Fireside Chat Transcript 17 Jun 2k23

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Hello, hello, hello.
Let's let people wander in here.
Yeah, Yogi, but that's pretty normal for you, isn't it?
Who is Heinrich 9000?
He's the guy who just got promoted to LM.
That's who he is.
Is the fire set every week?
This time, it's actually, it changes every half a year because of US daylight savings
It's on, it's 3pm Eastern time zone, US time.
So it changes and most Euro countries have daylight savings, but it doesn't take place
at the same time as US time zones.
It gets confusing.
Would it be better to run it at the same time, even time people have proposed that.
But the problem is that like, it's a lot easier for, you know, wives and significant others
when you're like, yeah, we do this thing at this certain time.
And that doesn't change that it is the other way around.
Say, I don't know how your name is say is she, but there's no perfect time zone.
Trust me.
Like there's no perfect time zone for everyone in the in the globe.
Like I I'm well aware every time we're like, we could change it to this time.
Then someone's like, Oh yeah, but that's a really bad time for me in this time zone.
It's just unfortunate that the earth is well, I don't want to tell you guys what shape the
earth is.
I'll let you draw your own conclusions, but you know, time zones exist.
You guys want to know neat little trivia bit.
Did you guys know that China just has one time zone, even though it's giant, do you
guys know about the world turtle?
It's the turtle on which the world rests on its back.
Did you just watch the last avatar?
I enjoyed avatar though.
I like those little blue creatures.
Indeed, Mr. Ranger, it is turtles all the way down.
That's an avatar.
I'm sure that's the Smurfs.
Did you guys notice there was only one girl Smurf?
Do you ever think about the implications of that?
I'm sure better minds than I have considered it, but like there's a lot, there's a lot
to unpack there, isn't there?
All the time.
All right.
Like maybe I shouldn't bring this stuff up.
I look at what's being written.
I clearly, I clearly should not have brought this up.
That's my bad guys.
I'll take the L on that one.
All right.
Well, you know, let's just start.
Well, we'll try our best to get this going in a positive direction.
So if you guys have not been paying attention, a lot has happened this week.
CCP announced that there will be no more XL structures anchored in HiSec.
That's good news.
You know, I've never liked the TTC and just if you don't know what the TTC is, it was
the agreement that we were part of at RAN, what's called the TTT, the Tranquility Trading
Tower, I believe.
It's in perimeter of OneChump from Cheetah and is a Keepstar that has a market and a
lot of money is made off this market.
I never liked the Tranquility Trading Tower because I don't think structures in HiSec
should be allowed to have a lower, lower, you know, tax than the NPC.
I think it was I mean, we saw what happened.
It was corrosive to a lot of things in the game.
I never liked it, but there was sort of a game theory thing going on where we just couldn't
leave it.
We just had our hands tied behind our backs.
Luckily, CCP made this change.
And as soon as I saw it, man, we were out within like an hour.
I was telling the guys like, you know, usually it takes a lot of time to discuss this.
Now, this is the right thing to do.
We're just leaving.
We're leaving immediately.
There was like a kind of if you're if you're kind of, you know, an EVE drama lover, if
you're a follower of EVE drama, there was this really like weird sideshow where Vili
was on Reddit trying to say that us like not saying anything in the in the TTC Discord
some sort of like indication that we had inside information.
It was really weird.
He was like, he didn't quite say it that way, but he was implying this the whole time.
And I found that really funny that six months of not talking indicated that we had some
inside information.
Now, there has also been some other allegations about, you know, CSM leaks.
And I wanted to address that.
So in the few days running up to the change being announced publicly, Vili was calling
like emergency meetings that we need to drop Satoyos all over HiSec like right now.
Can we get approval on this right now so we can drop these Satoyos?
And he was like really frantic about it.
And now, obviously, that's a terrible look, given what we saw that only a few days later
that you can't drop Satoyos anymore.
But my personal belief is that was just coincidental.
So I'm just going to say that until proven otherwise, I don't believe Vili had any CSM
I think he just wanted to have these emergency drops, you know, a few days before this came
out publicly, coincidentally, and for no other reason.
So I just wanted to throw my defense of him publicly.
That's what I want to put out there.
He's a good dude.
So tonight, we are going to go shoot the Tranquility Trading Tower.
The Keepstar is in an armor timer.
The timer is around 0200.
I don't remember the exact time, but we're going to form up at 0000 tonight.
We will be bringing Rogue Fleet.
We will be bringing Pharaoxes.
Here is something that's really cool.
