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Alright boys and girls, we're gonna get started here in a minute or two after the numbers
We have a relatively business and murder-oriented fireside.
Whoa, hey, listen to me.
I'm gonna sort of keep this going without clearing my throat and see where it takes
I was almost imitating Bane there for a second.
That's what happens when you smoke tons of weed, kids.
The itchy fish seem like they're doing fine, that's a good question.
So basically we dosed them with the super-ick cure from API in the aftermath of last week's
fireside and they seem like they're fine now.
It worked a charm.
Yeah, I'm a big fan of Aquarian Co-op, I just haven't seen an order for stuff.
I need to get a new pre-filter.
But you guys did not hear, come here, actually some of you did come here to ask questions
about the fish apparently, so.
I mean, fish enthusiasm is the big thing in nerd culture and I love me some fish, so there
you go.
But, and butts.
Alright, so here's the deal, guys.
We have in about one day and eight hours the UTAC-Q test Keepstar is coming out of reinforced.
So that means it's going to be a Monday night USTZ op, that is basically tomorrow, eight
hours from now, but a little bit more than that, a little bit earlier than that, obviously
we gotta form up and do stuff before we get to that point.
But I want it to die.
I want it to die.
It is a hall timer, so there is potentially a Keepstar kill in the offing.
And this means that we kind of need to adult it up.
The reason why I say we need to adult it up is that obviously we have been going to the
east and projecting a little bit of power, but this is going to be a real test.
And it's entirely possible that if we half-ass this or turn up weakest with the latest, that
we potentially stand to lose all of our shit.
One of the things I want people to understand is that as we're talking about projecting
power and going to places in catch or otherwise further afield from other delve, is that CCB
keeps messing with downtime.
The game is in an interesting place where it's an interesting place that means that
we don't necessarily know what's going to be happening.
And also we are pivoting here from being mainly on defense to engaging in some punitive offensive
So what does that mean?
Well, it means that we may be in a situation where we find out that we are softer and weaker
than we had hoped, that we need to shake the dust off.
One of the reasons why I want to talk about this in big picture terms is because it's
not just about the op tomorrow night.
I want us to be ready to fully deploy the Imperium by like January 3rd.
I'm not going to say New Year's because we're going to be partying and we're going to be
dealing with our hangovers.
But I want to be able to hurf blow, hurfs give a fucking state of begunion and reach
across the galaxy and annihilate somebody if need be.
And I want to have that capability ready for us by January 3rd, thereabouts.
Doesn't mean I'm saying we're deploying on January 3rd, but I just want to, I want to
know that I can hit the fucking button and that we will be ready.
And so this means that we have to, while we are restoring Delve, and by the way, shout
out to our fucking GSOL heroes and the finance team and also all the corporate leadership
that has been working well with them because they have now implemented one of the best
moon allocation policies I have yet seen.
I've been dealing with this stuff off and on for more than a decade.
God's helped me.
A number of plans and policies come and go in the insane meth addicted model you in is
the upper level of the EVE online metagame.
And really Billy Bop and Robin Hood and Kazimir and the whole crew have been just doing a
fantastic amount of work.
And I'm really happy about that.
Part of the reason I'm happy about that is that when all of these things are sorted out
and implemented, such as the Goon Fleet economic zones, which have been extremely popular,
that's another policy that's been working out like a fucking gangbuster.
I love that stuff.
Operational the jump bridges are almost entirely done.
We only have about 10 left as of yesterday to put up.
Once that's out of the way, I think that September is going to give us an idea of what our real
modern Delve time unit numbers are going to be like.
And then October is going to give us the cleanest data yet.
But I assume that you guys are going to find ways because you've already been in process
of doing it.
I assume that you guys are capable of finding ways to make money and get yourselves back
in fighting shape way faster than the puppies.
And that is why I'm saying that by after the hangover from the new year has worn off, I
want us to be ready to rock and fully deployed.
That means that we need to be able to locally build capital ships and shit them out.
That means that we need to have been capable of responding to whatever CCP changes to scarcity
and whatever crap might come down the line and still be ready to reach out and fuck somebody.
So that is the goal.
And bringing that longer term goal of deployment capable by January 3rd is the goal of, okay,
well, let's leave our little bubble here in Delve.
Now, obviously you guys reaching out and raining fire and hell on the bad guys across the galaxy.
For the last month and a half.
I just want to make sure that we do not take this for granted that we do not assume that,
hey, just because when we're on defense, we've got all these capitals, we can throw them
around and whatever.
We are now beginning to reach across the galaxy to fuck people and punitive strikes.
And we need to make sure that these punitive strikes are effective.
If we reach out to try to destroy this keep star and we fail and worse, if we fail embarrassingly,
it's going to be a lot harder for us to execute our objectives.
And also, we really have no excuse.
This is ours to fuck up, guys.
This is a situation where if we dot our I's and cross our T's, we can blow up a fucking
test keep star.
But if we half ass it, if we fuck it up, if we just assume that somebody else is going
to do it, and if we assume that the other guys need to get ready for war again, but
we are retired, let's not fuck this up.
