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[Transcriber's note: The word "clap" was mentioned 605 times in Elysium during the fireside, and one time in pings.]

Asher Elias:

Hello, hello, and hello. Guys. We're gonna have a bunch of new people on the fireside. Can we not do the clap thing today? They're going to think I insist on it. *Asher sighs*

Ranger Gama:

Come on, Asher. You walked right into that one.

Asher Elias:


All right. So, oddly enough last week, as you might imagine, my, you know, my notes for the fireside were full.

Jam-packed full of everything. This week I have, I have very little to actually on my notes. I do have some important stuff to talk about, but we'll be doing question and answer today. I could not, you know, I didn't have time last week, but I'll be taking questions today.

First off, let me say this. We have been moving. Obviously, if you have not moved you need to get on that. Real quick, but the most important thing is if you are still in 6RCQ, that keepstar is unanchoring in the next couple of days. So this weekend, this weekend you need to move forward to F7C. When the keepstar unanchors is - it's un-anchoring Monday. It's not a secret.

It unanchors on Monday if they if we get it, it's fine. Whatever. If it gets blown up or scooped, it's whatever the point of the keepstar was to get a lot of titans and supers and dreads out safely. It costs the same as one titan. If we saved one titan, which I'm very confident we would have if we'd been a fort otherwise, it paid for itself.

We'll try to scoop it. After we do, it's, it's straight home. We're bringing everyone home. That means going home to Delve if Delve is your home. If you're moving on somewhere else if your alliance is located somewhere else, you're going there. But we are going to go home starting after the Keepstar unanchors on Monday. So what does that mean? F7C moved there so that your your ship is not in the Keepstar when it unanchors.

Someone asks, is F7C Sigma's? It is Initiative's now. It was Shadow Ultimatum. Shadow Ultimatum are moving to Esoteria. They're coming south. They do not want to stay up there on the frontlines, and I understand why.

Will we be coming home if Horde continue to attack into Cloud Ring? If they attack the Initiative Keepstar, that kind of thing. That's something where we are obviously gonna throw in to help defend Initiative there. So while we will be going home. Be prepared to, you know go out there and fight should a fight happen. Luckily it is still, you know timed to EU. So, and it would be an attack, so we'll see if they're willing to do it.

I have been talking for so long my voice is going. That's about all the news. There was a lot of news last week. The only news I had this week was the Keepstar un-anchoring. I'm sure there's some other stuff I forgot.

Some directors can chime up if I missed it, but go ahead and start asking questions and I will answer you. Put them in Elysium. If you are new to the fireside, that is the channel on Jabber. It is Elysium on Jabber, join that channel.

ADM boost of Cloud Ring? Probably not, that's not something I'm planning on right now.

More Stormbringer ADM fleets since when? We might do those. Stormbringers are super good for that. We are actually redoing the fit for Stormbringers. So that is that is something that we'll be changing pretty soon. Basically, when I brought them out, We were, we were really focused on saving money and the the procurement guys talked me into a fit that I wasn't super keen on. So I, we have overcome that. I'm going to change the fit on those. Is it already done? Cool.

Maelstroms? Wenger. I, good question. I like maelstroms a lot. They have a lot of flaws, so. We'll see. I wouldn't mind running them, but it has to be in the right situation.

Can we make Dunk an honorary beekeeper without actual responsibility? Tariel, that's an excellent idea.

Can you ask the Alliance to give Leraine one isk? No.

What's your favorite anime? I like Looney Tunes a lot. It's probably one of my favorites.

How you get Stormbringer BPCs? Bernin, you're asking, if you have industry questions, you're asking the wrong person. There are a lot of really smart people in here. I am not one of them.

Alligator doctrine? Yeah Interior Crocodile Alligator Adoption would be really good. They have made them a little more affordable from what I saw. It's something I'm looking at for sure. But it's a possibility. I would say probably not a strong one right now, but it's definitely something I look at. I love those drone vessels. But we'll look and see.

Is King of the Hill an anime? I literally saw Alterarri on YouTube. A... It's King of the Hill. Dubbed in Japanese with American subtitles and I watched an entire episode. I'm like, I watched the whole thing. I'm like, what am I doing with my life? But it was really enjoyable. You can find it on YouTube.

Are we getting the fold out bed from the garage or are our friends going other places? So people are moving in. Brave will be moving into Northern Querious into IGC's current space. IGC will be moving into Period Basis. Other alliances will be moving to Esoteria and some are moving to Delve. So it's going to be sort of all over the place, but generally, yeah, we're, we're getting out some beds and we're building some new beds elsewhere.