If you guys haven't seen yet, you can 7-day Omega any account.
CCP is just giving every account 7-day Omega, which means, remember, we've been telling
everyone to get an Alpha Pharaox?
Guess what?
You can bring that as a second account to this fight.
Every single Alpha Pharaox can be Omega'd, and we can bring them to the fight as a fleet.
So essentially, any account that you have can be Omega'd for the next seven days.
So make sure that we are Omega-ing as soon as the fireside is over.
Get on your Alpha Pharaox and pop Omega on it.
We will have Rogues for those of you who don't have the Doctrine Ship.
And then if we get a huge turnout, we'll form another fleet as well.
But definitely Rogues and Pharaoxes.
Can you add the 7-day to an account that is already in Omega?
I do not know the answer to that.
That's CCP's magic.
There you go.
Ghostly, yeah, you can make a new account and use the free 1,000,000 SP.
That's 100% possible.
So this is going to high sec, which is truly a silly place.
So this is what you need.
Most importantly, you need to have above -2 security status.
I've been telling you guys for a while that you need to go out ratting.
As soon as we announce this, I'm like, "Please start ratting.
Get your sec status up."
Yeah, no one likes high sec, Greg, but we're going to have to do it.
So make sure that you are above -2 security status.
You can find it on your character sheet.
If you are below that, you cannot go.
If you're close to it, just go out and shoot rats.
You need to shoot a few rats every tick to raise it.
Go spin an ishtar.
If you have an ishtar on your main character, whatever it is, get it up.
You can buy - You get one sec status tick per 20 minutes per system.
So if you're going to try to do that, just go kill a rat in a belt, go to a deck system,
run around and do that.
There you go.
If you, let's see, yeah, you can buy security tags, but I imagine they're going to be very
expensive because I think a lot of people will be prepping for this.
So I would say shooting rats is your best thing.
The op is at 000.
What's the time?
Let me look.
So that's what, five hours from now?
You need to be above -5 for kaldari standings, kaldari faction standings.
I don't know how to fix that.
So I mean, hopefully you just are that.
And you need, when we go, you need to have safeties green.
This is like the one time we'll tell you to put your safeties to green.
And then last thing, inject diplomacy skill.
Yeah, that's actually right.
And then last thing, each alliance will be doing a separate fleet because of high stack
stupidity in rules.
So there'll be like a goon fleet, hopefully a lawn fleet, TNT fleet, et cetera, et cetera,
et cetera.
Everyone needs to do their own fleet because of the rules, because apparently like boosts
don't propagate properly across fleets and there's lodgy issues and just a huge pain.
We'll be forming up a 1DQ isomer.
So I think I've covered most of the things we need to talk about there.
Niels, you've been asking some newbie questions.
So is this a CTA?
I assume you've come from somewhere else.
We don't do CTAs.
We have never done CTAs.
That's not a thing.
To give you an idea, Horde, who is a weird, it's been weird, right?
You guys saw the response on Reddit.
People want this thing blown up.
Gobbins and Frat are doing this really weird line walking where they're like Horde has
declared this a gold pen or whatever.
It's like their highest crayon, right?
So they're trying to be like, no, no, we're super cool.
We don't care about this at all.
But it's also our most important possible time for everyone to be there.
But we don't care about it.
But it's super important, guys.
It's incredibly important.
So it's like super hypocrisy coming from [INAUDIBLE]
Rip Asher, he'll be back in a sec.
I think he's gone.
I think it was too much.
All right, is this any-- yeah, is this better?
Yeah, you're back.
We will see.
Yeah, I think Tess deployed their tree army against me again.
So anyway, yeah, so they're just talking about how super important it is.
But it's not important.
But it's super important.
So they're calling for their highest level.
We're not doing a CTA.
We don't do CTAs.
We don't do that here.
But we're just asking you to come if you can.
All right, I think I've covered everything on that.
At least if I miss something, someone can yell.
We have changed fits.
Zinthus, you want to link your stuff?
We have changed Oracle fits.
We have a new routing thread.
This is important.
Our old one was sort of out of date.
So there you go.
Zinthus has done that.
Thank you, Zinthus.
ORevere, we'll be making small changes to the Roke.
It won't be big.
It'll be easy to do.
CTA equals casually try attending.
I love that, Mal.
That is excellent.
CTA equals casually try attending.
Well done.
We might promote you to ILM for doing that.
Well, that's a good job there.
The form is 0000.
So in about a little under five hours.
All right.
And another thing, Skirmish Commander is recruiting.
We are always looking for people who want to be an FC.
