Fireside Chat Transcript 14 Jan 2k23

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You aren't going to get me twice in a row. You got me once. You should do it like just
don't be don't be so greedy. Greed is the theme of the fireside today. You're right
Batchdy. Someone has to make the bingo cards, Ghoster. I don't know if I uh I don't know
if I've hit enough like of the same points for people to make them yet. Maybe. We're
up Kettle Time. I haven't seen you for a while. All right you guys ready to go? In 450 and
still climbing? That's good. All right so I've pinged out the the pie chart of Sheem.
We'll talk about that in a little bit but it's nice to have it up for the discussion
that we're going to have. So if you don't know um or were declared um so uh Pandemic
Horde, PanFam really all of them have attacked uh Fireco uh and Initiative has sent a sig
Darkshines has sent his sig uh to do that as well. So I'll get the I'll get like the
the question that is on your mind out of the way right now. Um we have uh no affiliation
for this war so we can shoot everyone uh legitimate third party. Uh we can go and attack Horde.
We can go and attack uh NCDOT. We can go and attack Fire. We have uh we have no friends
uh over there in any of those groups I mentioned. Um we can't shoot Initiative. Everyone else
we can shoot. Um so we will uh we will not be the deploying at the moment. We're going
to keep our options open but that doesn't mean that if a fight's break out uh or there's
a time error that we won't attend it. So uh that's sort of the perfect situation for us
as far as I'm concerned is the most possible targets to shoot uh and the uh least uh you
know tie-ups to hold us back. Uh I'll mention that real quickly. The Anti-Crab Coalition
um have struck a deal to attack Fire. Um they struck a deal with Darkshines. Darkshines
asked me if we could give them blues for transit so that they can move to attack Fire uh and
I said that is okay. So if they're doing anything other than transiting um you uh then you know
let me know and we can revoke that but uh they have agreed to use it to transit only.
So they'll be hitting they'll be attacking Fire as well. All right so uh as you recall
we were just at war with Fire a few months ago um and Pandemic Horde and Gobbins came
to their rescue. We gave a lot of good reasons as to why Fire should be destroyed and obviously
Horde did not agree with them. Uh they came and say Fire they're allies with Fire and
then within a few months uh Gobbins has turned around and betrayed them. Uh this will probably
not shock many of you. Um uh there is a difference between other organizations and us and that
is that we keep our agreements. We do not betray our allies and we certainly don't go
and save someone and then a few months later go and say it's time to destroy them. They
are now our food. Um they're now our content. Hate that word. Um that's just not something
we would do um and we haven't done in the past so we wouldn't be doing it in the future.
Uh I just but to say that the reasoning that Gobbins gave if you did not see it was to
open up space for new alliances to come in the game. Um and while I do agree that Fire's
rental empire is sort of disgusting um I think that it is the height of comedy coming from
him uh because he is the biggest landlord slumlord in this entire game. Um don't understand
how you can say oh we're doing it for the good of the game when you have regions and
regions of rental space where that you are the slumlord master of. If you want to make
the game better free your serfs. You know go out there and stop taking money and the
reason I link this picture this picture is very important it's the important it's the
pie chart of shame it is the list of the top 25 most permanently banned users per alliance.
CCP released this once in 2019 and they will never do it again because it showed something
that's very important. If you look at all of these top alliances they are all rental
alliances. Northern Associates, Brothers of Tangra, these are the people that are associated
with PanFam. Solar Wing, Solar Citizens, Shadow of X Death. These groups essentially every
group on this list is a rental organization. Essentially every single one. Um and some
of these groups at the time had barely started existing. Pan Intergalactic Business Community
with 3%, Fraternity Treasury with 5%. Those groups had barely existed as of 2019 and they'd
already gotten on the list. Initiative Associates was renters too. So all of these people were
renters. Renting is botting. That is what that is how renters pay money. When you are
renting you are supporting botters. It's not it's not like oh well you're actively protecting
them. You're not even supporting it you are protecting the botters. And we have the list
right here that shows that renting is botting because they banned only renters. It makes
up the 100% or sorry all of the top alliances the top 25 is all renter alliances. So if
you want to do something for the good of the game don't make up an excuse to beat up on
someone for quote unquote content. Stop renting. Stop being a slumlord. Stop being part of
the problem. Like yeah you do make more money than us. Yes that is very true. They make
more money than us but look at what you associate with. Look at what you support. Like that's
not good for the game. That's why we are against renting. That's why we don't do it. I've got
some good news on this front. I've been talking with Starfleet commanders who is the leader
of Volta and TTC and we've been discussing you know how bad renting is for the game.