When are we resetting F.I.R.E.? We're going to let them move through and we will reset them at the appropriate time. I don't have an actual date for you Mist, but not long. Not too long.

How is sharing for ratting looking? I assume that means like free for all ratting. Yes, that's going to be the case. Imperium space is free for all for ratting. You can rat in any Imperium space you want. That's the case for all alliances. So it'll be, it'll be that way now. You guys want to go rat in Paragon Soul or wherever.

Leraine says, when are you going to stream again? So Leraine, like my main has been entombed in Horde space in a blops. Like I said, my voice is going, sorry for that. And I I've had everything else in capital ships. So even if I wanted to stream Eve, I don't have any character I could log in. I actually have got the itch one or two days, but yeah, I could just sit in a blops cloaked, or sit docked in a Titan and in Keepstars. Those are really my options.

Yeah, Alterari, the Japanese dubbed King of the Hill is actually really good. I was surprised. I also never thought I'd be talking about Japanese dubbed King of the Hill on the fireside, but here we are.

Yeah, Toon guys, we got some new people joining. We were just talking about this in the Kremlin meeting. Honestly, we're going to get a lot of o7s. I know. The proposal we came up with was, you know, we're just going to have to deal with the o7s and the 7os. Let's try to get them to stop saying Toon if we can. If we can just let them say pilot or character. We're going to have to hear toasting a lot too instead of hacking. There's just going to be, it's going to be a little painful, I understand. Just, you know, remember, if someone 7os you, they're trying to be nice. Don't be mean to them, just say hi, but if they stay Toon, we'll just try to, we'll just try to slowly move them over to character and civilize them.

Yeah, clap 007 doctrines, you know, it can be the clap o7, that is actually pretty funny. I like that change, that's pretty funny. Clap o7s. We never got to use the clap 007s. We had them up north, but the time just never actually came to use them. They were built for a specific thing, and then that thing stopped happening, so. You know, maybe later.

Guys relax, says Lenny Killstreak. Lenny, do you think that, like, I mean, come on. Is it really gonna work with goons? Do you think that's gonna stop them in any way? Yoshi, you're broken. Alright, anyone else got any questions?

What do you think about Lancers? So, we've seen some uses for them. They're still very niche. And they will remain niche. I don't expect them to become very important. Like I've said before, if you want to get your own Lancer Dread, you know, go ahead, but they're not going to be, like, an important part of our doctrine in the near future.

Have they been briefed on z0r? I do not think so. There's going to be a lot of people you're going to be able to really educate and share cultural enlightenment with, so yeah.

What Dread should I train for? Phoenix Navy Issue, Zirnitra, Phoenix, Revelation Navy Issue. Roughly in that order, Zirnitra or Phoenix Navy issue is the number one.

Why are we not putting people in catch? That's a good question, Killer. I like that question. We strongly believe in keeping our borders to a tightly defined space for several reasons but mostly because of past experience, we have learned how hard it is to defend out that far, and we would like to keep that our borders relatively tight and compact.

Why can't we say toon? This is an excellent question, FlippantBest. You are allowed to say whatever you want. We're not gonna, we're not gonna say you can't say toon. We're not gonna try and control your speech. Every group has their own culture. In Goonswarm culture, toon is a word that is just viewed as kind of silly and a little ridiculous in the same way that like desies or iskies or thannies sound childish. Toon also sounds childish. So we say character or a pilot. You can say whatever you want. We're gonna not say toon.

Apple Pear:

We're just going to make fun of you.

Asher Elias:

Yeah, if you say toon in a fleet, there's a pretty strong chance that everyone in the fleet will key up and just start saying toon in a really high voice over and over again. Like those what was it, like the pelicans? Stabarino, also a ridiculous one. Childish from the Pink Keepstar crew? Dude, that Pink Keepstar was beautiful. How dare you, Patrick? Seagulls. Thank you. Yes, the seagulls.

Can I be your adopted father and the grandfather of your Thaneys? Lord Trenchard, aren't you older than me? Or are you one of our babies? Your name is LordTrencher2005. Is that when your character was made or when you were made? A character, yeah. Okay. So I think you would have to be my father. Let's take this to DMs. I don't want to get any more you know.

Are we going to claim or reclaim Cloud Ring in the future? Probably not. That's it makes more sense for Initiative to claim it. You know, Initiative has Fountain. We are blue to them. And we intend to stay that way, but it doesn't really make sense for us to claim Cloud Ring. So we'll let Initiative do that.

