Fireside Chat Transcript 12 Nov 2k22

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What's up guys, I've got a cold so I'm not gonna be I'm not gonna go as long on this one
But we'll get everything done still and then I'll do some quick questions. I'm not feeling like I'm gonna fall over. Thanks
I'm already on the upswing. So I'm doing fine. Sup rest
Alrighty, uh, let's see. We got people still coming in good numbers today. We keep growing. This is this is really pleasing
We got a lot of activity going on in the directorate and it's nice to see it showing up at the line members
we have
About a month ago. We were like three
360 at one fireside that was our lowest and we just top 500 so very
Very good. Yeah
Good storm is definitely growers not showers
Obviously if you catch this right as we hopped out the pool
It's a little embarrassing but you know if we can have like five or six rage things it gets to be pretty pretty nice
That's when we show off. All right
This is not gonna be the spiciest fireside, but I'm just gonna tease you guys really bad
It's being growing and not showing next week's fireside
If everything falls into place gonna be mega spicy. We're gonna have some like really good stuff
so I
Think you guys are gonna I mean there there's one thing next week that you guys are gonna like really flip out about it
Maybe not in a good way, but still I'm excited about it
All right this week though
We got to talk about we got to talk about some fun stuff
First off I want to say I don't know if you guys
You know what by the way, or later you say a Madras level spice or vindaloo. I have no idea dude
I think I think a little pepper is too spicy. So I really couldn't tell you but it's spicy. I
Once went to a Jamaican restaurant and asked for the food with no spice and like for the next two days
I was dying every time I went to the toilet on the no spice Jamaican food. All right, so I
Wanted to tell you guys
Or just say yeah, I don't know if you guys saw it. Don't think all the leader of brave is
Is standing down?
he he was a very good leader for brave a great guy and
He will be greatly missed. He put them in a great place and
I think a lot of you got to see him or interact with him or at least
Watch him do his work and you know as well as I do that. He was he was a good person for Eve
So we're gonna miss him. I don't know the news ex-jinx, but I've heard some very good things about him. So
Looking forward to meeting him and interacting with him and seeing him step into those shoes. It's tough
you know, they're stepping in the shoes of a
Prolific leader it could be it can be hard. So
But I expect good things out of him, too
so I wanted to
talk about
It's been going well. We've been defending a lot of ships
We are definitely encouraging people to get in your stars. We've had a lot of success with that
I've been out riding in an instar this week and
Made some good money and you know, it's pretty easy. It's everything I remembered
Actually, the money is a little better now than it used to be
If you can get involved in in the the beehive
You want to do home defense? We've got a lot of good opportunities there
That's where a lot of our action is coming in lately is home defense
And then there are yeah, there's a fit in there for you by Seifer
There's a pretty cool promotion going on from CCP
Sniper you can talk about that, right? I can't. All right. Why don't you do that before my voice gives up?
Sure happy to give you a quick break
Yes, I'm gonna link that this thread so you can follow around we've pinged it out a number of times
Basically with the patch that came out this week
CCP's giving away seven days of Omega
So you can use that to spin up another all for a couple days get a little bit faster character training on your alphas
You know, whatever
You know, it's it's free money, right? Go use it
And then the second piece of that is that they also are allowing you to retroactively
refer your accounts, so if your account was not created with a referral link because
It's from before those existed or you forgot or whatever. You can go through and do all of those on your main
There's instructions on how to do that in the thread you can't refer
And I won't it's it's good for you to explain
But basically you can't refer an account from an account that you referred so you'll be able to all of them
but your main and
When you refer the accounts you get a million skill points on
The target account and then if you've ever bought Plex or paid for Omega with cash
You get rewards on your main
For your mains there's a spreadsheet in this forum thread that is basically like a pay it forward kind of thing where like you paste
Your link somebody will use it and then they'll paste one for the next person to use
Nothing, nothing better than a spreadsheet for goons, right? Alpha confidence is still a thing. I'll get questions at the end
Yeah, I just spammed that link a bunch of times. So if you need to know how to do that
There's the forum link for you and guys. I want to tell you
Save up your SP
Like I said spicy things in the future
You can apply that SP towards a new doctrine. Is it going to be absolutions? Is it going to be vultures?
