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All right, can you hear me now? I was not muted
Yeah, I had to give myself priority speaker apparently because unmuting didn't work. All right
So now I get to say this whole thing over a second time fantastic start as you can see I am very good at this
All right
Let's try again guys. Thank you for being here. Also. Thanks for our allies that have shown up
I know a bunch of you were invited to listen. So clearly this is not the discussion
I wanted to have this weekend. Nobody wants to talk about this stuff. It's not fun. And this is a video game. So
We're gonna do we have to do though
So I'm also not going to rehash every single thing that's gone on over the past week because there's a lot of it and I'd rather
Focus on the things that that I think are important for the Alliance. So let's talk about the current Alliance situation. So right now
XTTC holds the Alliance executive position and DJ's I hold Goonwafa and that is going to be how it is for at least the next
Week, so we're gonna give a week to fix some things
You know, let some of this controversy die down some of which is you know, just frankly people making a big scene
And then we are going to go through and elect a permanent representative when I say elect
I mean a few of us are gonna talk and we're gonna pick one. So that's the plan for next week
We may push that back one more week
If if we don't feel we're ready for it
No, it's not democracy. That was a bad word on my part
Few of us are gonna say who's gonna do this really shitty job and one of us is gonna have to do it because that's how
It works
Cuz yeah, this job is not fun. Even having it for two days. It's it sucks
So that's the current Alliance situation
as far as
Ongoing stuff with the Alliance there. There are no changes to
Existing Alliance deals our politics our standings. None of that stuff is going to change
It is staying exactly the same a lot of it was if you didn't know how Mittens ruled stuff
It was pretty much he did what a lot of other people told him to do for certain topics
He was very good at accepting that so a lot of what's going on is the stuff that we've already decided
Anyway, there is no change there. So to our allies that are still here with us. Thank you. We appreciate your support
I know that it has been a rough week because you're getting involved in this and you had nothing to do with it
I'm sorry about that
to our enemies that are
You know apparently cowering every time we send out fleets in the east
You might want to show up to a fight every once in a while
If you think you're gonna attack delve, please attack delve and give me an external target to focus on right now, please
Please I'm begging you that won't happen. So we'll have to keep going along with the east and bulldozing your space. Thanks
This has come up a couple times so we'll talk about it
No, we're not unbanning people. We're not gonna empty the jail because you were you were banned while Mitani was CEO
None of that's gonna change
Some other changes to org structure, this is some minor stuff that's gonna go on
The biggest one for me personally is rebuilding gunwatha
So that it is an actual member corp and not a holding court for all the alliances
Logistics and standings and much other crap that gets piled in there
While all the members get treated as a second idea
You know, you're a second-class citizen assure you off a member right now because you have no leadership
You have never had corporate leadership at all
So my plan is to fix that and part of fixing that will be electing a permanent
Replacement for gunwatha CEO that is not me that is not an existing Illuminati member
So it is somebody that actually does it. Thank you trail pointing. You know what I meant
Anyway what we're going to do is make an actual member corp that has a real CEO
Just like all the other member corp since Alliance that isn't just somebody that you know holds the spot
That'll be probably the very last thing that I do as as CEO is go. Hey, here you go
Here's here's the job. Enjoy the the shit sandwich that I just gave you
And that also includes removing
All the essay bullshit that's attached to it because there's a lot of that stuff that's there from history
We're not gonna go through kicking anybody that has an essay account or anything
It's dumb
But at the same time a lot of this legacy stuff every time we've had some type of issue in this Alliance like internal drama
It is almost always been caused by some type of legacy essay entanglement every single time
So we're just gonna get rid of all that shit and this isn't gonna happen anymore
We'll make other reasons to have internal schisms instead of this
Some other stuff that's going on
We're gonna talk about this a little bit more at the end, but the harassment stuff is being wrapped up
You saw that it got posted out this morning
We're still working on the forum permissions because well the forum permissions are kind of difficult and we're really bad at IT
so we're still working on that one, but it the more important part is the policy is up and
I think a lot of people are going to be happy with it
There's gonna be some people that aren't happy with it for both reasons, right?
