Fireside Chat Transcript 18 Jul 2k21

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Alright boys and girls, get your bingo cards ready, we're gonna get started here in a couple minutes.
I will warn everyone in advance that I had to scrap whatever plans I had for the fire
upside today because of the events of the last 12 hours or so.
So, heh.
A lot of us pulled a late night shift and a lot of you have been up since then, our
heroes who woke up and joined in, and we'll be talking about that here in a second.
Yeah I wanna go ahead and just begin things with a shoutout to...
Actually before I do this I'm gonna wait for people to get here, there's like 1230 fucking
people on our mumble because a bunch of people are in ops and moving things around and the
bad guys, some of them just stood down and we're just sort of reviewing things on the
chess board.
Worst case scenario, if you miss this because you're on an op and you can't be on the mumble
channels we will have it recorded, it does look like it is being recorded right now,
so cool deal.
I'm gonna pause here to read this whining excuse that Horde just pinged.
God, they're just, they're letting...
One of the things, this is just a completely non-fireside commentary but just like real
time impressions here, is they have, it's like the fall of fucking Merlin in a World
War 2 movie or something.
Like it's a situation where you end up with everybody, I don't know, bad World War 2 analogy
and I don't want to offend any German or anything like that, but basically it's fucking 14 year
olds with AK-47s in a technical, right?
It's like, you know, just the absolute dregs of their fucking command layer or what's left
of it have been left to try to clean up this mess.
It's another good analogy for it, again, this is just impromptu shit, I'm seeing, there's
this ping from...
Is it Rip Mumble or Rip Mittens?
I think it was Rip Mumble.
At least in some sectors the people are coming back on now.
Clearly we're being DDoSed, like legacy wolves.
Yeah, so let me give people an update.
If you weren't with us last night, if you're wondering what the hell is going on and why
everybody sounds kind of hungover is we kind of started a party in US time zone yesterday.
To be fair, the party had started a little bit before that.
And essentially we just ran those fucks around to the point that they rolled over and cried
and we just kept poking them, poking them, poking them, poking them.
And then at some point their command layer just started bleeding out.
At which point we twisted the knife and then we stayed up until like, you know, all the
way through Saturday Night Swarm, Mind1 stayed up and did like an extended overtime battle
bard set for us as we were reinforcing the CTO in T5CI.
One of the things I want to point out at the very beginning of things, just as a fuck you
to all of our enemies that are listening to the fireside, you have spent months telling
anyone in EVE who will listen that it is impossible to go into 1DQ1 and reinforce structures because
of the servers.
It is impossible to go into 1DQ1 and reinforce structures because of the fighters, because
of the lag, because of this, because of that.
Ultimately the reason why they can't come into 1DQ1 and reinforce structures is because
they have little dick energy.
And that little dick energy is being directed by a council of lamers.
And so what did we do yesterday?
After we had done a whole bunch of other things that I'm not going to be talking about on
the fireside, I'm not going to spell out all of the things that we did yesterday.
I'm going to tell one funny story involving us stealing a hell.
And then beyond that we did stuff.
We did things.
And then at the end of it, when we went into T5CI and we reinforced a CTO right under their
noses, including some other things, there wasn't a fucking thing they could do about
And the reason why they couldn't do a fucking thing about it is that we are treating them
in the way that you would the prey of a pursuit predator.
I understand that you guys are expecting a whole bunch of screaming smug hirf today,
and we will probably get there.
Every day that I say that I'm not going to be in like hurfety-blurf mode, then at some
point the spirit of the whelp gods overtakes me and there we go.
But right now, essentially, we had timelines for this, right?
The rice fields phase, we were laying in plans for the rice fields phase, and we are still
officially in the rice fields phase because you guys know the drill by now, the Riga Unquista
will not be televised.
It will not be televised.
But our timelines are definitely getting aggressively accelerated after what we saw last night.
Holy shit.
Our plan was simple.
We saw weakness and we were going to push these nerds as hard as we could push them
before they pushed us back.
We wanted to see what is their ability to resist.
And so we pushed, and then we pushed a little bit more, and we pushed a little bit more,
and then next thing you know, you're just like, "Okay, well, we'll just reinforce your
shit in T5ZI."
