Fireside Chat Transcript 17 Oct 2k21

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All right, actually I've realized that I'm not qualified to operate mumble in a completely not high state
I'm gonna have a hit we're waiting for the numbers to stabilize here boys and girls
I will be back in about two minutes and we will get started and I will make certain that I am a less
Than compost mintus. All right much better this way
I will not zone out in the midst of the alt corp discussion
We're gonna have it's not much of an alt corp discussion, but we do need to talk about that when Kazimir gives me the okay
All right. I got our bingos. We got our drugs
Let's do this, okay
So the first thing obviously is Vegas, right?
We are going to be in Vegas next weekend or at least those of us that can attend
Those of us that cannot attend are going to be around and hopefully holding down the fort
I don't anticipate that there's going to be any attacks during Vegas
But you never know throughout our history when we've been at Pan Fest or at Vegas
Periodically the puppies will go like oh, well, most all the goons from leadership is fucked up and high and having fun and you know
they'll try something so I
Maybe an opportunity will present itself
Maybe an opportunity will not present itself. We will see but be on guard
Vegas is this upcoming weekend. It is between the 22nd and the 24th
So over the next seven days an ever-escalating amount of goons are going to be descending upon Vegas
And it is going to be cool and good
Turlene, Ollie are asking a question here. How do you turn off the room inter notifications if you're using Pigeon?
There is a plug-in setting that will
Go into settings go to plugins and you'll be able to find a thing that will turn off
The interleave notifications. So bingo bait and we're gonna deal with this right out of the gates
Do we need more water to symbol the economy with the GZ? It's like four different bingo squares. Congratulations Ralph Drake
That was actually a very clever question. I hope you got let me know at least how many how many squares you got for that?
One, but I do want to talk about the water thing
Congratulations, boys and girls good good bingo bait. See that's how you do it, right?
You don't just ask me about a future plan ask like a question where if I answer the question at all
You got to get like five squares. That's like that's that's big brain thinking right there
Okay, so the the water situation
I've been bitching about this on the meta show and I want to actually hear people clear of this
You hear me complain on the meta show if you watch me run on the meta show
Recently about how CCP has busted the economy to the point that is difficult for us to build things like with earns without getting tons
And tons of water when I say water were of course talking about the p1 product water. I
Do not want you guys to go on some sort of a crash for building course, right?
What we actually need as an organization is far more in the broadcast nodes territory. And of course, this is salvage
It's not something you can PI is
Trigger units the the t2 variety right now. We are in a place where g-sol is still in a massive regional rebuilding
There's a bunch of stuff that is working in delve
But we still need a bunch more citadels and to get that we need you salt to get broadcast nodes
You don't have to be fancy about it
You can just throw them up on the one of the Q1 market and if they're at a reasonable price
We will be buying the suckers up
So that is the most important thing is that while we might be complaining publicly and it's a reasonable complaint that CCP has worked
The the capital building system at the point that you need millions of units of p1 water in order to build a cap ship
It is so broken that I don't want us to like do this like it's so busted
That we need to be building citadels instead right CCP, you know getting two point
Millions and millions of units of water for their busted. We didn't play test our fucking capital building system
Bullshit is a waste of our efforts. We need those citadels
We need you so to get what they need and CCP is gonna have to unfuck water things their own damn selves
So make g-sol happy make some broadcast nodes, you know
Water is CCP's problem. They created this crisis. Let them unfuck it. So good question. Very very good layered bingo bait
I appreciate that so talking about CCP unfucking things this sort of gets us into our next point for today
Which is the upcoming crab sites?
We are gonna have guides for everybody
We're gonna be publishing those with the best intel that we have about how the crab sites work
If during what the fuck a crab site is we're talking about the you know, funky acronym goes here for the rogue drone beacons
This is the new capital ratting thing that CCP is going to be putting on
Probably sooner rather than later and we don't really know what the final form of it is going to be
They've made it such that it is easier to do in carriers now
So it is not purely a hot red party
but we don't know if this is something that's going to be like a real useful feature or if it's gonna end up kind of
Like the hypernet relay where like CCB is like here's this thing and with you know, whatever doesn't go anywhere. So
What are the expectations
There are opportunities that are provided by that because we have to see if they're gonna be good
Until we know if they're good, we're not gonna have any like top-down regulation, right?
