Fireside Chat Transcript 12 Jun 2k22

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Alright boys and girls, I just got out of a Kremlin meeting, sorry for the slight delay
with the fireside.
I'm gonna take a piss and refill my coffee, and then when I get back from that we will
get started here as your number is stabilized.
We got a lot to go over today, I've got some ranting to do, I'm wearing a black shirt,
and I'm mildly annoyed from dealing with tech issues on my computer earlier, so I've got
a full head of mad, and I intend to do some ranting.
I will be right back and we'll get started.
Alright, we had a Kremlin meeting earlier before this and unfortunately my mustache
for some reason was talking and not beeping.
I was very confused.
Alright, today we have to talk about some of the gory details of Feldistry.
If you heard my rant on the Meta Show, you might have been confused because you hadn't
heard me bitch about Kenneth Feld or Feldistry in a while.
And one of the reasons why you hadn't heard about that is because in the era where a Wyvern
was 90 billion isk worth of water, which only recently ended, CCP and Kenneth Feld had fucked
up the production of capital ships so badly that essentially no one across the galaxy
had bothered to build a capital ship.
We simply coasted along on our already built stockpiles.
Now CCP has changed things.
CCP has changed things, making it slightly more affordable to build, say, a Dreadnought.
And you guys know it must be bad if I am beginning a fireside talking about the details of industry
and I'm angry about it.
But there might be some solutions here.
Why would I be angry?
Well, CCP has made it such that, let's say it costs about 3.3 bill to shit out a Dread,
Naked hull.
If you do all of the math and you do everything correctly, you can do this.
And we just did this.
We tested it.
And through that process, we realized that while CCP had in fact lowered the build cost
of capital ships, they had left all of the incompetent complexity from the Feldistry
Now what is incompetent complexity?
Well, competent complexity is a sort of a paradigm, a worldview, a intellectual framework
that makes sense consistently across situations.
So for example, when you build a T1 ship, you build a T1 ship and roughly the same way
you have a basket of minerals, high fives all around.
T1 capital ships back in the day, you would also have component BPOs.
When you do a T2 version of something, you do reactions or you buy some goo off of the
market, you do reactions, whatever, you get your T2 components, you add them to the T1
basket of stuff because you have the underlying T1 hull, and then some stuff happens and you
get a T2 ship.
Now Feldistry has come to capital ships and in capital ships now they require gas of all
They require PI of a number of kinds in ways that don't make sense, like P1 PI in capital
That's where we are.
And also some components that come from exploration.
Now why am I ranting about this?
I'm ranting about this because it is important for us now to understand the nuances of this
because as an organization, I will not have an alliance that cannot shit out capital ships.
And the complexity is something that instead of just bitching about, we can both bitch
about it and solve it.
Now what are these particular issues?
Some of these things involve PI.
We told you before we need PI to be produced and dumped in 1DQ1.
We've needed that for a long time for GSOL's needs for the production of citadels.
There's also a number of weird reaction components that are a huge time blocker into producing
capital ships now.
Let me see, check my notes.
Things like reinforced carbon fiber and pressurized oxidizers.
Now these are new items that have been added as part of Feldistry, which require new BPO's,
which also require a bunch of random ass skills.
So for example, some of these include skill requirements for stuff like neurotoxin recovery
And actually they took just a bunch of random pubby bullshit from this Feld guy.
We're like, oh, well, this PL guy seems to know what he's talking about.
The alliance that builds jacked off fleets really knows their way about capital ships
and licked his ass and put in whatever the hell he wanted.
And here we are.
But we are now home from war and it is time for us to build capital ships.
And I'm not going to let Kenneth Feld get in the way.
And so we are going to solve this the way that we solve everything.
We put our heads together, we put our best nerds and our best nerd minds together, and
we solve the problem.
You guys have already been doing your part.
I was very happy when I asked in the loom meeting today about our people huffing gas,
because again, every single capital ship that you want to murder the pubbies with requires
all spectrums of gas, both booster gas and a whole bunch of C1 through C6 wormhole gas.
