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this thing on now were you talking is were you talking dude i just i just gave like a this is
really funny because i just got like a fucking fire and brimstone we're doing typhoons damn the
torpedoes i don't care about the nerf we're gonna do whatever we need we're gonna get some we're
gonna like you know whatever thing i was like leaning back really proud of myself like damn
that was that was good yeah yeah like i just gave i went on the stair basically like damn the nerfs
full full speed ahead we're doing the typhoons they like did you guys get fucking anything
nope stay in silence so i i haven't i as far as everybody here is concerned i haven't said
anything on the fucking fireside correct so that means that the directors haven't heard me like
saying guys fucking tell the kremlin what i need to oh my god because i was at the start of the
fireside that i wasn't giving i was like guys i need this information given to the kremlin because
i've decided to say something on the fireside come on guys get it to the kremlin what the fuck
the man i was wondering yeah the mutani nobody was responding to me and then i'm like all right
well whatever guys i don't care i'm going to talk about typhoons now and how great the jeff
has been going and how well things are going and you know damn the nerfs full speed ahead i don't
care for i don't care if ccp nerfs the mining anomalies i don't care if the typhoons cost
twice as much we're going to fucking do this i want to see i want to continue to see a typhoon
fleet being used every single day i don't give a shit if it costs too much i don't care like give
it to scourge commanders war war war sacrilegious i was talking about how sacrilegious were like
beating mutants and actually shifting the meta of eve online i went on this whole like doctrine
related fucking tear and i was so fucking proud of it i was like damn that's good and i look over
and i've been muted or just my my fucking wow that's that's really kind of funny i'm so dumb
sometimes that's cute well at least you have your talking points oh yeah man uh you guys uh you got
missed round one of this but uh i guess i'll sort of uh straighten myself out here and uh there we
go okay that's funny okay so just to make it excruciatingly clear to the directorate now that
you guys can hear me and also thank you all for being patient and waiting for me to uh say
something uh i don't care whether it comes from uh somebody who is not in illuminati if you got
to reach to one of the people in dexswatt who knows what's up but i would like to be able to
tell our line at the end of the fireside to reach out to their kremlin representatives for information
about the thing that theta came up with and so i need the kremlin layer informed because it's a
cool thing but i'm not going to say it on the fireside uh but i'm going to tell people to talk
to their kremlin representatives about this thing but they those kremlin representatives need to like
be told what it is that people are going to ask them about
anyway uh here we go let's uh let's try this again
so the question on everybody's mind after ccp announced the moon nerf or the uh anomaly nerf
which they didn't announce they just put in patch notes and it was like a what a 90 95 nerf
the question that was uh asked all throughout our organization was what is this going to do
to the jeff deployment or the jiff deployment or the yif deployment or whatever the fuck we're
calling it it doesn't matter uh there was fear there was concern because obviously if you can't
have enough low-end minerals what's it going to do to the price of typhoons we already know the
answer is the price of typhoons double one of the reasons why the jeff deployment is so badass is
that i said here last couple firesides i want to see a typhoon fleet getting used by whoever is a
skirmish commander that feels like it at least once a day i don't care whether we win it whether
we lose it i just want to see our guys out there and on top of that in addition to the awesomeness
that is our typhoon fleets and they've fucking worked amazingly like i i get basically battle
report porn given to me every day because i i told the director and i don't do this all the time like
a lot of times we'll be on sig and squad deployments and like occasionally i'll see a battle
report for like the big stuff but i'm like prove to me that we are letting our skirmish commanders
or wannabe skirmish commanders get a chance to get out there and do shit with typhoons i want to see
a battle report of some kind every single day at least during the jeff deployment and what we have
seen is a tremendous amount of momentum from that people fucking love typhoons spoiler alert uh and
then on top of that we have this sacrilege doctrine which we're only really just getting started with
but this sacrilege doctrine one it's you know it's definitely high speed low drag like very high
skill cap uh in terms of the actual skill points you need to get into the sacrileges but it is
kicking ass and taking names a lot of people amongst our enemies were looking at the whole
sacrilege idea and going oh well you know we'll just use mutants and we'll beat them and it turns
out that sacrileges basically just devour mutants and what we're seeing instead is that uh the whole
fleet doctrine meta of eve online is uh having to adapt to the fact that these crazy assholes are
just going up to the northwest and throwing typhoons and sacrileges at everything that moves
and that's pretty cool and then the ccb nerf happened and obviously that was incredibly
bothersome to me because it is it's been a while since we had like an org that was really moving
