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All right, hello guys, can you hear me?
Ah, we're getting there.
You guys are getting better about it.
You guys are getting better about it.
There's still ten of you.
There's still ten of you, but the rest of you are doing well.
All right, about the top 500, looking good.
Also, I'm on the tail end of being sick.
I've been in meetings for the last two hours,
so I've been talking a lot, so...
I figured my voice a bit gives out.
If it cracks like I'm a 13-year-old,
you are welcome to make fun of me.
Look at fucking JAmazingness showing up.
All right, let's go.
Welcome to the fire side,
and I'm here to talk about the thing
that you guys have been waiting to hear me talk about,
and that is PI.
Is everyone ready to talk about PI?
Let's go!
Guys, PI is Jordan the Alliance.
In planetary interaction,
I know some of you had some negative experiences with it before,
but we are excited to have PI in the--
Oh, all right.
So, let's get started.
All right.
So, let's...
Let's talk about the elephant in the room.
ProGravLegend has joined Goons.
This is not a troll.
It is a real thing.
It's something I'm very excited about.
He came to me a little while ago,
and he is in Elysium.
You can say hi to him.
WelcomePGL came to me a little while ago,
and he said that he's interested in joining.
He was basically--
I'm going to paraphrase him,
but he said that he had some issues that he had to deal with,
wanted to get back to doing the stuff that he's really good at,
which is FCing, running special stuff,
coming up with good ideas.
He's one of my favorite FCs,
and I love the cultural victory.
I love that he likes our leadership,
that he likes what we're doing,
and wants to come and be a part of the process.
So, we're going to welcome him with open arms.
I know a couple of you are going to be like,
"Hey, I don't like that dude from the war."
That's fine.
Don't go on his fleets.
But I know a lot more of you are going to be like,
"Hey, I want to see what this is all about.
Let's see what he does."
And he's going to be here.
So, you're welcome to go on his fleets.
You're not required to if you don't want to.
But I'm very excited about it.
I'm excited about that,
what he's going to bring.
Dude is a really smart guy when it comes to
coming up with new ideas and running special ops stuff.
And I'm excited to see what he comes up with for us.
So, big cultural victory for us.
And I can't wait to see him and Big Bill interacting.
That'll be great.
He's ready for your memes.
He knows you're going to deal with it.
But don't be an asshole if you don't like him.
Don't go on his fleets.
But he knows he's going to get memed by some people.
That is not,
and I repeat,
not the end of the spicy and exciting news.
Because I got more PI updates.
To help us with PI,
we are going to bring in
a new member.
We are going to bring in
a new
joining the Imperium.
We're going to welcome Strybog Clayed.
They are joining the Imperium.
They're going to become official members now.
If you guys are interested in Pochvin,
they're going to be here to help you.
Anyone in the Imperium who wants to get involved in Pochvin,
Strybog is now
an ally to us. They are now part of the Imperium.
I'm really excited.
They are strength to strength for us.
They know a lot about Pochvin.
But they also want to get involved
in NullSec.
They want to give their members the NullSec experience.
They want to get involved in the fights.
So you want to go to Pochvin? There it is.
They want to come join us? Here they come.
to talk about them, to give you a little
speed dating,
we've got
Atra Sokharad on comms
with us right now.
He's number two in Strybog.
The number one can't be here because he's out
kissing girls like a total loser.
But Atra,
first time on Mumbo, you ready to talk?
Yep. Can you guys hear me?
Are things working?
Almost. Almost did it, guys.
Yeah, we got you. Go ahead and tell us a little about Strybog
and joining up and why you're here.
Hi. So I'm Atra.
I'm one of the industrial directors for Strybog
Clade. We were formed
back in late 2020.
Just a brief history.
Goons and Strybog have worked together
in a lot of ways, but
originally with the flipping of Nearsia
for the Triglavian invasions
and things have been pretty good since then.
We had a little bit
to do with World War B here and there, not a
whole lot, but the bigger cooperation
ended up when we got into
a war with Dreadbomb and RC,
and Goons helped us out quite a bit with
defending our structures, but unfortunately
those all inevitably fell, but
that's the past.
In rebuilding, we
started to focus more on PVP
and work closer together with
Crabswarm, and that went pretty well for a while.
That drama
happened and moving on from that.
So then
we started working closer together with UPG
we ended up joining RC for a short
while while building up, but it never really
felt right. They
were pretty neutral on everything,
avoiding war, and the
stagnation just didn't feel right for us.
So Scotty started talking to
Kontan about becoming blue
and trying to help the Imperium get
involved in Pachmin more.
So in closely working with UPG
we've become a pretty dominant
force in the region,
kind of a victim of our own success
where Horde doesn't really want to fight us
anymore when we bring the heavy armor out.