Some people think it goes too far something it doesn't get far enough
we can't make everybody happy and that's half the problem as we've been trying to when reality is we need to do what we think is
right and
Everybody will just either agree with it or not. And that's the end of it
We'll talk about that more a little bit
Last big thing is cleaning up all the forums like and there's just so many
Shitty unused forums and really bad forum permissions that we have in place. This forum permission structure has been a nightmare to deal with
One of the things that we're going to be doing is adding a lot more forum admins because we don't really have any forum admins
anymore we have
Actual admins that have full access to everything that are going around having to do the forum moderation
So a big part of this whole process will be cleaning that up so that we have actual forum admins
And we already have people that watch mumble. So the same same group will also be watching the forums
They'll also watch Jabber public places
So getting rid of you know, anybody posting shitty stuff there on the spot instead of us relying on reports
100% like we are sucks. All right, so that was a lot of the other stuff
The really big, you know
So all the harassment, you know cancel culture stuff that's going on right now
Again, I'm not gonna rehash every that's been talked about but we're gonna talk about a few of them
So some of the stuff that's been flying around crazy accusations. A lot of the stuff is utter garbage. It's just made up
Some of it though is not some of it is a hundred percent true. It really did happen
And when it did it was wrong and it didn't matter who does it so like some of the stuff that got leaked about what
Mitton said
Some of that stuff was awful and you know, it's really bad is at the time
I didn't think I read this thing like man, that's that's kind of shitty
didn't really click just how bad some of it was until later when people really made a big scene about it and
that's a problem and I think that's a core problem that we have had as a
as a coalition as an alliance is
The way that we dehumanize people
It's just wrong and I think that stuff like that is
It's a huge cause of a lot of the problems that we have been having
So I'll use a good example here
The way that mittens talks about Gobbins sometimes, you know, oh, he's a Keebler elf. He's off boy
Give me my cookies, you know that that stuff it was kind of funny at the time a little bit but not really right and
the way that it dehumanizes people to just treat them as a you know, a
Cookie character it just it wasn't funny
The way that that attacks people it
It proliferated not just the way that we spoke to our outside enemies
It also came into how we had discussed things with each other, you know
Just dehumanizing people inside the Alliance and I think that culture has you know, it's toxic
It's just not good. I don't really like using that toxic word, but it's a great example here
So that's something that we're going to change
We are not going to talk about other people or ourselves like that anymore. I
Think that that is a huge part of why this has happened to begin with is we just made it very casual
So just you know make fun of people for real life stuff like it Gobbins is short
That's why he was being made fun of that way as an elf
It wasn't because he rant you know, Mattani randomly picked something to pick on about picking on his height
What we need to do is focus on in-game stuff or things related to in-game like if somebody gets their sleep blown up
Okay, it's fine to make fun of them for that. It's fine to make fun of them for making shitty posts on reddit
It's fine to make fun of them for their in-game communications and stuff like that
It's not okay to attack people for the way they are in real life or things that are related to their real life
They have nothing to do with the online
That's just not really an acceptable way to do things
It wasn't acceptable to do things before but we had normalized it so much that people just kind of overlooked it or at least some
So please when you're talking about our you know ourselves or our enemies
Please stick to things that are in-game or related not other dumb things that don't really have anything to do with even online
Because you really wouldn't want people to go through and you know pick on your personal life. Would you it's it's not very fun
I know that other alliances have done the same thing. I can't speak for other alliances
I can only speak for GSF
So one of the things that we have done however is reaching out and talking to other people so other alliances in-game
I hope this is something that we can get going is
We speak with other alliances and if our members are doing this type of thing to theirs or vice versa
We can stop this because I don't think it's right
And I hope that other alliances in the game feel the same way especially the bigger ones that we are frequently in conflicts with
Yeah, I hope that's something that we can do. I
Don't know if it is but that's gonna be our policy going forward
All right, Kaz. That was that was a list of stuff. I wanted to talk about
Do you want to go through some things guys? No, this is the point where you start talking. Thanks. Sorry
I had to unmute myself. What do you know? No, I had that done
I just had myself actually muted so I didn't type back some can you hear me already everybody?
Yep, you're good. This is this is as a matter to new microphone different from the one I previously had
Hey, thanks DBRB. Good to see you
Alright, so we have a new anti harassment policy
If you haven't had the chance to check it out, someone is gonna link it in chat right now
I mean, I will I will say I'm wearing a black shirt right now. Maybe that's the difference
So we have to fix this shit
If there is a problem in this alliance where someone is being made to feel like they can't be here
Like it's not fun for them to be here. Like someone is gonna treat them like shit
We want to know about it and to do that. We have established a new team that reports to the server administrators
It's outside of the Illuminati structure
So initially that team has a few directors on it
But the majority of that team will not be directors. We've done some time consulting with your Kremlin representatives
That's your corporate leadership
about who to add to this team and we're looking for people who represent a diversity of thought and
experience and opinion within the Alliance and who have the necessary
patience and
Good judgment. I know those are pretty unusual things to find here in Goonswarm
To really help us with this. The directorate is good at playing Eve online and leading this alliance
We've done it a good long time some of us right? I was I was promoted in 2010
We are not good at making sure that this sort of stuff gets handled, right?
That if there is a problem with behavior, that's not about the game, but it's about how people are treating each other
We we don't necessarily know how to do that
And so we're trying to create a team that can. That is the essence of the policy, right?
A couple things went wrong last week
One was that we obviously didn't have a process that was up to snuff
For an alliance of this size for complaints of this sort of nature where there's potentially a lot of gray area
But potentially not a lot of gray area
And where it's really distinct from in-game rules breaking the other thing that happened was because that process wasn't up to snuff
It was easy for the autocrat to make a giant mistake and cause the problems that we're having now, right?
So these upgrades are necessary for two reasons one. We're not giving up autocracy
Someone is gonna be in charge of this alliance, right? But we have got to do our best to prevent something like that from happening in the future, right?