Vasandkumar_calm, yes, you're damn right I did *In reply to the comment: "Asher avoided the daddy part of the speech there"*

I should just stream the fireside, I suppose I could.

Will we help Init to claim Cloud Ring? That would be up to them. It depends on what they want to do and how they want to do it and if they want to ask us for help, so. Darkshines and I talk pretty much every day, and so it's not like we're, we're not lacking for communication. So if he wants to say, Hey, you want to come help us? We would 100 percent do that.

Apple Pear:

You do me think about TwizzleSpark now, Atron. I still miss twizzleSpark.

Asher Elias:

Can we organize an op to help in it defend the Fortizar from the Guristas? Didn't the Guristas already blow that up? Oh, okay. That might be fun.

Is Fountain a no go zone for us and Delve a no go zone for them? As far as like, transiting through, it is not a no go zone for either of them, but you should not be ratting there. If you have a what are those things? Escalations, right? Escalation that goes in there. I'm pretty sure that we can go there, but You should not be ratting otherwise in their space and they won't be doing it to ours.

Apple Pear:

You can do the NPC missions like from the, from the NPC region, same as in those NPC missions in our space. But outside though.

Asher Elias:

With the influx of Blops drops and numbers growing higher for hostile crab killers, what are the thoughts on the counter then Asher? That's a good question. Mike , I was about to say your whole name. I'll say it anyway. That's a good question, mike_huntsweat. Yeah, join join beehive. We have a high success rate of saving people. It is a little harder for us because we have NPC space, so it is easier for them to hunt us than for us to hunt them. That is very true, but we do have a really high success rate of saving people who are prepared. And we have a pretty fun home defense doctrine. Yeah. Don't have Rorquals out during strat ops. We've been losing. Whenever a Dread or a Super or a Rorqual dies while we're on a strat op in the north, I would laugh. And Beehive returns when move ops are home. Yep. So about three days from now.

Will B2 have their own Crab umbrella? So B2 as like an alliance is, is basically disbanding. I'm sorry, I should have said coalition, as a coalition is disbanding. The individual alliances can put up their own, you know Umbrella, if they want to, I assume Brave probably will do so, but they are welcome to join the Beehive. And for some of them, I would recommend that because it's a lot easier to get involved in ours. And ours is already basically functional and it than it is to do a totally separate one and sort of copy the same roles, which would be redundant.

Which pirate insurgency are we siding with? We will be going with the Angels.

How will Toaster, Snipereagle1, and Zintage suppress EU FCs from Brave? Tariel, basically, you know, I was in like four hours of meetings before this. And the number one topic at each meeting is how do we really just just suppress our EU members, our FCs, and really not suppress them, oppress them is the actual right word. So we're not, we're not going to stop spending time thinking about how to oppress our EU members. Thank you for bringing that up.

Someone asked me a question on Mumble, and remember, join Elysium on Jabber, but there might be some new people here, so I understand. When is Beehive coming back, if I may ask? After Monday, we'll be coming home after Monday, so that's when Beehive will go back up.

Do you think we will start an offensive war against PAPI? So wosey what we have said and what I said in my post is that the plan is basically through Christmas to we're not going to be starting any major campaigns. We have ideas for things to do. There will be some fun stuff we'll be doing, but there's a lot of people who basically need some time to rearm rebuild that kind of thing. So we'll be basically chilling through Christmas. And then after that, that's a long term plan thing.

What about people who want to do Guristas? So basically drop the the, the trade off here is that we don't want to be dealing with dealing with blue shoots. So we've chosen the Angels and we're going to do Angels. We don't want people doing Guristas because we don't want people on the opposite side from each other. We're definitely not going to be doing a thing where you can shoot blues because they're on side of that side of their NPSI. We just don't do that. We've been down that road before. It leads to a lot of hurt feelings. You know, we've had the people in the times where two guys who were on different NPSIs or different factions shot each other and then are yelling at each other on our comms. The bad blood stays around for years. Like it's just not worth it. Humans are humans. We're going to do it the smart way, which means that we're going to fight on the same side.

Lordtrenchard2005 says, please thank your team for everything they have done recently. Yeah. Leadership has been like amazing. We've been doing. A ton of good stuff. So I, I would like to thank them. I have done. So it's been a really huge month for us and yeah, I'm very impressed with what our guys have done .

Boss, what about the East ??????? neutral zone. I think you're talking probably about the Southeast agreement that expires in February. So we can reevaluate in February. It is highly, highly, highly unlikely we will re agree to anything along those lines. Basically, the Southeast Agreement has been used by HORDE to stack with alliances that are friendly to them in all but official standings. And I have not been terribly surprised by that. We are going to keep our agreement. That is something we do. We keep our agreements. That has sort of been our thing for a very long time. So we will keep that agreement until it expires. But after that, it is basically a almost zero probability. We will re assign to that.