Like as it stands, you know, if you guys want to go this is an example that just came up at the the Kremlin meeting
you know if you are going and using a work wall in a fucking storm and
That storm reduces remote rep ability by 90% and your explosive resistance by 50%
When the main form of harassment we encounter is fucking Trig ships
Which spew explosive like if you go out there and go like yeah
I want to go mine in a storm where literally like none of my shits kind of work and no faxes can save me
You're gonna be turned to an example to be pointed and laughed at on a fireside, right?
This is how goons from has always learned. This is a thing that we do very differently from the rest of the hoi polloi
The the fucking puppies out there have the red light green light systems. They're gonna you know
Oh everybody whatever 100% tax rate everybody's safe off like all that bullshit. We don't do that
We will try to meet you halfway and teach you how to do the thing
But if you're too much of a unaware ignorant dumbass
We are simply going to point and laugh at your mistakes as an example that well
Then hopefully you will learn from your mistakes and if you don't then at least other people might right?
So that's how we're gonna handle things with the crab site. So I expect people to die. I expect them to die
Randomly and laughably until we figure out what we're doing. But if they are worth doing
If they are worth doing the crab sites present an opportunity for something that is far more interesting to little old me
Because little old me is only interested in war and murder and crushing the puppies
And that is an opportunity to unironically practice the fuck out of an f2
Right, like if you are if you are a capital PBE per ton
but you don't actually have a recon alt like you're supposed to or
You accounts to keep scouts around so that you can see whether you're gonna get your cap ship ganked in the crab site
basically take the crab stuff and
Use it as an opportunity if you haven't recently to develop an f2 and again
This is predicated on the assumption that CCP is not going to make this a fucking useless waste of time
My patience is running out with CCP in terms of me sitting on my hands and being like, oh, I'm gonna be
Nice and wait for them to fix things
We are very much in the gloves off and I'm just gonna hammer these fuckers about the water and capships thing until they unfuck the core
Part of their endgame which is nerds having fights with capital ships and gigantic battles that are awesome
That is so I in the midst of all that and the complaining about the capitalists though as far as our needs go
I don't do not go after the water stuff
I need you guys building broadcast nodes sourcing trigger units where possible and helping g-salt do their thing because as soon as our
Infrastructure is fully rebuilt then it's fucking on
Dark Eldar out of the web way style
We even have a new wormhole app, which I'm probably gonna I don't know. I call it the web way
We're doing a lot of web way bullshit these days and it rules. I love the whole filament thing
I love an entire galaxy of puppies who have all decided to make themselves blood enemies of us
Diplomatically one of the funnier things is when they
They want to be your friend after they spend a year and a half trying to exterminate you and you get to say no
No, but yeah
Somebody says I thought we're gonna the crisis. Well, I don't see why the the dark Eldar and Fortnite can't count as the crisis
I don't see why the Imperial, you know, we mix and match our memes here. We mash it up. It's a it's a gestalt of
Goonie bullshit. Let me take actually no we have to stuff
All the corpse stuff Kaz. Are you about ready for this or should I riff a little bit more before I?
