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I'm gonna let people filter in here as I refill my coffee and...
Hell yeah.
The coffee for the day is some stuff that I squeezed out of my new AeroPress, which
I'm madly in love with.
I got to be a reverse coffee snob.
Instead of thinking about pour-overs now, I just like fuckin' squish the coffee out
of an AeroPress and move on with my morning.
It's fantastic.
So, Sunday fireside, round two.
I'm a big fan of the whole Sunday thing.
We just got out of a Kremlin meeting with the Kremlin, for people who are unaware, is
core directors, sub-directors, basically just below the Illuminati level.
And we moved Kremlin meetings to every other Sunday before the fireside.
And this is just a better way of doing business overall, 'cause we get to have Saturday meetings
and plan things and then think about things and then sleep on it instead of rushing into
a fireside immediately to flip a table over.
So that is cool and good.
We're gonna continue having firesides on Sunday.
I know last week we all got together and I said that we were gonna go back to Saturdays
and then immediately changed my mind because the winds of my whims changed.
And yeah, so this is gonna be the fireside time slot.
We're just gonna do these on Sundays going forward, 'cause I like it.
Sunday, Sunday, Sunday.
Now one of the amusing things is that our enemies have been doing firesides, or they
call them town halls, in this time slot for some time now.
And one of the strategic advantages that we were sort of accidentally pissing away is
the fact that the enemy got to listen to our firesides and then have an entire day to plan
and do things.
So now everybody's doing firesides and town halls at exactly the same time and they can
eat my ass.
Okay, so one of the things we're gonna be talking about today, this is gonna be primarily
a discussion and Q&A.
There are a bunch of different things that are going on with us as the strategic situation
is kind of, I don't wanna say it's stabilizing, but essentially we are waiting for the enemy
to attack 1DQ1.
We are preparing for them to attack 1DQ1.
All of our preparations revolve around attacks on 1DQ1 and in the area surrounding 1DQ1.
And the enemy is, I don't know, either they're gonna, we have to wait for these guys to shit
or get off the pot and if they are not going to attack 1DQ1 and they're not going to actually
hit the constellation hard, then our allies will continue burning down legacy space.
It is a situation that is good for us.
We're ready to continue doing this.
And while they give us more time to prepare for the defense of 1DQ1, we are doing furious
org work, right?
When I talk about org work, that's something that immediately will be boring to everybody
who is not, well, whatever, maybe it's not, doesn't matter.
What we're doing is we're revising and fixing a whole bunch of our systems, our processes
and generally getting ready for what should be the biggest battle in the history of UFONline,
that being the assault on 1DQ1.
So if they're gonna give us more time, we're gonna keep doing work to optimize and make
things more efficient.
And one of the things we're gonna be talking about today that is a great example of something
that is optimizing things and making things more efficient is the success that we have
had with NGSA.
One of the first things I'd like people to do, if one of you guys can be a deer and dig
up the join NGSA link to join, obviously the instructions thread for NGSA is behind the
access wall, but I want a join NGSA link.
Yes, thank you.
So one of the things that has happened in the past with NGSA, NGSA is a system whereby
you get to scout the bad guys and put the data that you find into a system, which then
goes to our fleet commanders who then get to murder the bad guys.
You've seen some pings this week.
We are closing the loop and when we're doing this and we're getting success, we want people
to see that we are getting success.
In the past, there was a challenge where we had people doing NGSA, but they did not actually
have an opportunity to really see the results of their actions because it wasn't optimized
to make it easy to use for our fleet commanders and stuff like that.
So we kind of improved that.
And what you are seeing now that everybody is compressed here in Delve is that, hey,
there is success.
We are getting kills within NGSA because all the enemy is here.
They are trying to colonize us, which means that they are a very easy target.
Now I have a link to this thing that BP was pointing out earlier in the Chrome meeting
because I thought it was very interesting.
Bear with me.
One of the things that we have seen is that when the enemy is encountering NGSA harassment,
cloaking camping and all of this stuff, that they break very rapidly.
One of the reasons for this is that the enemy on the legacy side has essentially been told,
hey, you are losing Faith Abylis.
