Fireside Chat Transcript 11 Apr 2k21

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Alright boys and girls, we're gonna get started here in a second.
Sunday Sunday Sunday.
It's been super casual.
We actually ended up getting a shitload done in the space meetings, but it is it feels
different to do this on a Sunday.
It's just a different vibe.
I like it.
Yeah, for those of you that missed the memo yesterday, we pushed all of the space meetings
and stuff back because brisk and I both were getting jabs.
We didn't have a meta show and I had a bunch of shit I wanted to do.
So I basically forced everybody to accommodate my desires.
I was I was exhausted.
I forgot the shot yesterday and basically just passed out and I still wanted to do some
space meetings.
So here we are and we're having a fireside on Sunday and high fives all around.
So this is the thing.
Once we get once we next week, we'll go back to the normal Saturday time.
This was this is just a one off here today.
Alright, so this is a thing that's only useful if you're in Freedom Land, but one of the
things that was super useful is as Don Jolly just pointed out.
Wisconsin opened up for everybody over 16 just on I think Wednesday and we managed to
find a slot to get a Pfizer and a Moderna and for me and my girlfriend inside of just
a matter of hour.
Actually, it was a matter of hours.
It's basically like a day, but it's kind of like in trying to get an Xbox on Black Friday
or get tickets to packs or insert some other sort of nerd F5 scenario.
It's updated every minute and just hit refresh and you'll see in your area slots open up
if you are able to do this.
This is not useful for everybody who's not in Freedom Land.
We seem to have handled this and I remember hearing for example, Churchill or some sort
of snarky comment on how we do things here in Freedom Land, which is you can always count
on Americans to do the right thing after they've exhausted every other possible option.
So everybody fucking died and was horrible and now they're shitting on vaccines.
And anyway, make sure that you get your vaccine if you can, because this puts Vegas back on
the table in a big way.
We're already planning on doing our own Vegas thing, and I cannot wait to party now that
I have gotten a shot.
I find that it's been a very roaring 20s vibe.
I have a lot of pent up partying and raging and fun to have and yeah, so good time.
Now let us, Mittens getting political.
We talk about the coronavirus here.
If you guys remember at the start of the pandemic, I gave everybody a warning about this.
And so again, if there are good resources for people to get the stuff that they need,
we are going to show that around because we don't want our people suffering or dying.
So if you consider that political, go fuck yourself, deal with it.
Moving on to things that are more relevant broadly to everyone.
So here's what's going on, guys.
We have a variety of things in the works, but this far side, we're going to have Q&A
And I want to start things off with emphasizing harassment and dropping on the bad guys.
One of the things that we've been doing is Boris Agnon and the Imperial Developers Group
have been doing a ton of incredibly useful tool creation.
We are rebooting NGSA and as part of that, we can get a link to NGSA dropped in Elysium
here, please.
You can apply by off, go read the thread, go camp, get in there.
We've been getting a bunch of kills in the last few days doing this.
I'm going to drop a link here, Ranger put some of these things in there.
Generally speaking, the bad guys have been trying to do stuff and we have been killing
We want to encourage that.
NGSA is a system that we use.
Let me see if I can find the fucking link to that.
I was asked to hear about this and then I don't actually have the link to the fucking
NGSA thing.
It is the National Gunswerm Surveillance Agency.
There it is.
Or whatever our gimmick NSA based acronym was.
And essentially what this does is it allows you to identify and report hostiles that are
ratting or mining or doing things and get that in front of the people that will then
be dropping on them and killing them.
So that is something that we used to good effect several years ago and then it sort
of dropped off because we didn't have adequate leadership for it and we are now rebooting
it and spinning it up properly.
So go do that.
So Sniper has pointed a link to NGSA.
That is the...
Do that.
That's like, that looks nice and spooky.
I like it.
There we go.
Jonas has exactly what we needed.
That was what we were looking for.
Thank you, dude.
The thread.
So if you don't know what NGSA is, that is what it is.
Check that out and get involved.
Thread bad.
Oh, you have to actually be in NGSA to read the fucking explanation thread about that.
That seems like a bit of an org problem.
Okay, well join the SIG.
There's no wait.
It's basically an automated thing.
Join the group first, then click on the thread.
Anybody can join this because essentially the purpose is you have cloaky campers and
scout alts around and about and delve and you find in your report the bad guys using
this tool and then this tool tells our fleet commanders and everybody who's plugged into
this, hey, here's a thing.
Go drop on it.
So join it.
Take a look.
See if you like it.
