Fireside Chat Transcript 17 Apr 2k22

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All right boys and girls, let's go ahead and get started. We're gonna be a little shorthanded today for a couple reasons one
it is Easter Sunday, happy Easter if you're into that sort of thing and
Also, we have a whole bunch of active Jeff ops that are purging purging purging happy territory and faith hapless and beyond
So that is cool and good
We're gonna be relatively quick and to the point today and we'll take some Q&A's so try to get your bingos in
Definitely not bingo bait four weeks in a row as BP points out. Where do we ask our questions in a fireside?
We have some new people coming into goons form that are not really all that new because they've been part of the Imperium for
A long time. I'm sure you guys have seen the news that the bastion is going to be shutting down on May 6th
Carneros got a really cool new job
And just doesn't have time to run the Alliance anymore
He is going to be coming on board with a corporation of his own and we have a few
Corporations from the bastion that have been joining us. So it's not just bingo bait
It is a real question for people that might be on a fireside for the first time you ask questions and Elysium at conference
I'd goon fleet comm
And I mean, I think most people in the bash were already in there anyway
But there you go good bingo high fives all around
The other reason why we say to ask questions and Elysium is that I always have mumble in the minimal view
So if you try to ask questions in the mumble chat, I literally will not see them and you're wasting your time. Okay?
I'm happy to report that for the first time in a while. It seems like the game Eve online is really headed in a correct direction
I'm not sure what happened whether Ritati got sort of scared straight by people
Wandering away from the game or all of the storm and drong
I guess they wanted to get their shit together before fan fest, which would be a good idea
We're gonna have a plug here for mind one in a second fan fest. I've got a specific note about this because it owns
Actually, you know what fuck it will do it right now
So the best bits of news that we've gotten here recently is is that mind one our battle barred the Imperium's favorite DJ is going
to be
Spinning at fan fest. So that is cool and good and I'm really happy to report that and
Really proud of our guy here. That is fantastic of him. It's a great opportunity and he deserves it and high fives all around
we are going to have a
Few more actually, I don't want to put a timeline on it
Here's where I am right now
You guys remember the tribute campaign in 2019? We sent 1100 Titans north and we glassed tribute and
we had the London meet and we're all hanging out and
Alexander wept because there were no more worlds to conquer
when I got back from the London meet and everybody was just
Tired and it just didn't make sense to strike deep into the drones and I I agree that was probably a bad idea
But when I see a successful urge, I of course I want more
I want to get at - I want to get at the safe areas that the pappies thought would never be touched and I
Twist the fucking knife we have done so well in faith abolis. There have been whelps. There have been random fuck-ups
It's of course after a long period of wretched peace to get back on the bicycle and do some SIGs and squad stuff join Jeff
join Jeff
if we can have
just a little bit more if we can get another month of
Purging not just all glassing because they're gonna be forced to fight
I'm not saying that we're just gonna be clearing out structures or anything like that. We are
Nearing a point here where we're gonna get to the chewy center at the center of the fucking tootsie pop and we're gonna have some
Fun, so I want to say those of you that have been out there on the front lines purging you have been doing fantastic
Work, we have made tremendous progress. There has just been this great sweep through faith abolis
There is more just just a little bit close just a little just a little bit further
I'm not gonna ask you to reach the entire drone regions
I'm not gonna ask you to be at war forever
But at the rate at which you glorious motherfuckers have been kicking ass in this last month
Are we gonna have another few weeks? Maybe another whole month of that?
Wonderful beautiful things will come down the pipe
For those of you that might wonder why that matters
For those of you that might be new to the organization if you've joined after our most recent hell war the Vietnam War
One of the things to keep in mind is is that in goons form?
We know that the entire galaxy a hundred and three alliances worth of
Puppies hate our fucking guts and want to exterminate us and like clockwork every five years or so
There's a hell war our enemies drop everything that they're doing and get together and jack themselves
Off and tell each other what their great puppies they are and come after us. They will come they always come and it's these same fuckers
Who's vulnerable?
