Fireside Chat Transcript 12 Jul 2k20

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things have gone very well for us this week. You know, things will not always be great. We are
still likely going to have tons of whelps. We are going to get punched in the dick. We will lose
stuff. But as far as I, none of us in the directorate or the coordination team or any of the
serious business stuff, I think anticipated that these guys would whiff their first week so badly.
Like this is, like I said on the minute show, like this is a fucking amateur hour. Now that
doesn't matter in terms of defense because if you, you know, there's still 150,000 of these idiots.
They are extremely dangerous. We cannot let our guard down. And if they continue to fail to invade
us, we will just continue to be invading them, right? Like if they want to spend their time
blowing up random fucking citadels we've abandoned in the catch exclusion zone and running multiple
strat ops. Like I've been trying to figure out why they're so tired. And I think maybe one of
the reasons why they are so tired is that they have been doing alarm clocks and like pushing
their guys with all caps, herpings in order to form up and then destroy things that we already
told everybody that we weren't going to defend. So it's not just that like we have been pulling
off some successful like tactical blue balls like we did last night in US time zone, which was
amazing. In XC tack where we held them there and they just like 1100 bad guys helped defend tests,
XCI hub, which sucks anyway. And then went home with no fun, no fight. And then today they're
just not doing anything. So whatever. But the point is, is that even if the bad guys do not
deliver, we will deliver to the bad guys, right? We are not gearing up to defend ourselves against
this barbarian invasion of like random ass puppies. And then if they just turn around and go
home or they're half assing it, we are going to continue to full ass this thing until test is
in a very different place. Test remains next Texas test is now text test is next. And I'm
going to have a sip of coffee because apparently I'm tripping over my words. Hold on.
I wanted to like give a bunch of people shout outs on the fireside. I'm going to do some
uh, and the one of the challenges I have is that I have seen so many new faces stepping up,
like people who are making the leap into, uh, you know, I don't want to say like,
you know, we need line members. We need people who are in the fleets and the right ships in the
right time. Like you have to have that. But I have also seen in addition, a bunch of people
willing to step up and do like leadership type things, right? Like running their first skirmish
commander of fleets, like doing cord work, doing all of these things, like stepping up, coming up
with ideas, pulling together. Um, I think it's safe to say that we are more united as a coalition
than we ever have been, right? Nothing brings everybody together quite like being stuck in a
trench together. Uh, it irons out all of the differences between us because there's 150,000
fucking puppies who are trying to kill us. So, you know, high fives all around. Um,
cause the Jack wants to give a shout out to a part and Coran on who have both been
running tons and tons of, uh, QRF fleets, uh, as has a cauldron born. Uh, I was actually had a list.
I was going to give Costa check a shout out cause he has been a fucking cord hero. Uh, Alice, uh,
obviously we all love Alice because he's not only an amazing FC, but he also just holds down a UTC
and Chinese time zone, uh, Aries bar, uh, ultra cow, a you very helpful. Uh, scope hone, obviously
doing all sorts of dev tools that makes, uh, we can't talk about them, but they're amazing.
Uh, Declorean pilot, we're going to be talking about what Declorean pilot has been up to with
a GSFO here in a bit, uh, because I need to hear about that. It's a new Oregon. Very excited about
the fact that the enemy is giving us enough bandwidth that we can work on like org development
and like trying completely new tactics day after day after day is one of the biggest advantages we
have over the enemy. When they give us bandwidth, we change our structure and we make things better.
We improve things. And mainly it seems like when they run into trouble, they're frustrated,
they do things the same way and then they blame each other or they blame their line members. So,
uh, you know, there you go. When I see something go wrong on an op, I do not think that it is an
FC's fault. I do not think that it's an individual's fault. I see a structural problem, like
something went wrong. So we need to fix the thing that went wrong by building something new to make
sure it never happens again. Uh, but you know, whatever. All right. So let's go through some
of this stuff. Um, this is an Elysium. I mean, you know, fuck it. Like it shouldn't be, I shouldn't
be able to be so fucking casual about this on day six of us getting invaded. But, uh, you know,
Hey dudes, this is an Elysium. Let me know. Are you guys having fun? How do you feel about this
war? I just want to get some feedback from you guys. And you know, um, hope, you know, I've been
having a shitload of fun. The, the fleets I've been on, I've been hearing people having a ton
of fun. Uh, I know that we're having a show a little bit more fun than our enemies because I,
I watched them talk amongst themselves and they're suffering. Uh, hell yeah. All right. Cool. Good.
Cause this is not, this is not stopping anytime soon guys. Like we have declared a hell war.