Hey, Esoteria is on fire.
But you can move to Delve and move to Quarious and it will be just fine because the Imperium
is broken.
There are no goons.
You have nothing to worry about.
And so the disconnect between these guys coming over here and thinking that, hey, I was told
by Vilian Progod that everything is fine and it is not fine.
We are finding that these guys end up cloaking up, docking up, doing nothing, hiding, and
just stop trying very rapidly after they have lost things.
So one of the reasons why we are pushing this is if you are looking for a way to get involved
and do more than just be an F1 monkey, if you are looking for some F2 things to do,
get involved with NGSA and help line up kills for everybody else because it is easy, it
is fun, and it is making a pretty significant impact.
Let me check my notes.
Another thing about doing these on a Sunday is that we can do more questions and answers
because it is a lot less like, oh, my God, we have got to rush off to do the meta show.
Oh, my God, we have got to rush off and respond to an enemy attack.
They are all doing their town halls, too.
So incidentally, question here about wide versus tall empire.
Yeah, I have got to say, I was a little surprised and disturbed to find out what I found out
on the meta show yesterday.
Whenever we have guests on the show of that sort, I will always be all smiles.
So I know that some of you are very angry about the scarcity changes or other things
that CCB has said and done.
And I was watching some people in chat and in PMs basically wondering why I wasn't trying
to obscure those guys or kick them in the balls.
I think it is important more to be all smiles and provide a supportive environment for them
to tell us things about what they really think is going on, which is quite revealing in situations
where it turns out that they don't know what wide versus tall is.
Now, it could be a language barrier issue.
It could just be an English speaker thing, English primarily for wide versus tall strategy
But it also tells us that that individual doesn't play Civilization or Stellaris or
Master of Orion or Galactic Civilizations or any of the grand strategy games that are
often analogized to NullSec Empire building.
Will I push harder on CCB on the timer suggestion?
I have been pushing those motherfuckers on that shit for years and they completely ignored
I don't know if there's actually like one of the dumbest things about FozzySoft has
always been.
So the question was for people that missed out on the show, I have no idea what I'm talking
Vizia is asking, will I push harder towards CCB on the timer suggestion, which is to say
to remove the public knowledge of when FozzySoft timers are via the ESI system.
Right now, nobody has to do any scouting on an iHub or TCU to see that there's a timer
and fucking honest, right?
Old school in the Dominion system, so if you're old school, Great War era or just pre-FozzySoft
If you remember, we used to actually have recon people do recon stuff and get eyeballs
on when a timer was going to be, right?
It wasn't like a free Intel party where I don't have to do any work and I can know when
there's a soft timer in the fucking drone regions.
So if CCB or Ratatouille is willing to flick a switch and do that, God bless, high fives
all around, I will sing their praises at every opportunity.
It is one of the simplest, easiest fixes.
Just turn off the free Intel hose.
It's something that's controlled completely by CCP.
They could just snap their fingers and do it.
So if there is any kind of opportunity there for that, then yeah, absolutely.
Nobody should be getting free Intel about when a TCU or an iHub timer is, but that's
the world we've been living in ever since those idiots let CCP Fozzy get anywhere near
a soft system.
Okay, I just had to rubber stamp something.
One of the things that we are looking at right now is we're doing a big gut and remodel in
terms of our IT and dev stuff.
Boris and crew, if you guys remember, Cajanas was involuntarily promoted last week and the
Imperial developers have been doing a ton of work.
One of the things that we're looking at fixing here soon is the wiki, which will probably
involve archiving almost all of it and starting over.
That is something I'm pretty excited about.
So I actually just rubber stamped somebody getting admin access for that.
So that is another project that is in the wings.
It has nothing to do with 1DQ1, but it is also part of our general unfucking the IT
and dev side of things, unfucking the knowledge transfer stuff.
And essentially every day that these guys don't attack 1DQ1 or the 1DQ1 constellation,
we are hard at work improving things that the pressure of war has revealed need fixing.
