Fireside Chat Transcript 19 Jan 2k21

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Fleet is on Havish, and yeah, so just join the appropriate fleet while I run my math
here once the number's stabilized.
And then once the fireside is over - this is going to be a short one guys, just want
to hit a couple of points that I don't think should wait until Saturday, and yeah.
Alrighty, well it looks like the numbers are going to stabilize, which, good turnout.
Thanks guys.
Okay, this is going to make this op a little bit better for everyone.
This is an actual update fireside, it is not simply - if you had asked me to send some
pre-op perf for the 1845 farm up, and I was the one that slotted a fireside in there,
the fireside is actually for real things, not for "hey guys, farm up for an op" so we'll
get started once - actually you know what, fuck it.
It's been enough time, people have had almost four whole minutes to farm.
Okay, so I'm going to start things off with a little story.
When I was a little kid, I would - when I say a little kid, I mean we're talking about
five, six, seven, eight years old, and we would be in various cities, like San Francisco
or in Manhattan or whatever, and I'd see pigeons, like a lot of little kids, I would chase the
pigeons, right?
You see pigeons, they're big fat, you know, weird birds, and you're a little kid, you
chase pigeons.
Well, one of these days, I remember I was in San Francisco, I think I was like seven,
and I saw a bunch of pigeons and I was bored and ran off after the pigeons.
And well, I caught one.
I reached down and I grabbed the fucking pigeon and the stupid god damn bird did not get out
of the way in time.
And this was a very confusing moment for me because I wasn't like chasing pigeons because
I grew up in a culture where I was hunting them, no, I was just a fucking kid chasing
pigeons and I never really expected at a certain level that I would catch the pigeon and I
did not really have a plan as to what the fuck I was going to do when my seven-year-old
self got both of his little hands on this fucking pigeon in San Francisco.
I was extremely surprised and disturbed.
The pigeon was extremely surprised and disturbed and my immediate first reaction, having gotten
both of my hands on this fucking pigeon, was basically - I don't think I knew how to swear
at the time - but I was like "oh shit" and immediately let go of the fucking pigeon because
what the hell was I going to do with the pigeon and I didn't have a plan for catching the
fucking pigeon.
Now, the point is, we're not going to let go of the fucking M2 pigeon.
And we need to talk about that and talk about some of the things we're going to need to
do to make sure that the pigeon gets disposed of in a way that my seven-year-old self would
probably be horrified by.
I'm not a pigeon keeper or a pigeon enthusiast, this is my only pigeon story.
But it is my best example of trying to catch something and not having a plan for when you
do catch it.
So one of the things that I've noticed - there's a couple things I've noticed.
As you guys may or may not have heard, the unfortunate news, I had to sort of step away
from Eve stuff on Friday because Pete got into a fight, he ripped off some faces of
the Bloodfin Tetras that were fucking with him, and unfortunately after a couple days
of medicating him, Pete did pass away from his murder-related injuries and went to Fish
Valhalla with three kills to his name.
So RIP Pete.
And that sucks, but as the process of just dealing with the fish drama, I took a couple
days off.
I took a little time to mourn the loss of my fish friend.
I didn't expect to get attached to a fucking betta fish, but he was really cute and really
would always swim up and sort of wiggle around and be cute, and I don't know, he had a lot
of personality and now he's dead.
And that sucked.
So why am I talking about this?
I'm talking about this because when I came back from a couple of days away, and I'm not
sure if this is an issue in Euro time zone, but it's definitely an issue in some areas
of US time zone.
When we caught the pigeon in M2, and we held onto the pigeon in M2, in a lot of ways I
think many of us just began to camp and play Eve nonstop.
When Pete passed away, it was the first time that I had stepped away from the constant
Eve stuff since December 30th.
Now one of the things I want people to be aware of is fatigue management is very important
for all of you.
Now maybe this was just a US time zone issue, but when I came back from a couple days away,
I noticed some incidents, and this is only a few people and I've already sort of smacked
them on the nose with a newspaper, of goons being bitchy at each other.
And I don't think that the bitchiness was a consequence of like, "Oh, goon infighting,"
or whatever.
It was a symptom of battle fatigue.
So what I want you guys to know, especially if you have not taken a single day of break
for like two weeks plus, which is the situation that I was in, that if you find yourself or
you see other goons just like turning on each other instead of like keeping your guns pointed
at the enemy, that's probably a sign that you either need to take a fucking nap to take
the evening off, to sit in front of a sunlamp for a little bit, to meditate for 15 minutes,
to do whatever it is that you want to do.
Because if at some point, and I know that we all want to win, but if at any point our
guns are not pointed all together at the enemy on the, you know, because we're all in this
fucking trench together, keep your guns pointed at the bad guys.