It requires exploration components.
It requires a bunch of stupid reactions.
If one character was going to try to build an entire dreadnought himself, just one alt,
whatever, and you did all of the reactions that Feldistry added into it, it would take
you a month before you even got to building the dreadhaul.
However, this is where we get into the differential competitive advantage, aka being better than
the pubbies and more organized than the pubbies.
Because what we are going to do here is distribute this motherfucker.
That means that some of you are going to be building reaction components.
You're not going to be building dreadnoughts, but you're going to shit out reinforced carbon
fiber and pressurized oxidizers.
Some of you are going to specialize in huffing gas and dumping it on the market of 1DQ1.
Some of you are going to whore PI because you've decided that that's your jam and that's
how you're going to contribute.
Some of you are going to be focusing on the exploration missions to get these weird fucking
Essentially, if we as an organization want to drop dreadnoughts and carriers on the bad
guys, which we do, that means that collectively speaking, we must solve the stupidity traps
that have been laid for us by Kenneth Felt.
What they have done is added the amount of BPO is required to do many of these things,
but we working together and using our GZs collectively can accomplish this.
We ask a lot of you guys, and increasingly this is what CCB has done.
They have raised the complexity level.
They have raised the difficulty level.
Even if they have done it in a stupid way, it is on us to defeat it.
We're going to have more information from you guys about this from the finance team,
but I want everyone to be aware of it.
We just talked about it at length with the Kremlin.
I want fucking dreadnoughts.
I want fucking carriers and I want puppies dying into them.
And before we can even talk about the big boy toys, we've got to master this shit.
We have got to solve the supply chain issue.
The gas stuff.
There's going to be a gas huffing class, an entire class about how to huff gas to teach
you how to do it right after this fireside.
And there's going to be more of that coming down the pipe.
We might not have it ready for you this week, but there's going to be guides on how to do
every aspect of this such that you can find a way that you can contribute and you don't
have to build a fucking dreadnought yourself.
You can just find one of these things, get it done, sell it in 1DQ1, and we will make
this shit work.
And the important thing is that we're going to make this shit work way before the bad
guys do.
The bad guys typically rely on one or two individuals to do things.
They do them vertically.
They don't distribute the production.
And if you look at anything that Ranger Gamma just linked you in Elysium, click on any of
those things.
All of them are going to be useful and there will be more.
This is pretty important.
Now, I'm going to segue into some CSM shit.
We'll have a couple more days of voting.
If you haven't voted yet, stop what you're doing and just vote for the fucking CSM in
the way that we tell you to such that we can win this thing and move on with our lives.
If you need motivation, I would again point out Sprite.
If you're looking at any of the stuff I just talked to you about, about dreadnoughts and
dreadnought production, and you're like, "Gosh, I didn't want to hear about the nuances of
reactions and, you know, chiral structures going into naglophars on a fireside.
I wanted some fire and brimstone."
Well, here's some fire and brimstone to you.
It's fucking Kenneth Feld's fault, and he's their number one person on the PanFam ballot.
And I would love to have a CSM where Kenneth Feld constantly has his failures, and CCP
constantly is reminded of their failures in listening to these fucking pubbies rammed
in their faces for the next fucking year.
I don't want to vote out of some good government reason, out of some sort of, "Gosh, we're
sending our best and brightest," which we are.
We're sending the actual people who know how to unfuck the economy to Iceland.
But if all that's boring, just spite.
Please vote the way that we ask you to, because fuck all pubbies forever.
Fuck Kenneth Feld.
And fuck a system where we need to have P1PI in every capital ship, and a system that makes
no sense whatsoever, unlike T2 Production, which had a coherent framework and a paradigm
behind them.
Fuck Kenneth Feld is a dumb piece of shit, and the Kenneth Feldistry system reflects
And if he's going to be on the CSM this year, because PanFam is going to try to put him
there, I want to make sure that he is constantly reminded of his failures.
So drop what you're doing right now.
If you haven't fucking voted yet, do the thing and vote.