We have declared that Tess is next. And even if all of the other bad guys, uh, besides Tess go
away tomorrow, uh, we are, uh, quite serious when I say that the path to victory, uh, lies
through Tess' skull. So that's happening. All right. I need to respond to this text message
really fast. Pardon me. All right. So let's see what else we got. Today's fireside. Like,
you know, we normally Saturdays we have like Illuminati meetings, we have meetings, meetings,
meetings, but like we ended up canceling all the meetings today because you know,
all of our dudes have been in comms working with each other around the clock for a week now.
And like, we have so much communication that there's no need to have a meeting because
everybody knows what's up. So that's cool. Let me see how, what I want to hit on this.
Um, I mean, you guys all know about the AlphaStar pilot meltdown, the cracks forming,
uh, the hilarious bullshit. You guys know that we have been ruining their markets. You know,
that we've been ruining their supply lines. It's munions are hilariously expensive,
but apparently we didn't need to ruin their supply lines as much. Cause
I guess the guys running hoard are going to sell Cormorants for 35 million a pop to fucking newbies.
That's just pathetic. Uh, but whatever. I didn't expect to see infighting amongst these guys as
rapidly as we have, uh, you know, if you're in charge of something, you never have to say you're
in charge of something. So it's always sort of struck me as interesting when I see in hostile
alliances, when somebody who is like losing control of their org, uh, where you have like,
you know, uh, pro got legend or somebody saying like, you know, we're, we are, we are the
commanders. Like we're the ones who are in charge and like fighting over who's in charge and all
that stuff. And if you have, if you have to say you're in charge, you're not in fucking charge,
right? Like this is, this is a one-on-one shit. Um, I want to talk about some brass
tack stuff, right? Let's, let's move to the tactical stuff. I think you guys have a good
overview of like how the war is going. Um, let me check my notes here, please.
Uh, okay. So I want to,
in Elysium here, uh, we are doing a lot of dread stuff. The bad guys are moving dreads today. We
are moving dreads around, blah, blah, blah. Uh, so Asher wants me to ask, uh, those of you who
have an extra dread knot on your capital character, like if you have, if you have your dread guy
and you have like two revs instead of just one, if you have an extra dread on your cap character,
please X up in Elysium. Uh, so we know that you exist. Okay. Because, uh, we are, whoa,
okay. That's good. That's perfect. That's perfect. We want more dreads, more, more, more. So here's
what we're doing guys. Uh, we are going to be doing a dread move up soon. Uh, we are not going
to waste our Saturday prime time to do it. Uh, like tested. We do not need to post an amazing
all coalition CTA. You guys know we move dreads around all the time. So we are going to be doing
a fucking dread move up to a secondary cash location. Um, and you know, again, this is for
people who have extra dreads. We don't want you, if you only have one dread, keep it where it is.
But if you have a spare dread, we're going to do a move up. Um, when we were originally, uh,
when we were originally planning our defensive, uh, delve in a fountain, uh, we expected certain
invasion vectors, which were like the adult normal invasion vectors that if we were planning,
like if we were planning to see short for stealth, which we have conquered delve,
we have conquered this space that we live in repeatedly over the course of the last,
however many years. So we know the danger spots and shit like that. Um, and in our initial
configuration, we expected that the enemy would be attacking the most obvious places that seemed to
us like adults in the room where you would attack this region if you wanted to roll it. Uh, and so
we have to do a little reconfiguration because, uh, you know, they did not go with the optimal play.
Um, so cool. So look for spare dread move ops. That's coming soon.
Looks like we have a few dread. Uh, I encourage you if you do not have a T2, uh, siege, uh,
tactical weapon reconfiguration trained to five, uh, I don't know how long it's going to be before
the puppies, uh, whine so much that they get CCB to take it down. Uh, but that 40 bucks for one and
a half million skill points is a steal. If you have like a hundred million SP, like old school
character or something, uh, I threw 40 bucks at CCB last night and now one of my Phoenix alts has
T2 siege cause I didn't realize that it didn't have T2 siege. So, you know, um, it's cool.
It's a steal. Do it. Let's see what else we got.
A couple of other things we're doing. So on ball tech fleets, this is something for people who are
fax pilots. Uh, we haven't really used active rep faxes that much. Uh, the way that the battleship
meta is right now, especially cause when we're talking about like Citadel defense and stuff,
we are throwing around, uh, faxes a lot. Um, but we are going to be using more active rep faxes.
So when you're seeing, when you're looking for, uh, when you're seeing pings about like supporting
a ball tech fleet, uh, we need people to have, you know, we're not saying get rid of the passive
tanked, uh, faxes, but we do need active rep faxes for certain things that we're doing. Uh,
so if you see a ping for that and you have one lying around and you're interested,
it is something that we need. So please be aware.
