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Testing, testing, testing boys and girls. Let's see if this is gonna blow up our
Gibsons. All right, I haven't talked about fish enthusiasm in a while while we're
waiting to make sure that Mumble is actually gonna stick around before I
commit to talking about the various things that I wrote down to talk about
today. My sort of Mad Max fish tank, which I
call Barb Town because it's full of barbs and every single fish in there is
kind of a dick. We just ended up finishing it up yesterday, ended up
adding a bunch of Buenos Aires Tetras, which are really interesting fish. Like
they're... one of the things about fish is that there's like a million different
things that they sell in pet stores that they call Tetras and they're all
completely different fish. Anyway, Buenos Aires Tetras and it worked out really
well. It's super cool. But that is the only designated bit of fish enthusiasm
we're gonna have this fireside until maybe later. We have a lot of shit going
on. I have so many shoutouts to give, Jesus Christ.
Quorns is really just cutting right to the heart of the
matter here and he says, like all proper old-school people that have memories of
these things, insists that we release the chat porn. I promise you we will. It may
be a few more weeks for some of it and there's a reason for that. The reason is,
I'm not sure whether you guys have realized it yet, but Test is not even in
fucking Outer Passage. Test isn't anywhere close to Outer Passage. Test
actually has been trying to tell their members that are miserable and logging
off and some of them just quitting and some of them howling at the rooftops or
whatever it is they're doing. Test is trying to insist to everyone that while
PanFam, who has actually now finally made it to the fucking Drone Regions, or at
least a bunch of them have, a bunch of the Test guys are being told by their
very effective, very inspiring leadership that they need to stick around in and
around the, I think, the Catch Zone. They need to stick around and hang out there
because some of these guys are gonna try to rescue their remaining Keepstars
that have not actually unanchored yet, that are in Esoteria and in and around
all of that. I wish them the very best of luck in their future endeavors because
I'm not really sure how a group that's out of fuel and can't tell the difference
between beacons, not like we can really throw stones there, is gonna be able to
actually go successfully rescue more of their Keepstars. Especially because we
are openly and notoriously telling everyone about this and I'm sure that
there's lots of people that will be helpfully shooting those Keepstars too.
One of the things about this game that is fascinating, one of the things about
this war that is fascinating, is that because Vili and Pappy and Piggles and
all that crew fucked it up so badly, there are a whole bunch of people out
there like Dreadbomb, like Snuft, like basically everybody else who wasn't us
or the Blue Donut, wants their revenge on the Blue Donut too. And since the Blue
Donut has disintegrated into crumbs, moldy, rusty, bad posting crumbs...
Sorry guys, I'm distracted now by the idea of a rusty, crumbly donut because I
just mixed my metaphors there. It's been a long few weeks and I ask you to bear
with me as we go through this fireside because part of it is gonna be Q&A, part
of it is gonna be victory speechy kind of things. We've had a lot of victory
speeches recently and I am mainly gonna give shoutouts and chill and do some Q&A's
and go through some of the the big pieces of news. I imagine that everybody
has been burning the candle at both fucking ends. I know I have. Everybody
else that I know who's involved in this thing has been burning the candle at
both ends. Time sort of stopped for me a couple of Mondays ago when Pappy
disintegrated on landing instead of trying to, instead of actually sticking
the landing, they just sort of blew up and ever since then it has been a mad
sprint for all of us. I've said this before a couple times over the last two
weeks, three weeks, whatever times of fucking war and I think it was August
3rd or August 4th that the big boom happened. I just want everybody to
understand that we have been doing an insane amount of work and that we are
not gonna stop. I'm not saying that we're going to sleep a whole bunch. I'm not
saying stop purging everything in our space. I'm not saying stop healing
fucking Mother Delve. What I am saying is accept and understand that you and your
friends are gonna be a little bit more tired while you're purging Mother Delve.
We're gonna keep this fucking thing going until the absolute last one of
their citadels is gone and all of our space has been appropriately scoured
because it's the right thing to do and it will be a shitload easier to rebuild
and do what we need to do next which is what I'm about to be talking about here
soon. Yeah so there's questions here about a Jeff style deployment to hunt
down the bad guys. Don't worry, don't worry, don't worry, don't worry. We have
plans for all sorts of ways for you to get puppy blood on your hand for the
ones that run too far away immediately for us to get here. But there is a lot of
shit that we're gonna be doing at home and there's gonna be some stuff that
we're gonna be doing some Cigs and Squad stuff. I'm sure that's a big surprise to
everybody. If you rejoin during the Horn of Gundor or you just... I mean hell we've
got it this war has lasted so long that we've had newbies grow up in an era
knowing only war which I think is pretty cool because that's basically the bog
standard Gunnsorm experience. Welcome to EVE, welcome to Hellwar, that's Gunnsorm.
