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Back to always another cup of coffee, Tethys.
Usually what happens is I have like two hours of space meetings before we even get to the
fireside and then the meta show Saturday is my biggest space work day, I guess you'd say.
And then usually partying Saturday night swarm when I have the bandwidth for that in the
evening too, so clubbing in place.
Yeah we are on time today.
It's funny because we obviously we sounded the horn right?
Shit's real, things are pretty fucking crazy and you know this is the first like for some
people that are coming back like they come from an era where we didn't even do fireside
chats and so like for people who are completely like what the fuck is this thing after the
I think it was after the casino war maybe a little bit before at some point in the dark
ages we started doing fireside chats because we wanted to make sure that people had a chance
to do like a basically ask me what the fuck in Elysium if there's things that are like
wrong in the org and then we can like fix things or just generally like it's a chance
for people to figure out what the fuck is going on.
So that's why we do these things we usually do these at around this time every Saturday
but usually during the course of this war we've often had to delay firesides until after
the meta show or stuff like that based upon the facts on the ground.
Because they're always secondary to military necessity but here we are.
So yeah obviously the sounding the horn has worked out pretty fucking crazy it's only
really just getting started because goon rushes take time but already we've had hundreds of
people come back and something awful threat is like the most active it's been in fucking
forever and it's really like even if we somehow lose this war which I don't think we're going
to do but even if we did I'm just delighted to have the fucking gang back together but
I don't need to look for silver linings or any of that shit because things are militarily
going pretty fucking well and we're going to we're going to sort of give people a broad
overview about what's happening what you can expect and what the bads are trying.
So let's start with that the biggest change you know obviously we sound the horn of Gondor
that was kind of funny because our enemies have been spending a lot of time talking about
how we're broke obviously we're not broke and that was even before we sounded the horn
and Mina and Pocano popped up and started throwing assets at us which is super fucking
cool serious goon hero shit.
So that didn't really work out very well for them goons are broke goons are broke goons
are broke oh wait obviously we're not we weren't broken in the first place even even
when we like before we sounded the horn but I don't know why Vili was going for that particular
line but it's kind of hard to spend weeks talking about how we are broken on the edge
of bankruptcy and then you know screenshots are going around of you know trillions of
isk and stuff so that's kind of funny.
But in terms of what's actually happening with the military if you came back and in
the horn of Gondor I mentioned that like you know we've like lost fountain and they're
at the gates of delve and stuff like that it might be a little weird to like look at
the map of fountain and see that we've already like retaken like more than half of it or
whatever that's not like a serious oh my god we're going to be resettling fountain anytime
soon but the bad guys withdrew and just sort of assumed that we were beaten so initiative
and crew like took back most of it and high fives all around like it's just kind of like
whatever fuck you eat my ass.
But the main thing is is that the bad guys have two major saving systems they're in Cairo
or Mala they are positioning themselves to be putting pressure on North Quarius we saw
that yesterday they did a big like hey it's our first big invasion day thing and they
ran around and like blew up some I hubs Aquarius I want people to understand if you are new
or just coming back or what have you especially if you come back from a soft system before
what we call fuzzy soft fuzzy stuff fucking sucks ass we have figured out ways around
that like our group GSFO we which is our against from offensive hacking organization if you
were around a few years ago fuzzy sob is not as bad as it used to be they've tweaked a
few things to make it a little bit less shit but in this war I do expect us to lose more
hubs most of the serious fighting is going to be taking place on our citadels right like
our goal as an organization is to bait the enemy into putting their Titans on one of
our keep stars again but this time we're actually in a place where we can use our caps against
them and then to kill their supers and laugh about it that's the plan it's pretty simple
I've said it very openly but I want people on board with that so if you do see sob going
away or being retaken or something you're not going to go like cry yourself to sleep
about it so I really can't complain it's interesting because like this is one of those things where
I don't want to project too much strength because if we project too much strength in
terms of like me herping blurfs and running around and going oh my god we've totally got
this guys I don't want people to like take this war not seriously and I also don't want