Okay. Uh, next question here. Sorry guys, I've got a big list of shit to go through here. So
I'm seeing some questions in Elysium. So if the directors who are not running their mouths can
answer some of these questions as things scroll, um, I want to make sure that people are not
getting like left out here. Uh, market PVP, uh, the, a lot of people have been engaging in
ruining the munin supply market, uh, in Jita. Uh, I want to encourage that it is hilarious.
Make sure you know what you're doing. Like ask, you know, if you don't know how market
PVP works, like, you know, if you have a buddy who does it, that's great. It's kind of like,
um, it's not something we necessarily like spell out in a forum post or anything like that. Or if
we have, I'm unaware of it personally, who knows. Uh, but if you have a buddy who's into market
PVP and you've got a bunch of extra liquid isk, you are encouraged to continue to work together,
uh, to ruin Jita for our enemies. Uh, one of the reasons why this has been so fun is like the thing
I love about a hell war. Right. And this is going to be sort of a weird fireside because like, I'm,
you know, I I'm just delighted with this. Like, this is hilarious. We're having a fucking blast
here. And like, one of the reasons why it's so much fun is that there are things that we get to
do in a hell war that we don't ever bother doing in like a normal, like, Oh, we're going to go
glass tribute. Like it's, it's fun to do that, but like the kind of serious fuckery that we get up
to, like, you know, market PVP where we're just going to ruin their market, the spy stuff, like
the black hand is killing it. So please join the black hand. If you're even a vaguely spy curious,
there is like, there's normal espionage stuff that happens. And then there's hell war espionage
stuff because in hell war, we are willing to burn spies to engage in like sabotage and fuckery at a
high level, because that's when, you know, in a, in these periods of peace, you preserve your agents,
but in a hell war, you're like, you know, weapons free, let's do this. So you get to do a lot more
fun fuckery metagame shit in a hell war doing black hand, same deal with insurgent squad,
which is like an arm of the black hand has been killing it. And I love it. I'm gonna do some
shout outs also for our allies. You know, as a coalition, obviously we're all in this thing
together, but we are a much more together United coalition than we were in the casino war, right?
Like we have, I believe really done a good job of learning from our mistakes in the casino war. So
we were prepared for world war B. And I didn't announce this earlier because it just didn't seem,
you know, we were getting a quote invaded unquote. But if there was any question, like
our crown Dracarys and Ranger regiment are like full members of the fucking Imperium. And we are
delighted to have them because these guys have been doing incredible work, basically making sure
that our Chinese time zone defense, which is really important because fraternity is evading us.
You know, these guys are fucking heroes and I love it. I love it. Having the fact that we have
a 24 seven organization that is able to put pressure in all time zones and defend in all
times ends is huge. Nobody else has that only in the Imperium. It's something that is unique in
Eve. And that's one of the reasons I guess why the babies are fucking tired and crying after only
six days of this, because we've been, you know, up in their guts nonstop all day, every day,
relentlessly. So I want to talk about burnout management. Here's the thing. This is a marathon,
not a sprint. One of the things that we've already been doing in terms of like a shift system,
it's not formalized. This is all just kind of, you know, advice, take it or leave it is, you know,
I personally have been doing a push day and then a chill day. And then the directorate,
we've been doing this a lot and different directors and different sub directors are
on like different schedules. So, you know, instead of push, push, push, burning out,
fragging and then being useless, you push hard one day and you chill the next day and then you push
hard the next day and you chill the next day. And so I think that's one of the reasons why
we have been able to maintain this pressure, because instead of just slamming our heads
into a brick wall all day, every day, and then getting mad and spazzing out about it,
like AlphaStarPilot did, you know, on our, you know, we respect our chill days. We respect that
this is going to be a long war on offense or defense. If they continue to fail to invade us,
we will be on pure offense because whatever, fuck them and test is next. So this is going to be
going for a while, regardless of whether they are effectively invading Delve. If not, we will
be effectively invading them. So there you go. Manage your burnout. If you have a push day,
if you feel tired, I would prefer you to preserve your willpower as a resource, take it easy,
a little bit easy the next day. Don't burn yourself out because we need everybody.
A couple other things we're doing here. So ADM fleets. One of the things that's really exciting
about a Hellwar is how innovation happens, right? Like the pressure that comes to us from having
150,000 puppies trying to come at us means that we have to get creative because we're outnumbered.
And also we need to preserve everybody's willpower. We have a new kind of ADM fleet. We are still
doing traditional ADM fleets and those have been working very well. But we now have something that
I think is super cool, which is we've started using rock walls. We have realized that because
we have tons of work walls and work walls are a lot of fun, goons love work walls.