Usually what we'll do in times of quote peace unquote and I'm not gonna call
this peace anymore because it's really not is send those that still want blood
which should be all of you and are charged up for PvP into well you know
Cigs and Squads. We you know we don't really like to talk about it on Fireside
we don't go into too much details. This is one of those things where like the
more that we're doing in terms of sneaky small-scale shit the less I like to say
about it on Fireside. It's important for people to understand as we transition
into this next phase of the war that when I say things like Cigs and Squads or
this that or the other thing I'm not gonna necessarily spell out everything
we're doing on a Fireside because Cigs and Squads deployments like let's say
hypothetically like you know what Brave and Severance are running or Severance
is now going off to Scalding Pass or some other sort of dumb bullshit and
joining Fire. We'll talk about that in a bit. Actually we probably won't because
nobody knows or cares who Severance is but regardless whatever fuck 'em. The
point is there's a bunch of these dumbasses that are gonna be parking in
Geminate. There's a bunch of these dumbasses that are gonna be parking in the
Drone region. There's a bunch of these dumbasses that are scattered all around
the galaxy and Cigs and Squad deployments are when we send dudes to go uh harass
them burn them down and shit on them. I don't know why Brizz decided to go live
in a region that has NPC space. One jump from Jita that fucking adversity lives
in but that's the kind of babes in the woods post-pappy situation we're dealing
with here. All right so for those of you that want blood don't worry uh this is
not this isn't a situation where like we come back and after all of the stuff is
over and done with we're like oh well you know everything's fine guys at least
the puppies tried and you know good for them. I'm a little bit less blood and
fire today uh not because I don't want to purge burn and kill the puppies but
just because it's a lot of fucking work and we've all been burning the candle at
both ends and we're all a bunch of fucking heroes and we should take some
time to pat ourselves on the back about it. So we're not moving the alliance
because of the Quarrens of Hardpoint like it's just you know the puppies never
actually got to the Quarrens Hardpoint which is kind of disappointed but
disappointing because I would love to see that baby in action.
But uh in terms of future plans in terms of where we're going what are we doing
uh we're here we fought for our home we fought for our space we are not going
anywhere because it is uh the best fortress in the history of the game and
we now know that it could be a lot better. We have a tremendous amount of
interesting things to do here like this is not like war is over and everything
is back to normal this is uh half of it is the great crusade half of it is
building empire 4.0 and then seeing what we can do with that. I don't even know
it's 3.0 4.0 whatever there's been a lot of iteration. The point is this some of
us we essentially have to manage a bunch of organ this is like less of a
hearthblower for fireside guys and more of like a planning like got a shitload
of work to do and I want to talk about that uh before we get into any kind of
you know hearthbore raising my voice kind of stuff. So here's the deal
um war and conflict between organizations in EVE Online
is a continual thing. One of the main differences between
us and our enemies is that we appreciate and we understand that war
is eternal and just because war is us shooting their titans or
they're bringing their titans to us and not using them and getting them shot by
us just because they are running across the
galaxy we are still in a eternal competition
with the puppies as we have all seen given any excuse
given any opportunity the puppies will every five years pretty
much like clockwork drop what they're doing and come at us
like they did they drop what they were doing and they came at us in the vietnam
war they drop what they were doing and they
came at us in the casino war they drop what they
were doing and came at us when they saw that we were going to
attack test in the fountain war and then again
all of the puppies and then of course in the great war there are no goons
and all got together and attacked us so if you think that we're just gonna sit
on our asses and act like these dumb motherfuckers are
actually done trying to wipe us out of this video
game you got another thing coming we we have a lot of interesting things
planned uh so a couple things on that the sooner
that we aggressively rebuild and heal mother delve
and that's both a logistics challenge it's a market challenge
it's also a pvp challenge it is a pve challenge we got to do it all we got to
raise adms we got to get our space up and running again we
got to do all of this stuff one of the reasons why i'm force
marching everybody to heal mother delve isn't just i mean i don't think it was
really necessary to force march everyone because
you guys were going to blow up all that shit anyway but i really wanted to make
sure that we ate our fucking subweedies purge all
these motherfuckers out of delve because last thing i want to do is have like
oh hey here's this test thing that's been here for three months and we keep
forgetting about it right like you know you just
purge the space wipe the slate clean and then we have a clean drawing board
from which to rebuild a far better and more interesting
awakened empire i've been playing a lot of stellaris
recently because it's sort of a busman's holiday if
abruptly i'm taken away from managing a space empire at war because
our enemies blew up and collapsed and started running away
in between reconstruction planning i've been you know
building a space empire trying to conquer the galaxy because
i just can't help myself at the end of the day
but jokes about stellaris aside the reason i'm putting this in front of
everybody's uh noses is we are very seriously going
after the awakened empire route uh and i want people to understand this
it's going to be partially socially sociology nerd stuff here
uh i as you know most eve players think of conflicts in
terms of discrete wars and we really especially as we are
pivoting towards uh healing mother delve
implementing our new plans our news for some of these things like the gunfleet
economic zones figuring out just the whole setup a
better jump bridge network a better defensive
defensive keep star network a better defensive just uh citadel footprint a
whole bunch of stuff i'm not going to go into
too much detail here on the far side because our enemies listen to these
but while we are doing that the sooner that we are able to get
uh our shit together the sooner we are going to be able to
reliably project power across the galaxy now power projection currently is going
to take a variety of different forms some of it is six and squad stuff some
of it is groups like the black hand or insurgent squad doing their magic
uh some of it will simply just be shitting on nerds that happen to blow
their entire tantrum radius it's going to take a lot of different
forms but the main thing is is this uh the imperium has certain strategic
foes that are dangerous to us that are
strategic threats to us that were threats to us during this
war and will be threats to us in the future and in many cases they were still