to scare the bad guys off to the point that they don't actually put their shit on our
keep stars if they do not like if they get together and they decide that they don't want
to actually like do this war or they're going to like have you know run off in the other
direction we're going to slip legacies throat like we're just the moment that there is a
significant reduction in pressure on us it's we take it out of legacy side so if you have
resubbed for an amazing invasion and you are sitting there wondering what happens if the
enemy fails to invade we will be taking it out of legacy right like this is obvious we
talked about that before but I just want to reiterate that so like if you're sitting there
and you're seeing tests in these guys and they're just they're not delivering or they're
hesitating too much or whatever don't worry you're going to get your fucking more we this
is only the beginning either we die and retreat back to NPC delve and then continue fighting
or we win and then it's pretty much a just like after the great war guys just like after
the casino where it becomes a revenge rampage for the next little while and I am looking
forward to that let me check my notes
okay so there is a lot to go over here and just to begin with if somebody can dig up
that red fat thread that Victor wrote and link it in Elysium plays this is a very helpful
compilation of like all of the shit that has changed in the stupid game over like the last
12 years or so there are one of the challenges that we have in terms of the Horn of Gondor
so actually here's the thing I want to say you're going to hear a lot of questions on
fleet and there is a type of joke that has always kind of annoyed me because it just
sets the wrong kind of attitude is if you hear somebody asking questions on fleet like
hey how does this work how does that work what about this what about that the spy joke
is the fucking dumbest thing right and if people don't know especially if they're a
newbie if you you know here's somebody asking a question or somebody's come back for like
five years and they're like what the fuck is an ADC and you're like oh I don't know
spy I mean I don't know why you do that but whatever I think that joke is dumb I don't
like hearing it don't call each other spies we have an entire counterintelligence division
dedicated to figuring that out and I want the people that are coming back to the game
after however many years to feel free to ask questions and yes I am actually a spy so you
know there you go when it's obviously joking it's not a really big deal but like just don't
don't be pointing fingers at each other all right but that's not like a don't do this
or else it's not like a regulation of just I'm you know letting you know a pet peeve
I want you guys helping each other out especially because we have many different generations
of goons that have responded to the horn right we have people who haven't played in so long
that like I mean fuck two beans came back and he was still in PR tack after you know
the fucking PR tack hell camp right like like a decade or more so some people are only a
couple years old you know rusty some people haven't played in fucking a decade and we
have a big challenge here which is I mean look at this it's a fireside chat there's
a thousand people in the fucking fireside chat and mumble and we need to make sure that
we get our people militarily up to speed so that they can provide as much value on the
front line as fast as possible with as a minimum of bullshit so we linked the victor thread
that is a really good resource another thing is if you have the big question which is what
is the most important ship that I need to get in first as a returning veteran there's
no question it's dreadknots this is the era of dreadnought warfare and even line and one
of the reason why we have seen relatively few big dreadknights like we have had a pretty
decent number of dread night dreadnought fights but one of the reasons why the enemy has been
so cautious about putting their Titans anywhere near us is that resistances were nerfed relatively
recently on the 10-year timescale of all ships and that particularly impacted supercarriers
and Titans so it is very easy to trade dreadknots for Titans and we are very much looking forward
to trading our dreadknots for their Titans at the first opportunity we have so if you're
coming back and you're like what the fuck t2 dreads in particular usually the revelation
is the one we want people in when we say t2 dreads yes there are t2 dreads and there is
like just a huge damage bonus when you go from t1 to t2 on dreads so that's the thing
we have I want people to know about this we are going to be doing a capital move op after
this fireside so I'm glad that there are more than a thousand of you here because we are
getting all of our toys together and we are moving them from point a to point b right
after this fireside there will be pings going out and there's never been a better time so
I'm not going to tell you where we're moving obviously but we are gonna get together and
do that should be fun so yeah we are about to be pivoting our forces to a place and that
will better enable us to murder zone these nerds
another thing I want to talk about is a request for capital training up obviously we would
like to do a capital training up especially if you've just come back and you're like what