with a tremendous amount of momentum and the level of up on the uh goon fleet expeditionary force
uh system has just been huge so that's really cool and i don't want to stop it just because
ccb has suddenly said sorry typhoons cost twice as much uh we do not have an infinite pile of money
but we have enough money and i like what i see happening with a typhoons thing enough that i
have decided that you know we're going to review this on a week by week basis i don't want to get
up here and tell you that this is going to go on forever because you know if typhoons suddenly cost
a billion isk each then you know there is a limit to everything and we'll find out something
different but in the near term i don't give a [ __ ] about the nerf [ __ ] it attack attack attack
we're going to continue to use typhoons we're going to continue to use sacrileges and we are
just going to keep doing this [ __ ] and finding hostile fleets to mash our fleets into every
[ __ ] day and so if you had questions about whether we are going to continue doing the
jeff deployment the answer is yes if you had questions about whether we were going to continue
to use typhoons the answer is not just yes but [ __ ] you yes how dare you try to take our
typhoons away from us i don't care if they cost twice as much we're going to ram them down
everybody's throats and or we're going to have them blow up spectacularly every single [ __ ] day
so actually i guess that kind of came out better the second time i'll take it are you talking
[ __ ] you
anyway yeah uh so one of the weird things about this and i don't know if this is going to happen
guys but sort of like story time with uncle mittens here uh you know in the past we have had
doctrines that i consider to be high enthusiasm doctrines right uh doctrines where in theory the
spaceship in question is very expensive to lose but because our guys and girls just love that
[ __ ] spaceship and they love that [ __ ] doctrine we end up with so many dudes in the right ships at
the right time and the right composition that we kind of just crush everything in our path and the
expensive to lose ship doesn't really get lost because guess what we [ __ ] won and you don't
really lose that many ships when you're in the process of winning so that's kind of the vibe i
get from the typhoon thing because people are so enthusiastic about that and i understand that
people like a couple weeks ago were probably on the fence about the whole sacrilege idea right
like it's an armor hack we want to do sacrileges but it's can't really stand up to this [ __ ] and
what we're finding out in practice on the field is in the defiance of the conventional wisdom of
eve online uh sacrilegious devour munins and so if you're excited about typhoons i would be i i really
encourage you guys to take a look at the sacrilege fleet it's starting to develop a record of victory
uh it is freaking our enemies out not any like you know oh my god we're going to conquer their
territory because we have more than enough stuff so we don't really need to uh but it's kicking
their asses it's devouring their munins and uh if this nerf that ccp has done lasts a really long
time uh you know it would be really cool if everybody just gets used to have being having
the skills necessary for a sacrilege fleet i understand it's a big ask because it's a very
specialized doctrine but because of the the nerfs to uh uh to the uh mining anomalies uh it is
harder to get low end so t1 stuff is getting more expensive and uh i think it would be perfectly
cool if we do typhoons typhoons typhoons and if ccp makes it such that they cost a billion isk each
we just go okay well t2 ships don't really require that many uh minerals anyway and we've had enough
time using the typhoons for everybody to also cross train into sacrilegious so cool we'll just
throw like 500 sacrilegious at any given problem that gets in our way and solve the problem that
way so that's kind of like what my thinking is on the whole jeff typhoon sacrilege situation if that
makes any sense and yeah like if we if we kick ass and take it to that ccp will eventually nerf it
but you know sometimes ccp nerf something tomorrow sometimes ccp nerf something uh three years down
the line like we saw with like the t3 uh cruiser meta for a while there so yeah uh we're gonna do
a whole vegas shout out here thing in a second uh because we have big news there and if we can make
sure that hyper viper is in the channel and has been unmuted by somebody hyper viper have you
already been unmuted that sounds like you know if he's not here i'll do it let's find out if he's
here and try to try to get him i've got some other [ __ ] to go through let me take a look at the
comments while i was giving my second basically you guys got to hear the second version of that
you know fire i was so proud of myself spitting that nobody heard uh hopefully it went over well
but yeah like my response to the uh the nerfs to the mining anomaly is i don't give a [ __ ] if
our typhoons cost twice as much our newbies are having too much fun you know let them eat typhoons
[ __ ] it so yeah the jeff deployment it's really [ __ ] fun people are loving it and we're going
to keep doing it okay so next thing uh we actually have a bunch of [ __ ] going on here guys so
the big thing is the jeff deployment the typhoon the sac stuff uh the uh let me check to make sure
that the kremlin has actually been informed of the thing that i wanted them to be informed of
not yet we'll get there
okay uh hyper viper have you been unmuted so you can say things
okay all right good uh we will get to you in a moment we have a bit more space business
and then we're going to go to uh the vegas news which is good news
what do i feel is the way to go for industry to remain somewhat green in regards to the current