here could still be threats to us it just so happened that pro god legend
fucked everything up and blew up happy on
on that monday by unanchoring their keep stars so that's hilarious but
what i want people to understand is we are going
to fix stealth we are going to make a better empire
and we are going to become the fucking crisis
i said this on previous firesides before i want to re-emphasize this so it
doesn't sound like just some random ass stellaris joke
because of the opportunities presented by this what i would call a catastrophic
success scenario we need to capitalize on that
the enemy has failed so badly and is still in the process of failing their
way back to their space that we really have
opportunities to run up the score and because war is a continual process
and a continual organizational competition
it is incumbent upon us to take the lessons that we have learned from the
failures and the fuck-ups because we're adults we admit when things
go wrong we go okay yeah that's how you learn you fuck stuff up you go how did i
fuck it up how do i not fuck it up again okay let's try this again let's do
something else uh and we're going to be doing that from
the ground up with our empire because i believe that there is an
opportunity for us to end up not just a little bit more powerful than the
puppies but like i said before awakened empire that's the the fucking
awakened empire great crusade become the crisis i want to be 50 times more
powerful than the puppies they are going to do this again and the
only way that we keep them from doing this again
is being so ridiculously powerful from the ground fucking up
that the galaxy becomes our oyster i think it would be rather fun we can only
really rubbish one group at a time and i have no desire whatsoever to rule
over the puppies the difference between us and them from a leadership
perspective there are many i suppose but the
fundamental difference is the imperium doesn't rent we are not
interested in holding a whole bunch of random ass territory around the galaxy
such that gobbins can get our fucking rent check
in isk form from his like mcdonald's people
and so you know there's it's not like we're saying we're going to come 50 more
time 50 times more powerful than the puppies and then
we're going to conquer the galaxy because that's what the puppies would do
what we're going to do is get 50 times more powerful than everybody else
and then fuck with the puppies and have fun and do goonie things
sometimes that'll be wacky bullshit sometimes it will be scouring
our enemies and making them rue the day they ever dared
create the serenity blue donut and say there are no goons fix of things
but to get to that thing we have to rebuild our economic engine again
sociology nerds talaris references shit like this here because we have a very
complicated multifaceted sort of nation-state style task ahead of
us we have to rebuild our economic engine
as rapidly as possible because every hour that we are more
successful with our econ engine than the bad guys we will begin to
rack up that positive expected value we'll get that plus ev
and the more that we get our shit started before the bad guys and more
effectively than the bad guys then that results in us being able to
pivot to project power and do a whole bunch of other stuff that
we're not going to be talking about here
so when i'm talking about things like become the crisis to become the crisis
we need to have the most brokenly stupid economy we possibly can
i want to have an economy that is so ridiculous that ccp is again going oh
my god what do these people think of uh and i want the rest of the game to
just be confused about how we're doing it so when i talk about pve if you are
new if you responded to the horn if you have not seen us in peacetime i am
notorious for not being terribly interested in peace
like i said the moment the puppies broke up i started playing stellaris such that
i could get my fix of crush the fucking galaxy
so when you hear me on a fireside me of all people
you can barely keep his eyes open on the meta show when people start talking
about like you know moons or industry or anything
all of that is a means to an end it is critically important this is one of the
differences between us and our enemies is that
we don't shit on quote f9 monkeys unquote like
we play every aspect of the video game eve online because every aspect of the
video game eve online is something that can enable us to
better defeat and compete with our galaxy full of foes
so uh we're gonna we're gonna fucking do this shit
all right so that's the general play uh we are
revising we are adapting we are doing this borg thing
and we're gonna go fucking uh awakened empire become the crisis
so i would if i was rushing things i would come to you today with a bunch of
policies and things regarding some of the stuff that we have planned like there
is an angry mustache thread uh about pi for reconstruction which mr
and r actually just linked i would just funny i was about to talk about
this and i looked in elysium and somebody had already linked it so that's
lovely uh we will have more specific directions
about exactly what we want you to do in terms of pve
as we come out of the gates with these plans uh i have had
i've always had a couple of uh repeated like i've got my little sayings right
the mitanni's maxims or whatever uh just stuff that comes up war after
war after war one of those is wars are lost by the
loser because it's organizational competition
and you're trying to hold your org together
and hope that the other guy is not as good at holding his org together
and the other one is after victory bureaucracy right so like once you crush
the foe then you have to go oh shit now what we need policies we need plans
we need to have a deal we can tell everyone about uh and
some of those are gonna need to wait another week right one of the things i
want people to understand and to be gentle with each other they're
about is that particularly the people who have been in the command layers that
have been responsible for prosecuting and organizing this war for the last 13
plus months is the same command layer across the
imperium coalition that is responsible for then dropping
what we're doing after we've been up we have six hours six hours of sleep at
night at max for like the last two weeks uh and then coming up with policies that
are supposed to actually work for the next several years
so one of my functions here has been to just sort of tell everybody to expect
that we are gonna have some you know fucking
stone tablet shit for y'all but it might wait a week
we have most of the things that we need uh but i do not want to introduce
plans just because people are impatient and we're not going to do that because i
get to do that because i'm the fucking big boss so if i say we're only going to
release x y and z plans when they have been appropriately vetted
and we know what we're doing uh you know i just want people to hold
their horses mother delva is still healing there's a lot of whole timers to
grind through and blow up the rest of the shit
so i know that people have lots of questions involving like
rebuilding dropping structures alt corpse this that the other thing there's
going to be a lot of things where this week i'm not going to
have answers for you my answer for you is going to be wait and see
or you know come back next week depending upon what it is for some of
