Fireside Chat Transcript 10 Sep 2k22

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Hey guys, so we still got people following in I'll let them file in I'll just or while we're waiting
I'm happy to be back. I had some some rough stuff happen. My life has not been the best start as a
Alliance leader for me I got I got kovat then my dad something I'd already passed away a
Few of you sent me like consolation messages and I thank you for that. That was kind of you to reach out
But I'm back at it and I'm excited to get things going
there's a lot to do and there's a lot of
Important steps to take I think we are in a really important time for both the Imperium and Eve online
It's a very unusual time I think the game is
in a
Interesting state and I'm hoping that this new path to sort of them turn it but
Come up with a
excitement which is our I am pretty good at and I am pretty excited about the things we have going on right now with
A report about the beekeepers as you may remember the beekeepers are an organization that was created in the wake of
Concern about cases of harassment or other issues along that nature
and we wanted to create a group that could address such a thing and
Since we've done so I'm happy to report there have been a
small handful of cases and almost all of them have been about small issues between
two people
There's a bit handled. So
I'm glad to see the problems being reported that people
Are not feeling the need to take this group up
Because they aren't experienced in these issues. That was definitely a concern of us
But the important thing is that if you have an issue with someone the beekeepers are there there's a post
how to contact them and they are ready to
Help you out in interpersonal issues. All right want to talk about a few things. So we have a
We have reset since I've been gone we're back home and
That gives us a lot of new opportunities. One thing I want to talk about is we do keep stars in EX6 and
for tech o7 and
We will definitely be defending those some people ask me about that we would defending those
With a full throat full throttle
whatever kind of other full analogy you can think of so
if you see the pings going out about that, those are gonna be really important and we will
you know either defend them and get a great fight or
Attack them. We'll see what happens. They have attacked twice the I have an EX6 and both times we have
significantly beat them
with a
Really strong strong defense. So that was good to see
I want to talk about a peacetime situation. So we are back in peacetime and
To me the most important thing is getting guys involved getting you guys involved in
How to keep ourselves having excitement and fun in this game without being in a full war situation
I think the last war was kind of a weird one
When we went to it, you know part of it really when we went to it
Our goals weren't super well-defined
Our endgame wasn't super well-defined
it was just kind of weird from the start and I think that a lot of a lot of people didn't
Understand what our narrative was because we didn't do a good job of defining that
So I think that's for going forward in the future. We need to do a better a better job of that
We need to do a better job of explaining to you guys what the goals are and why we need you
Eve online is a significant time
investment in
It asked a lot of you guys and so I want to respect that and I want to give you guys
as much information as we can so that's a lesson to be learned going on to a
future war
But what I want to do now is I want to encourage us to get back into the six and squads mindset
Here's the problem as we've said before six and squads joined six and squads, but a lot of those people
present company included have six or squads that have been
Unused for various reasons. It does take a lot of effort to run one and there sort of needs to be a
There needs to be a person who is really excited about the game
And really excited about showing what they can do to run them. And so
The hard part about that is identifying that person
And so what I want to do is I'm not going to say there's all kinds of Susan squads for you guys to join although
There are I want to say if you know a person who wants to run a cigarette squad if that person is you
This is your chance
This is your chance to reach out and say hey
This is my plan and your plan does not have to be I want to go and take over this space
It doesn't have to be that it can be I want to go into enemy space and I want to bring thrashers and I'm gonna
Camp them if you will want to do that. I'm gonna put a name in Elysium right now. It's Aaron Blackfist
I want you to talk to him message him and say hey, I have an idea
If you're excited about running something we want you
We want you to bring that excitement and bring it on to people who join you
I also want to say that I don't want to little tiny empires
That's not what it is
You could be a member of every sig and every squad you can go to every single one
They're not little fiefdoms for whoever is running it at the time
So I want you guys to go out there. I want you guys to find as many people as you can and I want to
Bring excitement and fun to you guys
I'm excited about this game. I said it over the beer
But the thing is that one person can't do everything
So this is where you can step up if you have an idea message that person go out there go to work
Be exciting. We will support you. I'm going to talk about something else. It's home defense
Home defense is a great way to get involved and it's something I think we neglected for a little bit and I want to fix it
This is just a general, you know general
Idea, we've already had our meetings. We talked about six and squads
We talked about a lot of stuff that I left behind we have not talked enough about home defense
So next week we're gonna come up with a more concrete plan
But I do want to throw out there
That there are groups that sit in our space and defend it and they're fun to join
You do not have to be a member of the corp that's doing it
For instance a mock desert group for instance echelon research as a group. I believe a karma fleet as a group
There are many groups you can hop in the fleet that they're up and you can say hey, can I join you?
Please do we're going to come up with an overarching way to get you into these sleep
But getting people involved is really the best way forward
So if you want to in space having fun shooting things hanging out with people join these groups
We will provide you with a framework in the near future, but you can do that today. You can join this groups today
Yeah, theta is also doing one by the way
I just thinking about that when I saw theta there
So there are lots of groups that you can join go out get involved today get yourself in space
That is the best way to get kills the best way to have fun to you online is to be in space
Don't wait for pings make the pings happen those home defense groups get in little fights, which are the bigger fights
You're ready to go. You're part of the story get out there be part of that story
That's what I want to do. I want to get you guys involved
In creating the story. There's a lot of people who don't have the time. I understand I get it
You wait for a paying you say hey, I like this FC. I'll join it. We'll see what happens
But if you want to get the most of this game
You need to create your own story and that is by being in space making it happen home defense
Six and squads getting out there having fun
I'm gonna kick you guys in the rear to get you going because this is one of those things where it takes a little bit
Of effort and it's hard to do
But once you get doing it, you're like, oh, yeah, why wasn't I doing this before? This is really fun
This is why I pay $20 a month to play this game is because I have this kind of fun
I forgot this existed. So get out there. Go ahead
Have fun. Don't sit around and wait for a ping. That is not the best way to play you've online. All right
One more thing I want to talk about I want to talk about this is for home defense. This is the
The alpha defense funds. Can we get that linked in the Lucien, please?
This is a really important thing to do. It takes about 30 minutes to get it totally done. You can get this done in 30 minutes
It's very good improved Ranger gamma has linked it
Everyone in the Alliance needs to do this
Everyone in the Imperium needs to do this. We need to have
You making one alpha home defense clone if you get this done today, you'll be way ahead of it. We may have to make this
You know
Mandatory we may say hey, you can't get SRP if you don't do this. I don't want to do that
I want to give you uptake but we don't have it yet
We have about 300 people who have done it
I think so far we need to get that number up to about a thousand before it starts being really useful
So, please go ahead and create your alpha clone. All right, I think that's about all I wanted to talk about
What I really want to do and this has been my goal from the start and unfortunately it has been sort of
Derailed by real-life issues is I want to get you guys out there in space having fun enjoying that game
This is this is the reason that I am here. This is what my mission is is to make you guys
Enjoy Yvonne Loin, enjoy playing this game and enjoy being in the Imperium if I'm not doing that
I'm failing you and I'm gonna tell you and I give you every reason that you can go out and do it
That is it for the fireside. Thank you guys so much for attending. I will be here. Hopefully unless something crazy happens next week
I'll be here again, and we'll get things rolling. I appreciate you very much. Thank you for coming