Jonan says, thanks for providing us a new home. He is Ex-Severance. Thank you for joining us. We're happy to have you here, dude.

I say we go after the largest alliance in the game. And by that, I mean the pan intergalactic business community. Denar, excellent idea. We will add that to the agenda.

Will we defend any small alliances that can attack? This is a good question, Killer. So we don't really have like, you know, strong relations either way with most of these alliances, and we would be happy to defend some or attack some, depending on their alignment, their situation. We'd like to, I'd like to have, like, we're not looking to make the Southeast our zone, right? We're not looking to get rid of people out of there or sort of wipe it clean. So I want you guys to understand our philosophy. Our philosophy is that we think more people in NullSec is good for the game. More people not aligned to us is good for the game. I have watched people... Who is that goofy streamer who, like, stole Rorqual drones and got on the CSM? Olmeca Gold, yeah, I watched Olmeca Gold kill his own playstyle. Here, like, there's this thing where if like wolves get into sheep pen, they will kill all the sheep even though they can't eat all the sheep, right? And I watched Olmeca Gold kill his own playstyle because he hated the sheep so much. Sheep are good, right? We need wolves and we need sheep. Sometimes we're both, right? We're sometimes we're the gold, sometimes we're the wolves, sometimes we're the sheep. But the important thing is that it's good for the game. So we're not going to kill our own playstyle as best that we can. We don't want to be the king of the ashes.

Why does CCP hate Nullsec? So, Demichev, this is like a good philosophy question. I don't think they hate Nullsec, I don't think they understand it. And that's a big difference. I do believe that a lot of the changes we're seeing in Faction Warfare are sort of previews for what they might do to replace Fozzisov or augment it. So I think that you should look at them as maybe CCP testing out stuff for Nullsec.

Will Helldump return to GoonFleet. com? Potentially.

Will be transitioning more to ISK making or focusing more on SIGs? Might be the best to inform our new members on SIGs. Yes SIGs and squads are groups that you can join that go out on smaller missions. You can be in a more tight knit group and generally they are open to anyone sometimes with a few requirements as far as, you know, join time and stuff like that, but generally open to everyone and they're a good way to go and get excitement when the alliance is not fully deployed. Lenny Killstreak says, join SIGs you lobsters, which is, that's how I communicate with people too Lenny, I like to call them lobsters.

Why is CCP now creating NPCs to kill Imperium structures? I mean, they've had those before, I don't know what you're talking about specifically, but.

Lord Ballas says, anyone have a link to the Clap 007 Doctrine? So we never, we never revealed the Clap 007 Doctrine. So no, there won't be a link.

Whoosi says, when will you increase your FC ranking? Have you seen how many more FCs have joined? Just like since Arkadios Sol's joined, I think he's run like 38 fleets. So the chances of me going up are basically impossible at this point. If you don't know, I'm the 23rd ranked best FC in the Imperium, which is why I force people to clap for me at the fireside, because it's the only way I can feel good about myself, so. If you're a new member, those are basically all truths.

All right, if someone wants to slide a question in between the collapse?

Can we get a shout out to Ninetales and his SIG for the 50 billion dunk on the Horde space? In Horde space on the 50 man fleet. Yes, that was awesome. There's a video of it. Here, let me grab it and I'll throw it in the channel.

[Transcribers note: Video unavailable This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated.]

Asher Elias:

Hang on, here it is. All right, yeah, there's the video if you guys want to watch. He absolutely slapped those guys. That was really nice. Great job, Ninetales.

Are we going to allow allies to be FCs for Beehive? They have a lot of EU time soon. Peeps who could help? Yes, allies can FC Beehive.

Video is unavailable? Oh, maybe he deleted it or something, I don't know. It was available yesterday, sorry guys. Yeah, maybe they reported it and got it banned.

Asher, if your throat hurts, I have something for you to suck on. Oh, that's nice. Like a lozenge, it seems.

How do we encourage more dreads when we don't encourage crabbing in a dread? So that's a good question. So first of all it's like saying, you know, how do we encourage more battleships when we don't encourage crabbing in a battleship? Ships have their use and their purposes, right? And so that's something, something I'm super, not something I'm super worried about. Dreads are, I'm not saying they're impossible to save, but they're more or less impossible to save from the appropriate, like from an appropriately sized drop. So they're just not nearly as good as, you know, you'd like them to be. I don't know what more to tell you. There are better things to use. Use Crabquals.