It's a very good kind of F2 thing to do to get involved with this.
One of the things that we have here, we are surrounded by our enemies and we're preparing
for them to potentially attack one to key one.
We've been busting ass towards that and we have been getting a bunch of harassment and
ganking to ganking kills recently because the bad guys have been trying to live here
and convince you all to give up and fuck off, which is not going to happen because we are
not going anywhere.
And now it's a hyper dense environment where we can really get some good kills.
There was a Marshall that was whacked the other day, all sorts of general entertainment.
So in GSA, get involved.
One of the next thing I want to talk about is the fitting validator.
So this is something that was just released today.
There are still going to be a couple of potential kinks to work out on this.
Boris and the Imperial Development.
I forget the name.
Who is the guy that actually did this that should get the credit for building the fucking
fit validator?
I don't want to give up.
Anyway, Imperial Developers is doing lots of really cool things.
We've been starting to develop tools that are going to help you guys get what you need.
Like I talked about last week when we're talking about getting our carriers and our super carriers
actually ready to rock in terms of having the correct fighters and shit in there.
This is going to be the tool that we're using for that, as well as all of our other doctrines.
So the idea is you're able to press Bhutan and then very easily it will tell you a Ben
Javo and Jumanji.
Thank you, Kahanas.
That's fantastic.
So these guys have made this thing in just a few days and it's really cool.
Check it out.
And Aurendice and the fitting team are going to be in charge of updating it and making
sure that things are there.
Again, they just whipped this thing out.
I'm very pleased about how rapidly this tool was developed.
But that also means rapidly developed tool, stuff will go wrong.
Please be gentle.
But these are the kind of things that we are attempting to develop and try to make our
lives collectively easier to make it simpler for you to see, hey, look, a doctrine changed
last week.
It didn't see a ping or something like that.
You don't have to worry about whether you have the right or the wrong doctrine fit because
you can just go to this fucking validator tool, copy and paste your fitting into it,
high fives all around and old different for you.
So Imperial developers, Boris and his crew have been going from strength to strength.
We really want to encourage that.
If you know your way around computers, I don't know if they're recruiting.
I actually don't want to try to send a whole bunch of people towards Imperial developers
if they're not ready.
But if you see Kahannes or Boris hurfing blurfs about something involving devs, listen to
Yeah, and the server getting goon rushed does does make sense.
We're doing a little live load testing here.
OK, so there's some questions about this that I'm not going to be qualified to answer because
I did not develop the tool.
But you guys now know about it and there's a thread about it.
So you can post things in the thread if you have ideas or feature suggestions or something
horrible breaks and you want to scream about it somewhere.
That is the place to do it.
Now a couple of other things.
Talked about the vaccines, talked about the fitting validator, talked about harassments
and drops and getting involved with NGSA to help get that going even more.
One of the other things I want to talk about is the proto squads.
What we're calling the proto squads are again the three squads that we have been launching
and doing some live sociological testing on.
We added more people to them last week.
We have seen and been paying attention to various people who have been stepping up or
trying to step up and get people to do things.
This is like real time, you know, unlicensed sociological experimentation.
And I'm highly entertained by that because I'm an asshole.
But here's what we're going to do there.
We need to put some pressure.
We're going to say by next week if these squads are not out and doing things, we are going
to shut them down and then reboot them in a different form.
So you have until next Saturday, which will be the next fireside on Sunday, next Saturday
to do stuff or don't.
And if you don't, that's fine.
We'll shoot that thing in the head and then we will reboot it.
We have already got our next iteration planned.
So this is not a project that is going away.
We are going to figure out how to create squads.
The analogy currently is that it's sort of like a sourdough starter.
We've noticed that there are people who have been trying to step up and get things done
in the proto squads.
And we really want to encourage that.
And Saren, who is our director of squads, has been paying attention to that.
So if you have been trying to do things and get people going, either for better or for
worse, we have been paying attention.
And if we have to shoot these squads in the head, we will reboot it, probably with the
core people that were making things happen, these things in a different form.
But we want to give everybody an opportunity to make the initial three ones work if they
so choose.
And if not, there you go.
We'll shoot old yeller and then start again the week after.
So that is where we are on that.
Sink or swim, figure your shit out or don't.
It is all good.
But I feel like we're dialing in how this is going to work.
And I'm pretty excited about it because I know that the next time we do this, we know
a list of talented people that are involved and engaged that we can rely upon to kind
of get things going at the next founding.
But you have a week.
Figure your shit out or don't.
It's all good.