changes that is a very good question shadow asuna and uh the guys in theta have come up like you
know one of the reasons why the imperium is so successful is not because we are elite players
who take ourselves super seriously or any crap like that but when you take like tens of thousands
of human beings and you jam them together under one network and one system of essentially knowledge
transfer we have like the biggest brain trust in the history of online gaming that's networked
together in one sort of way so each of us turbo nerds has like our own little unique special skill
or things that we get really into and then when ccp throws a nerf our way uh at first it's like oh
god what are we gonna do and then usually within 48 to 72 hours somebody somewhere in the network
putting their heads together working together has spat out some crazy bullshit that might work or
might not work or whatever and uh theta came up with a thing and that is the thing that i have
been continually if there this entire fireside of course to be fair for the most part of the
fireside i was muted because lol this is the thing that i am trying to get to be communicated to the
fucking kremlin because theta came up with something cool that might help and i'm not
spilling it out on a fucking fireside but i'm telling everybody once the kremlin is informed
where to find what we're doing about it to address the question that was brought up
we'll get there and also mad props to the dudes in theta who like worked up this particular possible
solution because holy shit dudes i love it i love it so much i'll talk it up on a fireside but i
will not uh divulge the uh the delta squad secret all right so i want to talk about uh something
actually so uh lucius uda asks how will the nerf affect the future of locust fleets uh which i'm
just going to use as a segue so first of all we don't know like ccb has a dev blog that says that
moon stuff is going to get nerfed and as usual it's kind of hard to plan around what they're
going to do until we see what they're going to do and when they're going to do it so they say
they're going to nerf some moon stuff in a month and that will probably impact our locust fleet
operations but it's hard for us to plan around that so you'll hear me say things like we'll
burn that bridge when we come to it so uh however uh as you guys hopefully remember or maybe if you
missed the fireside last week we have opened up period basis i.e the off delve colonies are now
available for those of you who would like to make a new life there outside of the protection of the
super umbrella like we said when he announced that uh the period basis was uh open for business
outside of the super umbrella you can make a new life for yourself but you will expect no support
whatsoever you can go out to the frontier of the off delve colonies and try to strike it rich but
if you are attacked expect no defense whatsoever from the state because the state and the umbrella
remains in delve so it's open season out there but if you are a dumbass and get tackled uh good luck
you're not getting any official state support so it's basically you know it's the freaking gold
rush in the mid-1800s out there and part of that is a bunch of cool shit involving we are now going
to open moon rentals in period basis for moons that if they were in delve the state would have
nationalized these are things that are outside of the range of our locust fleets and so we are
renting out moons that are just have insane monthly values in period basis so only the really
aggressive corporations and the people that really want to do this you're not going to have any state
support you can rent these moons you can strike it rich or you can die screaming and uh tuzzy take
it away tell us about this um sorry eating lunch um to normally for moons that don't have a refinery
on them you're on your own to go out and probe them down and scan them and see what their ore
values are and for moons that have refineries on them we list all of those that are available to
rent in a spreadsheet that i have linked on a net smart boast well to get kind of like give the
period basis renting a little kick i grabbed a list of the top 84 moons and period basis based
on value that do not have refineries on them in other words are completely open to rent and i made
a separate tab in that thread which is linked above in elysium that google doc and you're going to go
to the second tab the period basis open moons and um yeah there's top 84 moons the cheapest of which
is about 7.3 billion is the top one is about 10.1 billion isk for the perf rack um uh the old system
class a class b class c and some of those were no longer relevant because it was during a certain
time period that's all gone everything is simply now a type one or type two type one is a moon
that does not have a refinery on it type two is one that does have a refinery on it
so read the policy post and there's a section for type one like you know if i want to type one what
do i do follow those instructions if i want to type two what do i do follow those instructions
should be fairly simple just to be clear these 84 moons and period bases are all type ones because
they all don't they do not have a refinery so if you want one of these go read the policy post
go down to type one follow the instructions there you go awesome if you have questions there's a link
at the very bottom that you can click on which takes you to a separate thread that you can ask
questions in yes and uh as bard ghost on a slightly different topic or back to what we're talking about
a second ago bard ghost is he points out that this totally wasn't on reddit last night this is not