Not the Keepstar.
That has not changed, guys.
Again, T5ZI Keepstar.
And I want you guys to understand this.
And I think that now that you've seen what we've been pulling off here, you can see that
we weren't full of shit, not like you guys were doubting us.
But the grand strategy that we believed in is working and appears to have worked, and
that therefore these people are getting broken right next door to us.
This is why I love the T5ZI Keepstar.
It's one of the biggest strategic overreaches and one of the biggest strategic fuck-ups
in the history of EVE Online, and possibly in the history of online gaming.
It is crazy.
All right, let me try to get organized after that Mumble thing and see if I can give you
guys a proper, slightly hungover but kind of satisfied Afterglow Fireside.
Let's see what we...
Holy shit, though, guys.
Holy fucking shit.
What was the ping that Mumble cut me off from?
It was actually...
It wasn't really...
So that's a good question here.
Kitguy is asking me what ping I was reading from the Horde guys before I went over here.
It's not even really all that interesting.
It's in...
And I think it's like open access.
Just they have these excuses.
Like every time that they have an op where it doesn't result in anything, which is pretty
much every other op, they have to post an excuse.
And the excuse is never, "Oh, well, we undocked and tried to fight and did things."
There's always fucking something.
There's always an excuse.
And that's great.
Strategically speaking, big picture.
Let's zoom all the way back out.
What is happening now and what is the grand scheme of things?
Delve has been transformed, as we intended it from the beginning, into a Sarlacc pit
for puppies.
And at the bottom of that pit are a bunch of goons covered in Cheeto dust operating
the fucking wood chipper.
But essentially, you can see over the sweep of the last 13 months what we have done.
We said, "Flood plains."
And the puppies ignored it.
We said, "Flood plains."
And they're like, "Oh, it's a lie.
Oh, it's Gooniespin.
Oh, look, you're losing structures."
There was 3,300 of these fuckers on the field a year ago.
And what did we do?
We traded structures for time.
We fought them where we could.
We chunked them down where we could.
We set up ambushes such that we could ruin them wherever it was possible.
And we got them down to where they are today.
And that is fantastic.
It has taken us a long time to get here.
And we now need to understand where the strategy is going to go in the next month plus.
I've got to speak in very general terms because on Firesides, we don't like to spell out the
strategy explicitly.
But you guys need to understand that what you are participating in, what you have accomplished
thus far, what you are going to be accomplishing is something that has never happened before
in the history of online gaming at this scale.
We're doing some...
Jacking ourselves off about this is all well and good.
But smug aside, you've got to step back and look at this.
Nothing like this has happened in the history of the internet.
There have been wars in EVE Online.
There have been wars in other online games.
The scale, the scope, the length of the campaign, the odds stacked against us.
Nothing like this has ever happened before.
And I want you guys to remember this, that no hubris is one thing.
But as we are winning in a fundamentally historic way, I think it's important that you guys
recognize the accomplishment of that, that you have contributed to, that the part that
you played in that.
It was incredibly inspiring for me as the guy in the big chair to see last night as
we were doing our thing, just watch more and more and more of you log on because we, up
until the end, we weren't sending, screaming all pings.
Our enemy was sending...
It was insane.
They just completely lost their shit.
And the reason they lost their shit is that they're letting the children over there run
All of their adults were around.
They had gobbins.
They had piggles.
They had almost everybody who was anybody in the Blue Donut leadership was online yesterday.
They were sending pings.
They were trying to support people, but they weren't actually doing anything.
They left it to some guy named Atomic Pancake, Ichimura, Kale Eagle Eyes.
They sent their also rams.
They sent their dregs to defend T5ZI and their shit while their bosses sat around doing whatever.
Whatever the fuck it was that they were doing.
It's good.
So I want you guys to keep in mind as we go through this, that is not just another EVE
I shouldn't have to tell you guys this at all because you've been doing it for a fucking
year, but it has taken us a year to get to this point.
And while on the one hand, no hubris, this is a genuine, like a big, big, big deal.
There are already history books about EVE Online.
You're going to be in the fucking history books.
Go in places.
Now I want you to think like a pursuit predator.
You already are a pursuit predator.
You're a human being.
