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Alright boys and girls, we're gonna get started here in a couple minutes.
Alright, alright, alright.
Let's get going.
So it's been a wild week, an absolutely wild week.
And I think that I am in an interesting position giving this fireside because in the aftermath
of the Brave leaks, I think that my job is a lot easier.
I think my job is a lot easier.
And the reason why I say that is that as the leader of Goonswarm and doing the Imperium
defensive war thing, I am often in a difficult position where you guys essentially have to
take what I say and trust it and hope that I am a better person and not the kind of leader
that you see over on the legacy side of the aisle.
So if you go back for the last five, six, however many firesides, you have heard me
say things like, "We know that legacy is running out of isk.
We know that there is tremendous infighting.
We know that various alliances are on the verge of cascade."
And I can hearth all of those blurfs every week.
And in my heart of hearts, I know that that is nowhere near as powerful as you guys being
able to read for yourselves, legacy's highest, at least at the Brave level, their leadership,
fighting amongst themselves, acknowledging the very facts that I have been telling you
and hoping that you would take on faith because I couldn't.
None of these things were public until the leaks began.
But it's a lot easier for me now that there is a Brave whistleblower, now that somebody
in Brave has gone Edward Snowden.
Now when I say, "Hey guys, it looks like Shattered Armor has hijacked these guys.
They are out of isk."
I think the MNC failure cascades that are in progress from FedUp, from Rosada Regnum,
from Warped Intentions, I had told you guys on a fireside that I thought that those were
making an impact.
But how would you know?
How would you know because from our perspective, what are these MNC alliances?
Why do they matter?
Why does FedUp imploding matter?
Why does Rosada imploding matter?
Why does Warped Intentions imploding matter?
Well now you know because you have read Dunk, Dinkle and all these other motherfuckers talking
about how from their perspective, from their side, independent of any fireside hurf, any
blurf, any of my Spin Master 5000, whatever bullshit, you can see for yourselves everything
that I have been saying for months now is absolutely true in terms of the legacy disposition.
That does not mean that we are not taking losses.
It does not mean that we are not getting kicked in the balls periodically.
It doesn't mean that we don't have shitloads more work to do and that's going to be some
of the things we're going to be talking about today.
There's a lot more work to do and there's a lot of things that we are doing and we are
going to be doing more and more of.
But it is a relief from my perspective as the alliance leader and the coalition dude
or whatever to be able to say, "Look guys, for months I have been telling you their finances
are dire.
For months I have been telling you that the little dominoes falling at the edges of legacy
are making an impact."
And now you know it.
You watch them talk amongst themselves about the impact.
You can see the fear for yourselves.
You can see their financial situation for yourselves.
You no longer have to take it on faith or trust me about any of that shit.
There is evidence in public.
So that's a big relief from my perspective because it just makes my job a shitload easier.
So what are we going to do about that and what do I want to highlight?
I want you guys to remember that a lot can change in a week.
I want you guys to remember that any given day that happens, and this can be good and
this can be bad.
There are good days and there are bad days, but a lot can change in a week.
And we saw this.
Legacy finally sprung leaks and then FedUp sprung leaks.
There was a, we're going to be going into more detail on this in the meta show, but
one of the things that is a challenge is we in the Imperium are very high profile.
All of us.
And that means that because the entire galaxy is attacking us, that means that anything
that we do is under intense scrutiny by all parties.
And that's fine.
One of the net effects of that scrutiny, whether we are at war or whether we are at peace is
is that this organization is fundamentally more accountable to our line members than
our enemies in smaller organizations that are less accountable simply because everyone
is watching everything that we do.
So you can finally now see, I think by directly comparing what you're seeing coming out of
the communications from the FedUp leaks, you can see, I think the FedUp ones are interesting
because they show that the culture issues that you see in Brave are not unique to Brave.
You can read for yourselves the communications from the FedUp XO.
You can read the Brave leaks.
And what you see in general is what I would call a just essentially a culture of dishonesty
across the board in legacy from the very top.
And I don't think that the line members are responsible for this because they have been
very clearly, and now there is proof of this.
They have been kept in the dark about this.
If we tried to lie to you guys in the way that these guys are lying to their line members,
it would be incredibly obvious.
I can't just get up here and talk mad shit about random things because when I'm wrong
about something, it is immediately rammed in everybody's faces.