the fuck is this fighter interface I have no idea what's going on again different eras
of Eve have all come back to play evolved once and we don't know who knows what the
logical thing to do would be hat would be to have a capital training up on CC this is
a thing that we started doing over the last I don't know five years or so is we would
get together on the test server and have some FCs that want to learn how to use caps and
teach everybody how to do it and whatever well the only problem is that CC is down so
like we literally can't do that but what we're gonna do instead is probably get people together
and have like just a class on mumble where we say okay here's how this works and if you
need to know how to use a capital ship we're gonna get together and do that so I wish that
I could have told you that we're gonna do a capital training up tomorrow on CC but CC
is down so we are working on that we do understand that you guys have come back and some of you
are bumping your Titans into walls or just being goonie motherfuckers which is fine but
we want to get you up to speed on the the worst stuff as fast as we can
alrighty so let me take some questions we're in sort of an interesting position here where
again the enemy has pivoted to focus on like North Quarius and we want them to be attacking
us they are being very slow about this entire thing which is fine that gives us the time
to have blown the horn and get everybody up to speed and generally like fix our shit somebody's
saying that CC is up now
well earlier when we were having a meeting CC was down if CC is up and it's working then
maybe we'll be able to do it tomorrow CC is the test server that's singularity that's
what we call it these days also Gunhira roared the Oritsia's saga of moving from the fucking
north is just hilarious if you haven't seen it yet somebody link that thread it's good
one of the things that you guys are gonna find out is that a lot of us old-school great
war types are just a bunch of fucking maniacs at heart so it is kind of interesting from
a cultural perspective to get all of the gang from all of our generations back together
there is the sleepers are very much awakening
should we still do mining or just focus on PvP fleets so that's a really good question
and something that I'm glad you brought up Lucas because this is a big change from back
in the day in terms of how EVE Online used to work so if you are a returning veteran
and you haven't dealt with like Fuzzy Sob in any way and you don't know what we're talking
about CCP finally squared the circle in terms of do you do PvP or do you do PvE and I think
this is something that's very good the most PvE activities that you can engage in mining
ratting stuff like that can benefit directly the whole war costs right so the more that
you mine or you're at in a given system the more the activity defense multiplier raises
which is basically how long it takes the bad guys to hack our shit if you're confused about
what hacking is that's this SovLazer SovWand thing the puppies call it toasting we call
it hacking and so essentially like back in the day there would be conflicts in these
alliances where you would get to a point where people would say well the Care Bears aren't
contributing well CCP changed the game to make it such that you can just like if you
are a pure PvE player you no longer have to be like guilted about doing that because what
you are doing if it's you know used in a useful way can benefit us all so it's not like a
PvP versus PvE kind of conflict anymore which is nice
what's with that Lenny guy from I want is that apparently got unbanned is he gonna give
patty more to the disc well no I mean seems to be like I don't give a shit about that
guy whatever fuck him like he doesn't have any us to give any bad guys and if he gives
the bad guys is whatever I don't give a shit fuck those fuck those losers what's my favorite
band slash music genre I don't really have like a list of favorites it's not really how
I roll
all righty let me take some more questions also I need to check my notes because as you
all getting things in various channels
so on this capital move up that we're about to do this is not just for people who are
in we this is also for people who have capitals in 1dq1 this is gonna be a big fucking capital
move up and it's probably gonna take a little bit yeah like wherever your capitals are not
just 1dq1 not just puig not just 35 tac like this is this is the big pivot boys and girls
we're gonna get the game together and put you in a place where you will be useful
and brainlet that's from back in the fucking day
all right what the fuck is a pappling so if you're old you don't really have to worry
about it right like especially if you're like a waff guy I don't even think that in waff
we like even check for that because we're a bunch of like ancient weird players but basically
several years ago fuck five I don't even know times a fucking blur we started tracking participation
on who would go on strat ops and you would actually need to like click a link to do it
so it got started for some reason I don't know why participation turned into pap I think
f-con was responsible but anyway they started calling it paps and that became like an eve
slang for participation tracking and what happens these days is that it's mostly automated