My my jabber died somehow but some my mumble is fine so we can do it live
Yeah, I'm just talking about fucking killing puppies. So yeah, let's so we have some useful announcements Kaz near take it away
Effective immediately alt corpse may drop
medium and large industrial structures, so that's retires and as bells of your own for production
They may also drill or frack
Moons on their own we have a list that is about to be posted
I just posted it in the war room and I will link it shortly alt corpse are allowed to tower up to three moons
We're gonna expand that number later. But for now, this is the land grab prevention policy go find a moon
There's like 6,500 of them. You can tower up to three next week. That number is gonna go up
You're responsible for the athanor you're responsible for the fueling you're responsible for not
Putting a reprocessing or refining module on it. Don't do that. We'll shoot it with extreme prejudice
And we already did that the other day you may mind the movements. Yes, it's extremely entertaining. So
We're intent to tax alt corpse at 10% of the fracked value that is in the very limited post
I just put up like I said, we're doing this live because I've been lazy
The software for this is still being built though, so you will not actually see a tax bill immediately
Go to the list and go nuts. We're not gonna do any sort of additional stuff
There's over 6,000 moons here. Anyone who wants moons will get moons
have fun I
Hold on. We're gonna get the link. Don't worry guys
My my much better directors who are much better at their jobs than me will shortly go around expanding this with better edits
But this is the basics. I need to find the image that diagrams the axis, but you should see it in other member corp
Systems so the idea here is the same in every system where there's a stargate fortification the x-axis is
From the fort through the stargate
The y-axis is orthogonal. It's perpendicular going the other way through the stargate
That's where member corps are dropping their own structures. That is also where alt corpse can drop structures now
Have fun
Yeah, there's a reasonable question here
where somebody said a
Joke about like just wait for all the good moons to be snapped up
the good moons have mostly already been like the kind of moons that are available are the ones that have not made it through the
Kremlin like there was a whole
complicated for several weeks like I
Can't really tell you the details because it was detailed and comprehensive enough that my brain
Static out through all of the meetings you guys know how I get the moment people start talking about moons
But Billy Bob Ptozzi the rest of G Sol did a fantastic job of figuring out a system for renting out
Moons to member corps such that we can make sure that everybody has
wealth and riches so you don't have to worry about like an alt corp land grab because the
the cold
Efficient hand of the state has sort of already passed over the moons and ensured that
You know, basically we proved our model during the war
Our model has always been to make sure that our land members are rich as shit and to build an in-depth
Vertically integrated economy such that everyone is able to crash Titans and rock walls into trees
regardless of what sort of dumb crap CCP does and we are going to do that, but just 50 times as
Efficient hopefully
As we did for the war. So yeah, don't worry about that. We don't like land grabs that stuff always annoys me
Just like when somebody tries to skirt the rules like with this peacetime
Reprocessing Tartar to Tara situation the other day
It's a very simple system
The first time somebody defies one of these like big official regulations about how we're running the Delve economy
We will come to the point of almost annihilating everything that you put down that makes us angry and then we will not you know
Sort of spare the meat
Kill the meat spare the metal and then we'll back off and see if people learn their lessons the next time we will purge the
Person and destroy everything that they have that we can get our hands on and that's how peacetime regulation works
This is how it has always worked if you guys remember almost
Fuck ten years ago back in the day when you still built capships and CSA a's we had regulations about super capital building and
How and when it could be done and when people would test me on that
I would destroy their yards and purge them and some of them are still trapped in pure blind to this day
Never to be allowed to return. So basically when it comes to one of these regulations about this don't fucking distract me from my plans of
Having goons pop out of the web way to wreak havoc on the puppies
With pissy moon drama because believe me I'll be more pissy
Anyway, there's a question about why reprocessing is limited. I think it's a tax related thing
There's some sort of a system that
I think the person was trying to do like a skeezy tach tax dodge and we do not like that because the reason we were
Able to fight a war for a year and a fucking half against the entire galaxy in the middle of scarcity is
Because we make sure that the state provides. Alrighty, so
Let me take some general questions here again guys Vegas is coming up
So we are also in kind of a holding pattern
The main thing is to I want you guys making money in the video game
I want to figure out if these crab sites are actually gonna be worth anything
And if they are worth something I want us to hit it as hard as we can
So we're gonna have to optimize and do our efficiency thing
I want the all corpse to get the moons that they can if you're interested in that
Please do check that out. Our goal is to continue to rebuild our economy faster than the other guys
So far so good. We're very much on track with that while
Relentlessly punching downward and strangling as many puppies in the crib as we can
Keep in mind guys that the pappies always think in terms of finite contests
They think of a war as being a discrete event
We in the Imperium understand that all things in Eve are infinite contests
There are no start and stop dates
There is simply competition between organizations and part of becoming the crisis and not fucking around is hey
We have this nearly much better more functional wormhole app
and so now we have a web way and now we've developed these systems to reach out across the galaxy and fuck these guys and
So when you hear me talking about G. Sol rebuilding and when you hear me talking about
Alt-corp moon policy and the important, you know home base build the economy shit
Do not forget that your purpose in addition to that is to constantly be
Punching downward on our foes who are still our foes who immediately blob up together and fly together
Given the slightest fucking opportunity
So every time I have to give a fireside about wretched peace and the importance and these things are important
The spaceships that give us war have to come from somewhere. So when you hear me saying wretched peace
It's just because I'm not smart enough to get into the spreadsheet side of things and I'm you know, whatever
That's just my thing. My thing is war conquest and herping boars
so, please keep reaching out and
Stabbing the fucking puppies while you're trying to get you and your friends as rich as possible at home
This is excellent bingo bait
I'm gonna give credit to Ralph Drake here
Should we join six and squads now instead of waiting till January if we want to go test is next was that was multi-layered?
