Fireside Chat Transcript 17 Sep 2k22

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All right, we're still loading a couple people in. I'm gonna start in just one second. Hello
Grow grows your kid grows your kid
Penguin so like as you know
I've just been I've had some some really unfun stuff out my life lately and like
The thing about doing a twitch stream is you have to be entertaining and I just don't really feel that entertaining
I'm gonna start pretty soon. I'm feeling better
But you know if you want like a good twitch stream involves you, you know making people have fun and you know
That's that's just part of it
Although I will say that most eavesdreams really lack in that department
I don't know why you've streamers are so boring, but a lot of them are
So yeah, it's like watching paint dry. All right. I think we're good to go. So let me put my notes here. There we go
Alright, I'm putting a link in here. There's a link in Elysium
so I've been
I've been
The thoughts were at the one-year anniversary of our friend
Lupo passing away and then Valrad day is on 9/11
There's been it's been on my mind that we don't really have a good way
to memorialize lost people in the Imperium
So we are going to rectify that right now in a few moments. You will see a fort starting to be dropped on grid
The one to key grid we're going to drop there. It is
Like clockwork if you're doc look straight up. There is a margin as port is are
Currently anchoring there is a thread I have linked in Elysium
We yeah
Fuji, I think the margin is is sort of the most appropriate. It's the most memorial looking for desire structure
I think it's a group looking structure and we're going to edit into the bio
The names of anyone in the Imperium that we've lost in real life. So I posted a thread if
If you've lost someone and you want them to be remembered
Any friends of yours who flew with us at any point put their name in the thread and we will add it to the structure
Friends that have passed away and you can look at it anytime
We are limited to a thousand characters by CCP so we can really only put their names in
But we're gonna do and yeah
You'll see what I thought about that. I would like to put like non-eve players in there
But we just don't have enough room with only a thousand characters
well, we'll fill it up with
We can do their eve names a shade
If you want to put their real name, I suppose that's fine, but I think even if it's are appropriate for an in-game memorial
So that's something we're doing. I like the thread
drop the name of your friend or buddy or loved one that has passed away their in-game name and we will add it to the
the bio you can right-click on any structure and
Lot of people don't know this
So like if you when you hear right click click show info and then click the bio tab
It's probably on traits by default bio and you'll notice that there are
Actual bios on things in 1dq. And so if you had to know that you can
You can read them now. I hope you don't have to
Drop another structure with more names. That means more people are dying
So hopefully we avoid that but if that's what we need to do, then we can always we can always add another one
I'm happy to throw a margin. This is at the problem until we have enough space to write everyone's name down
So that's just a nice thing. We're gonna do
I'm happy to do it
Um, I've got some money making stuff for you guys
Jerr Gamma wants me to talk about making money. He's gonna link posts. Here you go making money starts here
PI market review PI factory system and making money
This is like the Wall Street bets of goons
Although you are slightly more guaranteed not to lose your risk
We need we need PI. Well, that's a important thing
It's it's not the most fun to do but it went to get it up it's pretty easy and
And it's really just repeat income
So if you want to run PI, please run PI. That's some good news now that we are back home
Sec SRP is turned on throughout the galaxy in null sec low sec and wormholes
So if you go out on your Rome, which we want to encourage you are now
authorized to lose your ships and get you for them in
null sec low sec and wormholes and not in high sec Ragnar because why would you want to go there but
Pachman has its own group and they have SRP related to Pachman
so in the Pachman group if you want a Pachman SRP, it's really that simple if you
Want to fill them in out you can now get over the film it takes you so I'm pretty excited about that
So you guys checking out the memorial? Thanks for looking. We do have a Pachman group now
They are being very successful. Looks like there might be some pretty good fuck. It's going on in there, too. It's a good group good
Group to join if you're looking to make money, but also get some fights. I want to talk to you guys about
What to do for content now that we are in a peacetime
FCs are going out on rooms. They're going on a film in Rome's they're going on the cake camps
Please force yourself to join these things
I know some of you like to just hang out and wait for the you know, the all caps. We are fighting ping and
If you don't put yourself in space
You don't get to enjoy the content that even has to offer a lot of the most fun content of Eve is
Respect is you know, just random it happens, you know when you don't expect it
So I encourage you guys to get out there hop on these rooms hop on
The fleets that are going out don't be like an FC snob and only go with your favorite or 23rd favorite FC
Go with when you haven't used before see if you like them. This is the kind of time
It's a great time to do that. And then we have had pretty good up to take on our alpha home defense Ranger
Can you link that thread, please?
There we go. I'll phone defense this is a requirement. Everyone needs to make a alpha home defender
It takes about 30 minutes once you're done you're done
And it is for defending one DQ whenever we deploy away
We want to get up a nice reserve of fair oxen Austrail pilots so that once we have
Like our next war deployment. We're easily able to defend our home as well
If you remember from the last war, this was actually a problem for us. They were able to send relatively small groups
Forces to some clone home. That was a actually huge institutional problem for us
We are basically copying initiative on this one. They already have this and it's very very useful
I guess so the fire science and keep them short and sweet like you guys know the things you need to know
Right now the galaxy is in a pretty calm state. The only thing that's going on of
Major note is what's happening brave and frat and those have been
pretty quiet
In the last week or two frat has not attacked much. I expect to see some
Movement on that front as far as these things
usually end up with either someone else will deploy or
Groups will go down there and try to break the logjam and get it on the content
You can expect that that's gonna happen and we'll see what happens regarding that over the coming a few weeks
Oh, yeah, I wanted to shout out these dudes I'd actually think it a chance to talk to him, but thank you for reminding me
I'm gonna put this kill mail in Elysium. This is a this is a guy. He is a
defender of
a frat space he has killed me many times when I'm robbing their ESS's and
A group of goons were able to take him out. I guarantee you this ship is worth way more
Way way more than this says because he rolls a lot of stuff
I'm guaranteeing this is over at least a 50 bill ship if not more out of the goon
So essentially super kill
Well done you guys
These are the kind of things that you can have when you go out on these rooms
Look eat people involved like this is exactly what you can get but you need to be there. You need to be ready
All right, that is it for the fireside. Thank you guys so much for joining. I hope to see you guys in space
I'm out back doing fleets and I want to see you guys out there as well
Thank you for coming. If you have something from the memorial is posted. You guys have a good day