And if you don't know Volta and TTC are a rental you know they have a rental alliance
but he's been saying you know that he agrees and he just made a decision and they announced
that they are going to stop renting. So we are making progress on this front. We are
cleaning this game up. But the one thing that hasn't been cleaned up is the people who actively
support the bots. The people who charge the bots fees and make money off them. And here's
something that I really I found out recently that I find really really sad is if you're
in Horde and you want good routing space they encourage you to rent from them. Imagine imagine
what imagine that like imagine imagine what do you guys come up to me and say hey I have
my systems a little crowded I'm like oh well you could just pay us billions a month and
rent your own system. It's comical it's comical. We've got a list full of bots. We have the
bots being renters and we have the biggest renter in the game saying that he's doing
something for the good of the game. Nah nah. If you want an example of how to do it right
look at our two newest alliances. Look at Shadow Ultimatum. Look at Sigma. Those guys
are in their own region of space. They are we're giving them advice. Here's how you grow.
This is what we've learned. Here's what you can do. How can we help you. Can we show up
for a timer. Can we get you you know a program. Can we give you something we've built. How
can we help you grow. And these guys are growing right now. And do you know what they pay the
Imperium. Do you know how much they pay the Imperium for this you know protection this
advice this usefulness. Exactly. You guys know it's zero. It's zero. If you want to
do something for the good of the game help people out help them grow. All right. That's
the big war update. That's what I want to talk about. You guys got questions. Go ahead
and ask them. I got a couple more things I want to ask you later but if you have questions
about that in particular I'll answer them now. Go ahead. No deployment plans right now.
We can go deploy if we want to but we don't have one coming up. We're going to stage where
we are currently. That's our current plan. Change. No future plans that kind of thing
but that's it. We are not calling it a zappy fleet. Thank you. But we took out we took
out our storm bringers and we got a small gang of storm bringers like 20 of them. We
fought against a small also about 20 men Drake Navy fleet and we put them all in hull before
they worked off in low sec. That was pretty exciting. I'm very excited to see a full fleet.
You guys need to you guys need to get your skills trained. Get your storm bringers get
your skills trained. It's going to be awesome when you bring it out. Thank you for linking
it. Very good. Good point. We do have that blog. You guys should be checking out our
blog and getting your information there. A lot of good information on there. Can you
explain more details of this transition from A.O.K. please. I don't know what that I don't
know what A.O.K. stands for. Johnny Williams. We do have a SIG called Jeff which we may use.
So if you're not a member of Jeff you can join that. Ghoster if you want to go with
small gang that's that's fine. Yeah I don't I don't have a problem with that. I don't
want SIGs deploying to the war front right now but if you want to go from home that that's
no problem. Anti-Crab Coalition. Oh yeah. So they're transiting through our space. They
have limited time blues and that's about it. There's really not more information needed
or you know like I said if they'd use them for anything other than transiting let me
know and we can handle that. Jeff is invite only. You can just apply to it and get accepted.
No not at the moment. We close it down after we. Is it closed. OK. Yeah. Then we'll if
we if we decide to use Jeff we will reopen it. Right now like I said no plans to no plans
to go out and deploy at the moment. We will fight from one DQ. Bex is linking the crab
loot buyback. I've been using that. I think I've been using the alliance one. I think
he's advertising his personal one but that's fine. Providence conflict. I don't I don't
know what's going to happen with Providence. There's going to be a whole lot of a whole
lot of like changes based on in the next month or two and we'll see what happens. We're just
keeping our options open basically. We obviously have some plans that we are going to keep
mum like no future plans type thing. But in general we're keeping our options open to
see how the map plays out and see how fire responds see how pH handles it and watching
everyone and then adjusting in the best way we can. Why don't we just glass fire space
while Horde takes on their main systems. There's no reason we can't attack their space if we
want to. Once again keeping our options open seeing what happens. It's it's the really
literally the first day. So let's let's watch. Let's watch you guys. Go ahead. I'm sorry
I was. It's much more fun that we are able to shoot everyone. So like let's let's just
shoot whoever we want to shoot. Yeah exactly. I like. Yeah. Some of you guys are saying
you hate Horde more than fire. I imagine that's true. I think from a leadership perspective
our leadership dislikes fire a lot. Our line members don't really care. The fire is more
more distasteful if you deal with their leadership on a on a line member level. You probably
don't see them as much. I want to talk to you guys about crab quills. This is like an
awesome way to make isk in rorquals. If you aren't doing them and you want to why why
not. I want to know what's what's the hold up. Is it that you cannot get rorqual holds.
Some people are saying they're sold out. I've heard that they're on the market. Isk skills.
OK. Yeah we have been saving the rorcs. Lazy. Too scared to fly them. OK. Space poor. Only
one pilot. Poor. Skilling. Skills. Only one pilot. You need two rorcs. Need to run two.