On some of these ADM fleets, instead of using mining barges, you have like a gate camp with
a cover fleet. And then behind the lines, you just park a couple of work walls in a couple
of different systems and it yanks up the industry index faster than you would believe. So it's very
effective. Just like 10 dudes in work walls can yank up the ADMs in a constellation in
an hour, whatever. It was like, we did this the other day. It was super chill.
And one of the things I want people to keep in mind about the ADM fleets is it is critically
important that we keep these ADMs up. You guys all know why. We don't want to get Citadel Willows
banned, but it is going to be easier to maintain them now. And I want you to understand the
mechanics of this, right? Because in the early days, building the wall is tough. You have to
grind and belts and stuff in order to get the I hub upgrades. So the first couple of industry or
military levels suck. Then GSOL comes around and works their magic. And then suddenly that system
is spitting out or sites and is sitting out, spitting out, ratting anomalies, and then it
gets a lot easier. So the higher system gets upgraded with those I hub upgrades, the easier
and faster it is then to jack those ADMs up. And one of the things that we have been able to do
is basically turn period bases into a fortress. And that owns because previously speaking,
we didn't really have it all that upgraded. You guys did a ton of work and I'm really happy with
it. So there you go. All right. Do we have a list of systems to grind ADMs in? Oh man,
I am glad you asked that question. I'm going to blow your mind.
Beautiful. And now you can see why Scopone is a fucking good hero. Now this is for people who
want to do individual things. If you want to go out and solo ADM that, because we are in a hell
war, we are coordinating ADM fleets, but you can also just grab a Mermadon and go out there and
do stuff. Don't try to be a hero unless you feel like being a hero. And apparently a lot of us do
feel like being a hero. So you know what? Just do whatever makes you happy. Okay. I have obvious
shout outs of GSOL heroes and how Recon is all over everything. Recon and GSOL have been fucking
kicking ass. Obviously GSOL has been kicking ass because we just got done talking about how they're
upgrading the iHubs everywhere. I don't want to sound too corny or whatever. I'm not very comfortable
with feelings or anything like that. I love it. I hate it. Stop wasting my time or sort of like my
three go-to feelings about things. But I just have to say I am really fucking proud of this space
empire collectively. Not just Goons Forum, the whole fucking Imperium thing. People have been
busting ass and kicking ass in a way that is higher than my highest expectations.
The last couple of days I like Helicopter Mom and I'm watching and the coordination team, I'm
watching to see what timers are where and making sure that nobody's dropping balls. And every
single time I was like, "Hey, is this one handled? Is that one handled? Is this?" They're just all
over it. There was no drop balls. It's amazing. It's a beautiful thing to see an organization
sync up and get to maximum ass kicking. It's really inspiring. I love it. I love it. I am
very happy with this. So keep on kicking asses, guys. And the more that we do this,
the more fun we have. So we're having fun. The enemy is not having fun. And I really like that.
I like seeing that. Does test is next mean that we're glassing them? I think I said that the
path to victory lies through test skull. We dumped NC. We dumped Bob. They're welcome to be mad at
us, but we're moving on to a younger and more annoying enemy of choice. And test is for probably
like the next five or six years, whatever. I mean, we were most favored enemy status with Bob and
NC. for like 14 years. And I think maybe it's a rebound with test, but we can get at least three
or four years out of kicking them around the galaxy. All right. So let's see what else I got.
Talk about the ADM recalls. Look at the stain citadels. There are a marriage from hit me up
earlier. There was a few of you before we were pushing this before we realized that we had
friends in the stain Russians would literally just sell us as many Nirvana implants as we felt like
on the cheap, which is also a cool thing. We had the stain citadels and we were doing burner
missions to run for Nirvana. I don't know how many people are still doing that. If you still have
stuff there, I would suggest getting them out because we have defended those citadels pretty
successfully, but it's obviously not a huge priority at a strategic level. So the citadels
get hit by some French dudes in stain. So if you are a burner mission runner, we're not deploying
the Imperium to defend those citadels. We will if we can, but I would get your shit out.
All right, let's see what else we got. Okay. I want to talk about GSFOE. So here's the deal.
One of the things that sucks about Fuzzy Sob is that Fuzzy Sob sucks when it's disorganized.
