Fireside Chat Transcript 17 Oct 2k20

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All righty.
All right, so you guys are pretty used to these by now.
If you're a Red Vet and have not caught a Fireside Chat before, we get together here
and chit-chat and ask questions in Elysium at, not in Mumble
or anything like that.
And we're gonna go through some stuff.
One of the first things that I want to do going into this.
I have a lot of gold stars and a lot of shout-outs to hand out.
But there's a lot of unsung heroes in this war.
The sort of Secret Service, the Black Hand, suffering through listening to puppies all
day every day to get us the intel they need.
But when it comes to these key star fights, one of the things that has enabled us to win
four in a row in some of the most grueling combat that I've seen in EVE.
I've only done one of these fucking things.
I was on vacation while you glorious motherfuckers killed three of these.
But last night, I got to see firsthand what it was like on doing one of these things.
It was grueling.
It was stunning.
It was amazing.
The highest of highs, the lowest of lows, and victory at the end of it.
And one of the things I want all of you to understand is that none of this would have
even been physically possible, regardless of our will, regardless of our determination.
None of it would have been possible.
Was it not?
Were not for this new organization that was born in this war, G-Ship, our procurement
organization, these motherfuckers.
And I want to give a shout out here specifically to Ratnight and his crew, made so many fucking
battleships, so many ships over and over and over again, relentlessly, day after day, finding
minerals wherever were necessary, somehow sourcing all these things, the logistics,
the supply chain that went into our victories in the last 10 days of madness would not have
been possible were it not for G-Ship.
So those guys are fucking heroes.
This is not, this is something that I don't think any other alliance really has at the
kind of level that these guys have been put together.
And this was an organization that pretty much didn't exist until what, like a month and
a half ago.
It's fantastic shit.
There are other people that need shout outs too.
I need, this is the first fireside since fucking YZ-9.
YZ-9 was probably one of the best and worst things that I've ever seen happen in this
For 10 minutes from the moment that our Valhalla riders executed their crap, and they executed
it perfectly, we knew it because this had been a scheme that we had been working on
for a long time.
Lots of practice, lots of effort went into that.
For 10 minutes, we glimpsed a view of heaven.
We knew that their super caps were dead because we had tested it on the test server and we
knew exactly how much damage was necessary.
And we were prepared to escalate all the way and take out the rest of everything they had.
This war was over in YZ-9 a couple of days ago.
And the only reason that this war did not end, and that the enemy super cap fleet still
exists, is because they got saved by some pretty shitty things that happened with the
gunnet code.
I don't want to turn it into a bitchy at CCP thing.
I want people to just understand that it is extraordinarily rare in this game, especially
in the middle of a hell war when everybody is trying to kill each other, that all parties
on all sides, including the enemy fleet commanders, acknowledge that we had them.
For 10 minutes, we had a vision of heaven, and that same 10 minutes while we were waiting
for the damage to come through, the enemy FCs were shitting their pants, humiliated,
knowing, knowing that they had been had, that they had been baited, that they had been trapped,
that they had been outplayed at every fucking level.
And that the only reason why they got away with anything is because they lucked out.
In many ways, our Valhalla riders are sort of like our first martyrs to outrageous fortune,
as it were.
So as we go forward with this war, I want you all to understand that, functionally speaking,
as of the other day, we already smashed the shit out of these guys.
We did what was necessary, and then that was taken away from us by fate.
But it was not taken away from us by our enemies.
And they know it.
They know we beat them.
But war goes on.
It was an extremely emotional couple of days there.
Going from YZ9 to winning in 319 yesterday was some old-school, great war, rollercoaster
ride shit.
And the war goes on.
So we're going to talk about that.
Pardon me for a moment, my Java is exploding.
Sorry, I have many channels active.
As you guys know, they dropped another Keepstar about an hour ago in YZ9.
So I want to give people a shoutout for the bounty system.
We have had two instances with this where goons have caught hostile online in Keepstars.
We asked you guys to keep your eyes peeled and that we would throw a bunch of isk at
you and that worked twice in a row now.
So that is super fucking cool.
Now let's talk about what comes next.
Obviously we have another Keepstar fight tomorrow.
We are going to be contesting it.
We are not going to be commenting on how we are going to be contesting it, what we are
going to do, or any of those things, because the enemy listens to the firesides.
And I'm glad that they listen to the firesides because if you are one of our hostiles and
you're listening to this right now, I want you to know what utter absolute contempt I
have for you, what we have for you, and that we are going to continue fighting.