Is it going to be mains main fleet of dreadknots? We're just gonna roll around and hawd dreadknots
Like it could be a lot of things
But I guarantee you there could be some spicy things. So
All that SP that you're getting make sure you have it saved so you can hop in immediately
Could be a main fleet with shacks
There's a lot of stuff that could be going in so just just be ready. All right. All right
Yep, and then
I've told you guys that I want you to get you get to know our directors a little better this week
We have added two new directors
Dawn Raya and Danny Slater both came to their first meeting today
along with Zintage
And we had two we had two directors standing down Kathy iron and content are both standing down
So we want to say thank you to those guys and hello to the new directors
We'll be adding more directors as the time goes on
But today you're going to get to talk to an old director and I do mean very old in
In good age and also in real life age each room is our director
He's going to talk about what he does each room for George. All right, you guys hear me. Yep. Nope
I'm getting conflict advice. Some people are saying yes some saying no
All right, so most of you know me I've been the reimbursement director since
2011 when the BS reimbursement director got
Tired of doing AT&T you verse installs in the backwoods of Louisiana and said fuck this game. So
I've been doing it ever since I added the monthly participation
participation metrics
that I do in like 2017 2018 and
I don't know. Are we announcing it today? Asher? I am gonna be heading up the team that does the
blue shoots mining ratting and
shot blue stuff, so I am going to
expand from my market fuckery pings to
People being shitty to each other in space and I guess a little bit about me personally is I'm 43. I'm not that old
I've been I've been in the Army National Guards for 22 years and I
Work in IT for a large oil and gas company. You talk a little bit about what you do as reimbursement director
Yeah, so reimbursement director
It ebbs and flows right some months we have like like at peacetime. We're we're pushing out about a hundred
to two hundred billion is
A month and during wartime that can be over a trillion a month
And so I've got a team of like eight people that essentially shovels money
But from the Alliance out to you guys
when I first started in that role
I was all about customer service and being really friendly and then I realized that most of you suck like very hard
So I focus on efficiency, right? So it's kind of here's the rules
They're posted very clearly and if you follow the rules you collect your money very quickly
If you don't follow the rules, you don't get anything and do better next time. So that's kind of the way I've prioritized it and
You know during the war you'll commonly see me or someone else on my team. That's like reimbursing as the fight's going on. So
like I said, I
prioritize speed of return more than
People's feelings so you get your isk fast. But if you mess up that's on you
And that's kind of been that's a little bit of a military philosophy, but it's always been I posted the rules. They're clear
They're easy to read and if you don't read them, that's
One of your guys's problems not my problem. Do we have any questions for me in the chat?
Oh a common question that I got and the answer is going to still be no there is not going to be a star reimbursement
Fly your mermaid on if you guys are at all paying attention then
You should not lose it. So
It costs yes people do get off the goon fucker ACL used to be it was a death sentence
And I would leave people on there for six to nine months and then when I would check they would no longer be in the alliance
but we had a stock lobster and
one other person that actually
sweated out the six months on the goon fucker ACL and started a Ling me every month until I
Took pity on them and let them out and
HM can you talk about how you complicate my job by getting by yelling at other corporations and having them come yell at me
That you're me. Yeah. Yeah, so we can talk about that
there are a couple of corporations in this alliance that are on my
preferred list of
people that I never want to have to deal with and
Sometimes they have members that they don't keep in line
And when those members step out of line and I ping everyone about it
I make sure to let you know what corporation they're from because I would like
the corporation to keep their
Less intelligent members in a pen and if they can't then they're gonna have to you know
Hear their name being dragged through the mud and there's some corpse, you know, like I don't know
Let's say now Cruzados that you know, they're used to their name being dragged through the mud
So it doesn't really bother them
But some of our other corpse get very offended when their name is dragged to the mud and then they go write like five page
messages to Asher about how I'm a big bad meanie and I shouldn't say
True, but hurtful things about them
We have had five pages before. Yeah. All right. Thanks. HM. That was a it was a pretty fun