No organization that I've ever seen has really been able to make Fuzzy Sob handled in a quick
and efficient way. And that's one of the reasons why when it comes to non-strategic warfare,
for the last several years, most of the blocks have just fought each other in spaceships. We
blow up each other's keep stars, and then we do Fuzzy Sob as a cleanup. And that was before I
encountered Declorean Pilot, who had figured out a system in a way to do Entosis in a more efficient
way. And when it's done efficiently, it is not bad. It's actually kind of fun when you're using a
Krisknife Bifrost. And we realized if we turn this into a SIG and then sort of spin it up as a full
blown GSOL-style organization, at the coordination layer, it's much easier to handle global comms and
everything like that when you have an integrated, coordinated group that is optimized and has the
full backing of the state for specialized doctrines and a specialized defense team. And it's just all
set up, like, just do it. And we've got a bunch of really cool ideas. So I saw that Cryo had made a
really cool piece of art poster for joining GSFOE. And I don't know if Declorean has actually started
openly recruiting yet, but this is something we spun up just two or three days ago. He had already
built this organization. We turned it into a SIG and things are in motion. So I really want to say
that Entosis can be a lot of fun. If you were in the Fremen before, the Fremen were very disorganized.
They were intentionally designed as a harassment group. This is designed to be like, I mean,
straight up. It does what it says on the tin. It's Goon Swarm Offensive Entosis. It's GSOL, but for
hacking and making it away as most efficient as possible for us to do defense and to make things
shitty and awful for the bad guys and take their space out from under it. So Declorean's a fucking
baller and I highly encourage that people check that out. And I guess the group for it is already
there. Does that mean that the Fremen SIG will get removed? Yeah, we are basically replacing
the Fremen SIG with GSFOE. So if you're an old school Fremen guy, please do join that.
And Ragnar has linked the group that you can apply to it if you are interested.
Let me check my notes.
Let's see what else we got. War is obviously busy, so I end up with like a ton of notes for
Fireside and I'm going to compile a lot of the like, I think you guys are mostly up to speed with
like what's happening in the war, but I'm going to write up a big war update to sort of do the
story so far of this first week. Because I think it'll just be better to just spell it out in
words and herb rather than trying to describe it on a fireside. Let's see what else we got here.
Yeah, I mean, shit's going awesome. I mean, many of you guys assume you've seen some of
the assassinations of hostile jump freighters that many love has been doing. That is also
Joe Painter and crew are doing their thing. We have scouted every single jump freighter that
docks in a hostile staging system during this war. Their name goes on a list, which is then handed
to many love. So any time any freighter of any kind docks in the bad guys stagings to resupply
them, they go on a hit list. And if you want to be part of the execution squad hunting those guys
down, many love owns. And yes, we also have a Saturday night swarm tonight. I don't know what
we're going to be doing on it. It's going to be chill and awesome, whatever it is, and I will be
there high as balls. And who knows? Listen, I definitely noticing listening to fucking mine one.
I got to say, there's no question one weekend that only the Imperium could start a war with a the
coolest in game DJ fucking party that has ever been seen any like we threw a hell of a party
last Saturday and then, uh, well, we seem to be doing pretty well. So high fives all around.
All right, so let me see. Yeah. So let's take some questions, guys.
Is there anything we should focus on building? That's a very good question that I can't answer.
So I guess the answer is there you go. Serb doctrine. Yeah. So it's a hell war. So all of the
FCs who are snowflakes get to have their personal snowflake doctrine. So
if Asher wants Serbs, he can fucking have Serbs. I don't think. Yeah. Like, I don't think that
we're going to be letting any time to can Harry like crash Serbs into a wall. But Asher can work
magic with Serbs in a way that very few FCs can or want to. Whatever it is, Asher and Serbs just
go together. So if you see him paying for Serb fleets, please do go on them. If you see anybody
else who is not an adult in the room paying for Serb fleets, let me know. You don't have to.
We'll already be going. What the fuck are you doing? All right, let's see what else we got.
Do you think we'll do a marauder doctrine? Dude, anything is possible. I have no idea. If the FCs
come to me and they're like, yo, dude, we have this crazy idea and it will help us win the war
and I'll be like, whatever. My attitude towards this whole thing is like, look, guys, we spent
four years after the casino war building up what I believe is the greatest space empire in the
history of Internet gaming. And if we're going to get attacked, that means it's just a blank check.
We built this thing to use it. This isn't the casino where the enemy has infinite money and
they have these fucking cheated casinos that CCP is then going to ban. It didn't start because of
a weird threesome gone wrong in Space Monkeys Alliance that had nothing to do with Goon Swarm.
It's a completely different war. So we're using everything we have.
Is there SRP for ADM or recalls? I don't know because we just started doing it two days ago.
We're kind of doing things fast and loose here because it's a fucking hell war. As we
formalize things and figure it out, there'll be threads and order and organization.
All right, hold on a moment. I'll be right back.
That my door.
Sorry about that. My girlfriend came over and brought her dog. So I'm saying, hi, puppy.
Yeah, no, I'm not getting flooded. I'm getting dog. It's good.
It's mom point entities. All right, let's see what else we got.