so as long as an FC like does a thing that you don't have to worry about your contribution
and fleets will be checked none of you need to really worry your pretty little heads about
that as long as you're turning up on strat ops it's going to be fine but that is how
we identify corporations that suck we have an actual like suck metric compiled by dear
old atrium and if you check the monthly fleet stats or just corp stats thread in the war
room you'll get an example of what all that shit is
all right let me take some more questions here are subcat pilots going to be useful
in this move up no I mean we might have a cover fleet go up for it but I don't think
so you don't have to worry about that if you see subcat pleats pings go out join them right
but like normally the way that cat move ops work in the year of our lord 2020 is you're
going from keep star to keep star because we have nuns to keep stars because we are
not pores fuck yeah wild rytus appears all right what else we got do we expect panfams
op tempo to change given recent events I don't fucking know the the reality is that we are
dealing with a very different kind of enemy coalition so for people who have come back
and are just wondering who are the bad guys or whatever it's all of them like it's literally
all of them you know I think that people might have thought when I sent the horn of the good
or horn of gondor email that when I said 150,000 puppies that that was you know hyperbole and
I wish it was hyperbole but if you look at the coalition I think that there's a puppy
website which compiles all of the members of papi or whatever the fuck that shit show
calls themselves and it is almost 150,000 pilots and we're around about the 50,000 mark
if you did that just for us so like we are literally outnumbered three to one they're
literally 150,000 fucking like puppy pilots again their actual human numbers are less
than that but ridiculously outnumbered now that means that there are a few different
circumstances here like if you're fighting just pan pan or if you're fighting just legacy
like they've got chains of command of some kind you know you can make jokes about pro
god legend and stuff like that but if we were fighting one coalition with a single chain
of command their moves would be a little bit easier to predict one of the challenges that
we have had throughout the course of this war and if you've been wondering like if you're
if you've responded to the horn of gondor and you come back and you're a little confused
like hey like we're two months into this thing i did not want to sound the horn of gondor
until these motherfuckers were locked and loaded to a point where they have to attack
delve right like if we had sounded the horn and gotten a ton of people when they were
still like chewing on fountain there might have been an opportunity for them to like
wander off or also it would have wasted the horn in a lot of ways because we frankly have
been handling this pretty well for the last couple months but now that they have finally
committed to an invasion of delve it's the time and also that locks them into it because
they told everybody they were going to do it then we blew the horn now these motherfuckers
have to come at us i do expect some degree of hesitation from them i expect a lot of
internal like is this really a good idea because now they don't know how many dudes we have
they have no idea how many dudes we have they can see in the fireside they've got well actually
we're about to do a capital move up and that might scare the shit out of them actually
i think it might scare okay this is never mind i guess i guess they're gonna get an
idea of some of how many dudes we have um but uh i i would expect some you know confusion
some hesitation but i mean hopefully hopefully hopefully hopefully these motherfuckers will
uh you know they're gonna have to put their savory capitals on our keep stars and when
that happens it's fucking on like we have been planning for weeks some of the stuff
that we're doing it's gonna go wrong we're gonna fuck up we're gonna lose titans we're
gonna lose more keep stars there will be things that are going to be lost but the big takeaway
that i want everybody to understand especially for those of you that have been fighting this
for the last several months those of you who did not respond to the horn those of you who
have been playing actively this entire time i think that there has been an assumption
and it's a reasonable assumption because during the casino war we uprooted we retreated we
saw that we could not stop them because they had this infinite cheetah disc and that ccp
was not going to ban the infinite cheetah disc while the war was still going so we got
our super fleet trapped in 93 pi and then we came back down to delt blah blah so i think
that for a lot of people there has been a question of like how serious is this war because
if you've been fighting this war for the last couple months you're like okay there are a
million puppies and they're kind of attacking us but in many cases they're also being kind
of incompetent and like is shit real so now that i have blown the horn of fucking mundore
which has never happened before in our history some people have talked about uh we used to
book all various things of horn of indore in the past but like reaching out to all of