like the biggest fucking secret in the world we're talking about with a kremlin thing some of you
already know exactly what i'm talking about it but i hope you all understand that there is a big
difference from oh the mitanni said something on a fireside you wouldn't believe this oh my god
versus you know this is one of the things that we really do love about the kremlin is when some
really like weird shit comes down the pipe from ccp that we do have the ability using the kremlin
which we we simply don't have with the illuminati like illuminati is just too small even if it's
like you know fucking 40 to 70 people depending like the imperium is so vast that we really need
uh you know the corp ceos and the corp directors to be able to help out to deal with situations
just like we solved the drifter thing just like we dealt with a blackout thing uh so this too
is a thing um so yeah there you go if you don't know what the kremlin is the kremlin is uh we
it's just basically this management layer in the in the goons forum organization i shouldn't speak
for our allies uh where corp directors and sub directors and corp ceos are in so it's basically
just below the alliance level directorate and they do a shitload of work for us and we have a meeting
every month with the kremlin and basically they were instrumental in developing our drifter defense
during all the drifter stuff uh and there's a lot of shit that we could not do without that layer
which is why i talk about them all the time because it matters so high fives all around
okay so let's talk about some other stuff uh we've talked about the opto colonies we've talked about
how we are doing typhoons and sacrileges and we're continuing with the jeff uh damn the nerfs full
speed ahead and uh now i would like to turn over uh the floor in a moment to hyper viper who is
going to be talking about a completely player-run independent eve vegas as you guys are aware
we as an organization love eve vegas we love the girls we love the drugs we love the casinos we
love the depravity and also there's some spaceship stuff there too like i mean what's not to love you
can have spaceship stuff and you can have vegas all together and gorge yourself on some of the
most delicious food in the world the finer things in life uh i will make i'll be extra annoying and
a pretentious gas bag uh by actually i'm not quote william blake because even i will want to punch
myself after that but vegas is cool you should come to vegas our parties become more legendary
every year and unfortunately because of whatever weird shit's going on with ccp they announced that
they're not doing eve vegas next year and that they're going to do something in san diego and
the immediate response from the community was uh we're going to get together because in practice
the reality is that the crew of people that have been running eve vegas for many years now are the
groups of volunteers many of whom are in the imperium uh the volunteers are really the ones
that like fucking run vegas so we're like hell let's do we'll just do it ourselves so ccp isn't
doing it the imperium i put down a marker on the table say by god we're gonna have our fucking
vegas this year i don't care who runs it we're gonna make sure it happens and i am delighted
to report that uh it's happening and hyper viper is here to talk to us about it so dude hyper viper
you have worked some magic your team has worked some magic i don't even know if it's your team
or you're just part of the team but the the people responsible for making vegas happen are going to
deliver it to us again and i am so pumped to hear about it hyper viper please take it away thanks
yeah so i put together a team after obviously last e-vegas when they announced and got booed
for moving to san diego i recruited basically the top of the top people in the entire eve community
volunteers have been doing this for years so we really got the cream of the crop to get this
planned and we've been working our butts off uh non-stop since then to get it going um so we have
it it's going to be a little bit different than what most people are used to like mcconnell said
it is now player run completely so um we're not going to do big convention sort of thing with lots
of presentations boring stuff we're getting down to the heart of the matter which is nerds hanging
out with nerds having a good time um so that's why compared to you know ccp which is charged 200
something bucks ticket tickets right now for the event which friday's party slash dinner includes
the four hours of open drinking for everybody uh some nice neat challenge coins and some other
goodies that we're working on putting on together um i personally went out and scouted a good hotel
that has actual a bar that can service you know hundreds and hundreds of people and 24 hours so
we have a home base that's going to be over at bally's hotel and uh it's kind of nice next to the
paris there's a cvs within walking distance a bunch of shopping not the giant maze of the flamingo
so um it's going to be a great time we're looking forward to everybody it's going to be october 23rd
that weekend i'm gonna put a link in elysium where all the information is
um but yeah no it's gonna be a great time we have everybody all across the community uh will be
coming out and hopefully it'll be a great time and look forward to having every one of you there
you're a goddamn hero uh for people who weren't there uh one of the things that i was delighted to
be a part of uh during the imperium dinner on thursday of uh this most recent vegas was uh you
know we got together uh a card and i actually can't take any credit for this i don't say we got
together because other people arranged for a card and a cool stuffed animal and just a bunch of
