Fireside Chat Transcript 17 Dec 2k22

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All right, can y'all hear me?
Seems like we're actually getting worse this week,
doesn't it?
Could subdirector find Styx and unmute him?
I'm going to call on him during the fireside.
Classic Void, well done.
Mike is doing his training.
He is sort of around, but not--
he's not super available.
He should be back more after the new year.
He keeps me conspicuously updated on his status.
I switched my push to talk.
I'm using my keyboard now.
I had it on my mouse, and after all our meetings
and then doing the fireside yesterday,
my thumb hurt from holding it for so long.
So we're trying the keyboard, push to talk.
I-- aren't all PMs from Mike drunk PMs at this point?
All right, looks like we're filling up.
Got a few more people yet to join, I think.
But this is the last fireside of the year.
A week from now is Christmas Eve,
and then two weeks from now is New Year's Eve.
There will not be firesides for the rest of the year.
This is our last one.
Maybe you guys have two weeks to train telling me
that you can't hear me.
OK, X in Elysium, if you tried out a crab
quill since we talked about it.
All right, see?
Yeah, this is definitely a number we need to improve on.
And someone dropped Styx's thread.
And Styx, are you unmuted?
All right, why don't you wax poetic on it?
I don't know what that means, but I'll talk.
So in case you guys don't know, there
have been a big push to get the crab quills going.
So if you haven't ran them before,
or you don't even know what a crab is,
it's the new Concord Beacons.
Reading that thread should give you
everything you need to start doing the crab quills.
It's very safe since you have the panic feature.
So even trying to save supers and stuff like that,
there's a lot of blunders.
And even if you're just doing them solo in dreads,
that's about one of the most dangerous things
you could do, I think.
So the crab quills are super safe.
I've ran like 200-something crabs by now,
maybe like 70 or 80 of them with these crab quills.
So they're definitely really good.
Even in the thread, I included a couple of battle reports
of the crab quills just defending themselves.
So if there's a small gang or a bunch of bombers
come through, that's just an extra bonus wave of loot.
Make sure you have your MTU down.
You can-- what that fits to-- and I verified everything on CC
before I posted them out.
Even if you just have two characters
and you have to warp your capitals in and out
of the sites to do them, they'll perform just fine.
And I'm always available for questions
if you guys have questions on how to do the sites,
for efficiency, for fittings.
I have extra implants in there.
I have a guide on how to roll your drones
if you want to roll the drones.
So I think the important thing here
is that it is extremely profitable and extremely
easy to do, very safe.
And if you have a bunch of old Rorcs sitting around like I did,
you can use the Rorcs to do it.
If you don't want to do PVE but you
have a bunch of Rorcs sitting around,
sell them on the market.
There are a lot of demand for people
who want to buy a Rorc to run this,
so put them up on the market.
Just really good stuff, really easy to do.
MataHash and I did a demo for people the other day,
and we ran three crab beacons.
And we got good loot.
It was good loot rolls.
And we both pulled about a billion ISK on three beacons.
That was a really good roll, but it's still indicative
of what you can be doing.
And one comment on the thread.
The rigs are not a suggestion.
They are mandatory.
Don't use mining rigs.
You will die.
Yeah, so the rigs, I pulled the rigs off of the--
I think it's like the Chadquill fit,
or the I don't give a fuck about how much I mine fit.
So if you had a shield rigged Rorquill hold before,
it's the same rigs as that one.
All right.
If you don't want to do that, go ahead and pick up an Ishtar.
Ishtars are a super low effort way to make money.
And you could run as many of them as you have accounts.
It makes it really easy to plex your account, too,
if you run them well enough.
So RatNet has a thread.
I've been running an Ishtar.
I've been running a Myrmidon.
And I've been running a Crabquill.
There have been certain people claiming
that they have to stay home and crab all the time
to plex their accounts because they can't afford
to pay for it in rubles.
And that's fine.
So I wanted to run a Myrmidon and see how long it took.
And it turned out it's really easy.
I did that with low effort routing for about 10 days,
not even routing every day.
So yeah.
But get to an Ishtar.
Ishtars are great, make a lot of money, and the effort is low.
But then Crabquills, if you can beat the keyboard,
you can do it with a buddy, or you can do it yourself
if you have two of them, are extremely easy to do
and make you just a ton of money.
Oh, yeah.
Login rewards.
I want to talk to you guys about that.
CCP has like 13 days of Christmas.
Make sure you're logging into your accounts and getting it.
I don't think we know the final rewards.
But even looking at what's in the first few days,
they have really good rewards, including a lot of SP,
which you should be saving.
So go ahead and make sure you're logging in all your accounts
and grabbing those rewards.
Oh, OK, you do know.
Wait, it's half a million?
Half a million SP total?
All right, yeah.
So get that.
Start logging in.
You haven't missed it.
You can get it from now.
Like, there are enough bonus days.
So log in and keep going.
Toby, we're saving SP because we're
going to have new doctrines eventually.
And I want you guys ready to fly them day one.
And then for the Crabquills, remember Delve 911.
It is a Jabber channel.
No spaces, no underscores, whatever.
Delve 911.
Join this channel.
Beehive is still running.
That is for more active routing.
But if Beehive is down, use Delve 911
if you get tackled in a Crabquill.