Is very near to the current staging of our war fleets and there will be more stagings
There will be more purging but we're nearly at that really wonderful
Vulnerable region or two that way just just in our grasp
So once you guys to know it is hard work slogging through fuzzy sob
It is hard work purging an entire region out of go and I appreciate that
I'm not gonna tell you it's not a struggle. I'm not gonna tell you
It's not a sacrifice to get out there and grind grind grind the puppies
But remember these fuckers are gonna come for you
And so I would rather we blow up their fucking hardware now then let them have the benefit of that hardware
Existing so that they can then come after us just like they always do so on the one hand
it's been a lot of work and you guys have been kicking tons of fucking ass and
Because of that I want more I want just a little bit more
We are getting into the really good stuff here. We're finding our groove. We've had our sacrifices to the whelp gods
We've had a few whelps or training up new skirmish commanders. People are learning we are on fucking
We're getting there. We're getting our groove back
So as long as you guys are willing to fleet up as long as you guys are willing to smash the foe
We will find you places to smash
So I hope I hope that we'll be able to keep this going and I look forward to that. I think that
It's funny to watch the puppies say Oh
CCP is on on goons for him side because they're gonna nerf these structures that the radio glorious motherfuckers are going
It doesn't fucking matter about the medium structure whole timer
It doesn't fucking matter because we are glassing all of this shit long before CCP even implements these changes because that is how much ass
You are kicking if you are in Jeff you are heroes
If you have not joined Jeff join Jeff get involved with SIGs and squads
Practice your fucking f2s. If you wonder what an f2 is that means that in in this Alliance
We realized during the Vietnam War it is not enough
To ask our line members to just turn up and fleet and press f1 that is critical
It is absolutely critical the single standard by which everything is judged is are you getting in the fucking trenches and fighting with your brothers?
and sisters on the line
but beyond that we need more because we have coordinators and FC's and
Spies and logisticians and all of these people who are putting additional effort to enable you to murder puppies
And so we asked people in the third great cultural revolution to find something that's close to their heart that they can do
That's more than just fleeting up. Maybe you're running a dictator alt in addition
To your main fleet ship, maybe you're picking up a spot in the black hand and learning to spy on the puppies
But in this case one of the easiest possible f2s that will make a tremendous impact
During a purge and sweep operation like this is just bring an extra hacking alt
Not only will you get an additional path because hey more more fleets and shit, you know more more ships in fleet equals cool and good
That's wonderful
But there is never a scenario in a purge like this where more hackers are the wrong answer if you are into it and you
Enjoy it then we encourage you to join GSFOE which is an actual sig dedicating to optimizing that kind of purging
But if you're just look at you know
If you're new to goons form if you're just looking to explore what your f2 might be
You can try a bunch of different things highly recommend
Just bring a hacking ship along with what you're doing already in Jeff and help us
Twist the fucking knife because if you look at faith abilis now, you know, look at what it was a couple of weeks ago
This is what knife twisting looks like and is important to demonstrate to the galaxy that we have this military capacity
To really crush throats when push comes to shove
So that is what I have to ask for you today now
Let's go to some of the line by line
We are going rapidly in this Jeff man
And that means that there have already been a couple of staging moves
So you're gonna hear this a lot if you can bring extra ball tech ships to 3l bring it put it on contract
It will sell we need 3l stocked. We always need for more ships more supplies
Also for ball tech fleets when you have them make sure that you are having an even balance of megatrons and a pox, right?
We don't need a whole bunch of fucking megatrons. We need about half and half megatrons and a pox
So please dial that in as Keisha saying a pox and lodgy and boosters
These are all the things that we want and guys guys seriously
Tribute coming back from one and again striking following in C dot into the drone regions would not have been a good idea
It wouldn't have been a good idea purging tribute took some time. It was a process
We weren't in the kind of fighting form that we are in this day and age after the Vietnam War which you know
We don't have summer children anymore. Thank God
There may be some summer children that have joined after the war and if you are we love you, too
You will eventually not be summer children because like I say the bees always come for us in
Goon swarm, so you will get your chance to be blooded
But if we if we are able to keep this going for another couple of weeks
The enemy will not expect it. They expect you to Peter out
They expect that this thing is going to end in faith abolis and that'll be that and you know, I'm not saying anything crazy
I'm not saying we're gonna torch half of the galaxy. I just an achievable. I want I want that bonus round
I want that little extra knife twist because they saw faith abolis coming
But I don't think they're gonna see what we're gonna do next coming and I just I want it. I want the conquest
I want the purge. I want the screams and I'm pretty sure that you guys want them, too
It's good to be back in our groove. It is really good to be back in our groove
Some of the areas where we are not in our groove is this is part of the getting back into our groove
Process is you'll probably be hearing from some of your corp leadership about how to not be a fucking dumbass in a rorkel
You know in goons from it's always been a you'll serve on the front line or you'll serve on the firing line kind of
Scenario here where we try to meet people halfway and teach them how to fly rorkels
And if you lose them stupidly because you didn't bring a Sino or you weren't paying attention in delve 9/11 or you weren't paying attention
And you find out your last asteroid and you can't panic or you weren't paying attention and you brought a Sino
But it's 300 clicks off your work wall when you start flying
It's 300 clicks off your work wall when you scream for help
There's only certain things we can do besides pointing and laughing
So what you can expect if you're a rorkel pilot is there is going to be an attempt
To meet the rorkel pilots of goons for him halfway by just making sure everyone is educated
In the basics of what you're supposed to be doing how you're supposed to pay attention and stuff and whatever, you know
We're gonna try to meet people halfway
But some dumbasses can't be helped
So I'm not gonna be like oh well some dumb idiot lost a rorkel because did everything wrong
Even after we tried to reach out to teach him how to do the right thing at that point
You serve the tribe by atrium gets to send pings about how much you're a fucking dumbass
And then hopefully those that are capable of learning from your stupidity will learn from it
The essence of wisdom is learning from the mistakes of other people and so it's a teachable moment. It's where we stand
I'm not gonna sit here and say like oh we haven't had more homeland defense scenario where we're losing rorkels because we haven't had people
harassing us at home nearly as much and we have a
Pure this is why I hate peace peace results in weakness and vulnerability because you always have to understand the entire
Galaxy wants to see the Imperium burn and the issue is just we've stopped them
Repeatedly over and over again, but they still hate your fucking guts and they're coming for you
So we're gonna do our little best to teach
Everyone how to not die like a dumbass when we start when we see people coming out of peacetime and starting to die like dumbass
All right. There are some general rules and regulations of joining goons from for people. They're new
Avoid relisting don't be a fucking dumbass
Don't be a dumbass means different things in different organizations
But I have confidence that people will be able to figure it out if you're here on a fireside
You're listening to me. You are already in the group of people that is interested in learning and paying attention, right?
