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stuff going on. And first things first, I want to apologize to everybody who was looking
for the strat op yesterday that we ended up canceling. There was a communication failure.
I thought that we were going to let you guys know in Elysium about that op being canceled
and we failed to do that. That is on me. Oversight issue. Whoops. Sorry about that. We do have
a big-ass strat op tonight. So I want to talk about what's happening. We had a pool of Fortizars
reinforced in the galactic northwest and we are kind of diddling with our boundaries.
But basically there was a group of pandemic core people ran around and hit a couple of
our Fortizars in the galactic northwest. So because we fucked up, and that sucks, but
because we fucked up, we are going to be sending a huge pile of sacrileges and moonins and
stuff like that up north tonight. So this is going to be a 2 o'clock eve form up. So
tonight, tonight, tonight. And we already have a bunch of sacrileges on contracts in
1DQ1, but I'd like to see more of them. And I have good news from the fitting team, which
is that if you have your sacrileges left over from the Jeff deployment, it is the same fit
as before. So we really need to get on board with having sacs on contract because that
is going to be one of our mainline doctrines as we're doing this. They're really cool ships,
they're fun, but we need them imported into 1DQ1 and be on contract and ready to rock.
It is time to sac up.
So we have between now and 0200 eve to get ready for this. I anticipate that if we do
a big show of force, everything will go well and smoothly. But if we half-ass it and fuck
up, then it will escalate into more annoyance for us. So there you go.
Another piece of news, because CTB has hit many, many ships with the Nerf bat, capital
fits are still being worked on. JAmazingness has been contacted by several people saying,
"When are we getting news about cap fits?" They are being worked on. They will be ready
soon, but they are not ready yet. We are aware that you are waiting. One of the things about
this is you obviously don't want to rush a fit and then find out too soon that it was
shitty and then have to get it re-do something different. We are working on it. It has not
been forgotten.
We have a couple of other things to talk about here in terms of big boy toys and things like
that. There's a locust fleet tomorrow. So essentially, between tonight's op, which will
not be cancelled, again, sorry about that, guys. Bad luck. Tonight's op happening 0200
eve. And then tomorrow, we have a locust fleet. So we also need big boy toys for there. We
need everybody to break out your supers and your sub caps and get ready to guard our pile
of orc walls as they run around and get rich. So that will be tomorrow at, I think, usually
- fuck, daylight savings time, I've already forgotten - it's usually 1700 to 1800 range.
Can somebody correct me and tell me when the fucking locust fleet is going to be in the
directorate? We'll get that to you guys in a moment. 1800-ish. All right, there you go.
So this is a segue. We're talking about going up north with sacrileges to defend these fortizars,
which come out tonight. We are talking about bringing out the big boy toys for guarding
our locust fleet, and that is tomorrow. And it's time to have a real talk, Birds and the
Bees style, about the future of supercarrier ratting. I am - some people have been coming
to me and been like a little worried about leveling with you guys, not in like, "Oh my
god, we need to keep secrets" or something, but like, I don't think you guys are a bunch
of fragile babies. CCP periodically, over the course of the history of this game, takes
a play style, hits it with a sledgehammer, and renders it absolutely useless overnight.
Right? Like, we've seen this - I've seen this at least, because I've been playing this damn
game for 15 years - over and over and over again, CCP will just sledgehammer something
and it just is a complete waste of time now. And I don't think you guys are babies. I think
you can hear it straight that supercarrier ratting is just a huge waste of time now.
It is unlikely to come back as being viable or good. It is nerfed into uselessness. You
will - if you try to rat a supercarrier, you will get exterminated by a random ass bomber
gang. It is not worth it. The cost-benefit ratio is not there. CCP has nerfed supercarrier
ratting into functional uselessness. And instead of beating around the bush and going, "Oh,
maybe things will change, blah, blah, blah," I think it's time that we just accept this
and work around it, rather than trying to actually - I mean, it's going to faint and
have a case of the vapors if I tell you CCP fucked supercarrier ratting. Is that going
to go, "Wah, blah, blah, blah." And it is the reality. So here's the thing that we're
probably going to do if you are - we're going to be talking about the blazing and staying
thing here in a moment. But the hard truth is that supercarrier ratting is just a waste
of time and is stupid now. It's not viable in our circumstances, and you can get with
the program or you can't. We still have a very big pile of uses for supers, which is
for PPP shit and for things like guarding our locust fleets. I think what we're probably
going to be doing here is - this isn't set in stone yet, but where this is probably going
is we will probably say, if you just absolutely insist that you have to be a special snowflake
and you have to rat on your supercarrier and fuck you, dad, I'm not going to do what you
tell you, is that you can go do it in period basis. Because in the off-Delve colonies,
it is a no-man's land where you will not be saved and you can pull yourself up by your
bootstraps and you don't have to worry about any of - well, there's still some law down
there, but there's a lot less law in period basis. So if you're like some sort of supercarrier
ratting a zealot and insist upon doing this damn silly thing in this damn silly way, we
would like to invite you to explore that option in the off-Delve colonies of period basis.