Apple Pear:

Our enemy can, like, in an instant, jump clone 90 people. And bombers. With Blobs, battleships. And that just kills them. And and A Dread just dies in like 30 seconds. Yeah, yeah. Or less. So we cannot even respond. So, that's just the reason how it's that hard.


The way to think about this is like, you're crabbing to make money so that you can buy a Dread to get in the big fight with. That's, that's one of the goals you can have for yourself as part of your EVE career is, I wanna, I wanna be there on the field as part of the big catfight. But that's what you're making the money for, is to get into that to supply yourself a Dread or eventually a Super or Titan, right? That. That is why you're making the money it's for but for making the money you should pick the the thing that's most efficient for doing that or whatever you enjoy as a play style goes right they're separate things.

Asher Elias:

Bernin says John has saved my PNI three times but I'm not using beehive fit I use a more tanky one. I too have used a very tanky phoenix and got saved on a crab beacon before so it is possible. And I, but I think you have to go max tank. And in my experience, the people who complain the most about the Dreads not being saved are also the ones that have like eight target painters in the mid somehow.

Palatine Keepstar update. We have not done anything since last I checked. We've had, we've had other things to worry about since then. It was 53 or 54. I don't know which is the correct one, but somewhere around then.

John says we can 100 percent save a dread if you don't suck. I mean, that's a really high standard to meet, John. So but, you know. Listen to what John says, just don't suck.

90 percent of the crab dreads that die in Delve didn't say anything, says Hammy. So this is something that's true and has been true. Our enemy often targets people who they believe are probably not English speakers, or probably not. They have comm spies that'll look and see if the person is in fleet in the comms, and they'll try to figure out that, so... You know, that's, that's just something, and we can't really get around that, you know we can't force someone to learn English or be that tuned in, right? That's just, just not possible, so. And unfortunately, those people are just more likely to die, because if you can't get on and immediately communicate your issue, then it just takes longer.

Yeah, some of these people even speak French, I know. I'm sorry to tell you guys.

Apple Pear:

That's the worst.

Asher Elias:

Yeah, isn't it?


I have good news for people live on the fireside, by the way, GoonPraisal is back.

Asher Elias:

Hey! Alright guys, I'm gonna take one or two more questions, so if you've got questions you've been holding on to this whole time, drop them now, and then I'll answer them.

Apple Pear:

I think the most important question is about PI, Asher.

Asher Elias:

Yes, PI is good. There, answered.

Any plans for Pochven? We have, like, we do a lot of stuff in Pochven. Oh, man. Let me try to say your name. T. P. Bamanca Dooley ( tpebomahka_dooley). Yeah, we do a lot of stuff in Pochven. So is it TotalitySig is Pochven? Is that correct? Someone can link you some information.


I think that's Trevamanca in Russian, right?

Asher Elias:

Ah, Ramundo says something in French. I assume he's going to be insulting me. Even, actually, isn't Tabernak, like, church? The Caves of the English and the French Tabernacle? I don't know what that is, but...

Asher, doing anything cool for Christmas? Dude, Han CeeLo, I love Christmas. Favorite holiday? Not even close. Thanksgiving or Christmas, my favorite time of the year. I get real jolly. Oh, you know, I'm, I'm excited.

When will Asher stream a PI session? I am going to do that Karik, but like I said, my characters have been elsewhere, so I can't do it. As soon as I have a character back in 1DQ, which probably should be in the next 3 or 4 days, I will do so.

Can you go on the meta show dressed as Santa? No.

Did I dress as Santa for Christmas? I do not. I do wear the little hat, though. Like, when I go grocery shopping, I'll wear a little Santa hat, you know, the last few days before Christmas. So, if you see someone in the South Florida area wearing a Santa hat and they're dashingly good looking, it could be me.

Apple Pear:

One serious thing directly after the fireside, there will be a ping for a last chance move up from DO6. So directly after the fireside, there's a last chance move up from DO6. So if you still have a capital in DO6, get on that move up and move just as fast as possible. Thank you very much.

Asher Elias:

Alright, guys and gals, much appreciated, got over 700 of you in the fireside, welcome to the new people.

Did I have fun catching up on the down the rabbit hole, on the league world? I don't know what the league world is, but I liked the down the rabbit hole about Eve.

What up, Pinellas County?

Alright, guys, we are done.

Thank you for everyone who showed up. Please clap, or I will ban you personally from the alliance. That is something that I enforce. So please clap before you leave.

Heh heh heh. See y'all later. Bye.