awesome shit and we also kind of collected a shitload of money and it was entirely well deserved
uh to honor all of the work that hyper viper has done for our community because uh it's not just
this vegas thing that he has helped arrange but you know he has helped manage and create uh things
going all the way back to like the german uh bar where i got spanked in front of everybody by some
woman with a uh a paddle you know that's just crazy shit it keeps getting better each year
and hyper viper is a fucking hero and deserves a lot of credit for that and i am super pumped
about this i will uh like with the flamingo uh this year uh i will be uh staying in the designated
hotel and leading from the front there i will not be hiding in the cosmopolitan like i did when ccb
was putting it at the link so my ass will be here and i hope to see as many of you motherfuckers as
feel like it to uh make the pilgrimage to come roll hard with us and see what it's all about if
you haven't had a chance to do it yet oh also the um the tower that we're gonna be staying at where
you got discounted rooms for um the elver exit right next to or very near by the 24-hour bar
so you never have to go very far also another thing i want to point out here when i'm giving
praise to hyper viper and let me let me find out if it's true or not because this is about to be
fucking like state policy if this is true uh did you uh end up like securing these rooms yourself
yes i did have to sign a hefty contract for the rooms okay it's not like they give you any
kickback or anything it's just so i can get a decent price um so let me put this i'm just gonna
again i will be getting one of these rooms and a lot of times i know guys we do this whole like
some dudes stay at planet hollywood some people stay at the cosmo or whatever but hyper viper
in a very real way is sticking his neck out for us and our community and also the wider community
but really he's making sure this happens he wasn't originally running these events for puppies he
started running events for the imperium so it is absolutely necessary that we do not leave the
person who has helped make all of these things happen hanging in the wind if you have a choice
if you're like hey i don't know where i want to stay do what i am going to do and book your rooms
through the official system such that hyper viper does not get fucked when he is trying to make
things awesome for us so the policy of the state is that is the hotel we are staying in and that's
just what we're gonna fucking do uh hyper viper is there for us we will be there for him yeah and
it's not like any crazy prices i think they just calculated if you do over the fort if you end up
staying four nights it comes out about 110 a night so all things considered very reasonable
especially for prime october which is one of the reasons why i've been pushing to get everything
done sooner so we secure those good deals yeah and that's a really good point so we need to make
sure that we're doing it through i assume we need to do it through the appropriate link or can you
how do we make sure that you are getting credit for your work and that it goes into the right
block do we use the e-vegas 2020 website or what do we do yes that has a link to it i'll also put
the link in elysium for the booking um and that goes directly to that so both on the website or
that link will get you to where you need to book all right motherfuckers we're going to vegas
and if you're worried about the price remember a classic goon thing that has happened also this is
actually a really reasonable fucking price but uh you can just double up we've had goons with like
three or four goons in a room so if you're worried about price just find other dudes that are worried
about price and like just you know everybody in vegas is like drunk at high all the time anyway so
you just need a place to crash and so you guys can work together and get roommates to make sure that
everybody can afford to go to vegas and have fun with their friends all right so couple of final
orders of business because i need to scamper off and go to the meta show hyper viper i would probably
like to have you as a guest on the meta show on one of these next couple of weeks to just come on
and we're going to be banging this fucking drum between now and october because i will not rest
and sit back and let ccb kill the coolest fucking party the eve community has ever thrown so we are
going to be banging the eve vegas drum and throwing a huge fucking party and doing everything we can
to promote it so yeah uh we'll talk to you about that later a couple of last things uh thanks for
getting singing eve we need more writers on i and n we are doing a thing where we're sort of seeing
who we have seeing who's interested in stuff and uh the game has kind of taken off the korean player
base appears to be uh actually sticking around uh we learned from the pearl abyss uh quarterly uh
shareholders carl that in the q4 2019 uh eve was more profitable and it looks like the game is not
actually about to die no matter how annoying annoying like the red dots might be how annoying
the mining nerf might be or whatever it does look like the fundamentals of the game are turning
around and we're also having shitloads of fun on the jeff deployment uh which is cool and good
so now is a great time for people that want to hearf blurfs about even online uh to uh explore
getting paid space bucks to write about their game and uh bloviate if you feel like it so uh there is
a uh i and n recruitment uh actually can somebody link the um i and n join us page please and lisa
because i need to actually send writers there rivera is editor-in-chief orindus is one of the