If you see somebody like flipping their shit, I'm going to use him as an example because
he's got thick skin and he can handle it, and if he can't, he should grow the fuck up.
But you know, if you're acting like a sleepless Big Bill the Boss who really needs to take
a fucking Adderall and/or get some sleep, and you're like raging out about Theta for
some reason that nobody really understands, just take a fucking nap, right?
You are going to reduce more value than you are going to be adding value into the system.
So that's basically that.
One of the things that we have to keep in mind, guys, and this is something I saw when
we sounded the horn of Gundor.
We sounded the horn of Gundor, and the people that responded to the horn of Gundor and turned
up, when they first interacted with those of us who had been fighting this thing since
like before the official start of the war for June, they thought we were a bunch of
like fragged out crazies because we had been doing this stuff like maniacs for months and
months and months.
And that was sort of what I was like, "Oh, I get it now," when I came back after Pete
passed away.
And I'm like, "Okay, we're gonna have a little fireside, we're gonna tell people fatigue
management stuff, and then we're gonna get into the good shit."
So here is our scenario.
When we caught the pigeon in M2, while we did not let the pigeon go, I think that there
was a moment of just surprise that went through the organization and resulted in some of us
sort of forgetting all of the facts on the ground that went into this war before M2.
And so I'm going to reiterate some of those things.
Just because we have 333, I think a couple of them have gone away, I'm not sure on that,
but we still have like 330 some odd of their fucking Titans trapped in M2.
We have to camp M2.
There's more than 45 trillion isks worth of shit in M2.
This is both a benefit and a detriment, because it means that we must constantly hold M2.
It means that the enemy is going to try to get out of M2, but it doesn't mean that we
were no longer outnumbered.
It doesn't mean that the war is over.
It doesn't mean that all of the facts and circumstances that went into this situation,
this war, before M2, those did not magically go away.
One of the things that seems weird to me, and one of the reasons we're having this fireside,
is we have done some pretty good work in resetting Doom Clock IHUBS.
But some people seem to expect, I think these are the people that needed a nap, seem to
expect that after M2 we would take IHUBS back and then we would hold them magically and
everything would be just fine.
These motherfuckers still outnumber us 2 to 1.
Sometimes 3 to 1, depending on, weekends more, they're more weekend warriors than we are.
So their weekend numbers have a huge spike and all this other shit.
So that's basically what I want people to be reminded of.
We're going to be resetting IHUBS, IHUBS are going to be trading back and forth.
This was exactly the strategy and the way that things were before M2.
Some people have been saying, "Why did we not go hit DP?
Why did we not go hit this or that?"
I want you guys to understand the strategy and why we are doing these things and remind
you of all the shit that you realized and all the shit that you knew deep to your bones,
the things that you knew before you got your hands on this fucking pigeon, which is, this
is a war of grind, this is a war of attrition, we are going to trade back and forth, we're
going to flip IHUBS back and forth, we are going to grind these motherfuckers down, their
coalitions are going to start degrading and imploding, and then as time goes on there's
going to be a difference in balance in forces and we can move from there.
If you're wondering why after M2 we did not immediately go and siege DTAC-P, I want to
walk you through what happens on the final timer of a Kefstar that's not an M2.
Let's say that we had sieged DTAC-P, let's say that we had sieged T5ZI, what happens
on the final timer of that while we still have 330 odd titans of theirs trapped in M2?
In order for us to kill a hostile Kefstar with the bad guys in T5ZI and their titans
trapped in M2, we would have to give up 45 trillion worth of hostile titans in order
to blow up a 180 billion-esque Kefstar, right?
So that is one of the reasons why the war continues as before, the strategy continues
as before, we are doing well.
If you look at MNC, if you look at the Quirius Sov, if you look at what is happening in Catch,
if you look at how Delta Squad, a Muckdot, you see Theta, you see Black Ops, you see
a whole bunch of groups, and also a special fucking shoutout to Bastion and the fucking
Initiative and our Stainruss allies who are out there right now creating this huge front
that is doing the fucking work.
So even if you are sitting here in 1DQ1 and M2 and going "Well gee, why haven't we
seen T5ZI?
Why haven't we seen Siege D-TAC-P?"
Remember how the war was before you caught the Pigeon, be happy you caught the fucking
Pigeon, and let's get back to fucking work.
So that's the Hearth, that's the Fireside, we have ops for you guys to join, we are going
to continue this process.
If you are wondering what do you do after you caught the Pigeon, remember what you were
planning on doing before you caught the Pigeon, let's continue to grind this fucking thing
As the organizations from Legacy begin to implode, I would be unsurprised if you started
seeing alliances in Legacy leave Legacy soon, perhaps as soon as this weekend, we will see.
But that is it, that is our situation, let's fucking get back to work.
Thanks for coming and now join those fucking fleets.