our old players and saying please come back shit is real we need you we need help we have
never done that before uh we are not retreating there is like our exit strategy is in pc delve
and keep fighting this is as far as i'm concerned i want you all to understand this as far as
i'm concerned from where you know i live in wisconsin these days and like you know if
you're on the west coast the world's on fire it looks like blade runner 2049 like shit
is fucking apocalyptic and so my attitude towards this war is literally like fuck it
the world is coming to an end maybe it will maybe it won't shit is dark 2020 sucks let's
pull out all the stops right like i have no interest in preserving our assets this is
use it or lose it that doesn't mean that we're going to throw our shit away stupidly right
i'm not going to say oh well it's you know it's the end time so let's just piss away
sacrilege fleets that's not how this shit works but if you had any doubt about whether
we are going to fight to the absolute last or whether we were going to uproot like we
did in the casino war we've blown the fucking horn of gundor this is everything like we
win this war or we lose all of our shit and then we keep fighting that that's how this
is going to go like this is there will be no evacuation except to npc delve to continue
fighting that is how this goes they have literally backed us into a corner and i know
that they haven't made too many perfs and blurfs about this it sounds weird that anybody
in the year of our lord 2020 would get up in front of an audience and say that their
war goal is the literal eradication of goons warm from the game because the last time some
other fucker did that it didn't end up too well for them but yet villy is out there villy
keeps running his fucking mouth and saying this shit they keep saying that they want
to eradicate us so okay bring it they know where to find us and now you guys know now
that you have seen me actually go through the effort of blowing the fucking land there's
a ton of work went into making this happen like our dev guys holy shit i nominate kill
garth that whole crew like they deserve fucking gold stars for being able to do the horn of
gundor because it is not easy to sound the horn it's not just like hey you wrote something
and you pressed a button like that was a fucking process and now it's going to be even more
work because we need to train everybody up and get them up to speed but like it's fucking
ragnarok as far as i'm concerned this is like the big one in eve and we are going to fight
accordingly so um if you are uninterested in fighting like you might have all of your
shit blown up obviously you're interested in fighting because you're here listening
to a fireside chat but like this isn't a scenario where we fight and things go badly and then
we're like okay well we're gonna we're gonna take our stuff back to nbc delve now and we're
gonna we're gonna pull up like stakes like as long as goons are willing to fight down
to the very last fucking keep star uh we're gonna keep doing that and if it's just xtdz
personally gunning citadels and me like hurfing to like three people at the end of it that's
where we're going like this is uh this will not end in diplomacy this only ends through
violence uh in the video game eve online in case somebody is listening you say oh he says
the sins and violence in space violence in the video game but this is not a kind of thing
that is going to end through treaties this is not going to end through metagaming though
there will be metagaming i'm not going to say we're not going to do metagaming because
fuck these people of course we're going to metagame the shit out of them we have been
metagaming the shit out of them since before this war began for people who um are just
joining us i mentioned this a little bit in the horn but we literally baited these motherfuckers
into attacking us we knew that they were going to do it eventually we knew that they had
a plan to have a plan and by telling the world that they were going to do this and retreating
from cloud ring and basically putting fortress delve into siege mode they then had to attack
us before they had a chain of command set up before they had goals set up before they
had figured this out because of course in a defensive war time is always on the side
of the defender and i'm really glad that billy wants to do this whole like slow play thing
because it's like thanks dude drag this out it's great but basically that's another reason
why their attacks are hard to predict and it seems a little bit weird because all of
these guys are attacking us because we uncovered their plan we exposed it to the galaxy we
withdrew from cloud ring and apparently according to the puppies we own pure blind french connection
did own a bunch of stuff in pure blind and french connection was not at the time a member
of the imperium but the fucking puppies accused them of being a part of the imperium and now
we're delighted to have them in the imperium so uh once again uh thank you papi eat my
ass all right
i keep getting asked questions about who's my favorite evangelion question uh evangelion
character and they're all so fucked up certainly not shinji i haven't watched evangelion since
i was in like college so that was like 1998 1999 the dark ages and yeah actually i saw
that silmarius is uh coming back which is fucking badass as shit uh for people that