the stuff like the pi we're going to need tons of that please do check out
that thread all right so wow wow
wow wow one of the things that i didn't talk about on the meta show yesterday
and i think that the imperium as a whole deserves credit for this
i didn't talk about it in the meta show yesterday because i wasn't sure how
secret it was this is something that the adge dracarys and the coordination
team worked on a lot one of the reasons why the bad guys are
broken down on or around uq is that
it was like we blocked the root dracarys had
sov3 along that route and we pointedly made sure that their route was jammed
uh some mercenaries may have also been involved we have
one of the things that we are still not officially confirming or denying in any
capacity is whether the imperium did or did not hire any mercenaries over the
course of this war i like keeping those things secret and i
actually kind of forgot even mentioned it ever because they the puppies blew up
so badly on the landing that we've been busy healing mother delph but
uh imperium mercenaries may or may not have been involved
uh we imperium sov was definitely involved because dracarys [ __ ]
jammed their evac route because they they lost these these guys these guys
[ __ ] it up so badly i want you guys to understand these guys [ __ ] this up so
badly that not only did they not have any fuel
prepared uh they had some small caches for their
leaders or what have you which is the normal thing you'd expect from the
puppies but they didn't even realize that you
know they didn't have full [ __ ] control of their evac route and that's
even before dread bomb got involved with the [ __ ] bait beacon so like you guys
to understand that one of the reasons why they got
choked up there uh in catch and then started feeding to
that dread bomb bait beacon is because imperium forces actively and
intentionally planned and executed an op to sever or
delay their [ __ ] golden bridge while we're shelling them so
that's pretty [ __ ] cool i'm very happy about that so high fives all around
can we get a shout out to reddit swarm i love i love how the puppies think that
uh that it's real it's perfect also good bingo bait well done all right
let me try to go through some of these things uh i actually have some notes
here on the fireside it's been a pretty crazy
ass time here so uh i want to touch on recruiting
uh so last week i got up here on the fireside and i heard many many blurbs
about a recruitment ban uh and then we purged all of the things
that the enemy have we're not done purging everything like there's still
some stuff to do um here is the deal uh
there are some people that i want to have vetted right that are actual like
the pappy guys that didn't really realize what was going on that might
have gone away for months and they come back
so i've got we've now had time to sort of put together like a
uh operation pappy clip kind of thing to pick out
the good ones that are actually worth bringing on board
the initial reason why we had to slam the recruitment doors shut as t5zi was
dying is that you need a vetting process and we do want to get
i don't think we'll get alpha star pilot because i think he's going to quit the
game because i would probably not want to play eve online if i grew up
taking orders from [ __ ] elf boy but
i just wanted to say operation pappy clip on a [ __ ] fireside
it's just it's been dinging around in my head for a while
so here's what here's what the deal is uh there might be a few
that you will see but we're not going to be doing some sort of a vast recruitment
of pappies we don't actually want a bunch of them
and i have good news for those of you that uh have been particularly annoyed
like i have been by some of their [ __ ] posters
now we fought 152 000 [ __ ] puppies but as the emperor sometimes i don't
want to be fair as the emperor sometimes i don't want to
be merciful i might recognize that it's important to
you know slam down in some areas and then ease off and maybe allow a little
bit of mercy here and there but i feel it was perfectly fair for me
to basically pick about 45 and it's a growing list i
just want you guys to know that this is happening
so you you don't have to worry about the security of our community
uh i have a [ __ ] blacklist of [ __ ] posting puppies that i handed to
tony uh delacor who has been heroically going
through and hunting down and identifying
old-school alt detector style uh these [ __ ] because they do leave a trail you
just have to sit there go through their [ __ ] posts and that's
one of the reasons why i love tony so much is that
he is willing to do the work he reads the puppy posts
so you don't have to and the great news my friends
is that he's found like 80 of them so dudes like
dom mccabe and this is eve in it and sci-fi sage and
stalking mantis and just all of them like almost all of your
least favorite reddit [ __ ] posters are now permanent members of the
blacklist they're not the kind of person that
would be joining us immediately but the concern with a lot of these flip-floppers
guys like captain soban or whatever is or marcus murphy is that they will
tell you to your face that oh well you know i've changed and i like the goon or
whatever and they're just looking for a community where they can hog the [ __ ]
spotlight so i don't think that these guys would be trying to join us
immediately but it's a thing where it's important i believe for the health
of the community that in a couple years when dumbass [ __ ] face
number 73 who you know [ __ ] posted so hard he actually
got on the [ __ ] list uh will be told that they are not allowed
in and so credit to that goes to tony because uh it's a lot of work to read
through you know but you know there's just some names where i'm just like find
this [ __ ] guy so i can blacklist them in case anybody was worried that i was
getting merciful or something in my old age
what about traitors like ichi that left uh i always thought that itchy was a
[ __ ] spy i was delighted when flipped sides because i thought that he was just
a spy who was kind of bad and then whatever and then he went and he was a
terrible [ __ ] fc on their side either so no he was blacklisted the the instant
that he left i was glad that he left so because we were gonna have to kick him
otherwise and might have been some drama uh but he jumped ship so no he's he's
[ __ ] blacklisted almost all the people that i was like uh personally get
blacklisted because that's how the community works that's one of the perks
of the big chair is i can say nope we don't usually like to talk about who is
and who is on the blacklist for specific people i can let you know because i
don't want people like the last thing i want is for people to assume that i'm
gonna like turn around and let some dumb [ __ ] that everybody hates in right like
you know i'm not exactly mr forgiveness all right so here's a very useful
question that's not a practical topic uh which is is the alliance buying
structures i've got some in storage uh i don't know we might be there's a
whole bunch of stuff going on casner here are you here can you like talk
about things like that or is that a tozzie question i want to see if i've
got people that i can unmute here so i can actually talk
oh i'm scrolling to find myself uh yeah we are we are buying some uh if you
do beeping treasury in like gsisc uh one of the finance directors can get with
you and look at what you have uh and evaluate it that might be something