OK. So a lot of people have only one pilot. You set up a program that you we could just
you know like just I would just be like a channel where you guys could X up and get
a get a buddy to run them with. Would that be helpful. So that you just do it and work
with one. Perfect. That's what I need to know. OK. All right. Cool. I usually only do it
with one rorc too. So I'll get in that channel as well. All right. We'll make a we'll make
a jabber channel and we will we'll put it up there. Here's the thing edible. You do
not need to have a beehive FC up at the time. You can run crab calls even when the beehive
is down and we are still saving them. I I personally got dropped in a dread in a rorc
the other day and lived with both. So that was nice. Even dropped the hell on me. Rorquals
are no longer bad. Johnny Williams for crab calls. They're amazing. Which is using crab
beacons and doing them with rorcs. Yeah. Don't do it in 1DQ like me. I'm just doing it because
that's the only way I can get a rush. How much does it cost to refit a mining rorc to
a crab call? About a billion. Can someone link the forum post for crab calls from Styx? There
you go. Thank you. Ram on top of things as usual. All right. Directors. Am I missing
anything that I was supposed to talk about? Don't say PI. You can throw an ilm. Dynex I
knew you're going to do it. All right, guys. Get PI. We need PI. We like PI. We want PI.
Get lots of PI. Any other questions? Any other questions? Throw me in Elysium now. Hit me
up in Elysium now, please. Period basis is free for all. Like it has been. So, you know,
that's all that needs to be. You can go down there and ride if you want to. Should we do
PI? Yeah. Hurricanes when? No hurricanes planned currently. Favorite Kirkland find? Oh, I got
some chocolate covered raisins. I actually got, you know, like the Costco sales guy who
like chocolate covered raisins for free. I walked by and I'm like, I'll have some free
chocolate covered raisins. And then I liked them so much I bought them, which I kind of
hate, but they are very good. A few months ago, something was said about an alliance
for our old corporation. So we can't get Warda and Hisek. Is there any news about that? I
don't know about that. I'll put it on my list and find out and try to get back to you next
week. Just follow up next week on the fireside. Yeah. Levis, Aaron, I think that there is
a just a general lack of the materials. Hard to find them. From what I understand, I don't
do capital construction. We do have some plans we'll discuss next week. We were our meetings
today. We are discussing them, but some some plans to help with liquidity. So we should
have that for you guys next week. I'm pretty excited about that, but we're not ready to
talk about it this week. EU time zone, Beehive, what do Chevron? I think that's like an FC
thing. We just need to get more FCs. It's it's hard to just get someone. There has to
be the right kind of person who wants to who wants to do it and is also capable. So we'll
see if we can find some more for you. But that's another reason I like to promote Quab
Goals, because you do not need to have to be a hive up so you can make Beehive money
even when Beehive is down. Yeah, please don't throw your random discord servers in here.
A little worried about that. Can we get another lesson on Crabberacles? It's on crab goals.
We can't. I can do another. I can do another fleet where we show you how they work. That's
not a problem. New doctrine is Stormbringers. New doctrine Stormbringers where the actual
doctrine fit is available now in the fitting folder in the forums. Isagen is 20% of the
cost capitals. Can Locust mine to try the price down? Honor, are you here? Can you talk
about mining and Pachvin and other places? Terrio, we haven't decided on the Stormbringer
name yet because there's honestly so many good ones. I like Palpatine fleet the best,
but other people have other names. I like I like them. So, Pikachu's. So this is great.
So we'll just let the FCs, Herf and whichever name sticks we'll use. And if we have to use
several, we'll use several. But I'm in a Palpatine fleet. I just like the idea of unlimited power,
you know. Zintage, can you talk about the quickly the Claymore update fit? Just the
stuff that got removed. Palpatine died, but yes, somehow he returned somehow. Zaps from
Paps. OK, that's pretty good. I don't like I mean, the Zappy boy name, I will destroy
that one. But Zaps from Paps is kind of funny. Don, you want to unmute and talk about mining
real quick? And then Zintage, can you unmute as well or no? OK, so we've we've updated
the Claymore fit to make it a little a little less expensive, I believe. And we've changed
some of the Lichesis fit. It doesn't need to have anything else. So some of the fits
have been updated. When we did the Stormbringer fleet, we realized that some of the fits that
got updated in the team had not updated them yet. But we've we've handled it. Dawn says
someone else will have to unmute her. What corp is Dawn in? Someone want to find her
and unmute her? Can you not do it yourself? You should be able to do it yourself. I see
her here. Hello. Yeah, it's the 30 second pitch on mining. Yeah, you're good. OK, so
we are expanding mining options. We've been testing out stuff in Poshman, Unis, and Locust
to see if we can do it. It's not hard. Oh boy. Hey Dawn, we'll have you on next week
to talk about it. I think you're at, aren't you at that meetup right now? So yeah, we'll
have you do it next week. All right, guys. So it's about the fireside. Go forth and let
her let the enemy know that if they want to clean up the space and make space for people,
they should take the log out of their own eye before they look at the spec in Fire's
Eye. I'll see you all next week. We'll probably have a lot more ops going on this week. So
get ready, get geared up, get your Stormbringers ready. I want to take a fleet of those out.
I'll see you all soon. Have a good one.