A link to the sticky at the top of the room now.
And there you go.
Turnout across the game is low.
We knew this because we're seeing declines across the game for a variety of reasons that
we've talked about before.
If however, you are willing to resub an account, particularly when it comes to all of this
victory garden stuff, we're talking about victory garden alts.
We don't have a coherent plan for that yet.
The finance team is working on it.
But essentially, I have to come up here on every fucking fireside and say, we need PI.
We need reaction materials.
We need gas.
We need these weird ass exploration things brought into 1DQ1.
And I like the idea of a victory garden alt where you can have, hey, here's a group, here's
an alt that does the PI, we'll have guides for you to show you how to do it.
Here's how much money you can make off of it.
And it can be useful for padding CSM election.
So if you've had a character that has been subscribed sometime recently, you can resubscribe
and vote in this election.
And that would be great.
I do not expect that Kenneth Feld, I do not expect that the Phantomites, the Felds, the
whoever the fuck Elfboy is sending, he's sending his IT guy to just leak stuff to him, presumably,
since he can't be on the council himself.
I don't expect them to see reason.
In fact, I expect Kenneth Feld to be extremely butt blasted about us calling Feldistry and
talking mad shit.
Because as soon as every Tom, Dick and Harry who across the game, block or non-block, Imperium
or not, learns that this guy had spent a bunch of time bragging openly in public about he
was the one who told CCB how to fix the new revised capital ships, and he was the individual
responsible for pushing the system and advocating for it.
I think people should know, we were in the middle of the Vietnam War when this went down.
So we didn't, we weren't really planning on building that many capships in March of 2021.
If you guys remember, you were there, we were in woodchipper mode, we were holding the fucking
line, and so it didn't fucking matter.
But now it's time for Kenneth Feld to get his day in the sun, and for the EVE Online
player base to realize that he was the one who has made capital ship production this
And while we will master that production, while we will understand the nuances in a
way that the enemy does not, we can complain about it too, and we can let everybody know
who is to blame.
Because, conveniently, he repeatedly claimed credit for it, so why the fuck not?
And his bitch ass can be mad, but it'll be great, wonderful, high fives all around.
Now let's talk about doctrines, because as Garak just points out, I'm still ranting about
industry, and I'm ranting about industry because I want the warships so we can murder the puppies
with them.
So all of these things tie together, boys and girls, all of them tie together.
For a long time now, certain doctrines have been part of our core.
We've had some of our doctrines for years because they get the job done.
Things like harpies, things like jackdaws.
I never expected that I'd get here in front of you guys on a fireside and say that the
end of the jackdaw and harpy era is nigh, but it is.
Because it's Flycatcher time, baby.
Goons, you guys, and myself included, we're all terrible at tackling.
We're fucking bad at tackling, but we don't have to be bad at tackling if we just equip
an entire fleet of fucking Dictors where everybody has a fucking bubble.
As it happens, the Flycatcher, which now Oryndas has linked the new thread, the Flycatcher
can do every job that both the jackdaws and the harpies do, and do it better.
We are going to do Flycatchers at scale, boys and girls, and I'm really happy about it.
I think it's a great-looking ship.
I'm a sucker for anything black and red, as you can imagine, and I think it's awesome.
You guys have been having a lot of fun with it in the last few days.
It is a official ass doctrine.
We've got some other stuff coming, too.
What we are doing organizationally, what we are doing organizationally is preparing for
the next war.
Because while we have had tremendous success recently, it doesn't mean that our enemies
are not still trying to find ways to ruin us.
Earlier in the week, we went to Impass and we saved seven Kharas IHubs, and we saved
them from a massive assemblage of happies.
Now, of course, as soon as we turned up, then I'm sure that they were only doing it just
for content, which is why we actually saw more pappies on the field from Shredders than
we had even seen in the Vietnam War.
Seven hubs, you glorious motherfuckers successfully defended.
We are working on a lot of things because we know, organizationally speaking, with the
assemblage of crap assembledd against us, that they are going to say, "Oh, we weren't serious
about this.