where we want to buy them this week or a couple weeks uh the reconstruction
project is going to take i mean it's there are a variety of stages to what we
put down when as we build back towards the the mega fortress basically correct
all right thank you what about corp and alliance recruitment um no i mean when
we're talking about so this is the question here uh one of the things that
we talked about with the kremlin last week and in general how we're handling
the whole operation papi clip thing is i don't want papi corpse like i'm talking
about individuals of high value that have gone
through a vetting process that would like read their post histories and know
that they aren't you know shit fucks uh or attention horrors or anything like
that um one of the things that is inherent in
humanity is that there is a good percentage of people
uh i would say almost the majority of of humans
in terms of just styles of personality and their motives
for whom uh it is more important to be loyal uh even if the loyalty is
misplaced right like for some people they will go well like i i just i just
don't you know if i started the war with papi
i'm going to finish the war with papi right and like
those guys are different from uh basically the the the sci-fi stages of
the world they're different from the the reddit shit posters they're different
from the diehards right like that's just how they're wired and a lot of people
are wired that way and there's nothing wrong with that it's just important to
remember these things and take that into account i don't want
wholesale papi corp uh not for at least a couple months right
we're going to manage that uh merkel chin is basically merkel chin
karma fleet really understand what they're doing when it comes to
uh who gets in and who gets out and we're working with the kremlin to make
sure that everyone who is getting vetted goes on
to a shared thread where we all have eyeballs on it so no little shitlers
manage to sneak in but i'm not interested in bringing on
whole corporations and as i said before we're not bringing
on any new alliances i did announce that we are bringing on
igc but igc actually came on board with us
months ago we just didn't publicly announce it like they were fighting with
us but we didn't say hey they're going to be trial members in the imperium
because that was part of their trial was oh you wanted to you wanted to join us
let's see if these guys fight let's see if these guys have what it takes to
stand against the entire galaxy when things look bad
the answer was they did but that's it like there's not going to be any other
new imperium members or anything after this
as related to the war i'm not saying there's never going to be any new
imperium members or anything like that but certainly not
not wartime related when can we start requesting ihub upgrades so
basically this is something i want you guys and there's gonna be a lot of
questions like this and so i want you to uh
think for a moment about how much work g-soul is doing and it's a it's a good
question it's a good question i don't mean to shame this guy for asking this
question uh we will announce to everyone uh when
we're ready to do shit like that right now there is essentially a mad
scramble to uh finish the after victory bureaucracy
phase of the bureaucracy uh so for example i personally ran around
because tuzzy is a hero and g-soul figured out how to do it easily
but this is one of those that those jobs that only uh only people with the roles
to destroy the entire organization can do so i had to run around in a
little leopard and literally sort of turn the light switch on and every single
system that we had an i-hub and hand them over to
the ones that uh weasel or crew didn't get to
uh but what's that i was gonna say that we are actually plugging them in
um all over the place already and if people want to go ahead and use the um
request form that we've always used for i-hubs and i can find the link here in a
minute and link it in the lyceum y'all can go ahead and request that now
um jesus you're good uh keep in mind that we've already you probably
don't realize but we've probably already updated upgraded about half of dell for
writing three or up um and it's helpful for you to request them
because um we sometimes don't know like if you're writing in a system and you
wrap the military index up to a level three
we don't know we have to go manually check these constantly to find out
so if you write a system up to say military index three and it's ready for
a level three upgrade then submit the ticket and let us know
and so that lets us know to go out there and plug it in
um we what we've been doing is just checking them one by one and plugging
them in part of the bottleneck was we needed to
build a bunch um but we we have just a [ __ ] ton built a
[ __ ] ton already plugged in at this point we're just kind of going around
playing whack-a-mole finding indexes high enough where we can plug in an
upgrade so if you guys can wrap them up get them to a certain
level send us a request and we can either say oh well you know you may not
be aware but this system is already upgraded to five right
um or or we'll say okay great we're gonna come plug it in as soon as we get
one there um and if you are a special member of um
um the chosen few who are a member of goon waft any
goon waft court member regardless of whether you have roles or not can fly to
any good wi-fi hub right click on it and check which
upgrades are plugged in so if you're not sure about a system if
you can find a good waft member and get them to fly out to your i-hub they can
check it for you and that ladies and gentlemen is why we
win these [ __ ] wars right there here i am up here giving a fair say to
buy time for the command layer to like actually get some sleep and get
some plans and winning or whatever i'm like get ready guys hold your horses you
know i gotta gotta be gentle with everybody and [ __ ] tussley comes and
it's like yeah uh g-salt bin had that like we we it
was interesting because it was as i was zooming around in in my tussley special
leopard uh handing out hubs back and forth uh
you could just see it was amazing to see because like in the
the first couple days of the reconstruction while we're sitting
there uh transferring i-hubs and stuff i would
go into system and highest ball just absolutely [ __ ]
sideways like and barely like my my little [ __ ] shuttle is swaying i was so
high but it had to be done right like i it's
like one of the few jobs uh in my position is i i'm the boss guy i
got the rules i gotta flip every i-hub it was really inspiring to zoom around
delve and period basis and querious because i got to see uh g-salt at work
like day one like everywhere i went there were citadels of ours anchoring
and i didn't want to be a blocker i didn't want to hold these guys up
because the best logistics people in the history of video games
uh were waiting on me to make sure that everything actually got transferred over
so they could do this this [ __ ] magic inside of the first
48 to 70 times actually it was really just in the first few hours like they
just immediately were there g-salt is one of the major reasons why
the imperium continues to win hell wars uh is that we as an organization again
we don't [ __ ] on quote f9 monkeys unquote because we play
all of eeve online we do not turn up our noses