Mostly they just like to crab in their
Ishtars, which are hard to catch.
we want to expand operations
out into the further ends of
Pachmin. Mostly we operate in Cry Veles
and we want to push more into Perun
and Svarog. Lighter
doctrines that can engage further away.
we're trying to also build out the alliance
by building a gnoll presence and
potentially getting into capital
content. Other sigs, we've got some people
who are interested in that.
And yeah, as mentioned, strong dislike
of Horde due to their actions
in Pachmin. They've
muscled out smaller groups, they've
brought insane blobs.
It's pretty nasty when you have
decent good fight PvP
environment and then they just bring like 80 bombers
and ruin the day. Yeah, not good.
So, how
can you get involved?
We're looking to pretty much
maintain the UPG structure.
Maybe change a few things here and there as
decided later. Again, I can't say definitively.
That's kind of Scotty's call.
But we are looking
to mimic that structure quite a bit.
And we're looking for a lot of fresh
blood. And in addition to the
small gang and mid-sized
gang PvP battleship brawl environment,
mining in Pachmin is
insanely good. So if you are a miner
and like some spicy mining,
come on over to Pachmin. It's good
stuff. So
things are still in flux
and we're going to need some time for dust
to settle and things get settled out.
We're going to change up the leadership a little bit
with HR and all that.
But yeah, if you're interested, give us a shout.
We'd love to have you.
Thank you for the warm welcome.
Yeah, you're very welcome here.
And we'll put you on the spot here. One important
question that we ask a lot of people.
What's your favorite anime?
Oh, shit.
I don't know if it
counts, but Cyberpunk Hedge Runners has been
fantastic. I've been watching that.
All right.
That's not the worst answer you could have given. We'll take it.
It's been a while.
All right. So
that is really
exciting. I can tell you guys are pretty
excited. I told you guys this would be a spicy,
spicy, spicy
fireside. And it's so spicy, I
can barely talk.
And on that note,
I'm going to throw the mic to someone else. Onklai is
talking about our changes to GS Frigates.
This is a cool program. You might know about it. If you don't,
here it is. Onk, you're up.
Hey, guys.
So GS Frigates has long
been a part of the Imperium and what we
offer to our newbies. But for anyone who's not
familiar with it, we basically give
free fuck-you Frigates and
also a handful of Destroyers out to
any new player that wants them.
Historically, we've given out one
or two Frigates at a time, and it's
been painful. People have to sit in a channel and do
it, and it's just been a
challenge for new players to get set up
quickly in the Imperium.
So I've been working with
the team to revamp the product entirely,
and we now have
a new Consolidate program
which pulls together all of our
free ships program and
our skill books offering so that all our
new players need to do is go into the forum
and request a
new Frigate pack, which will give them
15 ships, which they can undock in
pretty much any fleet
as well as a handful of skill books,
implants, and loads of stuff to get them started
within the Imperium.
So for those of you guys who are
Court Directors and
HR Directors, please push this
to any new players that join.
And likewise, if you are a new
player, then please jump in the forum. I'll spam it
in Elysium in a second. And
have fun!
Yeah, that's awesome.
And another exciting announcement for the Fireside
next week is that Onk will be giving out
his 1940s World War II
walkie-talkie that he uses to talk to
all of us to anyone who wants to use it.
It's going to be super useful
and it will ruin communications with this alliance.
A new mic is on my Christmas list.
Alright, um...
Here's another really exciting thing. We went from
concept to pushed out in about two weeks.
Have you guys checked out the new Goon Blog?
If you have not, Rom is here. He is our newest
Director. He's in charge of the Goon Blog and he's
going to tell you guys about it right now. Go for it, Rom.
Hey everyone,
and I hope Atrium, I hope you like my voice.
The new
news site, I don't know if we have a real name
for it yet, is up
and it should be a little bit better
today. I'm told that
it has less chance of being Goon Rushed.
So everybody go ahead and click on that and check it out.
This is going to be a one-stop
shop for all of the stuff
that you see re-pinged day after day
throughout the week. We're going to put it all in one
place so
there will be less
of a chance for people to miss it.
I encourage you to put this
in your Corp MOTDs,
share this with members.
We're going to have regular
content uploaded
with all new policies, all the
cool information that you need to know
throughout the week, and also
battle reports, and I also want to tell
some cool stories about goons.
So if you come
across something that you think, "Man,
someone should write a story about that," please
come to me and
we'll see what we can do.
All right, great.
That is super,
I'm super excited about it. We got this
from the idea
to being
implemented in two weeks. It's amazing.
It's great stuff.
And for us, that's a breakneck pace because normally
it takes a long time to get actual
dev work done, so I'm very happy with how quickly it went.
I wanted
to talk to you guys about something. This is just more
of a
philosophical thing, I guess.
Oh, hey, it finally loaded.
The goon rush might be over.
thing I've been talking
about is how to get more of our
European players involved in leadership
at the FC level and going up
from there.
And something
I've been told
by several people is that there's a concern like,
"Oh, my English isn't good enough."
And a lot of people who have told me this have really great
English. They're just a little bit
in their own head
about it, I would say.
