Fireside Chat Transcript 11 Mar 2k23

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Guys, how you doing?
Someone's keying up, but we can't hear anything.
We've already got like, uh, we already got the PI being dropped in there.
Over 700 on the fire side, that's cool.
A lot of people getting interested, a lot of people logged in.
You guys been seeing the hypings?
We have a timer, what are we gonna call it?
Tonight? Tomorrow?
It's tomorrow for Euros. It's sort of tonight-ish for US time zone.
It's late tonight, US time zone.
It's very complicated for US time zone because it's delayed savings time.
So, like, setting your alarm is gonna be very fraught here.
Can someone link Kidme's article, please?
There you go, yep.
I'd recommend you guys try to get to sleep early if you can for this one.
Don't try to stay up for it, go to sleep early.
If you're West Coast, it's probably not possible, but East Coast, just hit the hay a little early and get up for it.
Euros are just getting up a little earlier, maybe not even a little earlier, but yeah, it's not so bad for Euros.
So if you don't know, we have reffed four Keepstars, four Fraternity Keepstars.
This is not the only time we can get them.
These are the armor timers, meaning that if we win them, they will go to haul.
The haul will be on a weekday coming up soon.
So we have four available to us.
We have sent out pings for the first and second one.
The third and fourth we'll decide later.
We're definitely gonna not try to get-- we're not gonna try to get all four.
We'll probably just try to go for one.
But that being said, we're gonna take a swing at it.
These ones are pretty heavily defended.
The X47-1 is going to be incredibly well defended.
Fraternity has been pre-pinging their guys.
Horde sent a pre-ping.
Horde is asking their guys to get up, I think, at 0630, which is 1.30am for US time zone.
So they're asking their guys to get up extremely early, or just stay up late, I suppose, at that point.
We want you guys there for the timer.
If you can make it, please do.
This is not like, you know, "quit your job," you know, "divorce your wife" type stuff.
We can take as many swings as these Keepstars as we need to.
It took us ten minutes with LeShack Fleet plus other battleship fleets to ref the timers.
But I do expect, if you're excited for a fight, I expect to have a good one here.
Go through on the timers.
I think the 845-1 is the important one for the alarm clock.
I mean, Jirai, you have a great point.
They don't have the jammer.
Sorry, we don't have a jammer taken down.
They have control of it.
We often give them a hard time for not being willing to do that.
We're gonna give it a shot.
I think that's the important thing, is that we're gonna attempt it, and they're afraid to.
If we get really good numbers, I am very confident that we can--
There's two options here.
We can push the Keepstar into final, or we can make them pay,
a la some of the other Fort timers that we created in the past,
where we didn't actually push it, but we hit them very hard.
They have a Keepstar, obviously, since that's what we're assaulting,
so that's a big advantage to them,
but I'm confident in our guys' capability to win that fight.
We'll look to either push the timer or get an excellent fight for us.
I got some stuff to talk about.
We've done a bunch of handouts.
Onk, if you want to link this, if you're a new player, there you go.
We've handed out a bunch of frigates, Defender, Destroyers, and those are in the Warzone.
If you're a new player, you're like, "I don't know what to lie."
Here, the problem is solved for you.
You can fly these.
One thing that we can definitely need help with is getting the DO6H market stocked.
It is not really well stocked right now.
We are working to address that, but that is something that typically is addressed
by the average marketeer, the person in the alliance.
If you are capable of importing or building, we have building on-site,
please help stock the DO6H market.
Keeping the market liquid helps us win fights by reshipping.
If you're doing the 0100 move up, that's also a good idea.
You can move up stuff from 0100, extra things in the move up to help us get more stuff on the market.
Someone asked me a question on the Jabbers on Mumble, but it just went by really quickly.
If you have a question, please ask it in Elysium on Jabber.
Please join Elysium and ask the question there.
Xernitras should already be on the list in City,
but we have been having weird problems with Geist.