OK, there will be a CAP training directly after this fireside.
If you want to learn how to use a CAP,
Dave Archer will be running it after this fireside.
It is a very good thing to attend and learn or work
on your CAP skills.
CAP training after the fireside.
I wanted to say congratulations to Bjorn Knox.
He has been our latest director to be rest in piss.
He has been promoted for showing gross competency.
And a special announcement.
He does not yet know it, but Ryan Saletta, you have also
showed too much competency.
Rest in piss.
You are being promoted as of now.
All right, just put it in command.
You too can get involuntarily promoted
if you show too much competency.
Thank you for your hard work, everyone
who volunteers to make this game easier for other people.
Let's see.
If you have an Amiga account while claiming dailies
for events, you get all the previous day's events as well.
So you're basically saying if you plex your account
near the end, you still get the rest of them.
Someone mentions this to me.
That's correct.
Yeah, that's good to know.
All right, exciting news.
We are going to start SRPing amulet sets.
That's the former slave implants for carriers and dreads.
That's every amulet except Omega.
So please go ahead and buy yourself.
We have a post.
Someone linked the post.
You can have mid-grade amulets in your dreads and carriers.
We will put them in.
No Omega.
So all mid-grades except the Omega will be SRPed.
Now, it is time for Secret Santa.
This is the last day to sign up for most of them.
So yeah, if you have high grades,
we will give you the mid-grade reimbursement.
So if you want to have it more, you can run high grades
and we'll do it.
No, it's not SRPed if it's in your cargo.
That's not a move we're looking to go.
And it is not mandatory.
At the moment, we may make it mandatory.
But Secret Santa, if you want to get some amulets,
maybe put that on your list.
That might be a really good something
that your Santa could buy for you
or your Santee can buy for you.
Nothing for shield dreads right now, Hemphis.
We're not really pushing shield dreads other than the Phoenix.
We will consider it depending on how the amulets go.
Amulets are made locally.
A lot of goons make them.
And so it's good to keep our market local, basically.
We'll look at Nirvana's afterwards
if we'd like the uptake.
Can I get the S-Mart thread for amulet selling linked as well?
I want people to order from goons if we can do it.
All right, can someone link our blog, please?
Can someone link the goon blog?
Rom is looking for people to tell stories
about the Alliance.
There he goes.
There's our blog.
And then, Rom, can you accept?
There he is.
You can send him a message.
He is looking for people who want
to tell their Alliance story.
Whatever you're doing, we're not looking for news
about the world's largest battle.
Tell us what's going on in EVE.
It's a blog.
We want people to say something about your life in goons,
your life in EVE.
Let us know what's going on.
We are definitely looking for writers.
People enjoy reading these articles.
So you can contribute in that way.
All right, that is most of the news I'm going to talk about.
I'm sure some other directors have some stuff
they want me to mention.
There is something with two initials I'm not mentioning.
If I don't mention it this week, and then we
don't have two other firesides, I'll
have gone three weeks without having to mention it.
And boy, will that feel good.
I do have something I wanted to do for you.
This is just a fun thing.
This is the pre-Christmas treat.
I will now take a challenge.
Anyone who wants me to say their in-game name,
you can X in Elysium, and I will attempt it.
I will attempt to say your name.
All right, this is going to be worse than I thought.
Stop, stop, stop, stop.
All right, I cannot do this many names.
I thought there would be like five.
I thought there would be five.
Some of you have really easy names, like Kiromancer.
I can just say your name.
Robbie Zeno.
I'm just going to pick the easy ones now that everyone's
actually here.
Jim Gonzo, see?
So good.
All right, let's see.
We got Asselo Piorb.
Easy, so easy.
We got-- spamming, we got Yosetsu.
Burnin, right?
Toxie, Rackbar, Roxalien, Tris Flantry, Tyrai Adaron, Zelia.
It's been-- I can't read this fast.
My eyes hurt.
Oh, crash the server time.
Here we go.
This is the Zor chain of all Zor chains.
Someone get Boris in here.
The server's going to overheat.
X, X, X, X, X, X, X.
All right, well, I thought this would be a fun little thing
that we could do, but just like everything Goons Touch,
we have ruined it.
I think Jabbermutter crashed.
I really do.
It stopped scrolling for me.
Either you all stop Xing, or it crashed.
We just hard crashed.
Oh, there it goes again.
Just about a 10 second freeze.
Yeah, it's frozen again.
Yeah, I think we're breaking Jabber.
Boris is going to kill me.
I'll say some names while it's frozen.
VindowViper, why did you name yourself?
That's such a dumb name.
Heinrich Wagner.
That's easy.
TheBashti, Ellie Mae, Ratatouille, Chippory,
Kuno Akechi, Cyrillix Barbosa.
Why do you guys choose to name yourself these names?
Rock Lee San, Kyrios Akelehi, Erzam Bethana,
Dynex Charger, Isaac Agunin, KC.
That was hard to say.
All right.
Thank you guys for showing up.
I'm going to wish you a very Merry Christmas,
Happy Holidays.
I appreciate you guys so much.
We have no more firesides for the next two weeks.
I will see you guys at the start of next year.
Thank you so much for showing up.
As always, I appreciate you guys very much.
You guys have a great Christmas, great holidays,
and I'll talk to you on the other side.