If you're a European player, if you're listening to me now
and you are interested in joining
leadership level, please don't let
that hold you back.
We want to hear your accent. We enjoy them.
We have a lot of Americans
in leadership positions, and it's something we're looking
to expand on because there are lots
of, you know, we want more EU
players, not just Dutch people.
I'm so tired of the Dutch. Please.
Please give me other Europeans. Please.
if you
want to join,
please get involved. We're looking to get
people involved in EU time zone.
It's something that we're really concerned about.
Obviously, we're not looking for just EU people,
but it's something that I have experienced
a lot lately is with them
and that issue.
Belgians, I mean, that's okay.
We'll take Belgians,
I guess.
Ratnate, you wanted to talk about
MTUs. This is actually
kind of important. I didn't realize how much money we're
leaving on the table. So, Ratnate, go ahead.
As you guys may or may not
know, I am an Evangelicus.
Evangelic... whatever.
For Ishtar
ratting in Gatehavens,
that is me right now.
What you might not know is that
if you drop an MTU
and come back after you finish
crabbing for the day and you scoop
all that stuff up, run it to 1DQ1
and reprocess it in the tutorial,
you can get an extra 20-ish
mil per site up and down a little bit.
And on top of that,
if that weren't enough with just the...
that reprocessed stuff becomes
minerals that we need in every
kind of production that we're doing. So, Noxium,
Isogen, etc. You can just sell it
on the market.
It'll sell.
So, you should do that. Even if you don't salvage.
Just picking up the mods
and having them reprocess.
Yeah, that's great. 20 million per site
is a lot of money to leave behind, and it helps the Alliance
by getting those minerals in our hands.
So, it's really a win-win. So, we're encouraging that.
says, "How can you become an FC as Intige?"
Are you in comms? Can you discuss that?
I don't know if we got him here, but the long and short of it
is you join Skirmish Commanders. There are groups
there that will help you learn how to become an FC.
Go ahead.
Well, this was kind of going to be
in the Skirmish Command meeting later,
but basically, we're starting
a new FC mentor program.
We find
active Skirmish Commanders.
We're going to add you to this program.
And it's going
to give you a lot more
access to the other FCs
and help you
grow and get
the skills needed to
FC the other doctrines
that we have.
So, Intige, say that they're just a member.
They don't know anything about... They're not in any groups.
How would they go about becoming an FC?
Join Skirmish Command.
Is that hard to do?
If someone wants to find the post faster than me.
I think it's
already been linked in Elysium there.
So, the point is, joining
Skirmish Commanders is super easy, and it's
how you get started on being an FC.
That is how I got started on being an FC.
And that led me to doing this job,
so I can't really recommend it,
but if you still want to be an FC, that is the way you start it.
Alright, that is the end
of the announcements
that I have written down. If you guys
have any questions, go ahead and shoot me them now,
and I'm ready to field them.
Is Havish Dutch? That sounds about right.
I don't know who's going to win the AT. I haven't been watching.
I haven't had the time to tumble.
Doctrines? New doctrines? Not yet.
Be patient, save your SP.
There is a
Alliance Tournament promotion. CSP is running right now.
They give SP on the third day.
Go log in and get your awards right now,
and get those. Be patient and save your SP.
You guys will be happy.
Remote Rep Merms? Maybe.
Save your SP. You guys will be happy.
First PGL fleet is when he decides to do it.
Hurricane fleet? Yeah,
that's probably a high possibility there, Danica.
Drake fleet? Probably not.
I wish, but Drake's are not very good right now.
How much can I lift? Not as much as I could in the past.
Four plates.
How do I join Beehive?
Zintage, why don't you answer that question?
First things first,
in the War Room,
I'm actually there now, so I'll grab the link.
I think someone's linked it, yeah.
join Beehive.
You need to
either be
capital, Oracle,
or a super capital pilot.
In that thread,
there are the requirements,
different requirements for different ships,
once you've joined, just join the Beehive
Jabber channel, and
you can see the status of the fleet at any time.
There's a lot of reading in the
home economics threads once you are
in those SIGs. Yeah,
big billet. You and I
are the only College Football fans. Now there's three of us, so
that is a good thing. Alright, any other questions?
Do we have any kind of planning going
into CS18 yet? That's a good question.
Not as of yet.
Still a ways on the horizon.
Secret Sanda usually goes up around US Thanksgiving,
so in a week. So I expect to see that
in a week. Alright, any other questions?
War for the New Year? Possibly.
We'll see. Alright,
looks like the questions have dried up. I want to
thank you guys for coming. This has been a really spicy
fireside. Next week, we've got a
spicy one as well. I have
an exciting one planned next week. Maybe not
as spicy as this one, but still going to be real spicy.
So I
will see you all next week. Thank you for coming.
Thanks for tuning in. Let me know if you guys
have any problems. You can always PM me.
I probably won't answer you. I'm just kidding.
I'm really happy
to have you guys here. Have a good week.