Like war means stuff breaks or it's a thing that wasn't really a big deal becomes a thing
that you're like, all right, we got to fix this.
So we are not resting on our laurels behind the scenes.
We are very busy doing things because the pressure is a fantastic opportunity.
Talking about purging T5ZI.
That is definitely a future plans question, but it's something that we should be talking
about because they're right next door.
The bad guys are loudly telling everybody who will listen about how they're going to
be here forever, which tells me that they are wondering about when they're going to
leave because they didn't need to tell the universe that they were going to be here for
years and years and that they're going to be blue forever and that they love each other
last month.
But for some reason they have felt the need in the last however many weeks to try to convince
us that they will be here for years and that they love each other so much because everybody
loves Vili and ProGod and they're all best friends.
And you know guys like big dogs don't need to bark if they're sitting there going, gosh,
we love each other.
We're going to be blue forever.
We're going to be here forever.
That doesn't, I don't take anything a puppy tells me at face value.
Usually they mean the opposite of the things that they say on the show.
So there you go.
If they want to try while Legacy keeps losing all of their shit and we dig further and further
into 1DQ1, that's fantastic.
Okay, so that's actually a pretty good question here.
So one of the things that we got from the Kremlin meeting is we had a request also from
BP, who was telling the NGSA story, to relink the ways to make ISK remembers.
We have a bunch of people who are returning.
We have a bunch of people that have just moved into the 1DQ1 zone from our outlying areas
in Delphi.
There is a big ass how to make money thread for people who are just coming back and we
haven't linked that in a few weeks on a fireside.
So somebody could do me a favor and go dig that thread up and link it in Elysium, please.
I will wait while somebody does that, please.
I think it's in the home economics form.
There we go.
So this is important.
One of the things is some of us are very rich, some of us are very poor.
And in a situation like this where the bad guys are right next door and will they, won't
they actually assault our fortress here, we need to be open and honest about those who
are hurting and need help and need assistance, right?
Don't suffer quietly.
Don't suffer alone.
If you're in a situation where you need help, ask for it.
Elysium here is a great place to do it, either in firesides or not in firesides.
If you're worried about ISK, you can also join GSISK, use the forums.
There are ways to do it because we've been doing this for almost a fucking year now.
But if you have not yet needed to adapt your ISK making strategy because you've only just
now moved all your shit into 1DQ1 or whatever, there are threads.
Please use them.
Please do talk to each other.
There are ways that goons can help each other out.
And we want to help you out.
We are trying to make things easier for us to get whatever help you need such that you
can keep fighting and killing the puppies because that is all that matters at the end
of the day.
And, you know, one of the other things is that this sort of dovetails into the wiki
stuff in a weird way.
I know that you guys probably didn't expect me to be talking about the fucking wiki today,
but one of the issues that we have is if you've been coming back to the game or if you've
been out for like a year or ten years and you come back is it's very confusing because
since the Imperium and Goon Swarm have been around forever at this point, our wiki and
a lot of our information is out of date.
So we're going to be archiving a lot of that old stuff and just rebooting it with
the current knowledge.
And that's because, you know, stuff changes.
The core mechanics change and our wiki is so big it's gotten to a point where when
people come back and they've been offline for a while, you know, a lot of the stuff
that's out there is stuff that was worthwhile four years ago, then something changed.
And it's more work at this juncture to go through and actually figure out what's
obsolete and what's not, rather than just paving it over and starting fresh.
So don't worry about that until it starts.
And Rat Knight and a lot of the guys in Gooniversity are going to get volunteered for that most
And, yeah, so that is part of what we're doing.
So we want people to help each other out in terms of recommendations for how to make isk,
useful threads, things like that.
And we're trying to meet everybody halfway on that end.
Okay, let me take some questions.
Storing T5ZI is something that we will not talk about until we do it.
It is certainly something that's on everybody's mind, he says, talking about it after saying
that he wouldn't talk about it.
What happens if they take 1DQ1?
Well, 1DQ1 is a very big system, right?
To take 1DQ1, they have to blow up all of our keep stars, because in case you haven't
noticed, I'm telling you guys, we're fighting this out to the last.