As an example, earlier in the war, there was a time when I got some bad intel that suggested
that NSH was sleeping and I got up here on a fireside and I said that NSH is planning
on leaving or whatever.
And probably because I was a dumbass and said it in public on a fireside, they probably
said, "Fuck you, we're not going anywhere."
But that was an example of me saying something that did not pan out.
And immediately, immediately there was a reaction.
And then I had to come up the next week and say, "Hey, this is what it was."
So it's not like the war is going anywhere anytime soon.
It's not like this changes the strategic fundamentals, but actually does change the strategic fundamentals
Let me talk about that for a moment.
Here's why it changes the fundamentals.
When you are in a defensive war, there is a big difference between knowing that some
of your enemies are running out of ISK and feel like they are losing and feel like they
are trapped and feel like they are on the verge of a cascade.
There's a huge difference between knowing that and guessing that based upon your best
available intelligence.
There's a difference between knowing that there are weapons of mass destruction, or
maybe you think there are.
A little Iraq war joke there, but regardless of that, that is a good illustration of that.
And now we know that these guys are exhausted, miserable, and see no path to victory.
And because we know that and we're the ones on D, that is everything because now we can
watch the dominoes begin to fall, and we also know where to more effectively put pressure
at the tactical and strategic level on our enemies, on the weak links, as they begin
to bleed out more.
So from that perspective, it is a significant difference because now you don't have to trust
You don't have to like me.
You can just read what the bad guys are saying to their line members and what they are saying
internally and connect the dots yourselves.
So that's kind of a big deal.
I am very happy about that.
But there is more work to be done.
I'm about to ask a lot of you guys to work even harder.
Instead of saying this war is tough and we just have to, you know, all move whatever
some sort of thing, the way out is more struggle.
It's not going to be easy, but we do have a plan.
I'm going to tell you some of those things right now, but not in too much detail because
we have realized that our enemy enemies do listen to this far side and essentially say,
take everything I say as gospel.
So definitely no future plans on.
But here is what I have seen.
Here's what I really liked about yesterday.
After him too, we saw a lot of situations where we wondered whether the enemy was going
to break or whether they were going to try to get their shit out.
They eventually did try to get their shit out.
They got a bunch of their shit out.
We still have 131 of their Titans trapped.
That's all well and good.
But after a certain point, they got back on the wagon and they said, okay, we lost a lot
of shit and now we're just going to get back out there and start shooting things.
Well, we are doing the same.
The irregulars project, and I'm not going to go into too many details about this because
again, if you are part of the regular project, you can see that things are happening.
We've been contacted by a number of corporations.
If you are interested in fighting back at a smaller scale level outside of main fleet,
because this is another thing you can go on main fleet and we want people to keep going
on main fleets.
We do not want the irregulars project to distract to detract from that.
But what I saw yesterday was across the board.
We were resisting in Euro time and us time in AUTZ instead of just letting bad guys do
We were out there shooting those motherfuckers, dragging them through the mud, not just at
the main fleet level, but we were also doing it at the irregulars level.
So if again, I talked about this last week, there has been a tremendous amount of progress
on this in just the last several days.
And there's a lot of value to be had there.
A lot of value to be had there.
So again, if you're interested in having your corporation do something, if you are not already
linked into this project, please do ask your corporate leadership about it.
And if they are interested, they can get in touch with me and I will find a place for
them and we can go from there.
So I need to make sure that I'm not revealing too much here.
Let me check some of my other jiver channel.
The way this works guys is when I'm running my mouth, if I get too close to the edge of
talking about things I'm not supposed to, I will get yelled at by the directors live.
So periodically when I'm pausing, I'm like, did I say too much?
All right, good.
I want to talk about why we're fighting and I want to talk about the struggle.
And I want to talk not just about the struggle and how it's hard, but how we are fundamentally
engaged in a different project than project that our enemies are engaged in.
If our enemies win this war, if we break, if we falter, if we give up, we stop trying,
if we just all break apart and run to empire like a bunch of little bitches, then our enemies
will have achieved a three to one victory, which took them eight months and who cares?
Like their victory condition is not a noble one.
Their victory condition is not an exciting one.
The victory condition is fucking stupid because they decided that they were going to let their
coalition get led around by pro god legend and Vili and hitch themselves to the horse
of there are no goons.
It is very clear that the enemy expected us to fall apart inside of three months because
I believe genuinely that for all of the fancy complicated theories to explain who the enemy
is and what they thought that we were, I believe that Paspy went to war with their Reddit idea,
their slack, their illusion, their Omeca gold version of the Imperium.