Oh, we're just going to look for content over here."
And that any time they can make a crack at us, they're going to do it.
So there's going to be more doctrine changes as we modernize our shit with some of the
lessons that we have learned from the Jeff fleet.
I'm going to talk about that now.
The Jeff deployment really underscored the necessity of eagles.
I want to talk about eagles because I want to talk about how much work Applebear has
been doing on a whole number of fronts, not only in his position in the black hand and
his position as a fleet commander, Applebear was out there with a fleet of eagles that
I went there and I said, "I need you guys to hold the line and I need you to die.
I need you to make it as painful as possible before you die, but I need you to hold this
ground and I need you to fucking die as slowly as you can, murdering as many puppies as you
can along the way."
You can't do that with a Munin fleet.
You cannot do that with a Munin fleet.
Munins are great.
Munins have their place.
But I want you guys to understand that from a strategic perspective, the eagle is the
The eagle is the anvil.
It is very important.
And I have been asked by our fleet commanders to tell everyone why eagles are cool, to point
to their operational value and say, "Hey, look, this is a thing.
This is a direction that we're headed in."
So if you've been on the fence about that, I want you to know from a top-down perspective,
we are all about that eagleship and we would prefer to emphasize them more than Munins
in general.
We're still keeping Munins.
They have their place, but in more and more situations where the enemy is bringing out
heavier hardware, battleships are increasingly part of the meta.
We're going to get to that next.
In an area where there's more heavy hardware on the field, which is great.
We love big slug...
I love fucking battleship fights, battleships and dreadnoughts and that's the good stuff.
That's the good stuff.
But in an environment like that, you need to have tankier hacks that can hold the line
against that kind of firepower.
And that is why eagles are cool and good.
What is also cool and good?
We have seen from the Jeff deployment, our allies and initiative were ballsy as fuck
because they're in it.
That's what they are.
They're ballsy as fuck.
And they started a NAPOC doctrine.
You know what?
We should have one too.
So before we were encouraging you on Baltech fleets that if you wanted a pimp fit, you
could go the upgrade of the NAPOC.
But now we're saying fuck it.
Full SRP for NAPOCs.
It's going to be part of that.
It's not just an upgrade.
We are saying yes to NAPOCs.
And we are also saying yes...
Last week on the fireside, I got up here and I said amulets are necessary.
Mid-grade amulets at least for your capital ships.
If you've got a carrier, if you've got a fucking Archon, you need to have at least mid-grade
Mid-grade amulets, in case you're coming back from a long time away, are what we used to
call slave implants.
They do a huge bonus to your armor layer.
And guess what?
If you should have mid-grades on a carrier, you should probably have mid-grades on a fucking
So we want to encourage people.
This is not an official requirement.
Your SRP will not be denied if you don't have mid-grades.
But you can get mid-grade amulets from NPC Delve.
There is a bottomless pit of Blood Raiders missions there that shit out LP that you can
get amulets with.
So we want people to get mid-grade amulets for both their armor caps minimum, as well
as these battleship pleats.
If you're flying an armor battleship, please get mid-grades, especially if you're using
a fucking NAPOC.
Because if you're spending the money to get a NAPOC, and we're going to spend the money
to SRP it, you might as well fucking go whole ham and get at least the mid-grades to go
along with it.
Please, please, please.
If you want to make money, if you're like, "Gosh, I'm new and I still need a source of
making money and I haven't really figured my shit out."
Again, NPC Delve, any of the missions that shit out amulets are the ones that we are
interested in.
And as Kazanir points out, if you're wondering, "Is it useful without the Omega, which is
the most expensive part of the set?"
Yes, yes it is.
You don't have to go all the way with the mid-grades.
You can start without the Omega and work your way up.
It is nice to be able to come to you today and talk about spaceships and the production
of spaceships and the violence associated with that.
It feels good.
This is nice.
We are talking about the need to upgrade our doctrines because the enemy is always looking
for an excuse to attack us.
Fraternity came at Dracarys.