I don't know if everybody already knows this, but some people might not know this, but the
way that humans work is we are pursuit predators.
Back in the day, you could just run down your prey to the point that they just get exhausted
and they lie down and they let you slit their fucking throat.
And that is what we are starting to see.
The reason why yesterday was so successful is that we just ran them into the ground,
full court press all day, everywhere that they were.
We weren't.
We would distract them with one fleet and we're in other areas burning things down.
And because their command layer has been abandoned to the last holdouts, the 14 year olds with
AK 47s, right?
Who have never really done this before, but are doing the best they can because the adults
in the room have abandoned them to run away.
We're running those guys around and we're going to keep doing that.
So if you are a blue donut person, Hey, elf boy, by the way, I know that you love listening
to my firesides.
Gobbins, I want you to know that it sucks to be you and it's going to suck more to be
How do you like those fracks motherfucker?
Anyway, yeah, guys, it's just been great.
It's been really great.
Let's go back on the pursuit predator thing.
What do we do?
If we have them in one place, we run everywhere around that one place where they're not and
we burn things down.
And then when they chase us, chase one of our fleets, we're burning things down elsewhere.
We just got to run them into the ground.
You just fucking exhaust these people.
We are more invested in this than they are because obviously their morale is in the gutter.
Their morale is in the gutter for good reasons.
They have shitty leaders that have made shitty decisions.
Those shitty decisions have now been made very public.
They're all pointing fingers at each other and dodging responsibility because this is
like a game of musical chairs.
But when the music stops, some of these puppies are going to get blamed for their failures.
And that's the one thing that they cannot stand, which is accountability in a public
They absolutely cannot handle it.
And they can hear that music and they can see the opportunity to fuck off and get away
from the accountability that's coming.
They can tell.
They can tell the accountability is coming and they're running.
And so that's why they're sending their worst and their leastest against us.
And that is why we are going to exhaust them.
And then they will gently fall down the Sarlock pit into the wood chipper.
One of the things that I think was an extremely important takeaway from what the original
sinners guys said on Trash Talk Tuesday, and this was something that was brought up on
the Meta show yesterday, is that when original sinners had to move, they had a year worth
of shit in T5ZI.
They had to move between, it was like nine and 11 trillion, basically some sort of a
big, big, big number in terms of assets, resources, everything.
So many of our enemies have walked away from the fucking video game because we have crushed
their spirit.
That there is an obscene amount of puppy hardware all through our space.
And as we are in the Ricefields phase, still officially in the Ricefields phase, think
of these as goody huts, like a civilization game is like, oh, hey, here we go.
Here's a citadel that got abandoned because we broke the puppy spirits.
And now we have all of these goodies to fuel the Reconquista.
Not that we're doing that.
There was an example of that yesterday in the midst of all of this.
I want to give a shout out specifically to Ultra Cal.
I don't know if you guys have heard this, but he stole what we collectively stole, but
Ultra Cal took point on this.
And I think he should get the gold stars for it.
Stole a hell from a test renter pos in Paragon Sol yesterday.
It was just sitting there.
That was it was a pos that was reffed.
And then a day and a half later, we came back and that hell was still there.
And now it's ours.
So there are essentially what happens here is that we have brought the entire galaxy
to our doorstep.
We brought all of our enemies.
Every single enemy that has hated the Imperium on our fucking doorstep right next door.
They moved right next door to us.
They could have stopped YZ9, but no, they chose to go all the way to T5ZI because they
thought they were a bunch of fucking brain geniuses.
So they decided to live on the very precipice of the fucking Sarlacc pit.
And as a result, all of these motherfuckers that just sort of walked away from the video
game because they're mad at CCP or they're upset with Elfboy's terrible leadership or
just whatever reason, all of their shit that they have dragged to shoot goons with over
the last year is just conveniently scattered around us to help us take our shit back.
So that is why we're doing the pursuit predator thing.
It is not just that we want to take our shit back and fuck the bad guys over and blah,
blah, blah.
No, this whole thing has been functionally speaking a trap.
And I don't want to say, oh my God, puppet master, we planned it this way from the beginning
because I did not plan T5ZI.
I expected to drag the enemy into a mire.
I expected to try to set up a Rourke's Drift sort of scenario, strategically speaking,
where you're having to fall back and fall back and fall back and fall back and gradually
chunk them down.