They believed what they posted about essentially on our even that is who they went to war on.
So if they win, if they beat us, if they do all this stuff, congratulations, three to
one odds took you eight months, whatever, but they're not going to win.
They're not going to win.
We're going to win this thing.
And here's why it's not that the odds are great.
The odds are much better than they were before.
That's for sure.
We know that legacy is imploding, but we're going to win this thing because for us, if
we win and we will, this is now the greatest fuck fest of a war.
One of the most difficult struggles that has yet happened in the history of internet gaming.
And it's weird to be in this position saying this because we are now at a point, there
are so many eyeballs on us that I can say literally that history books will be written
about this and grad students will be writing dissertations about our victory in this war
because it's the literal fucking truth.
Because there are now a bunch of fucking academics who study what we do.
There are history books that are written about what we do and what we are on the cusp of
achieving here.
And when I say cusp, I don't mean in terms of next week or the week after that, but the
win against the entire fucking galaxy is one of the most Iron Man, impossible, difficult,
bad ass fucking things that has ever happened in gaming.
There has never been a war like this.
There has never been a struggle like this.
They thought that you would be dead and broken in three months.
They thought that we would lose 30% of our members the moment that delve was hit.
So when you are out there and you hear us asking for one more to keep the struggle going,
to join the irregulars, to get out there and fucking fight, keep in mind that you are fighting
for a much greater prize than all these other motherfuckers who are trying to kill you.
They want to coward when glass delve and destroy goons from and destroy the Imperium.
Their victory is one of the cowards.
But our victory is a glorious thing, a glorious thing that has never happened on this scale.
This is now beyond the Great War.
So I want you to know when things get tough, when you're in the trenches and it looks dire,
when you're going shit, we're losing citadels.
We're losing I hubs, which is something we have been doing consistently this entire war
because the balance between offense and defense.
And we can talk about this.
You guys know the fucking story, but I want your eyes on the prize.
We are fighting the entire galaxy.
And when we win this thing, we will have beaten and defeated the entire galaxy.
Our win condition matters far more.
Our struggle matters far more because we are fighting the entire galaxy while our enemy
is just trying to do an easy gang up and blob us.
Their victory would be ashes.
Our victory is everything.
And that is one of the main reasons why we're going to win this thing.
Herf Blurf aside, though, it's a lot easier to see it through to that conclusion when
you see your enemies starting to collapse on each other and fight amongst themselves
and point fingers and you can read the leaks to prove that we are getting somewhere.
All right, let me take a sip of water.
I herf so many blurfs I gave myself a dry mouth there.
Bear with.
So I want you guys to realize the scale of this and why it matters and why we keep digging
We are so committed to this war because what we see on the future in the horizon on the
future is a glorious future.
It is a future worth fighting for.
It is a future that says the entire galaxy can come against the Imperium and we will
still be here.
We will not give up.
We will keep fighting no matter what, because what we are fighting for is a victory against
the entirety of Eve, which has never been done before.
No one has pulled off what we are in the process of pulling off.
And I need you to grit your teeth and make sure that when you are seeing your brothers
and your sisters in the fucking trenches and they're wondering, what do we do?
What we do is we fucking fight.
If there is shit that is in Delve that could be hacked, we will hack it.
If there are ways that we can organize our regular forces, we are already doing that.
We're going there.
This is what we're doing.
This is why we're fighting.
This is why your struggles over the last eight fucking months matter.
It is not just about surviving.
It is not just about preserving Gunstorm.
It is about pulling off the greatest struggle against the worst possible odds in the history
of fucking video games.
So far, there will presumably be greater conflicts in the later history of the Internet.
But right now, this is the big one, guys.
So let's talk about the silver ticket.
I want to talk more about the irregulars, because if you're a part of the irregulars
groups, you've noticed that that has been a tremendous focus of mine for the last week.
But the less I say about the better.
So I want to talk about the M2 situation and the silver ticket.
So keep in mind, the enemy wants you to forget 131 Titans are still trapped in M2.
And while they are trapped there, that puts a marker on the table where a likely next
super cap fight will start.
At the very least, it provides a tremendous amount of predictability in the strategic
But what we have seen is something that I suspected would happen after most of the legacy
leadership got their shit out during their main breakout, which is because the leadership
of PASB has primarily gotten their shit out.