I think that's our best one so far out of the two we've had
so you've set a very low bar, but you uh, you
Did a good job there
Thanks. All right
Let me give let me go do questions now and then I'm gonna answer a few then tip out of here and
Go cough up a lung new doctrines. Yep. They're they're coming eventually
Not yet, but they will be coming. That's what I'm saying. Save your SP looking at command ships
We're looking at some battleships. It's pretty exciting stuff. I
Would love to leak those logs Lord Jason, but like honestly it just leads to this whole like drama meltdown that is
Fun for an hour and then just a headache for a long time poking. Oh, I'm not answering that question. You're disgusting
So Pocono, it's this you participating but he is like literally one of the worst posters sometimes the best but also the worst in the Alliance
And he is the person for whom I invented the word sack, which is really a useful thing
Other FCS can do this. I never really felt it was fair to just meet someone but you give them a sack of words
These words are not
Fully realized words. They're like if you ever watched the classic movie Ernest saves Christmas
You know how Santa pulls out the crystal ball and then it becomes the gift the child wants
This is like the Pocono word sack. So I would put like 15 words in the word sack
They could be any amount any word just 15 of them
So if you ever need as an FC if you ever have someone, you know annoying you just give them a sack of words
You've got 15 words use the rest of the
The rest of the fleet and the rest of the day. It's my new favorite Navy dread
The as far as looks I like how the Phoenix looks it looks really cool
I don't know about mechanically Zernitra a doctrine announcement one. Maybe princess Abby. We are already reimbursing signatures. So please get them. They're cool
You peach update we'll have a have a good one for you next week crock-tar
But like it's already being handled right now. So it's just gonna be finalizing some stuff
In game fitting manager person is getting permitted today to do that. We're getting them the roles
So that'll be their plans for David treads no plans as of yet in to see prices
depends like they're probably gonna be like cool, but not actually good for a
level doctrine
Will the new cargo will the new hack truck?
Cargo spenders if I have my way. Yes, was that sir?
Sacrifice amongst our teachers know we give revelation plus a billion
SRP so if you if you want to have as nature, please do you get a
Reimbursed by revelation plus 1 billion is that don't mean we give you a revelation
I mean that that's you get reimbursed however much revelation would plus a billion is on top of that
Twin beehive like Mike said, you're still double reimbursement for inflict. I don't know ask each room. I think there is
Okay. Yes
Navy dreads or fee haven't discussed it yet light monk
Guys, like I said, I want to see the prices check out
I'm not sure how you like how good they are for a fleet
Like if you're like gonna be like doing solo stuff in them, they make a lot of sense
Yeah, we should talk about the crack and say again SWAT. They're doing really well. Both those guys are doing great
Also bomber offers been rebooted. So I'm glad you brought that up because I meant to talk about that earlier, but
both SWAT and Kraken have have proved to be
Basically we gave them a provisional test like hey got here do things and show that you can do it and both of them have
have done that and
And so they are now we're gonna be like a professional
Level six they're gonna get everything like that. So
It's pretty
It's pretty impressive the way they're they're working
And then
Joanna self-smear is starting a bomber Wafaa again. So if you're into bombing and we like those go ahead and
Get involved in that and then there is also a new social media platform called
Pen and Paper Swarm, which I assume is gonna be like Dungeons & Dragons nerds. I'm not exactly sure but they're starting up soon
And so you can get involved in that too. I guess it's not new but
Someone told me to promote it. All right, and then we have an incursion right now
So if you want to go make money on the incursion, you can you can also do that
There guys are running it and making a lot of a lot of this right now
I have one more thing I want to talk about
But I think I'm just like totally spacing on it. Anyone any directors remember something I missed. Oh
The blog right could me wasn't we talking about the blog? Yeah. It's not ready to launch it
But but we're gonna
Cool. Okay, so
We talked about this last week. This has gone from sort of an idea. We could go to almost ready to launch
We'll be having
We'll be having a news blog again. So we're gonna be talking about that
We'll be having we'll be having a news blog. Okay, we'd be updated every day
You know just sort of the stuff that you might get on the fire side
But more day-to-day stuff and it'll help you keep up with information like what fleets went out today what battles were there?