But what's happened is you combine that with the mistakes that the enemy has made themselves
independent of our grand strategy.
Yes, we had a grand strategy to delay, to deny, to destroy.
Yes, we had.
And it worked.
It's working great.
I have no fucking complaints.
We had a plan to try to take shots at the super cap fleet such that we could try to
pull off either Operation Inho or M2.
And that worked.
Even the stuff that didn't work, that was part of the plan.
High fives all around.
I expected them to try to get a Keepstar and NPC Delve.
They did.
I figured we would throw everything we had at that.
T5ZI, though, that was just insane because 1DQ1 is a trap.
It's a fucking trap.
If you can't take 1DQ1, the absolute worst place to be...
Because look what happened last night.
One of the things that these guys never considered.
We have been fighting on the defensive guys for more than a year now.
More than a year.
And we're actually in the middle of July.
We're headed towards month 13 of official hostilities.
Not even counting the pre-war stuff where we figured out what their plan was and juked
them by starting to set up our defenses.
But they don't know how to fucking play D. And that's revealed by last night when they
were sending 50+ fucking pings.
And they couldn't get more than 200 people in a fleet for 50 fucking pings?
Seriously, I have never seen anything like this, guys.
One of the reasons I'm a little discombobulated today is just this sort of Eve hangover from
last night of just watching these guys flip their shit.
There is...
And I'm gonna...
As I'm sure you're all aware, and I want you guys to know that we think about this upstairs.
There is a ratio between the number of pings that you send, the number of people that respond
to that ping and get in the fleet that you ask them to, and then the number of kills
or the amount of fun that that fleet then has.
And so ideally speaking, from a command perspective, you want to send as few pings as possible
to put asses in chairs and then those guys go have fun, ideally.
So you don't want to...
The worst case scenario, your ping to fun to participation ratio, the worst thing that
they could have possibly done is what they did last night.
And they did it repeatedly in multiple time zones.
It wasn't just the AUTZ guys that were doing it.
I think that they, because these guys that they were left holding the bag, had no experience
in dealing with defensive scenarios and no understanding of the need to manage participation
in a active and considered way.
They just let some...
Like a meth addled squirrel at their ping bots.
And when one meth addled squirrel was done mashing the button and screaming to get just
a tiny amount of dudes in fleet, then another one would take over.
And it just didn't stop.
It was crazy.
It was great.
It's a wonderful sign of weakness.
There's blood in the fucking water.
We all know it.
They know it.
It's great.
It's fantastic.
I have no complaints.
What the fuck, dudes?
Like, I'm sorry.
I came here.
I know everybody expected Fireside to be super, super screaming hurf, but like, we're doing
the thing.
All I got to do is hand you some fucking gold stars and say, keep doing the thing.
It's not necessarily...
And then this is why I want you guys to understand the pursuit predator thing.
At the start of yesterday, they were defending better.
And the first few things that we were doing, running around with bombers and doing things
that we're not talking about on the Fireside, they stopped us.
The first few things they stopped us.
Oh, chase this bomber fleet.
Chase that bomber fleet.
Chase these astros.
Chase this.
Chase that.
Oh, we've got a Ferox fleet trapped here.
We're going to stay in Null and try to mess with Dave Archer.
That kind of thing.
And what happens is pursuit predators.
You just run them into the fucking ground.
You're just willing.
All you got to do, guys, like I've been saying for an entire fucking year now, is it's just
an hour longer, a day longer, one op more than the other guys.
And I'm glad to say that I don't have to convince you guys of this.
You've seen it yourselves.
You've been out there running them down and exhausting them.
And if you participated on yesterday's ops, you got to see what happened as their command
layer, their willpower, their endurance just started to collapse.
And once it did collapse, once you saw them like stand down and just give up, then we
have free reign.
And what do we do when we have free reign, boys and girls?
We twist the fucking knife.
That is how this goes.
Pursuit predator, run them into the ground, exhaust them.
It's not going to be every day.
I want you to understand.
We're not always going to have days like yesterday.
I don't want to promise that suddenly this is going to be easy.
I just want to point to what we did yesterday.