This is the problem when you have a 15-year-old system.
They should already be there.
We have some guys trying to diagnose some problems.
We have some auth problems with our cap stuff going on as well.
Just be patient with that.
Is 1DQ being abandoned?
I don't know if that's a really chauvinist question or a really bad spy
trying to stir up and foment issues.
I'm going to assume it's very chauvinist.
1DQ is not being abandoned. It is being protected.
They haven't threatened it in any way.
When we were refing four Keepstars,
in the same time that we refed four Keepstars,
Mists came to 1DQ and refed a Retaru.
That's sort of the pace of what they're doing versus what we're doing.
Patrick, you don't need my permission. I'm sure you enjoy it, though.
I want to talk about a couple of housekeeping things.
First of all, apps.
They don't show up for 30 minutes until after the fleet closed.
Please do not PM your FC saying, "Hey, I didn't get a PAP."
First of all, it's generally not their problem.
Secondly, it just takes 30 minutes.
Thirdly, some people have been PMing saying, "Hey, I didn't get a PAP,"
because they're still checking on a dashboard,
maybe because they came back to the game.
So just don't PM your FC about that.
It takes 30 minutes after the fleet ends for it to populate, usually.
So don't worry. It will show up.
Did you two just type, "Can we get a PAP for the fireside independently?"
at the exact same second?
Quixote, Ontario? Did you type the exact--?
So you've just learned that you guys are both the least creative person possible,
but you're still in sync, uncreatively.
You typed the same thing. This is like when my fleet all warped.
No one-- Everyone was aligned.
This is an amazing moment in my life right now, watching you both type that.
That is amazing. There should be some sort of reward for that.
Reward them with a PAP. Shut up. Just shut up, please.
So here's the serious proposal we've been discussing.
Our various enemies have been calling for various pens on their operations--
red pen, yellow pen, red pen, CTA.
So thinking about adopting various felt tips for our operations,
just to help you guys better understand if you should be there or not.
If you have a proposal for a felt tip-- Oh, a crayon. That's a good point.
Or a crayon color that we could possibly say to help you guys understand
without writing in four words if it's appropriate or not to come.
Imagine if we did crayons, and then you guys could eat them after the op is over.
Everything goony would be perfect. Good one, Colton.
All right. Can SCs do shoo-nish some fun brawls like Tatwars?
Yeah, SCs can go out starting this Monday and go out, you know, camp,
hit jump bridges, stuff like that.
We kind of had SCs, I should say, just slowing them down the first week
because we wanted to focus on move-ops.
We had a lot of people who were going out and wanted to shoot structures,
but we had a particular plan, which you're seeing come to fruition right now.
But we're going to open the doors starting Monday.
Can you talk about who we are fighting in the upcoming war, et cetera?
Well, it is the current war.
Our main opponent is Fraternity, like I mentioned.
They are invading B2, who are our allies. We are working with them.
You've seen them on our side forming what can only be said are giant numbers.
You know, they are allies for this war.
There are four Keepstars, the same four Keepstars that we have reffed in B2 space.
There are Fortizars, there are other Citadels.
We're here to stop that invasion, right?
That is our main goal. That is our objective, is to stop this invasion.
That is the first thing that is being worked on.
Beehive is suspended for wartime.
Okay, guys, so for this timer coming up in the next, what is it, about 14, 16 hours?
Maybe a little less than that now.
If you want to move up your alts from 1DQ, like Ishtar alts, for instance,
we can put them in ships that can shoot the Keepstar.
We'll have some available to hand out.
So if you want to have your alts to help blow this up, you're welcome to bring this up.
Those would be very useful.
All right, I'm going to take a few more questions.
Go ahead and throw them out there, and I'll try to answer them as best I can.
But I'm not going to touch on future plans.
You want to donate ships and fits to the cause?
I guess you could throw out the Cazadir.
We don't really need that, but if that's something you want to do, that's fine.
Are Cip Squad enemies or allies?