at parts of it what you got i'll also say i'm just now scrolling through the
i-hub list and raging commander and um we have 140 some i-hubs right now
and uh the first like if you scroll halfway down the page
that far down the list and up already has at least
unratting upgrade one plugged in and say the top
third of the page is already up to global three and up so
um and we've hit all the systems that are closer to one to one first so like
we're not way the [ __ ] down in period basis or
anything yet putting in upgrades where it's like mostly northern delta places
y'all are probably going to want to write and begin with
now one other thing i want to add about mining upgrades
is there are there will be no in system or belts like cosmic anomaly or
belts until we get the upgrades in so you kind
of have to jump start those systems and it's a massive [ __ ] pain in the ass
you it's better to get like a couple friends to come with you and go out on
some old school asteroid belts and get that in
the index up to level one and as soon as you get it up to level
one come screaming and hollering to g soul for us to come plot it plug our
level one or upgrade in and once we do that after downtime
tomorrow your first cosmic anomaly um mining or belt will pop up spawn
and then once that spawns you can use that to get it up to level two three and
four and we can plug the other upgrades in but that hardest one is
getting that level one so folks want to focus on going around
and boosting those ones and then letting us know we can plug in those one
upgrades to get that first cosmic anomaly going
yeah so there's a question here and i want to i want to use this as a general
sort of warning about uh just because you're paranoid doesn't
mean that they're not out to get you but you got to be smart about your paranoia
uh so uh you said to had a reasonable question as a waft member here which is
like if people are asking me as a waft member to check on hub upgrades is that
suspicious uh and i would say no and the reason why
i would say no is the people that are asking about i hub
upgrades are the people that want to get out there and get crabbing right like
that that's that's what we want we want to encourage this behavior uh if our
enemies were going to be clever and savvy enough to do something
like that i want people in general to be not as
paranoid with each other right like let the people whose job it is to be
paranoid be paranoid let the let me and like tony and caitlin and
anonymate uh and folks like that who are dedicated
to the counterintelligence stuff uh fuss about because again like i said
one of the reasons i'm telling people about the [ __ ]
turbo blacklist thing that uh i've been working on that tony has been
actually tony's been really doing all the work for it i just gave him a bunch
of list of people i wanted to be blacklisted
uh is as we are transitioning into getting ready for projecting power as we
are transitioning towards rebuilding our economic engine such
that we can become the crisis and start dunking on these nerds once they
actually settle one of the reasons why we're not off
dunking nerds right now is not only do we have to finish healing
mother delve but they haven't actually settled in
place because we managed to us plus various
uh uh opsec potentially mercenaries and other unaffiliated uh mercenaries and
low-sec people have been doing such a fantastic job
of clogging them up midway between uh here and outer passage so uh we we
want to we want to dunk on these nerds as soon as possible and that is why
i want people to be working together very cooperatively what are the things
that distinguishes us from the other guys uh is that
fundamentally speaking uh we cooperate better than the other
guys so over year over year the imperium has more people who are good at
working together that are happy to work together uh and
that engage with each other and one of the things i want to caution everybody
about is i don't want you being pointlessly
specific suspicious of each other uh because one it's not your job two
those of us who it is part of our job are already all over it right they don't
have to worry about me being vengeful or paranoid when it comes to trying to to
root out heresy within our group uh but three uh it is very important that
we all work together and cooperate like we
are better at than the mad guys uh precisely such that we can then go
back to being paranoid militarily and dunk on these nerds one of the things
that's very sort of you know it's tough we've had a
designated enemy to be mad about for like 14 months now and it's kind of
weird to have them all break up not call each other pappy and run for the hills
because you know i've got a full head of mad and these
bitches just disintegrated so it's it's sort of uh you know
psychologically it's a bit of whiplash but
i want us to go back to raining fire on these fucks as soon as possible
uh and as soon as the mechanics of eve online will allow that right like there
are certain things that uh are going to be difficult to do uh for
at least the next couple weeks because the bad guys haven't settled in a place
for us to rubbish them and also there's this little galactic
fuel crisis that has been set up by the sheer amount of stunned carp
ineptly flopping their way north and i just want to give corns a shout out i'm
afraid i ruined the wonderful phrase for everyone but i i just
i just fucking love stunned carp and uh and corns came up with that all right
so a couple other things i want to talk about here again it's been a while since
we had a big lengthy like q a fireside so i appreciate that this started a
little bit late uh with the mumble outages but
after victory bureaucracy we have a shitload of things to do and focus on to
make sure that we are ready for what comes next uh so part of that is
actually summer swarm and goon meets uh we have
summer storm next fucking weekend it's completely snuck up on me because we've
all been here burning the candle at both ends killing the puppies
uh but in madison next weekend is fucking summer storm and somebody can
link the goon meat threat here in uh elysium and a whole bunch of people
are uh coming to this at the last minute uh
and making the pilgrimage up here because we abruptly
just you know they disintegrated on impact and we're we're winning the war
here and so suddenly it's time to get together and
uh please make sure you're vaccinated if you're coming uh
you know don't give us the plague or anything dumb like that uh
but it's it's gonna be a good time so in just like
i don't know uh five days nerds are gonna descend upon madison wisconsin and
we're gonna drink a lot of beer and eat a lot of brats and smoke a lot of weed
it's gonna be good now beyond summer swarm what else is
going on uh one of the things that's going to be key in our economy
is making sure that we keep murdering these fucking whole timers right like we
have a bunch of whole timers basically everything that we have these days
uh is a kill lots of keep stars going boom lots of athenaurs going boom
where that's important and relevant is in order to get that economy going again
we need to make sure that these athenaurs and everything is cleared out
so please please please please please if you can think of something that you
can do to help out uh go on these fucking purge ops and make
sure that mother delve is healed right i want like i've
we've been doing a great job at this the coordination team