I came up as a Skirmish Commander originally.
It is free to join.
Anyone can join Skirmish Commanders.
And if you've ever wanted to try your hand at FCing, you can go ahead and give it a shot
if you like it.
And you can keep doing it.
Maybe eventually you'll be a good enough FC that they keep promoting you.
And eventually, for some way, you'll find yourself leading the Alliance.
That can happen.
I've seen that happen personally.
So, you know, Skirmish Commanding is a route to many things, some considered unnatural.
All right.
Sniper wanted to talk about or at least me to talk about our burner bounties.
What are these things, Sniper?
We pay people to shoot mission runners or something.
Well, we've got a...
Let me find the thread and link it.
Or if somebody can link the bounty thread for me.
But yeah, there's a bounty thread for all kinds of things.
Thank you.
For all kinds of kills in Delve and other friendly space that you get paid for.
A very funny one that is a little more relevant now is apparently people think that they can
put their burner alts in neutral corpse and dodge the taxes, but they can also get killed
by blues.
So enjoy trying to do that.
And yeah, if you kill neutral burner running ships in NPC Delve, post in the bounty thread
and get paid for it.
That's pretty awesome.
Yeah, it's free and get paid for it.
Malindra, the blank fitting on the alliance fitting window in game for Super Trains.
Yeah, that's probably because the glitch has changed and it hasn't been updated in game.
We will have it in fleet.
Don't worry about it.
All right.
That looks...
Oh, yeah.
Happy 20th birthday, 4S.
That's impressive.
4S is now old enough for Kazanir to date it.
So that's good.
I don't know if he's here.
I don't know.
I don't remember that joke.
That's so old school.
All right.
If you got questions, throw them out.
I will try to answer them to the best of my ability.
Fak Warfare is recruiting.
Good call.
We're definitely doing faction warfare.
Hey, speaking of which, can the Fak Warfare people come into high sec?
Is that a problem in the Caldari space?
Like Galente people?
The Galente people will get shot.
Oh, well, that's important to know.
That's why Galente isn't on our list of factions we do.
Convenient, isn't it?
That does work out well.
Help Scott is recruiting.
Locust is recruiting.
Yeah, Sigs and Squads are super important to our identity and a big part of what we
I think I was talking, yeah, it was Mr. ProGodLegend.
He was talking about how he was impressed with how goons incorporated Sigs and Squads
and in test they have a harder time doing that because it wasn't part of their identity.
So that was good to hear.
I like to hear stuff like that.
And that's a big part of our thing.
If you have an interest, we probably have a squad for you.
And if you have an interest and there's no squad, you can run one.
For our new people, what's a Sig and Squad?
It's a six man sort of special interest group, a squad, just a sort of social group, basically.
But basically it is a group that focuses on one particular thing and they have like their
own leadership structure.
They can ping.
You can join them on off and if you meet whatever requirements they have and do whatever they
There are a lot of groups doing a lot of different stuff.
Grooters Squad is recruiting.
See, there you go.
All kinds of squads.
Scouts is recruiting.
I miss SV.
That is the downside to Sig and Squad is they often tend to be under like one person and
then they have issues after that.
Stormbringers when?
Probably soon.
Just haven't been in many fights.
I've been really actually anxious to try them out recently.
Same thing with the Shacks.
I totally blanked on the name there.
Same thing with the Shacks.
They're quite good.
They're not going to be good for the high sec thing.
Like that's not what they're good for.
But we plan to use them.
Just haven't been many fights the last month or so.
All right.
Any other questions?
So did the Tech 2 Dreads be a thing?
Yeah, they became a thing, but they have to be researched first.
I actually just asked this question like literally half an hour ago because I didn't know either.
They have to be researched first and they have to, you know, they take some time to
So they'll be out, I don't know, in maybe eight days or something.
There you go.
Remember, just as a general thing, it's always better to ask a question if you don't know.
Don't be one of those people who pretends like they know something.
Ask a question and then learn something.
That's just general life advice.
That's nothing to do with Eve.
When, any idea when, if Pathfinders are coming back?
Pathfinders, as Pathfinders will be coming back, but we are developing a wormhole slash
probing thing right now.
I don't know if it's out yet or will be soon, but it won't be long either way.
Soon, TM.
Any plans to protect our Jump Faders?
Yes, indeed.
We do have plans.
Same thing for Gene.
Yeah, it won't cause issues.
I mean, there will be adjustments that have to be made.
So in that sense, but we do have plans.
Was there still going to be an update for Taco?
I know someone was working on Burrito, which I think was the next going to be the sequel.