That's what this process is for
And we have to provide a way that everyone knows that if they have some sort of issue within this alliance if someone treats them like garbage
If someone is hassling them if someone is harassing them that they know that they can go and make a complaint
And it's gonna be seen by a group of people
From across the alliance who are not in leadership and who do not have the same motivations that a director has out of the box
But were instead dedicated to figuring out what to do about this stuff
And I want to say that the what to do is a broad we haven't written down an extensive
You know bullet point of policy with rules about what is what right a lot of this is gonna end up being a judgment call
We've given them wide latitude to establish their own internal processes how they work a judgment calls
They want to make if in fact they decide that there are a few people that they're gonna blacklist
You know, that's what's gonna happen. I I sort of predict that there will be relatively few of those
But what we have empowered them to do is require specific performance of people. That means they might ask you to apologize
They might ask you to pay a fine. They might ask you to fix your shit. Somehow. I can't predict necessarily, right?
We're just gonna have to see what happens. It depends on what they think is appropriate
But but that that is the idea here. So we've worked a lot on this with the Kremlin reps
We don't have the list finalized. Although I hope to have that today
We're also working on the forum IT stuff like the edge mentioned
But that that is the basics
I guess I have one other comment
My corporation was apparently one of the first to join Conde after Mittens took power
And what I experienced here was sort of crazy
I didn't realize it at the time because I I expected the Alliance to be functional when we joined
I didn't realize when we joined that it was down to 30 people in fleets. I
Understand those words now and what they would have meant in 2010 when Mittens became CEO, right?
But what I experienced was that the Alliance always took took care of my people the people I cared about that
I'm a different video game with and
What I want to say is that my assessment of the situation is that the whole directory is committed to the same thing today
And that if you're sitting here wondering what's gonna happen next
I hope that it's pretty much a lot like what happened before and that we continue to be successful
And I know they're all committed to that. So that's my pep talk
Question time go for it. Yes, killer code. That's the way it works
Lawrence to the reporting policy
It's specific handling procedures will be in development once this group is solidified and meets
If they develop a playbook and part of that they want to be public
That's gonna be up to them
The only thing that we're establishing as a policy is that the list of names is public, right?
so, you know who's gonna see a
Complaint if you happen to have one and you know who's gonna be talking to you if someone complains about something you did
We did reach out to a couple different people not not an extensive list yet
But we did reach out to a couple hostiles
About the policy specifically and ask for feedback
We're sort of holding our fire on the rest. We'll see how things evolve
We wanted to obviously have this conversation on the fire side first about that that sort of stuff looking at other questions
I'm not very good at swim test. So ultimately this group
The only people who could override them are their server IT administrators
They that that's not the goal there. That's the band hammer. We're using to enforce this, right?
What is intended is that if this program overall is not working that the directorate and the Kremlin are gonna assess that gather
And it'll be part of a broad evaluation
Evaluating multiple incidents rather than that sort of, you know veto thing. That's not the intent
And yeah, sorry, please don't ask questions in mumble chat if you're putting stuff in mumble chat. I'm not seeing it
I'm just as bad as the last guy
Let me take the cultural revolution question that Arza asked. I pointed this out on Talking with Stations earlier, right?
The cultural revolution we had back in 2012, 13, 14, 15-ish was way way bigger than what we're talking about here
Right, you know that that stuff that we had to do then was to take the whole alliance
That was full of a ton of ironic edgelord racism crap and prevent all those people from actually turning into racists when Gamergate happened
Right, that's a very short summary, but that that's what we did, right?
This you know, we don't have that kind of problem anymore. And in fact, I don't think we have a systemic harassment problem
What we do have is a credibility problem
We need to be able to promise the line member that if there is something that happens that their complaint will get looked at
That we'll be able to prevent this in the future, even though we screwed it up just now
Do I think we're gonna see a ton of complaints in this forum? I hope not, right?
I really don't think so
But it's possible that we will uncover that there have been more of these things than we thought and that is exactly the point
They bully us and call us woke swarm, we'll just have to shoot them
Well, that that's up to the beekeeper discretion as far as what to publish
But the basic assumption is that everything remains private, right?
So Kaz to add on to that one of the the things that I posted about in the Q&A thread that somebody suggested was doing a
Regular roundup of hey, here's how many complaints were handled. Here's how many people were here's how many
Things happen as a result of that. Oh, yeah, that's not a bad idea. Yeah, I think doing something like that quarterly and then also
Incorporating that with some other some other stats that we could publish. Sure. Yeah going forward
Yeah, yeah, we're not gonna reveal specific things that happened to us, you know
No post this stuff they expected to stay private and we intend to do that
But we will try and get some stats out to show. Hey, we actually are doing something
It's not just us, you know smoke and mirrors and everybody
Yes, we chose the name beekeepers
It had the name Alliance HR for so long that I got upset we picked a cute name
I don't I don't know who to credit with that. It wasn't me. Try it sky Enzo
Just just like kick ass key in the chat. Well, we get the types of offenses
I honestly I can't answer that yet because this is so new right? We don't have exact answers to everything yet
Also a good job actually typing kick at me and chat
You're a genius. It never gets old
Bingo has not bingo has not come back yet. There will be bingo only once there is a new permanent executor, right?