They are enemies, and it has been really fun to watch them.
The things that we dealt with while they were here,
Cip Squad formed 130 to go deal with some high-sec thing they're fighting over,
but they formed 30 people to help Frat out.
So it's been really amusing watching exactly what happened while they were with us happen again.
It's like time is a flat circle.
What color of crayon tastes best?
I guess the one that's closest to you.
Yeah, Laz is FCing. PGL is here. He's really active.
So if you ever wanted to go on a ProGuard Legend fleet, that is totally available to you right now.
And then there are a lot of old people coming back, a lot of old FCs,
line members we haven't seen for a long time.
People are pretty darn excited right now.
Is it on purpose that you coincidentally on every PGL fleet?
Yeah, maybe I've just been him the whole time.
Or he's been me. I don't know.
Are we the baddies? We were, but not anymore.
We will not be adopting Ka-bloons.
I don't appreciate anything that is used to scab line members out of money.
I don't even like to have the appearance of it.
For instance, that's why I've never stocked my own doctrines.
I think that's sort of an unfair way to enrich yourself, is to stock the doctrines you used for.
So Ka-bloons really kind of set me off where you're just taking money out of the members' pockets.
It's the same economics that Xbox points or, I know this is really relevant to goons,
the fortnight bucks years where they sell you $1,000, but everything is denominated in $800 or $925.
So there's always extras. So there's always a skim.
And that really bugs me.
It probably doesn't bug other people as much, but I don't, like, I'm a little starry-eyed in this,
but I think leadership's goal and job in EVE should be to serve the line members.
It should be to make your time fun.
That's what those who be doing this for, if not to help people have a good time.
And so if you're skimming money off them, you're just doing the exact opposite.
Why are you enriching yourself in a video game off the back of your supposed friends?
It just bothers me a lot.
What did happen with the frat horde drama earlier this week?
Last I heard, horde was set to frat.
So that's a really good question.
Basically, Gobbins put Norris in a really rough position publicly.
So he told Norris, like, if he'd gone to Norris privately and said,
"Kiss the steward or I won't bully you," that's sort of a normal thing that might happen with executors, right?
Like, there's all these kind of backdoor deals, and that's the smoky backroom.
And that would have been a normal way to do it.
But instead, he pinged it to his alliance.
Gobbins pinged it to his alliance, which was essentially making it public.
Now, if I ping something to all and goons, it's going to get leaked if it's juicy, right?
So he put Norris in a really hard position as an executor because Norris then had to make a decision.
Am I subservient to Gobbins?
If I do what he says, I'm his number two always, right?
Like, that's the thing.
And don't, then I lose his support, and he very much needs that support.
So it was pretty -- it was cunning by Gobbins, for sure, to do it that way.
It was obviously very intentional.
And it left Norris in, frankly, an awful position where he either had to be -- say, yeah, you're number one,
or be like -- or lose his only important ally.
And so he made the choice that he had to, which was to bend the knee.
But I guarantee you that move was not well received over on the frat side over there.
That was like saying -- or elsing people is not a good way to form a relationship.
Go to your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, and say, "Do this or else and watch what happens."
You know, that's just not a good way to have a relationship.
It's a dynamic thing more than working together, and something that I would avoid if I was doing it myself.
We wouldn't use a Jackdaw fleet, Nomaki.
We would use the Flock Etcher fleet.
All right, guys, seems like that's most of the questions.
I'm not going to answer questions about my favorite flavor of crayon or my underwear,
though I do appreciate you asking.
So, end notes, really important things.
It's just to be here tonight.
If you can, once again, this is not our only swing at these things, but I would like to take a good swing.
I'd like to get you guys a good fight.
So if you're able, please wake up for this.
If you can't, no big deal.
Come for the next time.
But I would love to see you guys here.
And I'm not going to talk about epithels or PIs this week, maybe next week.
You guys have a lovely day.
Get some rest.
I'll see you at the timers, all right?