And if you're not involved in one of these proto squads, don't worry about it.
We're going to figure this stuff out.
The people that are being involved in this, even if it doesn't work out, these guys are
investing their time and their effort to at least give a new system a try in a way that
I think is very interesting.
And even if these initial ones do not work out, we are figuring out, I think, a way to
create organic squads.
And we're getting closer.
So I am excited about that.
Proto squad are things like Harpo.
If you weren't Chico, Harpo or Groucho before, Mosquito Squad, Humiliation Squad, one of
the three new random access squads that we have put people in as part of what we are
been internally referring to as the proto squad project or the second founding project.
All right.
So I'm going to take some questions now.
That is it in terms of bullet points.
And we haven't had a chance to do a proper little Q&A fireside in a bit.
Things have been very busy with moving ships, making sure that we've got our carriers and
our super carriers and the appropriate keep star, getting everything ready for a potential
assault on 1EQ1 and getting your fits ready such that and making sure that you have a
bunch of fucking extra ships in the Imperial Palace such that you are ready to rock for
when the bad guys come calling for 1EQ1, which I anticipate will have to happen sometime
within the next 10 days.
They're going to have to fuck or walk here soon.
And we have to prepare for them to attack us.
And I want them to attack us such that we can ruin them because we are going to be ready.
We are going to continue to be laying in plans for that and make sure our shit is correct.
Use the fitting validator.
Probably a lot of the stuff that you happen to have that you have been stockpiling may
unknowns to you be the wrong fit.
So just use the fucking tool that we have released and make sure that your war gear
is correct before shit kicks off.
Because when shit, like I said last week, when shit kicks off in a 1EQ1 fight, it will
be too late for you to fiddle with your fits because it'll be tie dye to fucking back.
It'll be the real deal.
And you will have to fight with the weaponry that you have available.
So make sure your shit is correct before that happens.
Here's a question.
Good question here.
Why does Pathy have to attack?
Can they, for example, "siege" us for six months, for example?
I don't think that's going to work out very well for them.
I think that they might try that if they pussy out.
And that's great.
I think that you're starting to see, especially with the NGSA stuff and the amount of drops
that we've been getting on the bad guys, that if they want to sit around and "siege" us
while losing marshals and freighters left and right and getting all their shit blown
up because, you know, what's happened here is that the Legacy guys have been told by
their leadership that it's perfectly safe in Delve, that goons are going to break and
we're going to go to Serenin or whatever the fuck excuse is.
They have told their people that the reason why it's OK that Legacy is losing their home
regions is that you can live in Delve and it's fine.
And it's not fine, but they don't know that.
So the ones that are moving in here and trying to live in Delve and live on top of us are
finding out the hard way that you guys are still murdering them.
So that's one of the reasons, strategically speaking, why I'm perfectly content with them
if they decide to not attack 1DQ1 and do a long-term siege thing.
That's great because the leadership can say that, but their line members will not be able
to handle that.
And that's pretty obvious from the tower of skulls that we've been building over the last
couple of months.
Do we plan on having the FIT validator check Super and Titan mods and stuff?
Yeah, actually, originally Dungeon Storm or Danjion Storm, I don't know how to pronounce
your name.
Originally, the reason why this tool was developed was, in fact, to try to make it easier for
people to see whether they had the correct fighters and their carriers and shit like
So the purpose of the tool is not just to do sub cap stuff, but also to get the super
carrier and carrier stuff.
I don't know if the tool currently has that right now, but it will soon because that's
one of its main purposes.
All right, I will take your advice accordingly.
I'll call you Dungeon Storm because it's easier.
How does the newbie climb command ranks and be responsible for something?
F-seeing, squad leading, etc.
Develop your F2.
Step up.
Basically, when you find ways that you can add value if the system is working, and in
some areas the system doesn't work, and we need to be aware of that and we need to try
to make sure the system collectively works.
That's sort of what we do up here in Illuminati and in the directorate zone.
That's why you see people getting arrested and pissed.
If you get noticed for stepping up and doing things, you might be rewarded or more likely
punished with responsibility to do things.
There is no reason why you can't get involved if you're looking for new ways to contribute.
There are a zillion different organizations.
I would invite you to take a look at the Cultural Revolution thread.
If somebody could link that, please.
It's stickied in the war room.
That shows some ways that you can step up beyond just turning up.
If you're a newbie, one of the most important things you can do is just learn things, ask
questions, get help if you need it, be engaged, and ascend the learning curve, and also just
get involved in stuff.