As a path forward for you to understand how this works at the macro level, which is we
fucking run around, pursuit predator them, exhaust them.
And then once they're on the ground, panting and wheezing and saying, no more, I can't
do this.
I've you know, I'm going to go outside and I blame CCP and the servers anyway.
Once they've rolling over, then we we we twist the knife.
We do the we do the things we're not going to talk about on the fucking fireside.
There are things that we will be doing, the things that we did last night.
We will continue doing them.
It's good.
And I think you guys get it.
And I want you all to understand and appreciate how fucking well you're doing, because at
the end of the day, nobody in the history of online gaming has fought three to one odds
for more than a year in the hardest video game, hardest, most complicated, most competitive
video game of its kind in in history.
There will be, I imagine, future bigger wars on the Internet.
But this is one of the ones that's going to go down in the books as holy shit, what the
fuck happened there.
And the fact that we are going to win this, I believe we are currently winning.
I have always believed in our final victory.
It's cool and good.
And here's the thing, as Conti points out, yesterday wasn't easy, but necessary.
And this is, again, part of the pursuit predator thing.
There's fucking thirteen hundred and thirty people on Mumble right now.
There's nine hundred twenty of you here.
There are more of you out on ops.
And that's fantastic.
One of the advantages that we have is this is this is our fucking homeland.
This is this is this is the motherland.
This is Delph and Delph hungers.
And we know that they're not going to be able to kick us out of Delph because they've given
up on that and they're pissing and shitting themselves and blaming each other.
But you have an advantage.
We are more motivated than them.
And increasingly now we can we can get parity with our numbers or sometimes we can outnumber
So pace yourselves.
Part of the whole pursuit predator thing is that you understand when you personally can
go, OK, I can contribute to this tide.
OK, I can do a full burn.
I can stay up until five in the morning running the puppies around because, you know, I'm
listening to Mind One and it's fucking fantastic.
And we're essentially just having a massive party last night like a fucking world.
But I do want you guys to understand, because, you know, I don't want to ask you to just
burn yourselves out pointlessly because that's what our enemies have done.
I want you to in a intelligent and keeping track of your personal burnout like you've
heard me tell you all fucking war, because, again, this isn't new.
We've been doing this for more than a year now, guys.
So, you know, pace yourselves.
We're going to chase the puppies down, marathon style, exhaust them.
And if you need to take a break, we've got somebody else.
We're just going to make sure that somebody else is also chasing the puppies down and
we'll get this fucking thing done.
All righty.
I want to take some questions here.
I pretty much heard the blurbs and I've given some gold stars to Ultra Cal for that amazing
hell heist like that is fucking fantastic.
Toe update.
I am actually standing up.
Thank you, Sky Enzo, for asking about the status of my toe.
I am ambulatory.
And basically because I babied it for the first few days, I think everything is going
to be functional again.
I've just got to make sure to do physical therapy and like, you know, not, you know,
move my toes around, I guess.
What's the deal with snuffed out any details?
That was a troll.
I mean, basically, anytime snuffed out says something, we smile and nod and say, oh, whatever.
But no, snuffed out is not joining the Imperium.
If there is a member that's going to be joining the Imperium, I don't usually I don't like
to surprise our guys or our society with like random news drops.
So like if somebody's going to be joining the Imperium, you're going to hear about it
from me, not because of something on a talk show.
I mean, elitist ops is welcome back whenever they want, but you know, is all good.
All right.
Is there a pathway to citizenship for bad guy mainline pilots are starting to see the
writing on the wall?
Yeah, I mean, a whole bunch of different a whole bunch of different corporations are
Karma Fleet is recruiting.
Lots of corps are recruiting.
And that's just handled at a corp level.
There's not like a there's not like an individual golden ticket kind of thing.
One of the things, you know, it's cool to have people flip sides, I guess.
But I really I appreciate it when people join us when we're down and out.
Like with the people that joined us a month ago or two months ago or before that, I have
a lot of respect for people that are like, hey, like these guys, you know, the rest of
the galaxy thinks that they're losing.
But I can see that there this is something I want to be a part of because fuck the man
or whatever.
And they join us when we're in the fucking trenches and things are not looking so hot.
So I'm not saying that anybody that joins us now that they've seen the light is bad.