We're fucking fighting this thing out to the last.
It's asset safety.
Like, I don't give a fuck.
It's not like the old school days where you lose everything when you have something.
I don't think that they can take 1DQ1 because they've got to actually, like, make a play.
And you know what, let's walk through the process.
Let me make sure I'm not going to get screamed at here.
But we talked about it in the Kremlin meeting.
And some of this stuff is not exactly OPSEC.
So let's talk through what one has to do, potentially, to attack 1DQ1 for serious.
Well, first of all, they have to hit the iHub.
As you guys know, the iHub is in US time zone.
The iHub.
We thought that they were going to actually try to make a go at purging 1DQ1 in the middle
of last month.
And just before we think that they were going to do it, we, inconveniently for them, shifted
our SOV timer to US time zone, which means that they have to start a 6ADM hack at 2330
EVE, approximately, or 2330.
And now with daylight savings time for euros, that's even later.
We roughly match these guys in numbers in US time zone.
And they have to do it in heavy tie dye for the longest possible hack.
And they've got to actually do it on the 1DQ1 iHub, which has a citadel within range of
that iHub.
You may be wondering, and you're probably going to be hearing the puppies complaining
about this because they're so mad about that citadel.
CCP put that there.
What is a citadel that is within range of that iHub, because it is originally a station
that was converted into a Fortizar by CCP.
We did not put that thing there.
It's just an old relic that conveniently happens to be within fuck you, die in a fire range
of the 1DQ1 iHub.
So they have to do that on 8AM6, starting at 2330 when the volns open and have to get
it through somehow between then and downtime to even spawn the nodes.
Now obviously we could falter, we could fail, we could fuck it up if people just sort of
give up and whatever.
I don't think that's going to happen because our US time zone has been recovering and getting
stronger and stronger because that's what happens.
At the start of this war, in July of 2020, the euros were the guys who were on deck for
the first four months of defense.
And then that sort of happened here with our US time zone up until mid-March where we flopped
things over.
Citadel is back to EU and US getting solved.
And our USTZ guys have been getting fights every night and recovering and generally speaking,
kicking ass and taking names.
So they have to come here and hack that first if they want to spawn the nodes and then begin
a jammer contact.
And I hope they do because I think that we will murder zone them.
I think that defense is cheaper than offense because there's force multipliers on defense.
I think we've got a very good fortified position.
This is one of the reasons why when we're talking about 1DQ1, because there's so many
people in T5, there's so many people in 1DQ1 and tie dye is going to be a thing here, even
though both 1DQ1 and T5ZI are now probably on the fastest computers that CCD has with
the available technology.
I think that it is critically important to have every opportunity you have to put another
functional doctrine ship ready to rock, fully fitted and able to go.
If you have the ISK for it, you really want to have like, if you're going to be flying
a battleship in the 1DQ1 fights, you want to have five battleships, 10 battleships if
you can afford it.
You want to convert your ISK into assets that can be utilized to kill and not have to wait.
Oh, I need to buy this off the market.
Oh, I need to do that.
Because when 1DQ1 kicks off, it's going to be the biggest tie dye fuck fest and everyone
everywhere is going to be logging into the game in order to try to jam themselves into
1DQ1, hostile, friendly, all of it.
And so that is why it is so, so, so important.
And this is all you're going to be hearing about for a while, to have all of your doctrine
ships that you can have.
Don't be waiting to buy one off contract.
Don't be waiting for your own reimbursement ISK.
If you are poor and you can't actually stack up a bunch of ships, ask your friends for
Ask your corps for help.
We cannot, you will not necessarily be able, even if you want to, to purchase a ship off
of a contract.
We have them.
We have these huge fucking stockpiles that we have built up exactly for this reason.
But every bit of preparation you do now will be paying off tenfold when the fight actually
You do not want to be scrambling for replacement ships during these fights.
So go deep, build up a fucking armory, build up a stockpile, because that's how it's going
to go down.
What's the weed of the day?
I don't know.
It's whatever is in my fucking pen.
We're in Wisconsin here.