Why is test been so pathetic so far? Because I would say that none of the leaders of test have
anything to do with tests culture and that they don't really give a shit. Like if you think about
it, the original dreaded culture was founded from a sector of our Eve with a group of whoever,
whatever Montolio and their crew and like dreaded is still in test. And it's in theory,
like the big test core, but like Billy pro got legend, Manny, Sue is like,
they're, you know, it's just, it's an alliance full of green coats and opportunists and backstabbers
and lamers basically, or a good boys as a J introduced me to the attendees subreddit.
And I just really like the test is basically an entire alliance of my good boys. Fedora tipping.
All right, let's see what else we got here.
Is there any way we can utilize our collective bees to shut on test on our even suppress them?
We're already owning these people's faces. Like they are doing upvote brigades and a whole bunch
of other diet that we don't care about. Like you don't need to like upvotes don't win wars. They
can upvote as much as they want this crap of like, Oh, here's some dumb meme that like, they're like
boomers trying to use Tik Toks. Like it's just sad. You know, let them upvote brigade it, whatever,
who cares? That's on them. Like it's still dumb memes. And like they, they alienate their allies
because they embarrass their allies. Like their posting is so bad that people do not want to be
their friends. So I'm cool with it. That's one of the reasons why I explicitly named Valcorsa
in the state of the union is that I realized that that guy would go on a posting spree and that
people can't stand him. And so he's like posting everywhere. Cause he's like, I'm inside the
Mitani's head. And so like the face of like test alliances, like on Reddit, it's like, uh,
Valcorsa and like that captain so band guy. And they're, they're just excruciating little
bitches, but they think that because they get mentioned, so they get attentions that they
should post more, which we want to encourage because that alienates everybody else.
Cause nobody wants to hang out with those guys. So like, you know, the system works.
Let's see. How do we recommend new girls, uh, earn history in this war? Routing is highly risky.
Uh, ADMs, dilute the bounties. That's a good question. I mean, there's a number of ways that
you could do it. Uh, abyssals work out pretty well. Exploration works out pretty well. Uh,
there's a number of ways that you can earn us that are not, uh, ratting or mining to directly,
uh, get cash. I would encourage that people check out the PVP, PVE, uh, PVP,
PVE sub forum. There's a lot of good stuff in there. Also, myrmidons are functionally free,
like seriously, like if you get four ticks and you've paid for your mermidon, and I think that
a bunch of corpse even offer like a reimbursement for them. So like you can get out there,
rat in a myrmidon and in like 15 minutes, you've made your money back.
And if also the other thing about a myrmidon is it has really good drone moduses. So if somebody
tries to like tackle you in some random ass frigate, in many cases you can just kill them.
So I would, I would recommend that. Uh, Magnum Allen says, "PI, PI, PI." I'm basically like
worst person in the world to answer that question when it comes to direct like PVE stuff. Uh, but
you know, people can help you out on Elysium and it looks like they already are, which is cool.
Are we good on supplies? Do we need any mineral, mineral in particular? Uh,
I would say that people should not be exporting anything, obviously, like we're doing internal
production here. So like if you're mining stuff and you have minerals, uh, keep it in the family,
keep it inside of a Fortress Dell, Fortress Fountain, Fortress, a period basis. Uh, you know,
don't export things to Jita because, uh, you know, we're busy doing market PV out there
and stripping the markets so the bad guys cannot get their ships.
More questions about ADM, like Rorqual, like we, like I said earlier, dude, uh, we, we started
doing this like two days ago. So we don't have like a system or a process yet or we're figuring
it out as we go along. Uh, and when it comes to like, if somebody loses their Rorqual and we say,
"Oh shit, we'll give you a reimbursement and we'll do that." Uh, but there isn't like a formal
process yet. Again, like we're spinning up new orgs left and right, but the bad guys are not
putting enough pressure on, uh, on that part of our org layer. All right, let's see what we got.
"Will we hold other alliances accountable for their transgressions once all the dust settles
after we're done with TEST?" Um, we'll see. I mean, one of the things that's important here
is like this whole thing was started by TEST and I think that instead of going to like one of our
advantages that we're very united and one of the disadvantages of the 150,000 pubby hordes trying
to invade us barbarian style, uh, is that they are extremely divided. They have 103 different
alliances and they're full of a bunch of people that are more interested in themselves than in
their culture, in their people, in their tribe, in their coalition. Uh, and so one of the reasons
why we're very focused on TEST is that one, TEST is responsible for this. They schemed the whole
thing up. Two, TEST is a weak point because they fucking suck. Uh, and three, you always want to,
you know, "Sun Tzu, you always want to leave your enemy a golden bridge of retreat." But seriously,
you always want to leave your enemy a golden bridge of retreat. Uh, there's no point in making
threats or antagonizing or doing whatever because we want the other, the other people to go away,
go home. Now, I feel kind of bad for these guys. I feel bad every time I see like a brave newbie
fleet vaporized because, uh, you know, essentially they were promised another great war and what they
got is something that was schemed up by some of the, some of the EVE Online NullSec metagames
most famous losers, right? Like if you look at the track record on the campaigns of like people
like Manny, people like Vili, and I guess Vili's okay. I don't really know what happened with the
FRT thing. I've thought Vili was smarter than this and it's, it's, it's really disappointing.