Like any kind of dev work, it just depends on the developer.
I don't know the status of that particular project, but I can find out.
It is being worked on, but people are busy.
There you go.
There's your answer.
Any new potential Australian time zone Beehive FCs?
Dark Knight, you're a potential Australian time zone Beehive FC.
That's something we want to address.
We would like more Beehive FCs, but it just comes with people stepping up.
There is sort of a, it's not like Service Commanders, you can't just immediately pop
in and do it.
But we are willing to train people on how to do it.
That's something we'd like more of for sure.
We are looking for moon time, Chinese time, and EU time zone.
We have a lot of people in EU time zone who are interested in running, as far as being
a part of defending people.
But it is sometimes hard to find FCs in that time zone.
So we are definitely looking for people to step up.
If you're interested, talk to Zintage.
I don't know anything about Marauder or Ratting, so I can't tell you there, Gene.
It sucks, don't do it, you'll die.
Yeah, I think generally we discourage it.
There's way better ways to do Ratting than Marauders.
Look, we used to get our Marauders dropped on all the time, and luckily that happens
less and less because we've been trying to get people out of Marauders for so long.
Do we need Poopsox for tonight?
So like I said, we're making it a CTA, a Casually Try Attending.
So if you can be there, yeah.
But it shouldn't be a huge issue.
What up, Oxec?
Shadow's been doing well.
I saw you guys did a big form up the other day.
Big form up for Fight.
Good job.
We still lose like 10+ a day, Asher.
We lose them, but we didn't lose, we used to lose a ton of them.
I would like to, I'm just not going to ban it because it's not my style, but if I was
sort of that person, I would just ban Marauder or Ratting.
It doesn't make any sense.
There's so many better things to do, but I'm not going to force people to be smart.
How long are the servers going to survive once we hit TTT?
You know, I don't know the answer to that.
I don't have any insider info on how servers work.
I know the same things you guys do.
So hopefully they last.
Are we still buying PI and my contracts expire?
I don't remember exactly, Garno.
We are buying PI, but I think we said for everyone to remake the contracts or something.
Hopefully Finance2 can speak up.
I can answer him.
Yeah, go.
Yeah, I mean, so we are buying stuff still.
It's just based on what we need at the moment and don't always need everything.
We did change what corp the contracts go to, and I'm not going to say which one it is because
I don't remember, but there's a forum post from SoapLub about it.
Yeah, I remember SoapLub asking me to talk about it a few weeks ago.
That's all I remember.
But someone can link the forum post.
Yeah, it's GSF Logistics and Posting Reserve.
And the reason your contracts aren't getting accepted is I might have burned through all
the PI budget this month.
So if you have contracts expiring, just remake them and they'll get accepted in July.
Yeah, I think the servers actually are in London.
So if anyone's in London, you could bring like a fan of some sort over there.
That'd be useful.
Is it hot in London right now?
I heard the UK is kind of hot.
And it's pretty bad over there.
They don't have like most places don't have AC.
And I feel like every year I hear like, dude, it's so hot over here, but we don't have ACs
because normally it's not hot over here.
But I feel like I get that every year.
I mean, I live in a literal swamp, so AC is like a must.
Y'all got weather.
Yeah, that's what we're doing on the fireside.
Now we're talking to weather.
Asher equals swap thing.
I think you meant swamp thing, but you wrote swap thing.
And I do like to swap our fits around.
So I'm going to go with swap thing.
What is the priority for training T2 Dreads?
Excellent question.
We don't really care about them.
They're not that great.
You can train whatever you want.
The Bane, which is the Amarr one, is going to be the worst.
I would train the Kaldari one.
I think it's probably going to be the best one, but we're not asking people to train
Does anyone know what Dreads I'm about to ask you guys to train?
Can anyone guess?
What Dreads will I tell you guys to train right now?
I think I know this one.
Do you?
I know this one.
Speak up.
I think chat has it.
Yeah, I believe.
Xernitras and Phoenixes.
You guys, some people are writing just Xernitras, which is, that's half credit.
Xernitras and Phoenixes.
Train Xernitras and Phoenixes.
Phoenix Navy issues too?
Both of them?
Yes, Phoenix Navy, yes.
They're both good.
We love regular Phoenixes.
We love Phoenix Navies.
We love Xernitras.
They have just got another buff as far as price with the changes.
They're basically cheap.
They're cheap as chips at this point.
Xernitras, Xernitras, Xernitras, Phoenix, Phoenix, Phoenix.
Everyone should be training them.