So beggars can't be choosers.
And yes, spark, spark, spark.
Yeah, so Cynthia Gray is a perfect example of what we're looking here, guys.
Cynthia Gray has linked this here.
Now this is for people that have the ISK, right?
We don't expect everybody to immediately be able to afford having like 20 fitted battleships.
But if you can, that would be fantastic.
Because again, when this shit starts, we cannot assume that, you know, we can't make any assumptions
about what is going to break on the CCP server side of things, but we can make assumptions
that stuff will break and that the things that are most likely to break are the things
that we've seen break in the past.
And the most important thing is for people to be able to get in their ships as fast as
they possibly can, as required when the assault begins, and to be able to churn through those
ships to defend the fucking IHUB no matter what, without going, "Oh shit, I only had
one ship.
I'm waiting for reimbursement.
Oh, gee, I'm useless now."
So the enemy is giving us every day that they don't attack 1DQ1 is an opportunity for us
to fucking dig in further and make it an even more nightmarish place for them to attack.
So do the fucking prep work.
You will regret it if you don't.
As part of that, we talked about this last week, I believe.
We want to make sure that people are also getting the bookmarks that they require.
We need to make sure that people are making independent bookmarks.
Don't just fucking rely on perches that are your court bookmarks.
Go out there, exercise some F2, and learn how to get yourself proper perches on all
of the major keepstars in 1DQ.
You don't have to worry about all the Fortizar.
We talked about this last week.
All the gates.
Learn how to set up independent bookmarks, because one of the things that you can assume
during a 1DQ1 assault situation is that the enemy is going to have drag bubbles between
all the major keepstars.
And we might have all drag bubbles between all the major keepstars at that point.
There's going to be fights everywhere through the system.
You cannot rely on the market working in heavy tie-dye, and you cannot just assume that court
bookmarks are going to be safe or whatever.
Get out there, do the fucking prep, inspect the fortress walls yourselves.
We have a good example here of bookmark coverage from Jumpstar.
That is pretty fucking impressive there.
One of the reasons why we're saying that we need these ships to be fitted in advance,
not just to have them, is that every time that you are trying to drag and drop a fucking
module onto a ship, or if you're fancy and you're using the system to press the fit button,
the server has to make a bunch of calls in order to put all of those things in the right
entries in the database.
And you do not want the server to be making a whole bunch of calls to fit a fucking ship
in the middle of the assault on 1DQ1.
And multi-fit just doesn't work in tie-dye, so there you go.
I wouldn't worry about preinsuring.
Every time that we preinsure something, it tends to end up being a different thing.
So listen to your fleet commanders on that.
What should new people be stocking up on?
It depends upon your ability, what ships you can fly.
Most of the time when we're talking about defense, you're looking at Baltics and ROCs.
If you're an absolute newbie and you can't fly anything fancy, use a Vigil.
Vigils are fucking great.
We love Vigils.
You know, if you can, obviously FACS pilots, battleship, Vigils, Vigils, Vigils for the
tiny stuff.
And if you're at the point where you can do Logy, Logy is great, but in many cases for
these battleship fleets, we are going to be relying on FACSs.
So yeah.
But again, if you have questions, I would say talk to your friends.
Talk to people.
Figure it out.
Discuss what you're doing with each other such that you can share advice.
This is a thing that is, it sounds very difficult, and it will be very difficult if you do it
alone without any help.
If you're like, "Jesus, I'm a newbie.
I have no idea what's going on," or "I've not played in 10 years and I've come back
and Mittens is asking me to set up a whole bunch of bookmarks with perches and have 10
of whatever's fit and I don't know what's going on," don't just sit there quietly and
suffer and then not do the prep.
Ask for help.
Ask for help.
You have friends.
If you don't have friends, join a SIGIR squad or just ask for help and fuck an Elysium.
If you're like, "I'm a clueless newbie.
What the fuck is going on?"
You will be helped, but you have to make that first step of asking for assistance and just
see what people are doing, and they will help you.
It will be good.
So speaking of making friends, we're going to touch on the Proto Squad project.
So we have made a couple of improvements.