We defended in H-Y.
All of the pappy remnants came at Dracarys in Impass.
And we and that fucking heroic Eagle Fleet, led by Applebear, held the fucking line and
we saved that shit.
That was a real-ass strategic attack.
You don't see that many of the Jackdaw Fleet people on the field unless it is a real fucking
They took a swing, but you stopped them.
And as part of that, there is an initiative that I am excited about from GSFOE.
GSFOE is of course our hacker organization, but this is open to anyone who is...
I think that you should probably join GSFOE if you are interested in this, but we have
something pretty cool.
This is a hedge against one of the worst and dumbest aspects of Fozzysoft.
I am of course speaking about the Defender's Disadvantage.
All the IHUBS in Delve are in Goonswarm's name because in Fozzysoft, only the defending
alliance can hack offensively.
Any alliance can hack offensively.
So what happens when we are going far afield to defend our allies against the pappy menace?
Well, we are going to make an alt-corp.
Actually this has already happened.
These very smart people come up with an alt-corp and what we are going to do is we are going
to pack hackers in that alt-corp and then move that alt-corp to Imperium allies that
might need defensive hacking assistance.
So essentially, if Dracarys needs an extra 30 hackers on an op, we will move that corp
into Dracarys and we will do the fucking needful to hold the line.
I'm super excited about this because this is something that I see as a permanent capacity
increase for Goonswarm.
This is something that we are always going to have need for whenever our allies are attacked
and this way we will no longer have to sit there twiddling as we watch our allies try
to defend I-hubs and are only kept from supporting them by stupid mechanics that were put into
this game a long time ago in a really dumb way.
I'm still mad about Fuzzy Sov all these years later in case you couldn't tell.
So click that.
Vex has got the Imperium Hackers Association.
Also this is another thing.
Whether I like it or not, just like with the Feldustri, I can sit here and bitch about
how I don't like water and wyverns but at the end of the day, now that it is mechanically
possible and financially feasible to build these capital ships, we must do it.
We can bitch about something and beat it at the same time.
And so the reason why I'm super excited about the Imperium Hackers Association of
Chadds is that it's going to allow us to maintain and improve our Fuzzy Sov defensive
capacity even at a time when we're not under attack.
One of the worst things that happens about the system is you can get a bunch of people
together who learn how to make this not suck, who learn how to beat Fuzzy Sov at its own
game, and then if you're not under attack, if you're not defending on the reg, those
guys can wander off.
They can forget what they learned.
They can get bored of it and not teach the next generation.
It's the capability that will allow our hackers sharp to keep those skills vital and
That's really important because I don't want to be in a situation where in six months
from now we come under attack and everybody that knows how to hack defensively in the
most effective way possible has no experience or has wandered off or just hasn't even touched
it in forever.
We need this kind of thing.
It's going to boost to our defenses across the coalition because now, really, seriously,
this is a really good idea.
We should have thought of it years ago.
Here we are.
We thought of it now, and I think it's really cool.
We do that.
If you're not in Goon Swarm but you're interested in doing the Hackers Association, can we join
that with an alt?
I believe so, yes, actually, and in fact that's been confirmed.
If you're looking at this and you're not officially in Goon Swarm, anybody that is down and is
able, please do this hacking alt corp, and that way we have a mobile Imperium defense
corp that we can move around whenever one of our front lines is attacked.
And Vex is being a fucking baller with all the NPCs you could want.
This is going to take a little bit for us to spin up, but it looks like it's actually
already halfway there, and we're just going to keep repeating it because I think it's
a really good idea.
If this is a justification that you need to bring back some of your alt accounts, then
please make sure that you bring back your alt accounts before Tuesday and use them to
vote in the election because fuck all puppies forever.
It is kind of interesting.
Brisk on the Meta Show yesterday was saying that the puppies hate you, and it's true.
But it is really funny to see the phantomites of the world.
They're actually out there talking about the evils of the blocks, and to be fair, if you
look at a block that's sending some random horde server guy and some dude who's got a
leak to Norris and the dude responsible for fucking up capital ship production for more
than a year now, you would say block candidates are bad.