I thought, I thought that this was going to be a lot more dangerous because I thought that after
spending several years in the Gunstorm Directorate, Vili would have learned a couple of things that
apparently he hadn't. And you know, Piggles is not known for, uh, seeing things through to the
end. So I feel bad for like brave newbies cause they're, they're, you know, it's cute. Like they
have newbies blowing up I hubs in Cloud Ring and they're having fun. And like, that's cool. We
abandoned Cloud Ring. If they want to pat themselves on the back about it, that's great.
Uh, but I don't really hold any grudges against brave fucking newbies. I feel bad for them because
essentially they followed the Pied Piper of idiocy. They followed these fucking test nerds
off a fucking cliff. Right. So keep all of your, you know, if you have this, if you have this
energy, if you have this mojo and you're like, grr, I want to be mad at people in EVE Online,
like test is next dude. Like that's not changing for years. Like this is, they are fun to shoot
because they are extremely annoying and uh, they're the most annoying people in the galaxy.
And so until somebody else is more annoying, we're just going to keep most of the guns in
the focus on test because uh, fuck them. Test is next. And they cry, like they cry like
motherfuckers. Like these guys are losing their shit on Reddit. It is adorable.
Do I have a preferred genre of music for your next song? Uh, not really. I don't want to,
I don't want to like, I don't like putting people in boxes, right? Like if you have an
idea where you're like, I want to do this thing, just, uh, you know, you do you. I shouldn't be
telling you how you want to express yourself. All right. Let's see what else we got.
Yeah. Like this whole upvote down doesn't fucking matter guys. Like yes, test has upvote brigades.
If they want to spend their time organizing upvote brigades and downvoting your posts,
that's great because they're not learning how a fucking sob war works. Like let them do it. Their
memes suck and it alienates. Like you have to understand, like sometimes when somebody looks
like really annoying, like they think their memes are good. Like I've watched them talk to themselves
about like how they'll work together to build a meme and it's awful. It's like the most amateur
hour boomer garbage shit. There are some cool boomers, right? I'm not, we, I'm not saying all
boomers are, uh, out of touch, but their boomers are definitely way out of touch with reality and
everything. And so their memes suck. Their propaganda sucks. And that's good because
again, there's 150,000 puppies. Not all of them are in test. Most of them are not in test. And
the more embarrassing test is and the worst they post, the more they will alienate their allies
because nobody wants to be stuck talking to the really lame, annoying guy at the party. And test
is if the galaxy is a party test is that really awkward, lame, annoying guy that everybody's
trying to avoid and get away from. All right, let's see what else we got.
The director does not have a policy on casting evil spells at test.
Do rock walls, uh, are they considered savable? I wouldn't be out there mining in a rock wall if
you weren't part of an op with a cover up. There is something that we're investigating doing,
which is like having a strategic PVE zone where we organize a defense properly so that people can
start doing their thing again. We have enough breathing room, I think, to, you know, I can't
promise a day when we'll have that ready. It'll be probably sometime in the next week, depending
upon how hot and heavy things are. Let's see what else we got. Oh, Sino bounty. Yeah, so on the
great, uh, Goro, uh, Goroth Minleo, uh, I mangled your name, sorry. But yeah, uh, I didn't know that
Initiative was doing that. I think that's a great idea, and I made a note to, uh, talk to Atrium and
the guys about bolting a Sino bounty onto our existing bounty hunting program for, uh, for
Hostile Antosis, which incidentally the headhunters have been fucking kicking ass. You guys are out
there murdering these nerds all day every day, and I love it.
Yeah, and also, propaganda game is on fucking point. It's not just Cryo, like,
there, Cryo obviously is a fucking hero, and I'm constantly peeing his things, but we've seen,
uh, I'm forgetting his name, uh, but there was a dude who made a really badass, like,
uh, crush your enemies and see them driven before you, uh, thing the other day. But yeah,
like, there's just tons of propaganda game. I'm not gonna lie, I'm not gonna lie, I'm not gonna
crush your enemies and see them driven before you a thing the other day.