The fact that you're asking about how to get involved is fantastic, because by doing so
on a far side, you are obviously beginning the process of getting involved.
Are we worried about Pappy dropping keeps?
Absolutely not.
I'm not worried for Pappy to drop more keeps, because I think it's a horrific idea strategically
for them to do it, because they're proceeding under the assumption that we're going to break
and run to Saren and whatever.
My plan, which I'm happy to say in public, because maybe I'm lying, maybe I'm not, is
I think that they're going to have to attack 1AQ1, and I think we're going to win, and
I think that things are going to get ugly for them afterwards.
If they don't and they go for a long siege and they decide to drop more keep stars, well,
Keep stars are going to be cheaper than titans by the end of all these CCB scarcity patches,
so who gives a shit?
We've got the titans and these guys can't stay here forever, especially because they're
telling everybody, "We're going to be here for a year.
We're going to be here forever.
We're going to be here for two years.
We love the war.
We're going to stay here forever.
All we ever want to do is hold our dicks in T5ZI and get dropped on by angry goons."
When you see the bad guys hurfing blurbs like that in public, you can either take it at
face value, but what I see is the opposite of that.
But whatever, maybe I've just drunk my own Kool-Aid.
We'll find out.
All right, meta show today.
No, Briscoe got his second jab, so this weekend, just in general, no meta show.
Next weekend, there will be a meta show on Saturday.
And Saturday will be normal.
Saturday is going to be fireside, meta show, all the usual stuff.
We're going to be going back to a more normal schedule.
Speaking of people getting...
This is very cruel.
This is very cruel.
All right, well, here's an example of the meritocracy in action.
If you do things, and if you contribute, you may be involuntarily promoted.
So there is somebody among us who has been contributing in a number of ways, recording
things that need to be recorded, helping out with developers.
In fact, I have been specifically requested to dump a shitload of responsibility upon
this poor bastard who has been contributing to our community.
So I would like to announce, and I'm delighted to announce, that Cajanas is getting thrown
into a loom to be a director of Empyrea Developers.
He'll be working with Boris.
He's not going to be managing humans.
We don't want him to deal with people.
We just want him to be...
Do what he's currently doing and have better access.
So as you can see, everybody is pressing their F to pay their respects, because again, if
you contribute a lot to our community, we will then give you responsibility, and we
want to enable him to do things more.
We don't want to assign him to do a bunch of tasks that he's not already doing, but
it'll be a lot easier for Cajanas to do Cajanas' things.
He's been ripped into a loom.
Poor bastard.
I wasn't going to do that.
I've never rest in piss somebody on a fireside before, but because he is talented, I had
a couple people say this would be a good time to promote him.
All right.
That was Cajanas, who has also been recording firesides for a long time now and really helping
out with a lot of everything.
Helping out with GSOL, helping out with development, helping out with recording firesides, all
of it.
All righty, let me take some questions, and then we are going to go about with our Sundays.
I've answered a couple, but now that we're done with the pressing F, who are rest in
pissing Cajanas.
Have I ever thought about what would happen to goons if you couldn't do Eve anymore?
I don't see why that would happen.
There's no reason why I can't do what I've been doing until the server shut down.
Much to the disgust and anger of my enemies, I love seeing all the bad guys saying that
their war goals are to get rid of me.
It just inspires me to do more and work harder, really.
The more I see them screaming about how much they hate me, the more I want to make them
hate me by contributing to the community.
Fuck all puppies forever.
All righty.
There are new channels on INN Discord for community events and for people looking for
groups and other games.
So I have now mentioned that.
I was unaware of that.
I'm delighted that that's happening.
So if you are on Imperial News Network's Discord, there's also a Meta Show public chat server.
So if you want to snark at us on the Meta Show in addition to snarking in Elysium, you
can do that.
Chillback is pointing out that Cache is burning daily.
Yeah, if you look at the maps, Faithabolous is getting torched.
That is in progress.
I'm pretty happy with that rate.
It's kind of lame to get up here every week and say, "Hey guys, look.
Legacy's home regions are burning down."
That is the same stuff that has been happening.
Pace of it has been accelerating.
Cache has been fucking glassed.
You got Faithabolous, you got Esoteria.
The bad guys had to jump clone back to try to defend a Keepstar that Anit and friends
had put into armor.
So our allies are getting their revenge by actively blowing up hostile citadels, getting
cores out of them because revenge for Fountain, and all sorts of other things that are perfectly
good to get revenge for.
And I anticipate more Keepstars to get hit.
We'll see where things go.
I don't want to future plans it too much.