Now that is not yet a matter of formal policy, but it might be a matter of formal policy
soon because I personally think it would be hilarious to have all of the hunters running
down after the super ratting zealots if people actually are zealots about super ratting,
which I don't specify that it would be, but whatever. If it floats your boat, you can
do it in period basis.
Meanwhile, if you're looking for PvE stuff to do, and you guys know I hate talking about
PvE stuff unless it relates to PvP, well in this case, this PvE does relate to PvP, which
is Blazing in Stain. We are working now on getting a more everyman newbie friendly guide
for how to do blazing missions in Stain. We have already seen a lot of success in that
with some people out there hardcore doing it, and the reason why we want to do this,
if you've missed the memo about Blazing in Stain, the reason why we're doing this is
that our supercarriers and our titans need to get nirvana implants for the shield slaves,
and we're already seeing the price of these things crash just because we're only just
beginning to get started out there, but if you're like "I want to do PvE and CCP nerfed
me and I met and I want to help out," go do Blazing in Stain. There has already been linked
yet another guide to Blazing, and the awesome guys in Goversity are exploring doing a whole
bunch of interesting things with revising our guides and making our guides more newbie
friendly and generally cleaning things up, so Robbie and the Goversity dudes are awesome.
If you're interested in helping out with guide writing and cleaning up the wiki and doing
all of the things we can do to make it easier for everyone joining Goonswarm and the Imperium
to find out what they need to find out, please do join Goonsversity. They are cool dudes
and doing a big knowledge transfer kick here.
All right, so, as we said last week when the patch hit, actually not last week, what
would it be? Was it Monday? Tuesday? Anyway, whatever. We said all supers are going to
be docked up for a week. That is still holding. We may come down with a formal law of if you
want a rat in your super, you do it in period basis and possibly banning it entirely in
delve. But it seems to be working as usual when we dock everything up and we basically
go on strike as needed. It fucks things up for the hunters and lets us focus our efforts
elsewhere, so that's cool.
Did I read the CSM notes because Blazing is next on the chopping block? I don't really
care about that. I mean, it's a good point, Micromancer. Again, my policy when it comes
to anything related to what CCB says they're going to do or what CCB says they're thinking
about, I don't believe a damn thing until I see it in some patch notes. Because they
promised the moon and the stars, and maybe if they honestly intend to give us the moon
and the stars, the reality of dev time seems to mean that it's better to make plans around
what you can actually see in upcoming release notes rather than, you know, hopes and dreams
or whatever.
And Kosis is going to have his first Titan and that is going to be awesome.
Do we get to kill the supers that choose not to follow the rules? As usual, the monopoly
on coercion that the state has is such that we don't do vigilantism, we have a director
of good fucker affairs, and a whole system of commissar people as needed. So don't worry
your pretty little heads about it until we tell you to shoot somebody or we tell you
to not shoot somebody.
All right. Also, you know, one of the reasons why I'm telling people go to the off-Delve
colonies if you want to super rat is that if we lose supers who are idiots in delve
ratting, it potentially is a beacon to hostiles and it's a sign of weakness. I don't really
care about carrier losses in delve at all. And if we tell people to go super carrier
rat in period basis, it's explicitly an area we're not defending. It doesn't matter down
there. I don't care about us losing supers in period basis because who gives a shit?
So yeah.
All right. A couple of other things we need to go through. Just like we launched a project
of blazing, we are also launching a project of basically getting Kikimora BPCs by doing
abyssal crap. And let me get this thread linked here.
So, this is another thing that we would like people to be focusing on instead of trying
to rat on a super carrier is go blazing and stain so you can get nirvana implants and
also do this abyssal stuff that I don't understand and don't need to understand in order to get
us some Kikimora BPCs.
Okay. And ironically enough, as we are basically saying super carrier ratting is as we know
it is dead and who cares? The guys in GARPA have put together a really cool 911 help.