What are we looking for that kind of thing? It'll be really easy have all this information in one place
we realize that sort of like with
With you know where all the information is right now. It could be in the MFT diva channel could be in a forum thread
It could be in a fireside
We want to have that more centralized so that if you miss three or four days of goon hood going on
Then you will
You will be able to catch up and so that's what we're gonna do is give me these ideas
And I think it's a really good idea. We're also looking to get a new a
New director to handle that and we have a pretty good candidate
So we'll see how that goes. There might be a new rest of the piss coming soon. Is that blog replacing?
And yeah, I and n is not affiliated with the Imperium anymore. They're still doing their thing
But you know, that's not
They're not affiliated with us. So although the name would say
You know, I had an Imperium news, but I don't know if they're gonna rebrand or keep it
But yeah, this is this will be an Imperium affiliated news channel
So it'd be a little different though. Like Imperium news was always about
Like Eve game news and like game industry stuff. This is very much focused on internal stuff
So like, you know, we just got a ping from who was it sniper about the the SP thing. That's a good example
It's like something you get in a ping
So you just look at a ping but it'll be it'll have like an article on there. It says this is how you get your free SP
Like another example like I changed the lift fit last week, so I've been using that as an example
That's something I pinged out once you made it mean may or may not have been online to see that right?
So, how do you actually get?
Everyone that probably didn't see that ping or isn't there for three days while it was being pinged out ten times a day
The solution is to have an article in there so you can kind of catch up on stuff like that
But it's not going to be like Eve news. It'll be like more
Like a director blog almost you could think of it as
Yep, and so basically a cast near said in communities talking about this is just for goon news
This is not for hey there. Here's something interesting happening, you know in
Horde space or brave space or there was a big fight in low sec
Like that's gonna be you know for a new site to cover whereas we are gonna be covering internal stuff
It's that you guys can stay caught up on what's going on in the Imperium
It has a different purpose and a different function
As far as if you want to write for it, yeah, like if you want to condense like a battle report and talk to an FC
You know, that's something I would love I think that has a lot of value like hey, here's a battle that happened
I talked to the FC. He said this went on and you can write a paragraph or two
You know, it doesn't need to be like a whole article
But just a little bit that adds a lot of value. I think people would love to read that kind of thing
Especially if you can get you know, especially if it's something you went on yourself
Those are like always enjoyed and people like to read about fleets that happen
that'll be launching relatively soon and
I'm looking forward to it. Will there be a comic section?
It's gonna be just dick butts just dick butts all the way down. Yeah, idiot crab call-outs will be satisfying. Here's the thing is like
If you guys notice that a lot of the people who die
Like a lot of our crabs who die tend to be it feels like they're idiots
but remember they're being targeted because of that like a lot of them get targeted because
Know that they only speak Russian or they only speak Chinese and so it'll be harder for us to save them
and they also look for people that are out of the group like
That are not on comps. Like this is they're they're pretty sophisticated in the way to hunt people. So
It feels good to just be like, oh wow, they're so dumb
But like you have to remember that they're targeted because they're so dumb and and sometimes it's just that they don't actually
have the capability to interface with us so like it's
It's a little column a and a little call. I would just say don't don't get yourself tied up too much into
- if you know if someone random super dies and delve don't don't let your personal pride be on the line there because
It was probably somebody was targeted because they you know
They felt like they were away from the flock right? They were lagging behind
Yep, and if you get dropped it is very nerve-wracking I've seen some people just totally freeze. All right, I'm flagging pretty hard
I'm gonna go call it. Thank you guys. This has been a really good meeting numbers way up director. It is
Doing great job and really active our meetings have been really good the last few weeks. Thank you guys so much for coming
Have a wonderful Saturday