Fireside Chat Transcript 18 Feb 2k23

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- (laughs) Yes, well done.
Well done.
Y'all did a great job there.
How y'all doing? (laughs)
Triton, you were, were you really checking your wires?
You unplugging the headphones, plugging it back in?
What's going on?
Excellent, well done.
All right, so off the top guys,
Dynex has paid me a billion isk to tell you guys about PI.
And for one billion isk,
I will basically talk about anything.
So we need PI to build all kinds of things.
It's easy to get into.
You can do it on planets.
It's good, it's fun.
It's basically passive income.
And for a billion dollars, I'll say I do it.
I don't, but I'll say it.
I prefer Pepsi.
- It's better than being Joe Biden.
- Oh no, let's not bring that up from last night.
But yeah, PI, it's fun.
It's easy to do.
It's well-designed and it builds us stuff.
We do need lots of PI.
The honest truth though, is that we need lots of PI
if you want to get one set up.
Once you have it set up, it's pretty painful,
painless, I should say.
I heard the setup is kind of painful,
but once you get it done, it's kind of easy to maintain
and you make good passive income and helps the Alliance.
All right.
We have a pretty cool thing.
Can someone lengthy ask a director thread, please?
Or ask a director of gate camp.
So this is going to be paying that after the fireside.
There is, there you go.
There is a gate camp.
A directors will be hanging out in comms.
So if you want to ask any directors questions,
you want to come and just hang out,
come chill in the gate camp.
That'll be pinged immediately after the fireside.
I think this is a great idea.
Come with your questions, come to annoy people,
come to talk about PI, whatever you really want to do
with the director, this is your chance to do so.
Jeremy, my trims are doing pretty well.
I have reached zone 83 and I've completed the prison.
It was the highest I've gone
and I've gotten 25K helium this run.
There you go.
All right.
Another thing I have been paid to talk about is scouts.
We are definitely recruiting scouts
and we are looking to expand that group.
Their cat Vaughn cat will be
on the ask a director of gate camp.
So if you've got any questions about scouts,
what they do, how can I do it?
How can I get involved?
That kind of thing.
If you want to help out the alliance
and scouts is a good way to start doing it.
So we're seeing a lot of action starting to happen up north.
There are fights going on between frat and B2
but it is no longer just frat and B2.
There is now a pandemic horde, pandemic Legion
and NC dot all attending.
So when I said that it was looking,
things were looking more warlike, they continue to do so.
People are on the move, guns are being shot.
So be ready from 1DQ over the coming weeks
to set out for an important fleet at almost any time.
We definitely start needing to see good numbers.
Our numbers have been, I'd say pretty darn good.
Recently, but this is just your notice
that things are starting to heat up a bit
and there will definitely be some important
and impactful fights that we can attend.
What side is Horde on?
Excellent question.
They are fighting with frat.
So is NC and so is PL.
B2 stands alone.
All right, last week we mentioned a dread redesign
and recalibration of what dreads we wanted.
In the fitting thread, they're now up.
We are putting priority on Phoenixes
and on Navy dreads and Zernitras.
We have SRP for Phoenixes.
Sorry, but we had that before,
but we have them for Navy dreads now
and we have them for Zernitras.
And our armor dreads will be adopting slaves
or what do they call them now, amulets.
A one through five pod, it's not very expensive.
So go ahead and pick that up
if your dread pilot is an armor dread pilot.
I know armor and nag sound weird,
but they are actually extremely good.
- And yes, you get SRP for your amulets.
- Yeah. - One to five.
- The one to five amulet pod is SRP.
I don't know that we're gonna do a particular skin.
I think probably too many people have a skin
they prefer to do one particular skin.
And right now guys, we're just watching,
seeing what's happening up there.
We'll go up and participate in fights
if the fight looks like it's pretty juicy.
So just be available for that.
We're not making any other commitments right now.
Also, what about Oxec?
I don't think I talked about it on the Fireside,
but we helped Shadow Ultimatum anchor
their first Keepstar in 7C.
That is up now.
So congrats to them.
Some of you came on the fleet,
well actually multiple fleets,
that protected that and got it online.
Congrats to them.
Thank you guys for all you've done.
We're happy to have you here.
Danica, Nero, Genos, get her on amulets.
All right guys, pretty short Fireside today.
Basically just telling you guys to be watchful,
be wary, show up for fleets, be ready for big fights.
Thank you for attending and check out the pings
for the Asco Director Geek Camp.
Have a good day.