There's certainly going to be some talents.
You know, I think that in many cases, the puppies didn't realize how shitty their leadership
was until the leaks started coming out and until they started visibly failing.
Like these guys have never been in an organization that was well managed or well led by people
that cared about the tribe as a whole, because most of our enemies fundamentally are like
pickup guilds.
Like, you know, what the fuck is Requiem Eternal or Eternal Requiem?
Like, what the fuck is a warped intentions?
These are pickup guilds.
That's what they are.
And as a result, you know, they don't necessarily know how awful and stupid a Gobbins or a pro
god is compared to what we do over here.
So it's up to the corporations and basically, you know, use your best judgment.
All right.
You know what?
I actually I don't want to go.
Oh, wait, hold on.
What do we got here?
I got an intercept.
There will be no town hall today.
Instead, we will be doing something different on July 24th.
We'll be doing a Pappy coalition wide announcement test and legacy.
We'll also be doing a state of the coalition, all hands on deck, whatever you want to call
it, everyone fucking be there meeting all their Pappy alliances will be doing their
own major alliance meetings.
Big things coming.
This is oh, look at this hot off the presses.
In the meantime, goons have just finally kind of come out of the hole these past few days.
Make some more actual fights this week instead of just chasing bombers.
When our comms don't crash, they're actually pretty fun.
Yeah, their mumble crashed yesterday because they can't manage anything even remotely competently.
So yeah, Piggles is peeing out.
You guys can see this coming over the wires.
For those of you that have agents and assets, they're putting on their town halls, but they're
telling everybody that July 24th is going to be a big deal.
So I don't know, maybe they're going to siege one to one on July 24th.
They're going to get everybody together because they totally believe that they're going to
be able to do things.
I have no fucking idea.
One of the things that's difficult at this phase of the war is it's hard to predict what
the enemy is going to do because the enemy does not have good options.
And also they're busy tearing themselves apart.
But if they're going to scream to, oh, look, here we go.
Gobbins just pinged us too.
We have several.
I'm reading this shit to you guys live.
Just ping this out.
We've had several talks with other alliance leaders this week and a big coalition meeting
yesterday to decide how to proceed.
I guess their big coalition meeting yesterday.
It was why we saw their leadership online who then did nothing and let the let the fucking
each ease and Kales and whoever the fuck and the literally who's, you know, do their thing.
After a lot of discussion, we have, oh, oh, elf boy.
After a lot of discussion, we agreed to a unified plan.
There will be a big combined announcement next weekend, July 24th.
Be around that day if you can.
Meanwhile, goons have started counteroffensives.
We finally had a couple of big fleet fights and delve the last days rather than just bombers.
So don't miss that action during the quiet time.
Skirmish fleet continues its work for those that want smaller gang action on the daily.
Thank you, elf boy, for pinging this in the middle of my fucking fireside so I can just
read you and Piggles is dumb ass idea out to our fucking troops.
So they know to be around July 24th this next weekend because Sappy totally has a plan.
Aren't isn't it amazing, guys?
They have after a lot of discussion, a unified plan.
Maybe it would have been a good idea to have a fucking unified plan a year ago when you
were going to invade goon swarm.
Gee, that might have been wise.
What is this?
You can't make this shit up, guys.
You just can't fucking make this shit up.
A unified plan.
Maybe you should have had that before you try to do and fucking invade us.
What the fuck?
I I I see guys look from the big chair.
It's all you got to try to figure out what the bad guys are doing and you got to make
sure you're trying to play fourth dimensional chess or 13th dimensional chess or whatever
the fuck.
And you're like sitting there going like, what are they going to do?
Here's there's options.
They could do this.
They could do that.
They could do the other thing.
I was sitting on my bingo card and I'll tell you what, trying to tell all of fucking sappy
announcing that they're not doing town halls because here's the thing, as we expected them
to cancel their town halls because they don't have anything good to say.
They were scheduled to have normally every two weeks we would expect a gobbins town hall
today and we would expect a Piggles town hall.
So internally we were kind of guessing what you know what they were going to do.
And the gut feeling was that because they got fucking shellacked last night and into
this morning that they would counsel their fucking town halls and they did.