And the reality is that we have the best and most competent slate of candidates out of
anyone who has assembled a ballot.
This was really good.
There's no pappies on it, subject matter experts, and the people that aren't in the Imperium
actually know their shit.
So vote the way we tell you, declarations of war.
All right, a little bit of questions, and I'm going to check my notes in case I haven't
missed anything.
I want to remind you guys that we need to build dreadnoughts to murder puppies, and
there is going to be a gas-tuffing class that's going to be pinged out right after this fireside.
There's actually a really interesting Jabber channel that has a useful bot in it that one
of our wonderful developers came up with.
And I believe it's, let me see, it's gas_station?
This is a Jabber channel, folks.
Yeah, so Kazanir has linked this here.
Kazanir, can you explain to everybody what the fuck this is?
You join this channel and there is a bot that tells you about places you can get gas.
I actually don't know anything more about that than that.
But it works.
Get in there, check it out, observe it in action, and you will find it.
It's a gas-tuffing, and all sites have been found.
We're trying to do whatever we can organizationally to make it easier for you guys to help out
with this, right?
Like, we wouldn't be talking about gas-tuffing on a fucking fireside in front of 570 people
if it wasn't for the production of the tools of war, murder, and conquest.
I've got some shout-out here.
Speaking of cool things like gas_station.
Now I know that I've got a sticky note here that somebody made that said that I should
not give any names for the developers, just "the devs" for Moontax and AfterDevs.
I also have a note here that says I should give John Monty specifically a shout-out for
all of his insane webway work.
There have been a bunch of devs doing a bunch of work, and unfortunately I cannot name every
single person that did everything.
Scopo has been doing work, DevilCrafter has been doing work, Binary has been doing it,
and now I'm afraid to not give the proper shout-outs for the people that I miss.
The point is, the great IT unfuckening is something that has only been possible with
the work of these amazing volunteers.
If you are interested in getting involved with that, please talk to your corp representatives
in the Kremlin, or kick it up the chain accordingly.
We are always interested in this kind of stuff.
Because now that we have a functional dev team, suddenly we're able to make it with
more efficient tools.
And that's necessary.
Like I said, in case you couldn't tell from that op earlier in the week where the bad
guys hit some of our hubs and brought all of your favorite pappies to the table, they're
still there, they still hate you, and they're still looking for a chink in our armor.
Gonna take some questions, and then that's gonna be that.
Then we're gonna have a GAS class.
"Is there any specific things required from exploration?"
That's a good question, because normally when we're hurfing about GAS and we're hurfing
about PI, there is a link to an exploration thing.
Can we get a link to the exploration thing again, please?
So, an exploration for you.
And I'm trying to remember which of the specific items it is.
One of these fucking widgets, thank you Ketafil, goes into every single fucking capital ship
that exists.
"Are we going to be doing more R4 moves?"
Answer the caps.
Yes, actually.
So, R4s and R8s are not taxed from any perspective.
We don't, as an organization, tax them because we want people to be encouraged to get that
goo and back to that stuff.
"Auto-integrity and life supports."
So, we're gonna get better about hurfing this, guys.
I want to let you guys know that when I come before you and I'm asking for X, Y, and Z,
I like to have it be more specific.
We are in the process.
When we first started doing the GAS huffing thing, we're dialing this in with our collective
brain trust.
So, as time goes by and we start getting the bread and butter production lines going and
we beat these challenges from this idiotic feldestry system, then you will be getting
more specific instructions.
So, I do apologize about how I don't remember exactly all the isometric database stuff.
Thank you.
Somebody's asking about R4 and R8 tax also on corp level.
No tax on R4 and R8s.
That's the point.
You don't have to worry about taxes on R4s and R8s because we want you to mind them and
have fun.
"Hot tax.
Please help us build a system with which to oppress our foes."
How are we going to deal with LP tax?
We will burn that bridge when we come to it.
I'm excited by the idea that CCP might get their head out of their asses.