You know, you guys are the ones who know this stuff by heart now, or you wouldn't be here
So see what else we got we talked about the roar calls. We talked about hacking we talked about purging the fucking foe
Ccp stuff seems to be ahead in the right direction. I guess they got scared straight. That's cool. High fives all around
I'm gonna go ahead and take some questions. Now. We have a couple of things after the fireside next week
I believe we have the FC 101 class after the fireside next week and we should have at the end of the month a
Capital training off is that next week? No
the weekend after that so the weekend of the
April 24th will be a FC 1 1 class right after the fireside and on the oh
Is that the last Sunday on no on the 24th?
Hmm. Well, we'll figure it out. It is next week. It is next week. The calendar is a very confusing device
How do I use a calendar? Why does anybody let me be in charge of a space empire?
So it is also after the fireside next week
It'll be last Sunday of the month and so we will have our usual end of the month
Capital training off which will be streamed for people that can't make it and want to ask questions a question about is fraternity
Okay, so let's do Q&A is here. Good question here from Christ. Jesus is fraternity cascading
No, I don't believe that they are they're having some minor drama, but I don't think that as an organization. There's a cascade risk there
Why don't I post in Delta squad discord anymore?
Because I moved to Michigan and dropped out of a lot of the discords that I'm in
I will accept the fact that I have failed the first rule of never stop posting and
I need to get in action. I
Accept your criticism the rematch on matter all admins
Yeah, so at the end of every month also, we're turning into a sort of a holiday the last thing of the month
So at the end after the meta show
Last meta show of the month now
We're gonna be doing these wrestling gimmicks because life shifter put together something super cool
At the end of last month and that's gonna be our thing. Hopefully
Matterhals wrestler character won't own everyone again. We'll see. We'll see is FC 101 limited to skirmish commanders
No, you are interested in
Attending a FC 101 class and you know nothing about it
That is specifically intended for you
If you are skirmish curious check that shit out our locust fleets still a thing a good segue cost of check
So locusting has been going very very well for a while now. We do it with barges at scale. There is a god
Okay. Well, actually it's good. He was doing it just for bingo, but it's it's a fair bingo bait
so especially if you're new to the
Organization or you're just generally confused how to get as much rocks out of space as you could ever possibly want
Please join the locust sig it is cool and good
You can suck down all those moons. All right waiting for a fish update
One of the so I actually have a it's not really a crunchy fish update
But there's a there was a flow problem in the tank and we're looking for a new power head because we were using a power
head that was putting like 200 gallons per hour through and a 30 gallon tank because I hadn't checked what that was and
Now we're getting one. That's a little bit more reasonable 60 gallons per hour. So we're not like blasting the fish around
But they're they're fine
Everything is fine. Mmm power head. I do like power
All right, boys and girls. Look I would keep running my mouth and doing more Q&A's
But the reality is is that we have been here and even while we were having a fucking Kremlin mean
The boys and girls and Jeff were out there purging
I hubs case was going through and he got a number of hubs murdered during the fucking Kremlin meeting
They've got fleets out right now
You need to be in Jeff and you need to be working towards twisting the knife on these fucking puppies before they get an opportunity
To come back around when and they finally get off their asses and do the same to you
We can get a little bit more a little bit longer
I don't we get us to strike deep into the drone regions on some sort of English crusade of conquest
I've been on first now, but a little bit more chaos a little bit more destruction
If you guys can give me a month of fucking knife twisting
I believe that you will see just a goddamn geyser of
Piss-pee tears blotting out the skies during and after fan fest and I'm looking forward to that
So if you guys can get back out there join Jeff twist the knife. We're almost there
Thanks for coming and I'll see you next week