But yeah, there's just tons of awesome stuff, please keep at it.
Is there an Intosys Hunter standing fleet?
Not really.
I don't know if you guys want to organize something like that, you're welcome to.
Like, we haven't needed to really organize it yet.
In terms of the Undergintosis stuff, we have, at the strategic level of the coordination
team obviously is sending QRFs where they need to go.
Any developments with eVegas?
Well, the sad thing is that if you don't control a pandemic, it will rip through a population
and if uncontrolled pandemic continues through the United States by October, a whole ton
of people will be dead and we won't have to worry about it as much.
So as of right now, eVegas is still on because again, that's in October.
And viral, let's put it like this, from a safety perspective, if you're in the United
States, there has never been a better time to stay inside and play some fucking video
Just trust me on that.
Like, it's, you know, that shit doubles every week.
Math doesn't care about your feelings, math doesn't care about your politics, and you
can chart viral progression on a fucking predictable curve.
So there you go.
Play some fucking video games, stay inside, and fight in a hell war rather than like choking
to death.
Please do that.
What will be the turning point of the war where we switch from defensive to offensive?
It's a good question, but we've been doing offense every night, which is hilarious.
So one of the things, actually, I don't know how much we did offense last night.
We were mainly doing ADM flates, but we have been consistently doing offense in Paragon
Sol from day one and Northern Esoteria and GSol have been a bunch of fucking heroes.
We have like towers all through their space.
So if you're a hacker, you'll find that there's a dick star set up in every single constellation
in Paragon Sol.
We even have some towers in Esoteria, so like you can hack their shit and then hide in a
tower and this is one of the cool things that GSFOE is going to be exploiting to our benefit
in terms of organized hacking and harassment.
So like we've been doing a pretty good job.
You know, they are, our vulnerabilities are in EUTC and because our enemies are fucking
idiots, even knowing that they were planning an invasion of us, they chose to keep their
vulnerabilities in the US time zone.
So we can do D in EU and then we can do O in US.
Obviously we're still doing a little bit of defense in the US because we have to do ADM
There's a bunch of work to do, but Paragon Sol and Esoteria are incredibly vulnerable
and even though they're trying to change their vulnerability timer, CCP made it such that
you can only change phones at an alliance level like once every 30 days.
So you like set it and then you wait a month.
So let's see what kind of work we can get done on offensive ops, especially with our
new offensive hacking SIG, where it's more efficient and organized better between now
and the time that they change their phones.
Do we have any plans to recruit other old members to come back?
The frame of the question itself is wrong, Tasman.
It's an interesting question.
We have not been trying to recruit old players.
We're fighting a war, we're doing propaganda, we're doing our thing.
People are coming back because they want to get in on duct taping tests to a wall.
They want to give tests to Swirly.
They want to hang out with their buddies and have fun.
And we're the good guys.
People know that we're the good guys because the bad guys are lame.
So we haven't been running around like, "Yeah, sure.
We have Elo and Graf and Laz and Kendar and several more people coming in."
Obviously the sleepers are awakening.
So all these ancient great warriors are popping up from five, 10 years ago.
But it's not like we haven't blown the horn of Gundor yet.
We haven't actively tried to...
Puppies are saying that we're paying people to come back.
We're not doing that.
We're just doing our thing.
We're going to put the boot in test and a lot of people want to put the boot in test.
So it's kind of a popular fun thing.
We're having a great time.
Everybody can see we're having a great time.
And so in a lot of ways, we don't really need to do any like, "Hey man, could you come back?"
Because if we're doing a good job of running our space empire correctly, it's fun.
It's engaging.
We have a purpose.
We have an enemy that's extremely annoying and people want to join the party because
it owns.
This is awesome.
I mean, I'm not saying that we don't need our returning bets.
We do need our returning bets.
We do need...
We're outnumbered three to one against the entire fucking galaxy.
We need all the help that we can get.
It's just not that we're like, we're not running around and like twisting arms and saying,
"Hey, you need to come back and play and we'll give you isk or something like that."
The people that you're seeing coming back and playing are doing it because they want
to come and play with us.
That's all there is to it.
Lincoln, I'm not actually going to explain it because I think that the bad guys don't
understand what it is.
And I don't want to spell it out on a fireside because then they will know what has not yet
been done.
All right.
I've been running my mouth a lot here.
So I think I'm going to call it.
We are done with the fireside.
Thank you all for coming and let's get back to fucking work.
This is going to be a continual process.
There is S&S tonight as well.
Mine one is going to be DJing.
It will be a lot of fun.
And I will see you all in fleet as we continue to put the boot to test.
Who remain next and will likely remain next for the next several years.
Thanks guys.
Back to work.