No bingo yet. That's a that that's a for the big cheer, right?
We that is exactly why it's disabled right now Heidi. We're messing with that to make sure that that is fixed
Yeah, Heidi. Do you remember when I mentioned earlier in this discussion that we were still working with foreign permissions?
Oh now, you know exactly what I was talking about. It's that's the one we lucky we're working on it
We we thought we had it down. Yeah
Okay, I am I'm trying to find other questions that I've missed
Feel free to repeat a question if you seriously are missing an answer
So I'll take Cassidore's question a Java channel for pings. That's not the intent of this
so this forum is for a complaint where you need to register something and it's for an investigation and
Potential conflict resolution the the minicom team the existing moderators are who you should contact for a live
Services issue where someone's misbehaving on services ever mumbled the forums, right?
That's what moderation is for this is not about fixing a live issue, right? If there is a live issue
It's a moderator's job or if it's a one-on-one you should block them and then file a complaint, right?
We have not established an alliance code of conduct. Sorry dad
You're good there. I think sniper just mentioned it mentioned the channel and Jabber or in Elysium. It's a minicom public
We're gonna do a better job of publishing out. Hey, here's how you get in contact with active mods
Like we haven't really said anything about that and forever. It's been pretty quiet
We'll try and make that a more a more publicly visible thing
That we haven't a couple other questions while I'm talking
Jirai if you publish that picture I will ban you from the Alliance
J what steps if any will be taken to ensure the new executive make good post?
Unfortunately, none of us make good posts. Therefore that would mean that the Alliance is headless forever. So I don't think that works. Sorry J
Does this mean the goon Woffa will stop being the retirement home we can get a pap requirement
The requirements will be up to the new CEO that I select at the end, but will it stop being a retirement home?
Yes, it will
That is the point of the entire process as to you know
DSA it and get rid of all the old people that don't actually play the game
But hang around and make it pretty miserable for everybody else because that's a big part of why Woffa is any ass to deal with
What is the new leadership structure viewpoint
On Potsvin it is the same as it has been bill. I hate you
No Apple, I will not be the big boss. I'm not taking this chair. I barely want it right now
I haven't been an essay Alliance for a decade
You sit sue why do bodies need to approve our alliance policy? It's not about them needing to approve our alliance policy
The the point is to one
Get other viewpoints, which I absolutely agree with
which I asked for specifically from a few people and then also just I
Think if we make this more of an Eve culture versus an alliance culture thing that I think it'll be better for everybody involved
That's all I don't need their approval to do anything
I did this on my home so did the rest of the directorate
But getting some buy-in from other people will help make this a lot easier
In the future so that we want to deal with this because nobody's have to deal with this
This is scrolling so fast. I can't keep up nice. When are we going back to Declan?
Not anytime soon
What I want the chair if we change the cushion of material no
Actual useful question will give EU players more love
So the reason that this has been a very non EU deployment is hostiles put a lot of timers into US time zone
So we've been bulldozing them in US time zone. There's a lot of euro I hubs coming up
So you're gonna get some more action. So please stay tuned. I know it has been difficult. Trust me
I'm very aware. I really want our EU people to be doing more stuff
thematic chaos, what can we do to help
Be nicer to your alliance mates and be like be nicer to your directors
that are doing a lot of work that you will never ever see and they will never get any type of
You know kudos for because that's just the nature of the job
So just be nice to people cuz everybody's having everybody's a bad day, right? I have bad days sometimes
It's really nice when people may get a little bit easier on me when that happens
important question
Somebody is interested to know if my tiny decided to leave himself or is encouraged to do the right thing by the leadership team. I
Think it was a combination. There were people going
Hey, I'm not sure how to get out of this and at the same time
I think the weight of what was happening finally fell on him and he just
He just couldn't handle it. You know one day we were talking about. Hey, maybe we make some changes around things like gunawafa
The next day I woke I woke up went to work back for lunch and I was CEO
I wasn't even here when it happened. So that's just what happens. Yeah, come on. I think that's important to you know, it should be nice
When you see people doing really really screwed up things tell them to knock it off
You know, I I tend to not do that sometimes because I try not to be the person out in front
That's not really where I like to be
But yeah, when you see people screw up tell them they screwed up. It doesn't have to be super confrontational
Yeah, let me answer front Francois question. I mean, I think we avoid that just because we're a very diverse place
It's not all American. It's not all euro
There are people from all over and we're putting a team together that is not based in a certain type of IRL politics, right?
It would be a concern and if that's something we start to see right, you know, that's gonna come out very quickly
This is not something that that people will be able to hide like if this team themselves starts to be misbehaved
That's gonna be obvious very quickly, right?