What I didn't expect is that these fucking dumbasses would broadcast that to their people
in the middle of our fucking fireside so that I can literally just read their their thing
to tell you guys to clear your schedules for July 24th because sappy is going to do a thing
and they've totally got a plan now.
Oh my God, they're idiots.
I mean, yeah, as Artura points out, we want to cancel their July 24th plans.
We'll just tell them that Mr. V is going to be F saying against him.
Oh my God.
Can you just think of the failure of leadership?
Just think of the failure of leadership.
Compare what just happened here.
I have been telling you guys every fucking week for a year and even before the war started,
I've been telling you as best I can.
I'm doing the best job I can.
Sometimes fuck ups happen.
Sometimes there are scripts trying to tell you what to expect in terms of the grand strategy,
trying to tell you the truth, which is we have had plans.
We obviously change our plans.
We update our plans.
We alter our plans one way or another, depending upon data as we get it.
But obviously we have, you know, we're on defense and we've had a year to do this.
So like as we use defense in depth and we come up with more and more and more plans
and things to do, but there is a grand strategy that we have been following since before this
thing began.
And when we knew that they when we got the intel that they were going to invade us, the
first thing we had to do is decide upon a grand strategy.
You have to.
The entire fucking galaxy is declaring a blood war on you.
So step one is how the fuck do we deal with one hundred fifty two thousand puppies being
blue to us and being blue to each other and trying to murder us?
How do we how do we do that?
So of course, we came up with a plan and then we updated that plan over and over and over
again over the last year.
And then you see this shit.
It's just like watching Elfboy send a ping, bragging to his people as if it's supposed
to reassure them that, hey, guys, we had a meeting.
Our council of fucking losers got together and agreed that they should have a unified
Well, wouldn't that have been nice to have a year back?
Gosh, we had a unified plan year back because you have to.
And it's just amazing because this stupid motherfucker has no idea what kind of like
he doesn't understand that the ping he's sending out is shooting himself in the balls.
He doesn't understand why it's bad leadership.
He doesn't understand that a leader's job is to make you feel safe.
And I guess Gobbins doesn't really care about that because I think Horde at this point is
basically just a Ponzi scheme to launder various sources of well, we'll get into this in a
little bit, but I we have a project.
I'm going to I'm not going to say all of the details about the project, but I am confident
enough in saying that the time has come that we are going to let slip the auditors of war
and everything old is new again.
I'd really like to find out about is the common bean really getting a good deal at that McDonald's
that that Horde is running?
Because there's another thing that Elfboy did that I think I was planning on talking
shit about this on the Metashow and there was just too much shit to talk is at the last
town hall.
Gobbins, you may not remember this because it was a little bit ago and Gobbins is incredibly
boring to listen to.
At the last town hall, Gobbins was promising that they would fix their SRP situation and
then good balloons.
You know, people would be able to get SRP within three days because we people have rised
We people have hoarded them and that hasn't that hasn't been fixed.
They promised it would be fixed and it hasn't been fixed and I'm kind of beginning to see
Horde itself as a sort of a unified renter organization.
Like apparently if you look at the flow of assets and structure there, you have this
huge churn of people joining Horde or at least you used to.
They would join Horde because it seemed like an easy generic thing for them to do and then
you know, they invest in the system by selling their things to buy back or market fees or
whatever it is.
I want to find out so I have instructed the goons from finance team to let slip the financiers
of war and we're going to fucking audit these bitches.
We're going to find out what's really going on there and I suspect what you're going to
find is that they are taking in assets and isk and that they are most likely misappropriating
it by giving it to their blessed beans and their Horde Vanguard and their cool kids or
whatever and meanwhile, they're promising that the beans are going to be getting SRP
on the way out.
But for some reason they just can't figure out how to do a reimbursement system.
Now is that a bug?
Well, maybe if it was a bug and Gobbins said last time three days, they'd have it fixed
but now they don't.
So yeah, we're going to audit the fuck out of these bitches and we're going to see where
that fucking isk is going and it's going to be people a hoard because if their strength
that they want to claim is that they're running this great system.
That's so wonderful for new players or people that just want to get a taste of fucking null
sec, but it turns out that the entire time the entire thing is basically just a fucking
It's like a multi-level marketing scheme.