But the burn rate in the Legacy home regions is pleasing to me.
And so that's another reason why if the bad guys want to talk about how they're going
to stay here for a year and how they're going to siege 1DQ1, or maybe they won't and you
know, what the fuck ever, it doesn't really matter because they're not defending Legacy's
core and Legacy's line members are realizing that their leaders are full of shit.
It might take a while, but essentially if they want to bang pots and pans at us and
blow up Keepstars outside of the 1DQ1 constellation or whatever while we're doing this, while
Legacy is losing all their shit, great.
Thursday night Madison meetups, when will I start back up?
Once we actually have enough vaccine around here.
I am really, really eager to party and globetrot.
We just have to work through the whole pandemic thing.
We don't want to be a part of the problem.
But absolutely, as soon as we can get, believe me, as soon as I can get back to globetrotting
and partying, I'm going to do it.
This whole pandemic thing has been awful for me because as you guys know, I like to travel
all around the world to get into trouble and party in various interesting places with my
friends who happen to all be space nerds who are all around the world.
And so yeah, we're absolutely going to get back to that as soon as it is reasonable.
Orendas, primary data entry for the fit validation is done.
Enjoy you jerks.
So thank you to the fitting team for leaping on that and getting that ready after our Imperial
developers did their thing to produce it so rapidly.
Holy shit.
Dark Shines just sent me a link of I'm guessing it's safe for me to put this here.
So you know, Anit was in the trenches first, Anit in the Bastion and Fountain at the very
start of the war.
And I just think it's delightful that in this phase, while we are doing our time in the
trenches, that our guys on offense have had an opportunity to basically loot everything
nailed down.
So here is an Eve appraisal link of what Anit has looted just from impasse.
And this is care of Dark Shine.
So yeah, it's really interesting.
Like if Legacy wasn't losing their shit and having all their stuff, their home regions
glassed, I would be much more concerned about our position here in Delve.
I think 1DQ1 is going to be secure.
I think that I would love to fight for it.
I hope that they make a whole go at it.
And between now and then, Legacy is losing their home region.
So great.
They can be trapped in Delve with us.
We're not going anywhere.
It's fantastic.
And so that kind of stuff.
So here's the thing, guys.
This is sort of like big picture stuff.
Now, so many of these regions have been torched on the Legacy side.
And again, we're here in Delve.
We're in the trenches.
We're doing our time taken incoming.
And our allies did that at the start of the war.
But what is happening here is that if you guys remember with all the core stuff, when
cores came in in early, like mid January, Legacy was telling Legacy and PanPan were
hurfing all these warps about how goons were going to core everything in Delve.
And then Legacy and Pappy would be able to take it and they'd get all these cores for
free and how we would do war bonds and then we would be funding their cores.
Well, what actually happened, as you guys can see now, is we poured some of our citadels,
the ones that we intended to keep or fight over at an alliance level.
And Legacy just assumed they could have 14 regions and everything would be PG King because
their leaders just get up and fucking lie to them every time they open their mouths.
So what happened was Legacy ended up coring almost all of their shit, like north of 90%
of Legacy citadels ended up having quantum cores in them when Init and Load and Bastion
and Stainruss and various other honorable third parties got involved.
And yeah.
And also, in addition to the citadel stuff, Darkshines is telling me that there's another
200 billion isk in terms of ships, mods, etc. that have been scooped from all these things.
So the situation in terms of Legacy burning, it's not just like, hey, guys, hold out.
It's cool.
You know, we're in the trenches here in Delve and it's fine.
It's not just Legacy that's burning.
They court all their stuff.
We are looting it.
There is a massive wealth transfer that's taking place and it's vengeance and it's justice.
These motherfuckers came at us and the people that they came at first in this war, our allies
in Init and Bastion are getting to be at the point of the spear.
They get to go over there and purge these motherfuckers and take their shit.
It's the dream.
It's justice.
It's good.
It's a massive wealth transfer, precisely.
We're not invading anybody until T5ZI is purged.
So that's definitely future plans.
We would definitely lie about it or keep our cards close to our chest about who we chase
or where we go.
I will say that test is next.
I will continue to say that test is next.
Test is next.
It just so happens that these motherfuckers are moving in on top of us while everything
burns down behind them.
So I don't think that we're going to have to chase them very far to purge these bitches.
They're literally next door.
And once you start seeing keep stars go boom and legacy space, which I don't want to put
a timeline on it, maybe it'll take a couple of weeks, maybe it'll take three weeks, but
there's running out of things over there to reinforce that aren't keep stars and they're
getting reinforced on the reg.