I don't think I'm concerned about that just with the size of it and the viewpoints involved
But it's pretty hard to push a particular viewpoint with that that number of people
And that's something I'm also interested in too is I do not want this to swing the other direction to where anybody that says anything
that's even
Remotely negative just immediately. Oh, we got a report this person. That's that's not okay either because
Some of what we've seen in the past few days, right is
Instead of going crazy in the other direction to where anybody that says anything negative is getting you know getting airlocks
We don't want to do that either
That's just as far just as bad as what's been going on. So
Yeah, the other thing I would talk about is we have a bunch of threads up right now
For various things that have been you know
People have been posting their thoughts in some of them have been very legitimate and we appreciate your feedback
Even if it is negative feedback, that's probably more helpful at this point
But what we're going to do and what we have been doing is we have to stop the
The crazy going after people that's going on right now that has no basis in reality
You know, I think most of the people that are doing that have either left the Alliance or been banned at this point
But what we're going to do afterwards is a lot of the what's been talked about here is gonna be put into text
I'm gonna make a post on it. We're gonna leave that open for people to comment on we're gonna close all the other ones and
If you have some constructive feedback, we will listen. I'm interested in hearing it
I'm not interested in people going after other people for you know, for whatever reason that's that's not really your job to do
There's a complaint forum about harassment if you've been harassed posting it
Otherwise, we need to stick to getting the Alliance back on track and not tearing each other down
Just some of what's been going on recently
Answer a few more questions
any decision with respect to players who left in response to recent events come back to GSF if people left and
We didn't ban them because they were doing stuff like hey, I have joined ten characters into deepwater hooligans
But I still have one in GSF and I'm keeping it to post
People did that they were probably bands and they're not really welcome back
The people that just quit the Alliance and they like what they've seen I want to come back
I have zero problem with them coming back. It's not like you quit and oh you're banned forever. You can't come back. No
They're we don't come back. We don't even know who all of those people are quite yet. It's been a really busy week
Please come back right like yeah
But there is a very short list of people who have eaten bands really for either
Extensive extensive shit posting or real like one person was defacing the wiki. There are a couple others that were causing real trouble
You know, it's not like those people can't potentially appeal to whoever the new big chair person is. I wouldn't count on it
Yeah, so an extension of that that's been asked a couple times is
When I say no one banning do I mean no mass amnesty or specifically no one banning for those people banned in the last few days
We are not going to go and unban people because they were banned three years ago for something like that's just not gonna happen
and the recent bands
will look at them if somebody really wants to but the reality is if they
If they were shit posting or they defaced the wiki or they did some other you know stuff
That would have been a perfectly bannable offense two weeks ago. Then. Yeah, that's not gonna get undone
They're just gonna stay banned
All right, marine when will mutants be brought to g8 never because I know that it bothers you immensely and so I will never do it
questions other questions
Big cherry gets filled leadership solid alliance likely to change. I would say that things are probably going to change
Because it's a different person right?
It no two people are the same so I expect things will change up a little bit
Do I expect that the Alliance's direction will change dramatically? Nope?
I'm pretty certain that's not going to happen because the general direction that we're moving in
I think it's a positive one both for the in-game stuff and the out-of-game stuff
Yacht fleet when never
Eve Vegas still ago. Yes, nothing has changed there
Somebody asking about mittens personal stuff. I know he is fine in real life. Yes in contact with him
There is clearly stuff that we still have to transfer from him. So it's not and that's another reason that he's not banned
there's no reason to ban him because we have other stuff to do and he's transferring things as I asked him to and
Others are asking him to am I expecting an imminent threat of attack?
Uh, not really. I expect people to do some shenanigans to try and screw with us in Delph
Do I expect serious things? No, not really. I don't think they're capable of serious things if they were capable of serious things
We'd probably be having this discussion while we're living in like a mall or something right now
So the fact that we're not I don't really think they can do anything about it
Kaz there's a question on war bonds. You may want that one
in your plans to mature or no no comments on future plans, I think they're asking hey if they want us if they want to
Sell if they want to catch them in and how do they do that?
Are they gonna be no I'm sure they can they just sell them on the forum? Yeah, we don't have any immediate plans
I won't comment on future ones. You should sell on the boards. All right
question from Conrad will admit the stay as a member of the Alliance he wishes to so I I took all of his alts that
Were in gunwale and DJs and I stripped them of roles and gave them in Waffle
I gave him the b-roll which if you can look at roles your titles gives you absolutely nothing. It's just a
Stop from you being immediately kicked out of the Alliance without stasis. It doesn't give anything that's his choice
I'm not gonna ban him. I don't have a reason to so and I'm not gonna kick a score kick his characters
So if he wants to stay he can stay but he's not in alliance leadership and nobody's asked this one
But I've seen it pop up a few times as oh, how do we know that? He's not puppeteering from the background?