I expect that many of the people who are still trapped in M2 are beginning to realize that
their leaders are liars and that they have been abandoned and forgotten and neglected.
I think that is a fair statement, because in any of the leaks that you're seeing that
are sprung from Brave, you don't see any discussions of how do we I think Brave doesn't really
have that much trapped anymore.
So maybe that's not fair.
But we certainly haven't seen, hey, guys, we've got this.
We have seen a uptick in deaths of despair from those that are trapped in M2.
So what I want you guys to do when you are in M2, obviously, the people that are logged
off there won't see it, but in general, when you are encountering PASB, not only do I want
you to troll the fuck out of these fucking coward puppies.
No more Mr. Nice Guy.
While you're trolling the fuck out of these coward puppies, advertise the silver ticket.
We have ISK.
We are delighted to buy the Titans out from under the people that are trapped in M2.
We will cut a deal with them.
They can get in touch with our finance team or get in touch with any of our diplos.
Actually seriously, you can just have them in the show info for Goon Swarm.
There's a roster of our diplomats.
You can just point them there and we will make it such that they can log on their Titan,
get out of it.
We will take it and then we will give them a shitload of ISK.
I mean, not the full value of their Titan, but we want the Titan.
We actually want to get silver ticket takers because we would love to have their fucking
If their leaders will not take care of them, we will take care of them for the price of
their Titan at a reasonable discount.
All right.
So let me go ahead and see here.
So I want to take some questions from people because again, it has been a crazy week.
This is MaximumEVE Online.
And again, guys, now that you are seeing, I think one of the things we're going to be
talking about on, oh, there's a question about Red Alliance.
So there was, let me get in front of this one.
There is a big drama in Red Alliance last night.
As you guys know, our policy when it comes to all things Russian is always number one,
never piss off the Russians.
So when there are internal struggles like this, we sort of step back and we don't take
sides and we let nature sort itself out.
The last thing that you want to do is get between a bunch of Russians who are pissed
off at each other, which is a lesson that we have learned that our enemies continue
to forget.
So that is a thing that happened.
We I don't want to say anything else in public about it because of what I just said.
Yeah, there you go.
I know that some of the corporations that have left Red Alliance are already finding
new homes and Siberian squads.
So I don't want to say anything more about that.
But obviously we want to make sure that people that want to fight alongside us and continue
in this war have every opportunity to find good homes.
Do I think that Pappy is going to wait for the M2 Cynogammer to try to get the rest of
their shit out?
I don't know.
I mean, that's a real it's an interesting question.
It's not one that I can necessarily answer effectively on a far side, because if I say
that they're going to wait until they get the Cynogammer online, then suddenly our guys
stop guarding it.
And then that inspires another breakout.
I don't think a Cynogammer is necessary for them to do a breakout.
They just have to decide whether they're willing to sacrifice us another dreadnought fleet.
We know that if they put a dreadnought on the table for every bubble that we have on
the table, that they can sacrifice their dreadnoughts and get their shit out.
And I'm cool with that.
The whole point of M2 is to hold these guys down, to demoralize their most invested pilots.
Their Titan, their Alexander's companions, their Praetorian Guard, their most invested,
their most committed, those that have drunk the most Kool-Aid are those that we have had
trapped in M2.
And so those are their fucking Titan pilots.
And they have been put in a state of learned helplessness increasingly over the last month.
So that's cool.
Questions about how we distribute Titans or Supercarriers in terms of selling to the membership
at a discount, something that will probably happen is silver ticket takers are going to
go into our Titan reimbursement pool.
I don't want to commit to the details about this because once this gets going, it's something
that the finance team will figure out and finance team ways, which I do not understand.
I am a simple mitten.
So basically like once we get that going, I'm sure that the finance guys will figure
their shit out and tell us what's the optimal thing.
All right, here are questions about IHUBS.
And I want you guys to remember this right from the very start of this war.
We are always playing a game of IHUB hockey.
IHUB contests are severely balanced against the defender, which is why when an IHUB is
in Delve that is hostile, we need to continually be hacking the shit at every opportunity of
everything that the bad guys put down, but particularly their hubs, because we know that
when we hack their hubs, we can put them on defense.
When they hack our hubs, we're on defense and we're at more of a disadvantage.
So essentially one of the things I need people to get around in their heads is yes, the balance
in our forces is much better than it was back in June of 2020.