Oh, God, I'm dying button. We had one of those back in the day and we had to take it off
of Mumble because it was crashing Mumble. This is in the era of Heal Team 6. But I am
proud to report that our badasses in GARPA have come up with a new solution. So, there
will soon be a life alert. I've fallen and I can't get up scream for help button added
to Mumble. Again, it was a lot of fun when we had it and delighted to have it back. So,
there's going to be a thread about that going up explaining how it works and what it will
be used for sometime after the fireside today.
All right. Yeah, I think that's it in terms of like bottom line bullet point shit. So,
let's take some questions as needed. Today on the Meta Show, it will not be Lyle Mecca.
Today on the Meta Show, I believe we have Asher Eliasson and we're going to be interviewing
him about whatever the hell Asher feels like talking about, which should be fun.
Any plan to have an alliance buyback for the Nirvana BPC for those blazing insane? That
is a very good question and we were actually just talking about that in the Illum meeting.
And I am pleased to report that our guys who have already been blazing have managed to
already start lowering prices. Like these things, it still costs billions of isk to
buy one and that mainly relates not to buy one, to buy a set I should say. And a lot
of that relates to the PI materials that go into building the implants.
So, we are looking into posting and we were just discussing this in Illum meeting for
how to do the PI necessary for the Nirvana implants to get them built cheaper. And I
can't promise when that's going to be done, but it is something that will probably be
up in the next ideally within a week. But I don't want to speak for Saren on that, but
it is something that we're looking at doing. As far as a buyback program, it's not necessary
yet because of the success we're already seeing in Stain and we want more people blazing.
And if it is necessary, we will bolt more complications onto the program as needed.
Will there be new fits for Rockwalls now that resistances have come down? I don't know,
but we do know that there are going to be new capital fits and those will be released
soon and if there needs to be a Rockwall tweak that will be included.
There will not be new Rockwall fits. Good.
I missed the bingo card. I didn't realize that daily login rewards was on Fireside
Bingo. God damn it.
All the daily login rewards are terrible.
I am delighted to have Fireside Bingo back.
The daily login rewards are so bad. There was a Reddit post. I'm not sure if it's like
someone being ironic or what, but it was like a limited 7 day skin for a condor and the
skin looks like shit and people are like, "Gee, thanks, CCP."
Today you got a 7 day skin. Yesterday you got an ME0 frigate blueprint copy. And then
the day before you got a drug that was available for 15 minutes that you needed the skills
to use. So a lot of people couldn't redeem it.
Well, they're polluting the data again by running a whole bunch of, ugh.
Something about dependent and independent variables goes here.
If I have court mates who are interested in training to capitals who have zero capital
skills currently, should I have them train into dreads, carriers, or fax first? I would
have them go into dreads because we're doing a big dread push that should be a reminder
for me to tell everybody. Dreads, dreads, dreads. That is one of the big consequences
of all these nerfs is the value of dreads are very important. So if you have tight-
T2 guns.
Yes. Jay, why don't you hearf some blurbs here about what we want.
Dreads should train T2 guns. Just to put it in perspective, a fully skilled Naglfar pilot
has about 8,000 DPS with T1 guns. If you put T2 guns on that thing, you take a damage drug,
which every Naglfar has in them, you go up to like 16,000 DPS. T2 guns are insanely good.
You want to do T2 siege, T2 guns, dread 5. That should be the order. And vertical supremacy,
of course.
All right, let me see if there's any other questions I need to answer. We are basically
in a period of trying to shape the fuck up as usual whenever CCPD hits us and the entire
game with a whole bunch of nerfs, it's time for us to fix a whole bunch of shit that has
been broken or alter things that have been sort of forgotten about and generally tighten
our shot group, which is a great word joke. But there you go.
The main thing that I really want is to make sure that we have, because we are going to
have a big Saturday night form up, to make absolutely certain that we have enough sacrilegious
for everybody. Because the worst thing is to be like hurfing blurfs and telling everybody,
guys, we've got a big op tonight. And then people log on and look to the contracts and
1DQ1 and they can't get the ships that they need for those doctrines.