We are going to be, when we next do these, we are going to be trying to split them into
time zone squads.
So we have our initial three squads from the second founding that are up and running, and
last week I threatened them and I said that they needed to do something or we were going
to shut them down and try the next iteration on it.
And perhaps unsurprisingly, a couple of them did things.
And if those squads are looking for things to do and they're like, "Jesus Christ, how
do I do anything to help out?"
I will again point everybody towards NGSA.
It is a fantastic value add for our current circumstances.
But when we start expanding that system, we are going to be doing it on a time zone basis.
So everybody within a three-hour range that we'll be setting will be seeded into that.
Because one of the biggest points of feedback we got were by feedback, "Dudes, why didn't
you do this?
You're a bunch of idiots.
What the fuck?"
Was these things need to have people be selected by time sets.
If you have no idea what I'm talking about, this is something that we've been talking
about off and on for the last three or four weeks, and it impacts about 600 people were
shoved into these things.
So if you're not one of those people, don't worry about it.
If you are one of those people, that's the update is you guys managed to not die and
we are continually learning how to improve and tweak this such that we don't fuck things
It'll be good.
Will we have another protosquad lottery soon?
Yeah, so that's part of the dev work that's going on as we are developing a capability
to make these things be time zone specific and improve them accordingly.
So that is going to happen as soon as it is reasonably possible.
All right, let me take some more questions.
It is kind of weird.
Again, like the Sunday fireside thing, it's nice and chill, but on Saturdays, usually
like the bad guys are like, "There's another reason why we need to do these on Sundays."
Usually like the bad guys are trying to interrupt the fireside or attack during it, or everything
is on fire and exploding.
And here we can be more like, "Yo dudes, let's figure it out."
Yeah, the wiki news, also the people who are in university that are interested in helping
with this, we don't want to reinvent the wheel, right?
Like there are a bunch of perfectly good wikis out there that have updated information.
We are going to make sure that we start again with the most accurate updated information
such that it won't be so much of a pain in the ass to unfuck going forward.
I don't want to put a timeline on when we're going to be doing that.
It will be within, he says, "I don't want to put a timeline on where it's going to be,"
so I'm immediately putting a timeline on when it's going to be.
It'll probably be within the next two weeks that we will be moving forward on the wiki
So if you're part of Gooniversity and you're interested in helping out with that, annoy
Ratknight because he has foolishly been either volunteered or was volunteered.
I'm not entirely sure on the details.
That's sort of how we roll, but the Gooniversity guys are going to be our go-to for wiki unfucking.
How much left is to burn in Legacy?
So that's a very good question.
A lot of things that are not Keepstars, basically almost everything that Legacy has that's not
There's a few regions, a little bit of Faith Avalis, a little bit of Esoteria, but most
everything that's not a Keepstar has been glassed.
And that's because if you take a look at the map of the Galactic Southeast, you're seeing
a lot of our allies have taken Sov in former Legacy space, and shit is burning.
Now Initiative has been going on a big, big Keepstar reinforcing spree recently.
We have not seen a Keepstar blow up yet in hostile territory, but I think that is something
that you could logically expect to see.
The longer that the enemy goes without attacking 1DQ1, the more likely it is that in these
regions when there's nothing else to do but shoot Keepstars, Keepstars are going to keep
getting shot.
And I think it's going to be a very interesting perspective what happens once you start seeing
Legacy actually lose Keepstars.
Now I don't want to put a timeline on that because it's up to our allies when they feel
like reinforcing it, and you know, shit happens.
Like if the battle for 1DQ1 begins tomorrow, then that's going to be our focus.
But essentially, as each day goes by that the bad guys are not attacking 1DQ1 effectively,
we're digging in, we're doing the prep, we're teaching people that don't know how to do
the prep how to do the prep, and our allies are burning all the hostile shit down.
So you know, great.
This is why since the very beginning we've been saying defensive wars are to the advantage
of time is on the side of the defender in defensive wars, and this is why.
FrostEaseOP reported Titans and Supers being bought from 1DQ1 by Pappy.