That's that's good. That's real good
One of the things I like to see is test being harassed enough to the point that they don't feel comfortable
actually sieging their rock walls, I
think that
Generally speaking if you filament
there's a non-zero possibility you'll end up somewhere within stabbing distance of outer passage or
elf boys quizlings and
I'm turning into a trick ship for myself. I'm trying to train bitten into a vet Mac so I can crash it into trees
So yeah big fan of going out there and raining hell upon our foes while we try to get rich at home
There's questions about six and squads like a magic the gathering sig. I'm guessing that's what you mean by an MTG sig
And I think it's appropriate that you said that just after a question of wow, that's within three seconds of each other
There's a comment about body spray and how people need to have better hygiene and literally right after the the question about making sure that people
Take showers at Vegas, which has never been a problem with goons
It's only been a problem with pop is goons actually know about fucking hygiene because we'll yell at each other if somebody stinks and make
fun of them right but the very next question after that is can we get a magic the gathering sig and
That's just fucking serendipity. I love it. I
Was the funniest magic the gathering
Joke that I have is not even my joke is just remembering the ass crack bandit and that was just the funniest fucking thing
I love if you haven't seen the ass crack bandit
Photos, they were so good. Alrighty. I got a question here about move up for asset safety stuff
I have not actually checked on the fleet commanders about that yet because I have
I just woke up and hit space meetings if we can get an asset safety up up. I will let you know shortly
We do want to start doing that and I just need to check
Recommendation about best weed product in Vegas
gummies or carts or
whatever I like to roll around with a
E-cig a disposable cartridge, but I also like to do edibles
It's all perfectly legal in Vegas and Fremont the Fremont Street experience on edibles rules
We are gonna be staying at circle which is on Fremont Street. So essentially if you get really high, you can literally just go outside
Look up and there's a fucking laser light show and it absolutely rules
I and I can talk about this because it's perfectly legal there
Recreationally legal you can do as much fucking weed in Vegas as you want and by God
I will be doing exactly that. All right
I'm going to go ahead and call it for today. There's one last question about chat
That is classified and I understand that you guys want more chat porn
Unfortunately, it turns out I'm not Pappy Snowden. I guess sharded armor armor is Pappy Snowden here. I
Swore I was Pappy Snowden. I I really swore like I I I
Really thought I was the guy but apparently it's sharded armor. So I I you know, maybe you asked sharded armor for for chat
One last question I said I was gonna go and then people are asking me this is good bingo big guys
You guys have leveled your shit up a question on how the fish are doing. We actually have fish are doing great
we've had no real fish drama on a hot minute knock on wood we started using pearl weed as our top cover and
That angelfish that had his brain baked
Several months back actually has been nursed back to health. He's in a 40 gallon tank. He's a happy boy and managed to
Not die or be crippled. All right, boys and girls. Thank you for coming
I will see as many of you motherfuckers as possible in less than a week in Vegas, baby Vegas
Thank fuck. It has been way too long since we got a chance to roll with our space nerd friends
See you all there. And if not, I will see you in two weeks for the post Vegas fireside
Obviously, there's not gonna be a fireside next week because we're gonna be partying in Vegas
I mean, I guess technically speaking next week. It'll be Sunday and we'll be back from that. So no promises
We'll see where things go, but probably not. I have no way. All right, that's it. Get out of here