There is a test keep star that is in a position that we believe that we should be able to
fucking annihilate.
And if anybody turns up to defend test, which they will because they say, oh, happy was
But believe me, papi is functionally going to be forever for fucking 75% of these fucks.
We're going to see who turns up to save tests.
We're going to see who really wants to be on our bad side this early.
Now that doesn't mean, oh my God, we're going to chase test around to the ends of the earth
and try to get them to quit the game.
Like I keep saying, those are our nerds to haze.
We want to give those nerds some fucking swirlies.
And anybody that stands up and salutes the flag that they raise are basically the same
people as far as we're concerned.
So we are going across the galaxy to catch.
It's not really across the galaxy, but it's close enough outside of our comfort zone that,
you know, we, you know, we need to, we need to rain some hellfire damnation on them.
And there's a risk of us fucking it up.
So let's not do that.
Let's make sure that at every level of this organization, you understand this isn't just
about, oh, we're going to kill one keep star and then we're going to go back and do whatever.
Because there's still that, oh shit, keep star.
There are still other keep stars.
What they are doing is they are trying to unanchor their shit so that they can build
back up later and come back and fuck all of you and fuck all of your friends.
The puppies always lie.
They will always come back.
They always blew up at the moment that they think that they have the advantage.
And one of the areas historically where we have tripped up, one of the areas where historically
we have tripped up is not respecting the pivot from defense to offense enough.
We broke them.
We swept them out of Dell.
That is all well and good.
We are going to be big boys and girls here and we're going to leave the galactic Southwest
and we're going to go a little bit further to the east and we're going to destroy a keep
And if it works, we're going to do it again and we're going to see where it takes us.
But the main thing is, is that you, me, all of us need to be thinking not only in terms
of becoming the crisis menace, we're going to be reaching out and actually projecting
some power because you've done a fantastic job of building up Delve in such a way that
we now have this capability.
That capability requires respect of the capability itself, of the tasks that are before us to
move these ships out of our comfort zone and expand our tantrum radius.
And do not just treat it like another fucking structure kill, because if we treat it like
another fucking structure kill, that just becomes an opportunity for the bad guys to
all get together and into us.
And I do not want that to happen because what I want to do is rain hell on these fucks for
the next several years.
So we're going to be working on raining hell on these fucks in a big way on Monday night
USTZ when we're going to go and do our damnedest to murder this fucking keep star in UQ.
General Stewie is asking, raining hell on these fucks for years, and that might seem,
especially if you responded to the horn or are relatively new in this organization, that
might seem like an exaggeration.
Oh, the Matani is saying he wants to rain hell on these fucks for years.
Hmm, maybe that sounds good.
Maybe that sounds like an exaggeration.
Believe me, it's not an exaggeration.
I want you guys to look to our history.
Look to your history.
Every time that we have won a hell of a war against the puppies, we have spent several
years engaging in glorious, highly entertaining reprisals.
Look what happened to CO2.
Look what happened to the galactic Northwest.
Look at our tribute sphere, all those wonderful faction fortizar.
So when we make a promise of revenge, more than just saying, oh, we're going to blow
your shut up, your shut up like we potentially, if we do it right, if we do it right, we have
the ability to accomplish this and we're going to do it.
But I just want you guys to understand, we have had a lot of uncontested structure kills.
We have healed mother delve.
We have done fantastic work at that.
But projecting power in a military op against a test keep star, there's a lot of things
that could go wrong.
So no hubris.
We are back in the territory, my friends, of no hubris and no not believing.
Now, I think that we're going to kick its ass and that will work fine.
But the main thing is, is that I give you the fucking speech.
Do you realize that it's not just about this up?
We are aiming towards purge, burn, kill, being able to reach across the galaxy and squeeze
the puppies by January 3rd.
So I want your efforts at home to be guided by the understanding that we are simply preparing
for more war.
The only reason we are not rampaging around the galaxy right now, the only reason we are
not rampaging around the galaxy right now is that we have to finish rebuilding delve,
which is because there's a bunch of fucking heroes nearly there.
We need to get our capital production going again.
Our production in general is doing great and a lot of credit for that goes to Kumi and
Kazimir and all the guys that have been involved in the gun fleet economic zone project.
That has been working out fucking great.
You guys have been using the hell out of the GZs.
We love them.
That's fantastic.
We have to get the production up and going.
It's going great.
High fives, gold stars, keep it up.
We have to make sure that we treat these offensive operations with the respect that they deserve
instead of simply assuming that Pappy is gone because Pappy ain't gone.
Pappy is still right there.
And on one of these, quite possibly on this one, they're going to try to fuck us.
Our caps, our super caps, all of our big boy toys will be vulnerable because we don't fuck
We are here to fuck.
And I want you guys to just understand, I want you to be back in that mindset of these
people are our enemies.
They are waiting and lurking in hopes that we will forget that they are our enemies so
that they can then destroy our super capital fleet and try to wipe us out of delve again.
The puppies are always just waiting for another shot.