They think that we are going to give up because they think that we are like them.
They do not realize that the Imperium has become sort of a society over the years because
of the pressure that has been put on us by these fucking puppies.
They don't understand that when we fight like lions and when we grasp the sun, regardless
of consequences, they do not see returning veterans coming back to the game after years
away handing us their titans and saying, "Throw it at the fucking puppies.
Fuck these people."
We will not give them the satisfaction.
So we continue to fight because we are not like them, because we are a tribe, we are
a people, we are whatever you want to call it.
A secret society, Freemasons in Space, a fraternity, whatever analogy for whatever the fuck this
thing is, we are not like them.
And I can tell you that's the case, not just because of Herf Blur, but because already
certain alliances and legacy are losing corporations hand over fist because they don't want to
They don't want to be a bunch of pathetic losers of the also-rans, of the fleet commanders
that got kicked out of the Imperium or ran away because they couldn't handle it here.
And then they come and they attack us and whatever.
Now you have legacy alliances, I believe, what is it, Evictus is losing corporations
hand over fist because they don't want to be associated with the pathetic cowardice
of people like ProGodLegend and Billy.
And that is an important thing to know.
It is very rare in the history of EVE Online that the entire galaxy looks upon our deeds
and agrees, "We are the protagonists.
We are the heroes.
We are the ones fighting against the impossible odds against these people."
And we will continue.
There is no Sarandon in this war.
There is no infinite isk cheats that the enemy has.
There will be no, like, there's no anything.
There's just no more.
All we will do is fight until we break these people.
And then the vengeance rampage.
But before we get to the vengeance rampage, we have to win.
We have to keep fighting.
We have to keep killing.
All right, so let's get to some specifics here.
It is kind of tough to get to lots of specifics because, again, lots of gold stars to hand
out, lots of things going on.
Herblerf aside, that doesn't mean that there isn't a shitload of work ahead of us.
It is a huge blow to have functionally had total victory, the greatest ambush.
I want you guys to understand what we did.
What we did.
And then when the game broke, it was taken away from us.
The enemy did not take it away from us.
The game took it away from us.
We executed the greatest ambush in the history of video games in YZ9.
And any motherfucker that wants to contest that or argue that is a baby back bitch.
That is what we achieved.
The greatest ambush in the history of gaming.
Unfortunately, the game broke the way that we designed the ambush.
It was such that the enemy didn't really have a way to counterplay for it because they fucked
up when they inside and we had them dead to rights.
Then the game broke.
They know it.
We know it.
You know it.
And you should feel proud of that.
Just as you should feel proud of the fact that four for fucking four.
I had no idea how awful these fucking keepstar fights were because I was in Michigan for
the first three that you motherfuckers managed to win.
I was in fucking Michigan on vacation, smoking weed, keepstar fight, keepstar fight.
Okay, whatever.
But I had never experienced one myself.
And after last night, I just want to let you know that after suffering the dick punch of
having the greatest ambush in the history of gaming snatched from us by bad code, the
fact that we were able to turn around and face fuck these pathetic, cowardly, puppy
shit stains again, the amount of endurance and willpower that is required, the commitment
to each other that is required to do that.
Damn the losses.
Full speed ahead is exactly what we'll need to win this war.
And we will.
All right.
Apparently I was a little bit more riled up than I expected to be.
I wasn't really, you know, we're having a loom meeting, scheming and planning because,
you know, we got lots of shit going on, but had a little bit of hurt from the tanks.
I am very, very, very fucking proud of you guys.
So proud.
All right, let's get back to work.
And yes, I am wearing a black shirt.
No more Mr. Nice Mitten.
Nice guy Alex can go into the fucking box.
Everybody's just going to get to deal with the nastiest fucking Mitanni shit they can
imagine from here on out.
They're taking the gloves off.
This is some hell war shit now.
I feel a degree of anger and injustice towards our enemies that I did not quite feel before.
I hunger.
Anyway, to win the war now, to win after our YZ-9 trap was taken from us, we have various
other schemes and plans that we will be executing.
There's a lot more work to be done.
Instead of simply giving up because the trap didn't work, we are pivoting to our various
other schemes.
And I'm not going to say anything about what those are, but test will still be next.
Don't worry.
And we're not leaving Delve.
Don't worry.
One of the things that has been really kind of funny actually is watching their theory
of case to go after us, which is they think that we are like them in terms of organizations.
They think that we are essentially just a big video game guild of people that care about
their kill boards that only care about themselves.