Fireside Chat Transcript 16 May 2k20

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my big boy toys for providing overwatch. I will not be mining an aurora quall, but it should be fun.
But beyond that, we are deploying the Goon Fleet Expeditionary Force today right after this fireside.
Now there's a few things that we need to know about this. We have a bunch of ops that are going
to be broadcasted. Officially, the jeff is a sig or squad and it is a combined and coordinated one,
but in practice this is functionally you might as well think of it as a main imperium strategic
purge. When I say it is a sig and a squad kind of thing, that means that we are not deploying out of
1dq1. If you are in a place where you do not hunger for war, you are welcome to stay in 1dq1.
This is an optional jiff thing. It just so happens that I think most of us are feeling very optional
and twitchy. I want a little bit more of that good stuff we got from that fight last night and
we're going to go find it and get some of that.
So if we could get some links to the jiff sig that would be good because people are
going to need to be able to see these things in order to get the appropriate pings and information.
There's a reason why I'm saying it's optional and it's fine if crabs stay home if they want to.
One of the reasons why we make a distinction between optional and full formal deployments
is that we gauge things based upon the target and the situation. We are not in a state of
full formal war, but there are some people that I would like to see destroyed.
So we've had a lot of good luck with sacrileges and one of the things I'm excited about with the
jiff deployment that we're about to go on is that sacrileges are still going to be one of our
main doctrines. We are going to be modifying our fits slightly and we're going to be talking about
that. I've been watching some of the intelligence of various alliance leaders across the game
talking about how they already know who we're deploying against and where we're deploying and
they have spies so far up our asses and things like that. But for some reason they're waiting
until after the fireside to tell their line members where we're going and what we're doing.
So fuck them. I don't actually want to give them that. So here's what we're going to do guys. We're
going to do the fireside and then there's going to be pings and we're going to fucking deploy.
And then one of the things I want you guys to do once we get to the destination is we're going to
fucking stock the market and get shit ready as fast as we can. It's going to take a little bit
of time because there are a lot of you. We've got 1100 people on this fucking fireside that means
that the interest level and the purge is high which is good. But you cannot purge unless you
have the correct ships for the correct doctrines and are plugged in appropriately. So the main
thing right now is to be ready. Join the fleets that we're going to be having and sending to a
place. I'm not going to tell you about it. You will find out. If you want to know who we're
going to be purging go on the fucking op and you'll find out. And before we do that we need
to talk about combat carriers because we used them in the fight last night and they were a lot of fun.
So Jay could you speak about that a little please? So this week we finished up all the fits for the
carriers, dreads, combat carriers, boosters, everything, titans, supers, everything is now done.
So the fits on the forums are now the official fits and you should work on upgrading them as
soon as possible. Combat carriers are very heavily wanted at the minute. They swing fights and they're
kind of annoying to deal with. Dreads as well. If you can train T2 dread guns and get those for your
dread ults that'd be great. We also have a new recruitment post for super tits.
A checkmate. I'll link that there. And yeah so the capital fits are updated.
If you have any questions please post them in the relevant threads based on the fits.
And for the Jeff deployment we'll be taking carriers as well. So if you've got a carrier
and you want to use it then bring it on this deployment.
The Jeff cap sig is being worked on. I know allies can't join it at the minute.
Hopefully they'll be sorted out today. Very sorry though that something's broken and we
dropped the ball.
We got some questions about preferences in terms of are we bringing dreads or not.
Specifically on the dreads.
We're in an interesting situation right now guys because we have money and there's this big ass
supply crunch in EVE. And sure our income levels because oh my god all the Imperium does is crab
are you know slightly reduced. But our enemies are broke and instead of simply letting things lie
I want us to punch downward and run up the score. So we're gonna do that and that's one of the
reasons why we love dreads because we can afford to use them. You know they're fucking cheap
compared to supers and our enemies are apparently a little skittish about using them. I was a little
surprised that they did not deploy caps in JE last night but whatever fuck them.
If you've ever been on one of my recent last five or six years State of the Gunions when we get
together for war I just say a few things and I say you're here not to hear me talk but to get in the
fucking fleets and deploy. And that holds true now. We're not really going to do a lengthy Q&A.
We're going to answer questions about what we're doing with the doctrines and then we're going to
war. And you will find out in a matter of probably less than an hour or two depending on how fast we
get to the destination what our tantrum radius will be.
You are not getting the location now. We have a vast jump ridge network and we're going to get
together. You know it's a reasonable question. It's not being a spy. Like we're getting together
and I told everybody that we were going to say who we're going to be glassing and then I decided
against it because I read what our enemies were saying and I want to hold them in suspense.
And I want you to be in suspense too. I want you to know that you are not going to be the
only one who's going to be glassing. You are going to be the only one who's going to be
glassing and I read what our enemies were saying and I want to hold them in suspense.
And I want you to be in suspense too. I want you to know who we're going to be killing by going out
and helping kill them.
Are faxes even useful anymore? Faxes are actually quite useful. We used them last night.
If you have an active fit fax and you would like to bring it, you can do that.
Armor over shield. We don't really need a mini shield, maybe one or two shield.
But armor faxes, so like the Apostle or the Lif or the Secret and Nazo fit that has been posted.
If you know the Secret and Nazo fit, then you can bring that.
Is there a meta show today? There is a meta show. I have actually kind of failed to plan it. I was
going to be talking about war stuff and then I decided to keep it secret.
We actually were talking about that yesterday, man. Is that me and Brisk were all on the fleets
last night, so yeah. We're playing too much Eve. Yeah, we're playing too much Eve to actually do
this. So yeah, we'll figure it out. Worst case scenario, it'll just be me and Brisk shooting
the shit and then I will have to catch up on the deployment later, which is going to be annoying,
but it won't be that annoying. Actually, since it's only 20 minutes after, I'll at least be able
to pack. Somebody's asking questions. Actually, several people are asking questions and talking
in the Mumble channel in the fireside. So if you're new to coming to a fireside, we do not
do things in the Mumble channel. We do things in Elisa and This has already gone
on too long. I do not want to answer any more questions. I want us to get to the murdering.
And in order to get to the murdering, we need to get to the deployment area and then we need to
stock the fucking market. So that's actually going to be one of the biggest challenges we have when
we do this. There's a lot of you. That means a lot of material. We need to get there. One,
we need to make sure that when we get there is with the right stuff. Can we go now? We're about
to fucking go now. But I'm telling you, the priorities are after we arrive, we need to make
sure that our deployment location is fully stocked with all of the relevant doctrine ships. That's
going to take a lot of work. It's going to be a bit of a pain in the ass. And as usual, when you
start out a deployment for the first few days, things are a little bit dodgy there. So that's
going to be key. Fuck it. Let's go to war. Ping is only coming shortly. Fireside is over. Locust
sleep tomorrow. Let's go kill bitches. You will find out who we are killing once we arrive.