and everyone who has been going on these per jobs have been doing an insane
amount of work it is as uh something that power sent me the other day
uh it is extremely uh it was it's a challenging task it's a very
challenging task but it's also an achievable task of like hey we're gonna
blow up a thousand fucking structures as fast as we possibly can
let's get to work and that's what we're that's what we're doing and that's what
we have been doing it has been very successful but
one of the things i want to re-emphasize is the sooner we
heal mother delve the sooner that we are able to slam down and
re-engage our newly upgraded awakened empire style economy with all of these
lessons learned that we have bolted into it
the sooner we can go back to rubbishing the fucking sun carp so
please please please make sure these athenaurs die so gsol can work their
magic and put down what they need to put down
as part of that i want to give a specific shout out uh there's this one
dude in gsol uh named zavendo who has probably at this
point alluded more than three or four trillion
isk uh for the state right he is doing this as part of a gsol function of
looting all this shit and making sure it goes to the state such that the state
can then do things but like somebody's got a like it's not just
blowing the stuff up somebody's got to scoop that stuff
somebody then has to process that stuff and turn it into
more cores guns and citadels for all of us
and it is uh really impressive because somebody has to do the work and that guy
has been doing the fucking work and he deserves the shout out
there's a lot of people that deserve fucking shout outs of course now i've
spent here an hour talking uh about all the stuff that we need to
do and i still haven't gone through all the lists of shout outs and that's
that's unfortunately uh the nature of this war we have all done so much
uh but particularly like i said in the meta show like the ad said on the meta
show like asher said on the meta show the
fucking cord team holy crap guys uh cord is the single highest burnout
position in the organization uh at least it is
during the hell war right it's probably not as much now but
then after the hell war these guys have been managing to try and get steel on
fucking target on a consistently rolling timer after
timer after timer after timer and they're doing this all after they
spent 13 plus months at fucking war
like it is it is it is intense and i really appreciate the work that they
have done because in terms of people that have really
sacrificed everybody sacrifices for the common good when we're in this thing
uh but g-saul and co-ord uh really have been doing an insane
amount of work particularly in these last couple of weeks as we heal
mother delve so that fucking owns and congratulations guys we really
appreciate it all right so let me take some fucking
questions here guys i'm sorry again longer fireside we've had a lot of
hurfety blurf you know here's this big speech kind of firesides but we have a
shitload of work to do so it can start raining fire in the puppies again
and so i want to go through here and uh yeah
question about are we going to get medals thrown in the puppies faces one
of the things that i hope that ccp would eventually do is allow us to give out
alliance level medals medals are unfortunately a corp level only thing if
i could give out alliance medals i would absolutely do it
i wanted to be able to give out medals for years uh and so please yell at ccp
to get alliance level fucking medals and then i will
be better able to give out gold stars unironically that's not a fucking joke i
want alliance level medals if somebody if you if you want to ravel about ccp or
ravel at ccp about something add that to the list
question what are we going to do with locals like evictus and aom we are going
to shoot them that is what we are going to do in bsi
evictus aom uh have apparently decided that they want to
reform as uh you know legacy coalition is dead
uh and those guys want to become uh pibc on tranquility uh personally i think
it's a bad idea because i think that that's painting a target on their back
to have norris and frt come murder them but
whatever floats their boat so uh they will be neutral i am not going to
be prioritizing us murdering evictus or aom because again
they just named themselves pibc and i think fraternity is as a result going to
end up killing them but you know whatever that's that's their
problem uh we have bigger fish to fry in terms of thinking about who we are
most eager to continue raining hellfire down
on uh it's a simple list uh it's horde brave
and test now brave uh is not yet settled in gymn8
horde is uh still they're all kind of still on the way home
uh and test is not even halfway home and telling their members that they need
to pause and help guard or attempt to extract
more keepstars and esoteria with whatever depleted forces they have and
mainly test is now right the reality is the test guys ran away so [ __ ] fast
that we blew up all their [ __ ] so why am i talking about this instead of
evictus and aom the point is is that if i have an option of raining fire and
doom upon the pubbies who have defied our
people uh i am going to choose to do damage to
horde brave and test as a priority over any other randos now that is not to say
that i don't want you to shoot any other randos the guys that are going
to be in uh paragon soul so all that that whole
territory um i'm not interested in taking it as you
guys know uh i like to build tall and my my lesson
the takeaway for me in this uh war is to build even taller right build
50 times taller do the whole [ __ ] awakened empire thing that was a
shattered ring roll just [ __ ] do your thing whatever
um so you know those will be neutrals who are in regions next door to us that
we are welcome to shoot uh i'm not going to be dropping what
we're doing to go like purge evictus or whatever because i don't give a [ __ ]
about them compared to uh the big ones the ones that are really
perpetrators in this war the most of the responsibility in terms
of man hours invested in terms of fleet commander commitment
in terms of just dedication to annihilating our tribe
the enemies that put the most work in to ruining
us were horde test and brave and horde test and brave are going to
experience consequences as soon as it is possible for us to
deliver those consequences which is why we're having you know
mittens talks about pve on a far side because i want to i want to haze these
nerds right i just you know it's good to have content
next door or content uh it's good to have a bunch of neutral
[ __ ] puppies next door that you can shoot
uh but don't expect us to be like oh we're gonna go purge
aom and evictus we will shoot them when we're bored with sigs and squads and
whatever but our focus is always going to be on
going after uh the war criminals until they are
degraded to a point that they cannot do this again and at this juncture
horde and brave have run away so fast that we still have a blood price
to extract from them and test we're busy extracting that
blood price like test put all of their [ __ ] down
they didn't get their uh you know the value of those citadels that they put
down out many of the citadels that we'd put down in delve we'd actually paid for
themselves zillions of times over all those test things that they put down
are wasted investment and so that's why it's so important for us to just kill