Xernitras take less time to train.
They don't have a bunch of T2 guns, so they're cheap that way, like as far as fitting them.
They're beautiful.
So yeah, you can just train those and don't worry about T2 Dreads.
If you want to train a T2 Dread, that's fine.
I would train the Kaldari one, but like I said, that's not a priority.
That could change eventually, but you know.
I've been watching what our enemies talk about.
They're not really talking about them too much either.
I think the general belief is that these things have come in a little underpowered.
Here's the deal though.
It only takes one person to figure out a good use for them, and then they could become really
So if it's something you're interested in training, it could be in like three months.
Like, "Guys, we would love to have T2 Dreads.
We'll see."
Or we come up with an idea.
That can happen.
But right now, we're not asking people to train them.
Even if they do get used, they're a niche ship.
It's like, you know, we don't have a...
Think of it like a recon and a main fleet, right?
You're not going to bring an entire fleet of Hugans.
Yeah, yeah.
We won't be doing like 200 of them, probably.
I don't want to say anything for sure, because you never know.
An entire fleet of Hugans?
I knew my fleet would never be able to catch up with you.
You would never do any damage.
What did I tell you guys about my monitor fleet idea?
It can't kill anything, but it's really hard to kill.
All right.
You guys got any other questions?
Hit me up with them now.
Speak now or forever hold your peace.
Orko, no.
We're not bringing Stormbringers for multiple reasons.
We'll be using them, but not for this fight.
You can't hold my peace, yes.
Can we build some levees?
So Titan prices are slightly down.
I don't know that they're economical to build.
They're getting...
They're closer to equilibrium than they have before.
Sad there are no electric heat guns.
There are no electric heat guns for this fight, because it's just not the right fight for
Time and a place, and this isn't going to be the time and the place.
When the fight happens, you're going to see there's going to be like...
The range on these is going to be too short.
So just like that's why we won't bring them.
That's why we're bringing rogues.
We want that range, and you'll see in the fight, it'll be useful to have that range.
What is the current price of a Titan?
Around like $160.
Somewhere around there.
$165 maybe.
I don't know exactly, but I believe that's about what it is.
What is the current training goal for a second Titan?
My man.
So I'd say here's our priority list for Titans.
Leviathan, number one.
And then equally, number two is Ragnarok and Erebus.
And like distantly, super far last is the Avatar.
Like really far behind is the Avatar.
Yeah, Beyond Nox has basically got it right there.
If you were in love with an Avatar, I'm not going to tell you not to get one, but man,
please don't get one.
They're just not good.
They're just not good.
We have so many people who have them already too.
Also don't build Avatars.
If you want an Avatar and you have like stuff ready to build one, talk to our friends Kunmi
and then he will sort something out that you get to build another Titan.
If you are a builder, yes, it is actually illegal to build an Avatar.
We will have you build another type of Titan and we will give you an Avatar.
So just get rid of that.
Yeah, illegal.
The space police will come after you.
All right.
So yeah, generally we just don't want Avatars.
We've been saying that for a long time.
We still have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of them.
It's not like we're going to get rid of those.
We're just saying as far as getting new ones, Levy, Ragnarok and Erebus are equally second.
So whichever one you want to get.
All three of those are really great Titans.
Can we just bypass the builder and pay the alliance for an Avatar?
No, no.
It has to need to buy a new one and then they will build and we will get you an Avatar.
Hundreds of Avatars.
It might be thousands, Cuddles, like literally.
I don't know exactly, but there are so many Avatar.
Priority for super carriers.
I don't think we have a particular super hard priority there.
I think a lot of people are going Aeon.
A lot of people are going Wyvern.
And those are fine.
Get what you want there.
We care a lot more about the Titans than we care about supers.
But I think most people are like in Aeon and Wyvern right now.
You can buy a Moloch if you can afford it.
Just be aware.
Like any of those faction Titans are going to get primaried first.
Like that's the thing is like you are you're buying extra HP for your buddies, you know,
that's what you are.
Every Moloch, every Vanquisher, all that stuff.
You're just all extra HP for your friends.
So and we salute you for those about the doomsday.
We salute you.
All right.
Looks like we wrapped up most of the questions.
I will see you all here.
Maximum numbers.
I mean, for a casually try attending, we're having a casually try attending gold crayon
So if you can be here, do it.
And I'm really not saying we want like we don't.
If you can't be here, you don't have to learn clock forward or whatever.
But if you want to shoot the TTT, come on down.
See you all at 0000.
Thanks for coming.
Thanks for coming. Bye.