 100% accurate, but it's like 98%.
Just ask them to say the word "butter," like what you put on your toast.
Brits almost always really hit those Ts pretty hard, and Americans say them like Ds.
Americans are like "butter," and Brits are like "butter." I can't even do it. It sounds weird.
Yeah, aluminum, aluminium. Let's do it. Good.
I've noticed that Brits don't do the H as much anymore.
We've sort of infected them with our H,
and you don't hear that H nearly as much.
Of course you live in castles. Just ask if they live in a castle.
That's the easiest way to tell if a person is British or American.
No plan.
Yeah, GB, that's called semantic satiation.
When you say a word so many times that it stops sounding like a word anymore,
so it's feeling really weird, that's semantic satiation.
Did you mention the great update on PI that's going to happen with this patch?
Oh yeah, that's a good point. Man, I can't believe I forgot PI.
But no, it actually is worth talking about.
PI is basically being divided in half, or the structures that can carry them are being multiplied by two.
That's a bingo.
You can have your PI stored for twice as long in the structure now,
so you don't have to check it as much if you don't want to.
You can move twice as much in the same amount of space,
so you can have bigger loads if you're into that.
But generally, PI, they're making it a little easier.
Brainlit, yeah, there's a
PI guide there, someone I'm sure will link it. Dynex is in the chat.
If you want to just talk PI, just message Dynex, he loves to chat about it.
He's like the evangelist for PI.
There you go.
Please don't ever say "Pogertron" in the channel again. Thank you.
I think Floyd is in the
PI for B2.
We promoted Dynex a couple weeks ago,
so I guess he actually officially got that job.
You're a couple weeks behind Ian Sabo.
Will the Alliance field shreds more often with the
upcoming cost changes?
I think it's a really complex
question. I can't be like yes or no. Certainly the cost
of it has to factor into your decisions to use them.
That being said, you can't just say blanket yes or blanket
no, because they're a tool for a specific time and a specific need,
and it depends on what the enemy is using and how well it
will work against that. It's a complex
question. We would like to use them more. It's a great time for me
to push with my version of PI, which is Phoenix's and Zernitra's.
We want you guys in Phoenix's, Navy, or regular flavor, or Zernitra's.
Basically, if you want to get another dread, we're not going to kick you out, but those two are the ones we're pushing hard.
Zernitra's are super good. I keep saying this over and over again, and I hope people are
listening to me, because I want to see just 100 of them on the field next time we field
dreads. I was pretty disappointed with our numbers last time, but even with the small numbers we
had, we used them very well.
They are being lowered in cost, and basically
when you factor in the fit, they're cheaper than faction dreads, so they're pretty
awesome. You should get two Zernitra's, one for the deployment zone
and one for Delve, because they're also
good at defensive stuff. So get Zernitra's.
How much is Zernitra's these days? I think they're around 7 to 8 billion, something like that.
Beyond 20 is even better. And then they go down when this patch
comes out. Yeah. But at least two per character.
Per dread pilot, you need to have at least two dreads, one to stay in Delve and one
to deploy.
Apple with the upsell there. They are cheaper than a Marshall, good point.
Hey, if you can't afford one, Kropkos. It's a good way to make money.
I'll go Istarating on five characters.
Can't afford to work either.
The Ridding Ghost, that's the thing. Getting money you need is sort of pulling yourself
up through each level. And that is why we offer sort of the
loan program, so that if you want to
jump ahead on that and you have the skills, it'll let you do it.
Because it's very much getting the
capital to get going, and then that capital becomes more capital, and it's
sort of a virtuous cycle. But the longest part of it is the start.
Beyond Nox with the good links. There you go.
Alright. So any other questions I haven't
got to throw them out there? I'll answer them if I can.
Sanri linked it in chat, but we
do have an open SIG for people to join for
Faction Warfare to try to bring the groups doing it together and
give central comms to you.
On a scale of 1 to 10, what's your favorite color of the alphabet? 3?
When is Init resetting us? We have a ton of assets in Fountain. They aren't resetting us.
We aren't resetting them. There's no reset going on. We're staying blue.
So, I mean, I would move your assets
out of Fountain, but there's no plan for a reset.
What's my favorite steak topping? Obviously A1 steak sauce, you know?
Is Brisk in Illum? No, and I don't think he wants to be.
Is Sima probably me? Just going by statistics.
So when are they actually resetting us? They're not resetting us.
We're not resetting them.
Who do we get in contact within GUNS for recognition of a lost court member?
That's a good question. There is a thread. I think it might be pinned in the War Room.
You can post in there. And there's also a project
being run. I linked it last week. Let me see if I can find it real quick. Give me a couple seconds.
Hey, there you go.
Also, if you want to have a sign of vigil or anything like that, contact any
GUNS director, and they can help you with that.
Get that set up. I'm just going to tell you guys
something true, and if you don't agree with this, then you're just wrong.
If you're getting a stake anything higher than medium,
like medium well or well, you aren't getting a stake. It's
terrible and disgusting. So it needs to be medium, medium rare,
or rare. Those are the only options.
Yeah, I figure talking about cooking steaks is probably a really good way to rile up
Is a fork a stakeholder? Crab, just get out, please.
That's the exact kind of joke you would make if you had that drone in you.
Why are you even here? You're on vacation. Go away.
He's not allowed to take vacation from his space job.
Are you kidding?
What points are we giving out? Pollen points? That's our new thing?
He doesn't have enough pollen points to go on vacation yet, I forgot.
I'm going to call my PTO playing Diablo 4.
Can I cook steak in water? Yeah, so you can eat it.
It's vacuum sealed. It's a good way to cook steak.
I think we've addressed most of the questions. We've discussed steak.
Had a good time. 24 Hours of Le Mans is on if you guys are interested in racing.
It's pretty exciting. There's a NASCAR running in it. It is hilarious, but actually pretty cool.
They're running a NASCAR at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.
I can get you a bootleg stream. Hang on.
There you go.
It's all on TV as well, but you know.
Yep, Ferrari has a really fast car
and they have terrible pit strategies, so I'm pretty par for the course for them.
Alright lads, thank you all for coming. I appreciate you being at the fireside.
I will talk to you all later.