It's like Mary Kay for beans.
Fuck these people.
All right, so I got to go do some space Emperor stuff.
Let me take a couple more questions and we're going to call it the as you guys know, thank
you elf boy.
Thank you Piggles next weekend big things.
Thank God.
There are so many people listening to this fireside right now such that I was able to
tell you live that our enemies are saying that they're going to do things on July 24th
big announcement.
Maybe this time they have a plan.
They say they have a plan.
Here's a question.
Here's the unsung heroes of our fleet.
I haven't heard worse about the fucking f2 project, but you guys have been doing a damn
fucking good job.
I really am proud that so many of you have delved into learning how to fly Dictors boosters
doing your own thing learning how to hunt people.
So all of the ways that you have collectively been contributing to the cause above and beyond
just fleeting up is one of the reasons why we were able to do what we did the last night
and what we have been able to do thus far this work.
So keep it up.
It's fantastic.
Other unsung heroes of course of the fucking black hand those poor bastards.
I mean, seriously guys like the fucking hand agents the amount of shit that they have to
shovel through.
I mean you have seen for those of you that have like joined the papi assemble discord
which is open to all like you see how these people fucking post is bad kick guy has an
interesting question.
We'll get a big old post about all the funny shit that happened in their command layer
or all this is said and done time has passed.
Well we have guesses.
I mean we'll probably reveal everything that we can reveal once the once the moment the
moment we can declassify all the things we want to classify we will but you know I don't
I wouldn't get your hopes up about like having command layer logs or anything like that like
and if there were hopes about that I would absolutely lie about it on a fucking fireside.
I wish I wish I had I wish I could do the stuff that this this papi leaker is doing
like I hope he comes back and drops and gives us some more logs because I would blow that
shit wide open like my move if I had an inside source would be to just fucking you know we
did this in the casino or I would just drop everything right because that's how I roll
we did that when we got the bosun dub dubstep Skype logs last time around and then those
are still posted held up like you can go read them yourselves all of the enemies calm so
that's how I roll and you know what here's the here's the thing papi snowden if you are
listening to this and you can get me the fucking goods baby if you can get me the fucking goods
find a way right find a fucking way get in touch with one of our guys get in touch with
me and we can make some fucking magic happen I think I think there's something there but
all right let's take another question the social group project how did that go we ended
up pausing the social group project I assume you mean by the social group project you mean
us attempting to do randomly selected squads we learned a lot from the first a couple of
attempts at that and then we shelved the project because the war pivoted and we needed to focus
more on actually like war stuff that is something that I'm interested in exploring later in
potentially another couple months so we we fucked up enough things there to learn from
our fuck-ups and we are going to dust that shit off when we have an opportunity it's
just not the right time now to like I want people running I want you guys being pursuit
predators and the time for squad formation of new entities will come later alrighty okay
guys I'm gonna go ahead and call it oh yeah sorry summer song sorry I should have said
this one last thing summer swarm plug we got summer storm coming up on August 22nd if we
could get the link for that in Jabber we also have Eve Vegas we are monitoring the situation
with the Delta variant hopefully everybody who's intending to come to any of these good
meats has been vaccinated right like if you're gonna come to a fucking goon make sure you've
gotten your fucking jabs right don't beat that guy I don't give a shit about any of
your thoughts or feelings about it otherwise if you're going to fucking goon meat you'd
better damn well be vaccinated but I'm looking forward to it I really cannot wait to get
to party with you nerds again and get life going again there is a Cleveland meetup next
weekend speaking of people being vaccinated and hanging out with goons and partying and
yeah we can just fucking do our thing again alright guys I'm gonna shut up here that is
it for the fireside I'm not gonna leave you with a big screaming her for the board because
I just want you to get back out there and do the fucking pursuit play red her thing
like just shove them down into the fucking wood chipper let's run these guys into the
ground and also thank you Gobbins and Pro God such that we all know the entire Imperium
is on alert thanks to these idiots doing it during my fucking fireside the entire Imperium
is on alert that July 24th this next weekend sappy is going to do something and they have
a unified plan they agreed on something and we'll be there to give them gold stars because
I'm sure their plan will be fucking super genius tier thank you for coming let's get
the fuck back out there and run these bitches into the ground.