kill kill burn everything down because it's a huge hit to their bottom
line and it's a huge interference for their ability to
uh rebuild all right let me take some other questions here uh can they even
afford to rebuild um it depends and that's the problem not
ours like i there's a non-zero possibility
that after test loses all of their [ __ ] here
uh that they end up like razor and i want people to be aware that that is a
possibility razor used to be a really big honest to god block level
alliance uh they were our allies during some of
the wars in the past in the great war and then after the fall of the old
northern coalition uh they kind of went into the drone regions
kind of like test is planning on doing uh and rotted away and died
like they're still there they're technically they exist they're like
drone renters uh but that is a that is a that is a scenario that may take place
for test but first they have to get to outer
passage they're they're marooned in the middle of this [ __ ] keepstar
chain and they're like oh we're gonna we're gonna try to rescue some
assets in esoteria guys uh while their coalition is dead and their
alliance is disintegrating and corps are running for the exits
i'm going to be very curious to see what test alliance please ignore
looks like when they finally settle in in outer passage but it uh
uh yeah it's gonna be fun uh when can we remove uh requiem eternal
from period basis so that is a very good question necro uh
necro of course was the hero that helped us disband requiem eternal in the first
place uh period basis has got to get cleaned
querious has got to get cleaned this is why i work here saying we got to [ __ ]
do the work we got to purge all these things like our space is not yet healed
we need to wipe all this [ __ ] out so we can start again fresh
is there anything i would have done differently the course of this work you
had a chance oh yeah i mean there's all sorts of
different things i wouldn't even really think of like
i always think of things that i can do differently because i'm not a little
[ __ ] and when things go wrong i go oh wow that didn't work out i should try
something else next time that's how you learn that's how you grow as a person
uh so i mean of course there's lots of different things that i would do
differently uh is there anything immediately off the top of my head that
i'm like well here's my official regret not really uh i want to i want to say
one thing about catastrophic success and then i'm gonna let everybody go back to
work because if i keep running my mouth it's gonna
hold up the [ __ ] purge let me write this down guys hold on
one of the reasons that we are in the situation we're in right now is
one of what i call catastrophic success if i had three weeks ago said hey guys
and you know leadership channels if i had said like hey well i think that pro
god legend is going to unanchor their keep stars and set off a failure cascade
where they all announce in a disorganized chain that the
war is over while their members are still stuck
in a massive tie-dye battle with a doomed doctrine that elf boy shat out
that lasted two minutes led by sharded armor who is leading the charge against
1dq1 and then they would all get stuck and out
of fuel as they panic evac and would lose every like you know if i
had actually just tried to predict what happened in these last two weeks
mr v would have just appeared behind me in a
just a just as a ball of radiating fury screamed no hubris and beat me to death
right it would just been no hubris no hubris no hubris and just beat the [ __ ]
out of me that that's what mr v would have done
and that's one of the things that we're dealing with this is a
catastrophic success scenario when we are planning how we manage
wars we often do not plan for best case scenarios because the thing is
you don't you need to have some sort of rough idea that you know you're going to
do this and you're going to try to win but planning is usually a matter of what
if this goes wrong what do we need to fix who needs help with whatever how do
we hold things together so we didn't really have a plan for a
catastrophic success like this and in fact it would have been impossible
to conceive of what has taken place here so i want
people to understand it's not just that oh hey we won the war
what has happened with papi is the biggest failure cascade i have ever
seen it is the biggest failure cascade that
has ever happened on the internet it is thus far in human history because
there's not too much human history when it comes to the internet or nerds having
slap fights on the internet this is the biggest war this is also the
most costly war this is the longest war it's the most expensive war and it is a
war uh which has resulted in the biggest
failure cascade and the biggest route in the history of failure cascades and
routes in internet nerd game slap fights so like the scale of this
fuck up is astounding and it caught everybody by surprise
it caught us by surprise it caught the enemy leadership by by surprise
i expected there to be some kind of a failure cascade i did not expect these
guys to get caught out so badly that they
announced that they would have they they told their people repeatedly that
they would have three weeks to get out and then they
exploded the whole thing during the fucking final like feel good
feed attack into the fucking wood chipper and then they didn't have enough fuel
they all ran so fast they completely destroyed the galactic
fuel market like these guys are skint on fuel they're just it's the supply just
isn't there like dudes have got to go fucking mine
ice to get enough fuel to get all of these stun carp back and the more
it takes the longer it takes the less fuel there is the longer it takes the
more low sec hunters there are the longer it takes the more fuck ups
they have like titans jumping to beacons and all of this
nonsense i have never seen anything like it so i want you guys to
understand that one of the reasons why we are so exhausted and also we're kind
of like whoa is this is a scenario of
catastrophic success the enemy all of them just exploded
and it accelerated our timelines i thought we were going to have to spend
at least two months on the fucking reagan keys i thought that we were going
to do walls of constantinople to rice fields and
then we're going to do reagan kista but then i expected they
would fight to at least have a holding action
and we would have to do salva ops and take our space back and all this
fucking shit and really what it comes down to it is
i i should uh i don't really like the guy i don't want to like drink it with
him but like i should send him a hallmark card or
buy him a beer or something or other to to you know
uh to fucking pro god legend for just detonating the fucking puppies
couldn't have done it better myself god damn all right
i'm gonna go ahead and call this off uh i will appreciate everybody coming here
today again not a very herfy fireside but i want everybody to understand that
we have a lot of work ahead of us and we really need to get back out there
and make sure that mother delph heals we got a purge del we got a purge querious
we got a purge period basis and we need to build our economy so
crab strategically crab like the wind but make sure that mother del
querious and period basis are healed first
thank you for coming let's get back out there kicking ass
takin' names, and fuckin' with puppies!