don't realize it uh so marius back in the day was the tcf leader who uh offered us the
couch in deckland like we ended up in deckland because uh so marius and tcf uh are awesome
and took care of us in our time of need like they do
thoughts on the fires in the west uh global warming sucks try not to die
i think that is basically it i'm going to take another in is in fact recruiting if you
want to hear some blurfs and write some words or stream for us uh please go ahead and link
the in is recruiting link uh it's on the sidebar on the in main site that is the multi-dollar
media empire uh for those of you who are back and confused that used to be the
we renamed it imperium news
all right let's see what we got here any plans to have earlier stuff for euros uh yeah
okay so yesterday was kind of anomalous uh i know that we have a ton of euros who have
come back and obviously we're about to do a euro prime capital move up uh yesterday
uh we stood down early uh because they wanted us to fight them in the very very north tip
of querious which is a dumb idea uh and there was uh uh euros were like hey you sounded
the horn where are the [ __ ] ops uh yesterday was anomalous that is annoying that we sounded
the horn and like yesterday we didn't really have too much going on in euro prime uh but
that is if you played today you saw that there was a lot of [ __ ] ops and boat uh killed
pickles and it's kind of hilarious uh euro prime is our like euro time is like our main
time zone these days right uh like in terms of the number of dudes and the most activity
and it's also the main time zone for most of our enemies so like one of the reasons
why uh yeah so like yesterday was just really weird guys don't worry about it like normally
speaking there's just tons of [ __ ] in euro time uh as well we have a real like 24 like
this thing has turned in like if you haven't been or been around in several years like
this thing has sort of morphed into like a almost like a state actor on the internet
like we have uh the the scale of the thing uh and even speaking as the the leader of
the thing the scale of the whole thing is just really kind of frightening and amazing
uh so we have now sort of transformed into a a real like 24-hour organization uh so it's
not like there's a time zone where nothing happens there are time zones that are quieter
uh than others but uh you know generally speaking [ __ ] is popping off all the time there's
always something useful to do even if the enemies aren't doing something uh in a main
time zone if you are in an off time zone uh usually there's gonna be like a rurk wall
adm op could we get a link to the locust sig so another thing is that if you want to make
money during this and you have a rurk wall you can go on these locust fleets that have
been going on and both raise our adms very fast because rurk walls are great at rating
raising adms fast uh and you can get space rich while doing it so that's pretty cool
when is the scope going to cover this for uh presumably whenever raggy decides to make a video
holy [ __ ] asan dragon welcome back dude [ __ ] yeah uh good question are the freemen still a
thing or a useful thing you can always go off and solo hack [ __ ] we've got a bunch of people who
have been doing solo hacking uh we also have an organized hacking group called gsfoe and if we get
a get a link to gsfoe uh in elysium i'd appreciate it congratulations on your bingo
estaban is responsible for like naming a bunch of our doctrines when we would like name doctrines
in elysium and i'd be like hey like you know what do we call this thing and like three or
four different contests like this [ __ ] ended up like coming up with like the clever gimmick for
whatever we were doing i don't remember what they were but i remember that he was the guy
okay um i am having fun sitting here and running my mouth and talking to an audience of a thousand
odd people but i would really prefer instead if i shut the [ __ ] up got ready for the meta show
which will get started in about 22 minutes we're gonna have like a or what yeah that's about right
22 minutes top of the hour uh we're gonna have a fireside style meta show so it's gonna be a little
bit more casual uh the main thing is getting all of our capitals and again guys if they're in 1dq1
if they're in puig if they're in 35 if you have capital ships and super capital ships we are about
to move them at the end of this fireside uh so get ready with bells on because [ __ ] about to happen
all right [ __ ] let's do it uh this war is ours to lose right now like we are again like i said
we're gonna lose some stuff in the process but uh we're in a pretty good position i am extremely
confident about that especially seeing the response to the horn uh if you are old school
and you like what you see here please do reach out to your other friends but if we are doing a bad
job of leading this thing if we're doing a [ __ ] job of providing an environment for our people to
have fun uh then you know vote your conscience right like if you like what you see here reach
out to your friends and let them know you're having fun if you're not having fun we're doing
it wrong uh thank you for coming we do these firesides every saturday uh and we are now about
to fire up this [ __ ] move up so let's get to work guys there are puppies to put the boot in