Anybody that has ever you know worked with me at all
If you think that I'm gonna let somebody else tell me what to do in the background and I'm gonna be their face
You're very sadly mistaken. That's that is not how I operate. I've said on on this recording said hey, I
Will listen to XTTZ because he's Alliance executor
And I will do what he says
There are very few other people. They're gonna tell me to do something and I'm required to do it. That's not how I work
So that's not gonna happen on top of that. He would let you know
Mittens would not be able to be quiet about something like that
Yeah, he can't shut his mouth which is half the problem that we had here is his inability to control what he actually says and does
So there's no way he would be able to do that in the background and not gleefully let everybody know that it was happening
Why wouldn't I stay Emperor?
Well, I think that's part of the problem here is we have to get rid of some of the 40k stuff that people are like
Glomming on to it's it's not a space Emperor. It's just a dude doing a really shitty internet job
I'm have no interest in doing that job and I think people need to stop trying to hero like hero worship
You know people on the internet. That's that's a big part of the problem
We're just people that do a really bad job at a leading other people. That's all we can do
All right looking for more questions
Coalition still same for activities test war so we haven't really talked a lot about the war stuff
We're pretty much stopping them every time we have a fight and most of the time they just run away
Because they complain about oh you have super caps or oh you have too many numbers
I'm playing the world's smallest violin for them right now
So they can continue getting getting all their space taken
So war is going well, I have no no concerns there
In fact, that's been the bright spot of this whole thing is that even while this is going on
We still get three or four hundred goons and fleet without pre paying it. I'm pretty happy with that
Somebody not familiar with me. That is fantastic. I never want you to be familiar with me
That's exactly what I want to do is there are other people that are good at talking and doing things for the Alliance
And being the face of it. I have no interest in doing that job
So I'm very happy that you don't know who I am
Let's keep it that way because I will not be the face of this for very long. What did I do before this?
Usually a lot of our military stuff. I am directing that from the background
Which is the way I intend to keep doing it after this Clavis. Nobody can make you a better poster, buddy
I am sorry, we're on frt when never at least for the foreseeable future until something materially changes because right now
Or we're we're doing our thing. They're doing their thing. Will you ever see shit posts again for me?
Every post of mine is a shit post unfortunately
First question we have regrow your beard. It's like a quarter inch long. I don't think it's gonna go much longer, man
I'm happy with it being short for now the question of this not being the easiest subject to deal with. Are you the
Are those of you who are the most books to take care of yourself probably not I think that's that's
Something that we're gonna have to address and that's why there's been rotating stuff
Like you saw me post in that thread for a few days, but I didn't post for a bit
That's because I took a break. I needed one. So we're kind of rotating the
responsibilities around right now so that different people are in charge at different times and
that's probably been the only bright spot of this to me is seeing how the director team has pulled together and
You know, nobody had any warning about this. Like I said, I wasn't even here when this happened, you know, I'm so work so
Seeing everybody pull together to make this thing happen and keep everything running has been fantastic
And it's been one of the few reasons that I was able to keep doing this because everybody just started in fighting
I'd have probably checked out. I wouldn't be interested in trying to hold that together myself
So it's been great to see everybody pull it together
I can't honestly even imagine anyone in this entire directorate acting that way
So I never considered the fact the possibility even that that would occur what what he has just described
So anyway, there's there's with the rest of my pep talk
important question from Ralph Drake if Asher is appointed to the big chair will all doctrines be tidy bullshit if he's appointed the big
Chair, everybody will have to register second alts train them up to haulers and then carry around all the extra fittings that are required
So hope that doesn't happen. Otherwise, you're all gonna double your cost to play this game. So I'm by a cargo expander BPO
Oh, I think somebody was actually serious about this. So let me ask this one
We think we need one person in charge or as a council out of the options
Please never say that again. That is absolutely terrible. We're never going to be run that way. We are not F gone
Yeah. Yeah, let's let's not do that, please
Even right now there's a reason that like
I'm doing the most the front-facing stuff at the moment because the war is probably the most important thing going on besides this harassment stuff is
We still have to have somebody in charge, but at the end of it we need need a permanent replacement. So
Altarari if you say Harper he knows one more time your band. Thanks. No brisk is not one of the cancer in the Imperium
He's not even a director in his own Corp
He's just a cool dude that I happen to like and so does a lot of other people. All right, click so you're fired
Thanks. All right. Do we have any more serious questions? I
Like the funny ones, but let's get some serious ones because people aren't gonna listen to this later
There is there's one as a last is there gonna be an element of choice through elections for the new department?
So the beekeepers will be self-regulating, right?
The directorate and Kremlin are essentially conspiring to come to what resembles a consensus on the initial list
This is a horrible way of doing things
after they take over they will be in charge with the Kremlin's advice and consent of
Deciding who gets appointed and essentially replacing themselves if someone needs to retire take a break or leave of absence
That that how many people they want on the team that'll ultimately be self-regulating with sort of input rather than oversight
Does that make sense?
All right, some some other cool questions that have come up
How long before we're still I think I answered that earlier next weekend. Some of us are gonna talk about that and
We'll either pick someone then or decide to delay it one more week
I don't see it going past more than two weeks from today. That's probably the latest you're gonna see something. I expect it next weekend, though
Mittens isn't Shakara. Well, Mittens will be part of the CSM. He's not on the CSM now
I'm not sure where you got that. He is not one of our elected CSM reps. He never was anytime recently
How okay important question how talks are we talking before people consider reporting? I mean look reality is yeah
This entire thing is very subjective, right?