So, you know, hey, cool.
So as Billy Bob points out, I guess we can talk about this now.
So we were super, super serious about this.
So Billy Bob and a bunch of the guys in GSL did a bunch of heroic stuff during this whole
process several months ago around the time of the quarter's patch.
Actually a couple of months before we had a secret project where they were running around
and on anchoring a whole bunch of assets quietly such that our attack profile was lowered.
I'm not going to say that we didn't lose a bunch of citadels.
I'm not going to say that we haven't lost tons of stuff in this war.
The only kind of victories are ones that are incredibly bloody, and that's fine because
we're fighting the rest of the galaxy.
It's three to one.
Like, you know, we win in one to Q one.
We put these fucking puppies to the sword.
We're not going to be telling anybody that it wasn't a bloody victory, right?
Like the only way out of this thing is like I said at the start, it ends in violence,
not diplomacy.
And there's obviously lots of destruction, but yeah, GSL did a bunch of work.
I don't really want to give the number of citadels that we successfully on anchored on
a fireside because that's public information.
Then it goes to our enemies, but it was, it was a lot and they did a lot of work and we
really appreciate it.
And I'm glad that Billy, that you brought it up so that I can now give you guys a shout
out for all of that hard work that you did back in the day, back in the day being a couple
months ago.
It's time is a blur.
Delta squad owns.
All right.
I want to mention here something that I've been requested to mention.
You've seen some broadcasts about this.
Hopefully we are doing general military reorganization and trying to unfuck and optimize things.
Kind of like what I'm doing in my kitchen right now is I'm going through and optimizing
everything and like setting up zones in my kitchen such that it's like a food factory
and I don't have to walk across the thing and whatever.
We're kind of doing that to our military organization.
And part of that is we are splitting super tits, which was the combined super cap, a
super carrier and Titan group.
Super tits is now shifting to sort of an old school system because the roles of super carriers
and Titans have become very different.
So super carriers are joining fight club and Titans are joining a Titan swarm because they're
going to use for different things.
I'm going to link this here.
Yeah, I discovered once the situation with the plague started getting a little bit better
here, I got a question about, am I assigning F keys in my kitchen?
Essentially what happened is once we saw that there is hope on the horizon and life started
getting better, suddenly I had lots of creative energy that didn't involve me getting stressed.
So I heard America's Test Kitchen, which has been going on for like fucking 21 years or
something and I just never really looked into it.
And I went down like a rabbit hole of Ritalin and coffee fueled, like just optimization
and it's been a delight.
All right.
If you want to see America's Test Kitchen, just Google America's Test Kitchen.
They've got a really good website and essentially it cuts through all the bullshit.
Like if you try to buy almost any kit, there's total aside and then we're going to call the
But I'm going to on the, the, the ending note here, when it comes to optimization stuff,
like, you know, they actually engineer it like Boston Yankee style and they science
the fuck at various kitchen products.
So like a waffle iron, if you want to buy a waffle iron, there's like 13 different awful
irons for example, under a hundred dollars.
But if you buy all but like two of the ones that are there, they've got temperature curves
that actually result in horrible waffles because you know, whatever.
So you need to know what are the right things to buy and they've done all the consumer report
style testing on it.
So you can just go through and so far everything that we've bought that ATK has recommended
has been just fantastic.
So it just really simplifies the process of your a cooking nerd and I got an arrow press
and you know, it's been a thing.
Questions about fish.
The fish are doing fine.
We've added live plants now.
That's our new thing.
So I've got a barb tank and the barbs are fucking barbs.
There's a purple spotted Gobi in there and a common Pleco and we've got a bunch of like
duckweed now.
So we're at the point of like I've optimized the filter.
So I've like learned how to put sponges in everything and intake sponges and blah, blah,
blah, fish stuff.
So the fish are fine.
It is a thing.
On that note, I don't want to waste your Sunday.
I appreciate all of you coming here on a Sunday.
I know I don't like to move these things around, but we had a bunch of tools and important
things to go over.
I didn't want to just skip the fireside and I couldn't do it yesterday.
So I appreciate you all coming here.
This Sunday next week, it'll go back to normal in terms of Saturday timing.
We'll have fireside meta show Saturday.
Really appreciate it for all of you change your schedules to be here now and listen to
Herb Blurfs keep up the good fight.
Let's get back out there.
Let's burn these bitches down.
Join fucking join in GSA and get in on the drop.
Let's do this.
I will see you all next week.