We are successfully beginning to wear these guys down to the point that regularly it's
like 1.25 and 1.5 to one.
However, when the enemy calls a max hurf CTA, it can be very difficult for us to save every
IHUB because of the balance of IHUB stuff.
So when we lose IHUBS, what do we do?
When we lose IHUBS, we hack them back, we put the enemy on defensive, and then we play
IHUB hockey, which is what we were doing successfully before M2.
Is it a perfect process?
Will there be loss?
Has that changed from before M2?
Are things going better in our favor than they were before M2?
Yes, because now we know the enemy is on the verge of bankruptcy and we see that their
participation is going down.
Is this going to be easy?
Are we going to stop getting kicked in the dick in Delve while our allies and our irregulars
are burning everybody else's shit down?
We're still going to get kicked in the dick.
This is a fucking hell war against impossible odds.
There will be IHUB losses.
There will be Citadel losses.
We are trying to fight that.
We are trying to get our balance of forces at a point where that burn rate goes down.
We are not there yet.
We must continue to fight.
We must continue to fight more effectively.
We must better organize our forces to enable that.
But I'm not going to tell you that we're going to be able to save every fucking IHUB because
I have never told you that we're going to be able to save every IHUB.
I have always, very consistently, from the start, warned everyone about the risks.
That offense is the IHUB contest or bias in favor of offense.
So when they blow up on the bars, we fucking hack the thing and then we go on offense and
we put them on defense.
That's how we burn these things out.
All right, let's take some more questions.
Did FRT move their Titans out?
Here's what we have seen in terms of Titans and Supers leaving the theater.
A couple of interesting examples.
We did see some movements from FRT.
We saw their WC English speaking group go.
More recently, we saw Fire Coalition.
This was also in this very busy last week.
Fire Coalition took their Titans and their Supers back to Wicked Creek.
Now what's interesting is we are seeing sort of these half moves from the enemy.
When I say half moves, I mean that nobody wants to admit that they went out of the war
on any side.
You see Dunk Dinkle and those guys keeping that fact a secret.
They don't want to admit it because whoever leaves first from the PASB side is most likely
going to get blamed for this shit.
Or at least they're afraid they're going to get blamed for it.
So what you saw with Fire Coalition is they took their Titans and their Supers back to
Wicked Creek where Volta was attacking them.
But because they left their subs in T5ZI, again this is the fence straddling thing,
they want to send some forces home, but they want to claim that they're still completely
committed to Delve.
You saw all the Delve, Delve, Delve nonsense from the FedUp leaks where these guys are
saying, "Oh, we're really committed to Delve," when whatever FedUp.
But then what happened is very interesting because the primary super capital umbrella
of PASB in general is still trapped in M2.
These groups, either they're in M2 or they're in T5ZI, but they're not at home.
So what you're seeing is these groups like Volta and what have you are finally getting
their revenge on the PASB backfield, which used to just be able to drop their Titans
and Supers on them.
If they don't move their sub caps back, they are not going to be able to win iHub contests
in their home regions.
So I think it's interesting.
I don't think it's always going to be this way, but the fact that Fire moved Titans and
Supers back and failed to move their subs back is the reason why they do not have the
iHub in their staging system right now.
Will we ever have another fight like M2 anytime soon?
I think we are gearing up for another super cap fight of some kind.
My gut tells me that there is going to be some pretty heavy action.
I don't want to say soon and then not have it, but we have not had a big tie-dye fuck
fest, a proper one besides the, you know, we've had fuzzy soft fights, but we haven't
had a big capital slap fight since M2.
And I think that there will be one soon.
And I want people prepared for that because super capital fights are one of the areas
where we have a massive advantage.
We typically have won these things regardless of great cost.
Doesn't mean we're always going to win these things.
But again, consistently ever since June of 2020, I've been telling you guys that actually
I'm not sure what I'm talking about in June.
We learned about the, whatever we announced the war was coming before Vili and Wilm announced
But what we've been saying is, is that we believe that we can win the super cap fights.
We thus far have won the super cap fights.
We believed after there would be a super cap fight that we would have a hell camp.
I've also said that much on firesides and there was, and I think that there will be
And I think that's good because I think that, you know, our goal is to punish these fucking
people to fucking punish them at every opportunity we can.
All right.
We have some future plans questions.
This is actually a reasonable one.
Questions about like Horton NC remaining in Delve long-term.