We can't give you guidelines on how how offended do you need to be before you before you consider it?
You know something we need to report that's on you. You need to figure that out
When you report it other people look at it and go
Hey, is this something that a reasonable person would do like I'll give you an example telling somebody. Hey, you know, dumbass
Please stop bubbling our fleet when you're an addictor. I think that's pretty reasonable to tell somebody
Flinging a bunch of racial slurs at somebody for the same thing. Probably not
But reality is that's up to you as a person to decide what makes you so uncomfortable that you're you feel like you don't want
To be here and post it and then other people are gonna review it and decide if they agree with you
That's really what's gonna happen. Just clicking the report button doesn't mean somebody immediately gets, you know, the ban hammer applied to them
That's not how this works
Yeah, exactly
Really the thing that this is intended to catch that we're not good at catching now is if you have some sort of unwanted
Contact where for some reason someone in the Alliance is hassling you
Especially if it's repeated across like multiple instances if it's something where it's like there's this gray area
They're making you feel unwelcome
Right someone calling you a dumbass that's gonna happen, right?
But if someone is hassling you and it's like more than the first time or they're making you feel like you shouldn't be where they
Are playing this game that that is what is edging up towards harassment. And that's what we want to hear about
I'm confident in the new team to handle that drop Admiralis, right?
It's of course
It's possible that someone could try to abuse this system and we're gonna leave it up to the people
We appoint to this to make that call, right?
I'll take this one
Is there a plan to respond to the momentum gathering on essay to kick ban mittens or will there be?
Proof-of-the-putting approach for public image what happens to him is not our responsibility
And it's not our responsibility to manage essay
In fact, I would prefer that we just act like essay doesn't exist because that's really what it is
It's a small forum with a bunch of you know
Frankly our enemies whether people that have been banned because they shouldn't be here or people that are literally in hostile alliances
So keep in mind when you're reading essay, that's what you're seeing
I'd like to second because I had posted I've been posting on there for well essentially the whole entire time it existed
And the issue is that you have
Goons would talk on and I mean Eve goons would talk on our forums
They would talk on Jabber and they would talk on essay
but then you had people who would get banned or who would get mad about something and then they would leave and
The only place they could talk about Eve was on essay and they kept on
Those people kept gathering and you've seen this happen in all kinds of places where there's discussion
You start driving out people who don't agree with you and that eventually reached a critical point where the people on essay were posting
drove out everyone who is you know, actually is an Eve goon and so it's
Although it is our cultural heritage. It isn't our current heritage because that has become a
You know a harboring point for people who just hate us and that's why basically the only
Current goon is posted. There's a trim and I think even he is stopped now. Yeah, so
Ash has been there a long time. There's a trim commenting. He hasn't posted there today. It just because it's a sad place
That's a fantastic example or a fantastic way to describe it
You know, I I have a for like my forum account for is from January 2008
I don't have an essay account. I never did so about a little shitty place
I just happen to like some of the people that came from there and I think that the way it's played out is proven that
True, so I prefer we just ignore it and if something happens with Mittens getting banned
Well, that's that's on him and that's on it. That's on CCP to do that's not on us. Uh, what happened to held up?
Well the discussion we just had about essay being a shitty place that has a bunch of people
We don't really like a lot of their culture
Was applied here initially held up so good example of that or we're just gonna post a bunch of garbage
So we removed it so it's gone
We'll probably do that with you other forums to to clean stuff up as part of the forum permissions cleanup
If you want to shit post somewhere go go do it on reddit
But we don't have to ban you on our services for your bad posts. And yes, I'm talking specifically to you right now, right?