I don't know who FrostEaseOP is.
We did see a NC.Spy went to T5ZI last week and made a big Reddit post about how he had
totally smuggled a zillion things out, and it turned out it was two Titans and some supercarriers.
That is something that, in the case of the guys who are spies that repatriate, like so
there was that Ichimuro whatever the fuck his guy is who is a horde spy in AUTZ and
he flipped over to horde, which is great because he's a terrible fleet commander and now we
get to shoot him.
That was kind of a delightful turn of events.
And then with this NC.Spy guy, you know, this is one of those things like "Hey guys, I'm
leaving and we totally smuggled out all these different kind of things, blah blah blah blah
and then you look at it and that's not what happened."
But we do have enforcement regimes for investigating who is doing what in terms of smuggling.
It's something that we're actively always trying to keep an eye on is super capital
proliferation and people trying to smuggle them out.
That's like an active counterintelligence process that is continual and has been continual
for years.
Is it perfect?
Do some get out?
Do we catch smugglers?
Is that like a huge uncovering of something?
It was like two rags and 25, I guess, supers.
Which I mean, I guess I'm not happy about the rags.
Supercarriers are sort of crunch all you want and we'll make more.
Getting a lot of money for those supercarriers is kind of funny.
But yeah, that's always an active counterintelligence thing.
We can't comment too much more on like sources and methods and how that works.
Yeah, we don't want to be like "Here's how we track it" and such that bad guys can get
Let me take a look here.
All right.
So yeah, actually, this is super chill.
Normally speaking on a fireside, I got to up and run and do the meta show immediately.
But I don't want to keep you guys here too long when we're running out of questions.
So what I would like to do is take a few more questions from people and then we'll wrap
this up probably in the next three or four minutes.
And you can go about your Sunday and enjoy yourself.
Any comment on CCB hiring players from PL, Snake Randolph, to work for CCB?
I think that I don't envy CCB Swift because it appears that he is sort of stepping into
the same position that CCB Guard used to have.
I think that, you know, Elise and I go way back.
We call him Snake Randolph for a reason.
But you know, he's a very smart, very savvy kind of guy.
And him working for CCP, I think it removes him from the chessboard in a lot of ways.
If he is, you know, one of his first tasks that we saw yesterday on the meta show interview
was he was being put in a position where he had to do PR and make excuses and do cleanup
basically for the, we removed the asteroid belts without telling the CSM or anybody and
oops, we also broke officer spawns.
Fuck up.
So, you know, welcome to working for CCP, dude.
So yeah, I'm not concerned about him like being a PL guy and working for CCP.
Like I'm not really too worried about that.
Let me see.
Can we, there's questions here about can we kill this?
Oh, questions about moving.
Would I take an offer and get hired by CCP?
Are you fucking kidding me?
Absolutely not.
They couldn't pay me enough for work for them.
Are we doing more moving ops for fax machine?
I don't want to speak to that because that's something that our FCs are going to be doing.
We have been doing, obviously carriers and super carriers have been moved over the last
two weeks into the theta star.
You've seen the move ops for that.
I can't speak to whether there'll be more of them.
Look for pings or actually perhaps more accurately, if you need to get in on those move ops because
you'd managed to miss the ones that happened, scream for help in the appropriate channel.
When I say the appropriate channel, I mean, cap swarm or, you know, it's not super tits
anymore, but use Titan swarm or use a fight club and you shouldn't need to say anything
about it in Titan swarm because we're not going to be talking about this on a first
But basically, if you miss those move ops, scream for help in the appropriate channels
for that level of capital class vessel and the fleet commanders will hopefully arrange
things for you.
All right.
So that is going to be it for this week.
Thank you for coming.
Thank you for your questions.
We are going to be doing these again every Sunday now, same time slot as we used to do.
So I will see you all next week.
Same time.
This is fantastic.
I have done this fireside from wearing a snuggie and it's about as Sunday vibes as I can get.
And so I'm going to go smoke some fucking weed.
And meanwhile, the work continues.
We need to keep preparing.
We need to keep digging in and get ready to kill these motherfuckers.