editors dirk is one of the editors we've got a whole bunch of really really cool people working
on that and you get to get space bucks for bloviating about your favorite game if you
feel like it it's not the fucking new yorker you can basically write stuff with poor grammar and
the editors will unfuck it that's what they're there for they're very good at it so you do not
need to be like oscar fucking wild to write about your hobby on imperium news and philarmous
ms. vorton has linked the in and join us page thank you very much and yes uh he writes for us
and it's awesome so one final thing uh before we go i don't really have too much time to do
too many q a's i'll just see if i can i've got to go get set up for the meta show here because
we're going to be talking more about all these nerfs and all this other weird shit that's
happening in eve we did talk about doing a politics show last week on the far side
we are still doing that uh we have uh grath uh grath talcum from pl we have uh dirk mcgurk
and we have uh big bill the boss are on board as like co-hosts with me but it turns out that
if you want to do a podcast or a show about anything it's actually a lot of work if you
want to do it right uh so i've made the executive decision to put that off for a week we're having
planning meetings and trying to make it uh you know not suck uh so it's not going to happen
this week but it probably will happen next week and i have meetings after the meta show to make
sure it does happen so there you go uh for anybody that cares about let me take some questions
let me see what i've got here and scroll back
how is the state seeing the actual pic emergence on our server
well that's a very good question uh and that was from benjamin craft for people that aren't aware
pibc is basically the chinese version of the imperium they won their equivalent of the great
war on serenity on serenity and uh the losers of the chinese version of the great war uh and i
could be mangling this guys like i'm not completely 100 on my history of everything that happened in
serenity but basically the pibc guys are kind of like us from the chinese server and the fraternity
guys are kind of like band of brothers from uh the chinese server uh so they were the losers of
frt with losers of the serenity great war uh pibc were the winners and we have basically been living
with one of the largest groups of pibc affiliated chinese players here within goons form for like
the last five fucking years uh because uh the pla corp which is this vast and awesome chinese
member corp of ours and goons form uh are part of that crew uh and so that sort of extends out
to like ranger regiment and the various other pibc uh tranquility groups so uh it has been
kind of funny to see the nc. guys sort of siding with frt and posting all these really shitty
racist memes uh if the imperium has an alignment the imperium uh is much more on the uh pibc side
because uh pla is an awesome corp they're run extremely well we don't have any of the problems
that people have had with like botting or bullshit or anything like that because uh sylvitny runs a
really tight ship and uh so we know that uh yeah so that's that's basically where we stand on the
whole pibc frt thing good question uh will the fc championship be back one day uh possibly right
now we're doing the gef thing i would like to do it but running tournaments takes a lot of effort
and our fcs are trying to train ufcs by uh doing the jeff thing but uh everybody had a lot of fun
with that and we will probably do that again at some point but i'm not going to make any promises
about winter wear uh jintan predicts a deteriorating relationship with test and since
we're not blue with them anymore what's your take on this do you see the possibility for an insane
south war in the far future uh well if i did i wouldn't say anything about it uh and i did watch
that same video that jintan did and i think his predictions are pretty on point in general except
for one problem which is that uh he couldn't predict all the moon stuff and the moon anomaly
nerf just completely changes the political dynamics of eve and also there's all the exactly
the previous question about uh the pibc versus frt uh situation so at the time that that video
came out that jintan did his predictions i thought wow this guy's pretty good and he seems to be kind
of on point uh fortunately or unfortunately depending on your view uh the state of the game
has radically changed and really none of those uh previous ideas apply to uh where we are now
as opposed to where we were like last week yeah um okay i've really got to go get ready for the
meta show sorry for admitting making everybody sit there for 15 minutes but i guess i got to
practice my her speech about the the typhoons beforehand uh the meta show is coming up next
and we are going to have dunk dinkle on and uh as well as caleb they're going to be coming on and
analyzing the impacts of the moon anomaly nerf excuse me the moon nerf and the anomaly nerf and
what's that going to do so we're going to hear from basically uh one of the most non-partisan
csms uh you know dunk is like sort of like the space pope he's like he's just genuinely a good
[ __ ] person and so brisk and i are going to be interviewing him about what's his perspective in
the csm perspective about all this [ __ ] so the meta show is coming up next in seven minutes so i
need to set up my green screen thank you guys for coming typhoons to the front vegas sign up using
hyper vipers link let's make sure our boy is not [ __ ] over by that let's be there and party
inm is recruiting and a new life awaits for you renting moons in the off delve colonies
i will see you all here next week same time for the fireside thank you