No, yeah, we have space GBS and we have spy app right? We have those forums
We just don't have one for you to go and be a deliberate fucking jackass to anyone you feel like anymore
How the hell dump was serving a purpose that like doesn't really exist anymore
Like remember it's made it back at a time when we didn't have like mass group chat channels and forum culture
What was like bigger? So if you want to talk about something, you know goon related or have fun good related
That that is why space GPS exists. But like
Hell dump is discord. It's jabber. It's all the other things now. It doesn't serve a purpose
Actually, you're the essay guy
But didn't essay have a held up for him that removed specifically because the same things that are happening here with our hell
Yeah, and on there's yeah. Yeah, it's it's it's strangely tracking that. Yeah. Yeah
Yeah, imagine that so great example of why we're getting rid of this shit that we don't need anymore. They just hold us back
All question
Important one important question from a guy whose name I'm not gonna try and pronounce because I will screw it up
You remember something about shit emotes being removed. I think we got those if we don't have if we miss some
Probably talk to your corp directors about it. You know remove them
I think we got a man shoot me a DM about those
Kahana's and I did go over those and we tried to remove them all we left a couple politics ones that ultimately we didn't want
To rule either way on but anything that is outright like bad should be gone already
Yeah, and director told me while this is going on that they're compiling a list of the bad ones
So apparently we didn't get them all that sucks
So yeah, let's let's please focus on getting rid of that once we get rid of the garbage forums, please
Rocko st. Question and what involvement CCP have in this nothing CCP is not to my knowledge has not contacted us in any way
And I expect yeah
Probably what's going to continue happening is this is our problem to deal with because it didn't necessarily all happen to me
So we deal with it
Absolutely, right. That's what I said on the show earlier today for those who were paying attention. I did the lion's den stick today
I went on talking stations and talked about this right and I said very clearly this is this is not CCP's fault
Right either ours for each problems more generally in this respect in the player bases behavior
This is the one thing we can't blame them for
Yep, it's it's impossible to
100% moderate every single communication that goes on so it's not realistic to expect them to fix something either like immediately
No different than it is for us. It's just not something you can do
We're just gonna do our best to clean up the mess afterwards if we don't catch it live
Speaking of politics have been
Political bashing comments. I'm not sure there's been a lot of that
Like Elysium has a new politics role in the title for a reason
We don't care about your personal politics. Please leave them out
in fact
that's probably a good point part of the issues that we've had is people thinking that their personal politics mean they can make whatever comment
they want about a subject and
Reality is the whole point of saying their politics is so we don't have to hear that. Please keep that shit to yourself
I don't care what your politics are and I can tell you within the directorate
There are extremely very politics not everybody's from the same country
Not even from the same continent
And we do not have the same ideas on stuff and we get along very well
besides occasionally bashing ourselves in private for them, but like all the stuff that spews out in the forums and public places
Please shut up. Nobody wants to hear your politics
I'd like to say something about that is like I know politics are very important to people
But you should remember and think about the other person. They also think whatever they're talking about is very important
So that is why we have the no politics rule because by definition people think they are important
Yeah, somebody said Eve politics are exciting. Yeah, please keep it to Eve stuff
I think things will be a lot better if we do that
Some I saw in scroll back somebody asked if we're gonna change the name of the Alliance so that they say people don't think stuff
Here's the thing. I don't give a shit what they say people think
This is our Alliance. So we're gonna run it how we want and it's named how it is. We're not changing that
It's gonna stay how it is, you know
Somebody asked it's this little Imperial cult, you know that goes back to the whole I think people take the 40k thing too. Seriously
I like the way that Cassin are addressed earlier and said Imperial citizens on stuff
I think that is a much better way to deal with it
Because I think that viewing yourself as a citizen of our evil alliance inside of the Eve context is a good thing
Because what we need people to view it that way
In the in the 40k lore right the Imperial cult is bad, right?
The Imperium turns away from the Imperial truth after the Emperor dies. They start worshipping him as a god
Instead of what he actually wanted don't do this. Don't do this
Everybody say nerd and Elysium, please. Thank you some dirty shit. We really you know, probably still needed to hear anyway
Thank you. If I could change things we would do like some Lord of the Ring roleplay. I just it's much more wholesome
Oh god, how did I know you were gonna say but it's much nerdier. Well, no, it's not nerdier
Bro, you've read the Cimmerillion haven't you you've heard the whole thing cover to cover?
Yeah call out I knew that was coming
All right, last last chance for questions on the recording before we go to just answering questions in chat
Okay, important question from from arrow on on Wafaa stuff
You do not need to have an SCA account to be in gunwaffle. I believe that has been true for some time
It does look up that way, but you do not require one and we'll be removing a lot of the references to that
I actually haven't talked to the off person in good office since I got to be CEO
But we're gonna make some changes on that to make it super clear. No, you do not have to be my fire my fleet free fire
Sorry, I just
See, yeah, you do not have to be the do not have an SCA account to post on gluten fleet calm within goons
I do not have one. I've never had one what happened the new goon wiki project. So
We had an accident with the new goon wiki project to where we deleted the progress halfway through the server actually blew up that it
Was on the old ones on I think
So we're currently trying to push that through just to get a new one up to move stuff to
No, I don't think it's we're looking at confluence but it's still media wiki for now
If we use confluence, it'll end up being internal not for a week not for a lot and member wiki, right?
Yeah, see Boris is helping do that. So he's answering things in Elysium
Yeah, I don't think the plan is to use confluence for it. Oh
Yeah, we can cover this to make sure there are no rumors
Inominate has formally retired
So that in if there is an interim thing where you have a goon fucking problem a rule-breaking
Problem for the time being you should escalate that to either the responsible director like finance for crabbing stuff or to your Kremlin
Representative right that means IT
Administratorship has also been transferred. There is a list of server administrators a couple new people have been promoted
So all that has already been handled that transition has taken place gracefully
rest in piss Boris and on
And is Kate here did that happen yet? I don't think so. We're still fixing a problem there. Okay? Okay
I think we're gonna kill the recording here. It's been about an hour
Thanks for showing up we'll keep answering questions in Elysium
There will also be a forum post to help clean stuff up so you can post there if you have other stuff, too
Thank you for coming
If you're on my fleet op one