What nerfs do I foresee in the future? That's a good question. And I'm just going to refer
to it back to what I was saying earlier, which is I don't pay attention to a damn thing that
CCP is saying that they're going to do until it is in the form of patch notes. And I personally
advocate this because it's a lot less stressful if you're like, you know, don't tell me what
you're going to do, show me what you're going to do. And it only gets into the realm of
showing when something hits CC or is in a patch note. I mean, I remember back when in
the 2007 FanFest, which I did not go to, but I watched the videos of it at the time, when
CCP was promising that just around the corner we would have Alliance logos on all of our
spaceships. So, yeah. So I don't really worry my pretty little head about what CCP says
they're going to nerf or try to anticipate nerfs because we have seen that CCP's nerfs
are kind of difficult to predict. And one of the reasons for this is, let's take a look
at the most recent patch. The most recent patch has a ton of nerfs, and it looks like
if you're trying to basically make a theory or a framework for why they nerfed the things
that they did, especially because some of these nerfs overlap with each other, it's
almost like they had a brainstorming session for all the things that they thought that
they could do to improve the game nerf-wise. And instead of deciding which ones they would
pick, they just decided to do them all, even though some of these things overlap significantly.
Like the nerfs to super plates overlaps with the resist nerf, and here we are. So that's
another reason why I don't try to predict them because it's hard to predict things that
are inherently irrational or things that don't have a theory. Or you can't get inside the
head of CCP because CCP is a construct. It's a bunch of individuals and various teams arguing
and debating, and it's hard to know who is at the wheel at any given time when they do
a particular nerf. So basically, my policy is always, I'll worry about it when I see
it on a patch note or when it's on CC, and then beyond that, who gives a shit.
What will the best ship for Riding B now in Delve? That's not a dumb question, that's
actually a good question. And I don't know what the answer is because I don't know a
damn thing about PB, but I'm sure almost everybody here will have an opinion about it.
The Dread Changes or are you going to FC Dread Fleets? I don't want to make any promises,
but the reality is, and again, no promises, but I actually considered it. That doesn't
mean that it's going to translate into me logging in and playing the game every day,
because it's better for me to not log in and play the game every day like I do, which is
thinking about how to get inside the head of all of our enemies and ratfuck them, and
also how to strengthen our organization and manage it. But I do love Dreads, and yeah,
so I've at least thought about it, but no promises.
You guys would all end up being better Dread FCs than me. It's kind of like, I remember
an analogy that was made was when we were cleaning up MNC after the Halloween war, but
before the Russians all imploded, so this is like post-BR5, there I was leading a little
gang of supercarriers just blowing up extra IHUBS and stuff. This is under the Dominion
SOP system. And somebody made, one of the directors I think made a joke at my expense,
and it was absolutely true, which was this was basically like Kim Jong-un or Kim Jong-il
playing golf, right? Where the great leader goes out there and leads the super fleet doing
something that's absolutely safe, and then he putts the ball, and then everybody sort
of claps politely and hopes that he doesn't slam the supercarrier into the side of, I
don't know, an asteroid.
Hecate was pretty smug just seeking back in the day, but let's not talk about that. I
may see some other questions, and then if not I need to go get rid of the metashow.
I'm not even going to be touching the Hecate fleet or Hecate. How do you even pronounce
that? Hecate? Hecate? Whatever. Hecat? Hecate?
I'm happy to be bingo bait. I'm delighted to be bingo bait. It's easy to bingo bait
me because we now have a super cool randomized bingo card, so everybody's got a slightly
different one, so I can't tell what's bingo bait and what isn't. And I'm totally cool
with it. Bingo I think is fun.
We have limitations of one ENOS and one ABS solution in SACLETS for mine lake reimbursement.
I can't speak to that. I don't know. That will be, the information for that should be
on the doctrine thread for it.
Now, Soviet Elmo, I actually have my own fireside bingo card here, and I can tell you that that
is actually bingo bait because it's bingo bait for me on my square too.
Yeah, I'm lucky.
All right, boys and girls, I think that that is going to be enough for now. For those of
you that are actually trying to ask questions on the Mumble channel, we only do this in
Elysium at This is one of the reasons why we promote Elysium
is we want you to ask questions and engage with each other in Elysium at
So I studiously ignore the questions that are asked in the Mumble chat. That's not because
I'm being a dick, but it's because of cohesion and having a central place for communicating
information, which is over here in Elysium.
So thank you all for coming. We have big ops tonight at 0200 Eve. SAC up, get ready. We're
going to be fighting PanPan, and we're going to be fighting to defend our four Dazaars
up north and get the sacrileges we need in 1DQ1. Make sure that people are geared up
for it, and let's do it. Let's do it right. And I will see you all next week for the Fireside,
same time, same channel. And we will have the meta show in 20 minutes with, I believe,
Asher as a guest. So that should be fun, too. Thanks for coming, guys.