We're excited by the idea of having Angry Mustache and Cazenir on the CSM to tell them
specifically how to construct a system unlike feldestry that is actually cool and good.
And when we actually get to the point, as demonstrated the LP tax system, we will have
opinions on it.
I'm glad that they're talking about taxes.
They need some help.
And Cazenir and Angry are the ones to do it.
In fact, if you didn't know this, Angry Mustache wrote a really lengthy, interesting thread
on Reddit a million years ago.
It was like five or six months ago.
Maybe three or four.
I don't know.
Called "Pity the Tax Money."
Why do all this work organizationally just such that we have a system that allows you
guys to fly napalm talks and get reimbursed for them at full reimbursement?
The whole fully automated luxury gay space communism sits upon a lot of these tools that
we have had to develop because CCP didn't implement a tax system of any kind.
There we go.
More questions.
"Can this backfire from Goon Rush?
Is there a high-level ballpark to R4 reaction names?"
Is there more?
Okay, so this is something I want you guys to get.
The Felder series system for building ships is so bad that I am up here on a fireside
in front of all of you screaming from the rooftops about how we need PI, how we need
gas, and how we need these reaction things done.
In a universe where too many people create an oversupply of all of those things, this
might sound familiar if you move back in time a couple years ago, there is the Delve time
The Delved.
And in a scenario, if you glorious motherfuckers go out there and create an oversupply of gas,
an oversupply of reaction materials, and an oversupply of these stupid fucking exploration
components, then gosh, we'll just have to make half-price dreadnoughts about it and
beat everybody up with them, right?
Gosh, that would just be tragic.
Tragic, tragic, tragic, tragic.
So please, please create an oversupply for all of these things.
Because we're not going to give that shit to pubbies.
We're going to sit on it and we're going to build caps and super caps, as many as we possibly
can because that's who we are and that's what we do.
If you guys thought you'd come back from the Jeff deployment and it would just be like
peacetime where we just sort of do whatever and derp around, uh-uh.
That's not how this works.
We go glassing and then we go home and we just start shitting out as many caps as we
fucking can and busting ass towards that collective goal.
Because it's necessary.
It is necessary.
Pair of fucking vellum, boys and girls.
Job cost, is that an isksync or is that isks go to something that isn't isksync?
What ship do I need?
Astidian class.
I think even a venture can do it.
Goon Berlin is coming up.
Goon Berlin is coming up.
Goon Berlin is coming up.
That is July 9th and 10th.
I have some unfortunate news.
I had intended to attend Goon Berlin and with gas prices in the United States, I looked
at the flight and it's going to cost me about two grand per person to get across the pond.
People have wanted to go to Berlin and have found out at the last minute that the prices
are just insanely high.
So for me and my girlfriend to attend, it would cost and before we even started partying
So unfortunately I won't be able to make it, but all of my European friends are going to
be there and I'm unfortunately be missing out on the catastrophically expensive to get
across the pond now.
But if you can there, if you are a Euro, if you are within range of Berlin, it looks like
it is going to be a hell of a party.
And the mere fact that I will not be able to attend does not mean that I should not
hurt the shit out of it because it's going to be baller and I will be sitting over here
in freedom land going, gosh, I wish I could get overseas to see my friends.
But alas, alas, it's one of those things where it's not so much about the one is it's the
principle thing after a point where you're like, oh wow, you're going to charge me two
grand to get up and over like go fuck yourself.
It's more about being mad at the air.
There you go.
So distracting us from the great challenge of our time is how to huff with class.
There is a class after this fireside.
In addition, flycatchers are a thing.
Full SRP for an APOX mid-grade amulets, not only in your armor battleships, but mid grades
in your fucking capships armor ones.
Obviously you should not put mid-grade amulets on your fucking.
Yeah, nope, nope, nope, nope.
Thank you all for coming.
I appreciate your attendance.
I appreciate your voting and I appreciate the work that you were collectively doing
to help defend our empire better.
Thank you.
Let's get back out there and I'll see you next week.