They don't have resource reserves similar to ours.
Like they are not nearly as wealthy as we are.
And there is actually, I don't want to talk about things that are happening in their backfields
because that would definitely be future plans.
Certainly we are very well aware of the distinction between pan fam and legacy.
And while we are highlighting legacy, having all these issues, you're not hearing me saying,
Oh my God, pan fam.
What is interesting is, is that in terms of the balance of these forces, the legacy groups
are the ones who are filling tons of bodies and fleets.
On the pan fam side, that's mainly hoard.
But as legacy continues to each domino falls, more of them run for the hills.
And that is really where we are seeing the balance of forces come much more into a defensible
parody where we start getting more wins.
That is good.
Oh, one thing I want people to be aware of is we think that there is this metal liminal
storm, the electrical metal liminal that is headed into T5ZI, which prevents cloaking.
That is most likely going to after it's in T5ZI.
I want you guys to not be surprised by this or, Oh my God, run for the hills or whatever.
But these things follow a logical path.
And so we expect to see that in 1DQ1 at some point.
So just put a marker on that.
Don't freak out when that happens.
Do I love you like I love my fish?
I love you guys more than the fish.
Because the one fish that my heart reached out to ripped off a bunch of faces and then
died of his wounds.
So I care far more about all of you than I do about the fish that are not Pete.
I do love it when you guys rip faces off.
And there's going to be a lot more of that.
How hard did I laugh when I read Shattered Armor's last military morale post?
You know, it's tough because I just, Oh God, it's so bad.
He did the whole to the moon thing.
The brave thing.
I knew brave was in dire straits.
I didn't realize how bad it was.
And I didn't realize that Dunk had basically let the Shattered Armor guy take over brave
and run brave and not stand up to him.
Because one of the most important things an alliance leader does as an alliance leader
is knowing when to stand up to people that are trying to grab the wheel.
And Shattered Armor is like a D team shit to your FC who has been just the big test
bootlicker over there.
And it was shocking to me when I read the brave leaks to see that none of them had the
balls to just put that motherfucker in his place.
And that kind of tells me everything about the weakness of the leadership over there
and why their plans are so shit and why their finances are so shit.
And it sort of reveals a lot all the way around.
All right, let me see if there's more questions and then I'm going to have to go for the meta
Is that Morgan Freeman at the intro of the meta show?
Nope, it's a Fiverr guy who apparently sounds just like him.
We are going to be going into a lot of the details of analyzing the legacy alliances
in that situation on the meta show today.
But what I want to end things with here, guys, is essentially a...
I can't talk about that thing we're doing.
So there's a bunch of shit we're going to be showing the Kremlin and there's a bunch
of shit that we are going to be revealing to people not on the Fireside that relates
to the Irregulars Project.
If you are interested in the Irregulars Project, please let your corps of leadership know.
We are very much arming the Contras and we are...
I've been really happy with how you can kind of tell when an organization takes off.
It starts right from the beginning.
And with both the Querious Georgias and the Afghanistanis, it's been going great.
So we're going to pour more resources, more organization, and more oomph into that.
Talking about what is the Kremlin, the Kremlin is kind of like the Illuminati, is like our
director channel.
Kremlin is a big channel that has a corp directors, alliance subdirectors, and corp CEOs all in
it together.
So in order to manage an organization as large as Gunstorm, you have to have these multiple
layers to get word out to the line and reach out to people, especially when you're doing
things organized in more of an irregular, guerrilla sort of way.
But yes, it is something that one of the main reasons why we're doing what we're doing
is to stop that.
And that's one of the reasons why yesterday was such a good day in my eyes, because you
started seeing fighting in Querious that began that the Querious Georgias were doing things
in and around a certain area.
If you were there, you know what I'm talking about.
And then we were able to link those guys up with main fleet, achieve an objective, and
then bounce down to Afghanistan.
And again, the irregular sort of built up a layup, and the enemy didn't expect that
we were going to do what we were doing because it looked like it was just irregulars.
And then bam, Mr. V dropped on them.
So it was good shit.
Yeah, it is a long far side because I finally had a chance to sit back and think about things
and go through questions.
So I wanted to give you guys a chance.
All right, I need to put my suit on for the show.
He is right.
Okay, guys, we are going to get ready for the show.
Thank you for coming.
And again, the struggle continues.
We have the entire galaxy to defeat.
Let's get back out there.