And you're going to see that.
I believe that this UQ op is going to prove a lot of the things I've just said here.
Hopefully not the bits about us not taking the op seriously and leaving ourselves vulnerable
and choking on the whole no hubris problem, right?
But this is going to be an excellent opportunity for us to see who in this game still wants
to salute at Tess' flag.
We're going to see how much elf boy wants to deep throat pro god legend.
We're going to see how committed these pieces of shit still are to test alliance please
ignore and we will take notes.
Now again, we're not fucking Bob.
We're not saying, oh, we're going to take notes and you helped out test alliance, please
So, but we have a simple policy here.
If they want to be friends with test, they can inherit the blood, inherit the blood feud,
and we will shoot them in the same way.
If they learn their lessons and leave test to get swirlies from us, then we will be busy
giving test swirlies, which I don't really anticipate we're going to get sick of doing
because they're still really fucking annoying.
And I think that's great.
I think it's great that test is so annoying.
I love reading their hosts and the fact that they get me riled up.
It's nice.
It's nice.
It's good to have enemies like that because, you know, NC dot just doesn't do it for me
I go to NC dot posts and go, gosh, I want to reach across the galaxy and stab these
I go, well, whatever.
So that's where we are.
So her for the blurf blurf.
Tomorrow night, USTZ, we're gonna get a fucking keepstar kill.
And if we fuck it up, we're going to learn some painful lessons.
And I want you guys to understand that it is on us.
It is on all of us to make sure that we do not fuck this up.
We have made a promise to ourselves.
We have made a promise to the rest of the galaxy, but the rest of the galaxy is our
So fuck them.
But the important thing is, is that if we don't deliver on our threats, if we say we're
going to go here and we're going to do this thing, we're going to blow this keepstar and
get our asses kicked by test and their friends, IE happy, which has not gone away.
Then it's on us.
It's our fault.
We have fucked this up.
Dot the I's cross the T's.
No hubris.
We're going to blow that fucking keepstar up.
And depending on how well we do, how organized we are, we will get a real test of our modern
fighting weight because we don't know what that is.
We know what our defensive fighting weight is.
We have yet to begin serious Titan level power projection.
Now that's not saying, oh, on the fireside, he's telling everybody we're bringing the
We're going to make sure that we have absolutely everything available in case there is an escalation
and something is required that we are able to go all the fucking way.
Just because the big boy toys are super expensive does not mean that we are not going to use
We're not going to shirk from using them because we are the Imperium and we are here to fuck
just because the puppies are like, I don't want to use a dreadnought doesn't mean we're
So there's a keepstar to kill.
We're going to throw what is required at killing it to kill it.
And if Pappy turns up in force, we'll get a good picture of who's in Pappy.
I want you guys to understand anyone that turns up to help test ever is a fucking Pappy.
Do not let them forget.
Anyone that helps test is a Pappy and they're happy to be a Pappy.
They've missed being a Pappy.
They've missed hanging out with test and helping test because I guess they just got used to
it over 14, 15 months, whatever.
Fuck these people.
Fuck these people.
Tomorrow, USTZ, we are going to go out there.
Let me see if there's a specific form up time because I don't want to actually set on the
fireside yet before it's been decided because it's about an hour and a day and eight hours.
From the kill.
I want you guys to be eyes on just in case as early as one o'clock eve tomorrow night.
Let's aim with that.
All right.
As you guys can see, I didn't explain, I did not include too much description of what we're
going to be talking about today in my fireside ping book, because it was all about my favorite
topic, which was war, murder, and the crushing of the dreams of our despised foes.
Now, is there an estimate as to how many keepstars test has left and how many they have anchored?
We know how many they have in outer passage.
I don't know it off the top of my head because I haven't, but I know that our people know
there are two main ones that are on our shit list.
One is literally, oh, shit, that's in curse.
And the other one here is UTACU.
The situation is that test is attempting to unanchor these keepstars.
We are on these ops to interrupt the unanchoring, which we have done successfully by reinforcing
We are going to kill UTACU and we will see what we can do depending upon how well we
do tomorrow night about taking out, oh, shit as well.
Now, again, this is all dependent upon getting a test of what does it look like when we turn
up with bells on on a Monday night US time zone, which is not necessarily our strongest
It can be if we do it right, but we're going to find out how much we're going to be able
to get done.
And if it turns out that falter, we fuck up if people don't turn up, then we know it's
back to the drawing board and we got to spend a little bit more time teaching people how
to shake the rust off of their fucking ships so we can get back out there and do what we
do best, which is being hell and damnation upon our hated foes.
I want to take some questions.
I've given you guys a bunch of her for about this keeps our opt to opt tomorrow because
I want it to fucking die.
They renamed the thing some sort of insult about dark shines.
I saw the new name of their fucking keepstar on the Meta show yesterday.
You got to see my reaction to that real time.
I was not a happy camper.
Fuck these people and fuck anybody that thinks that they can taunt dark shines.
If they can taunt me all the time, that doesn't bother me.
But for some reason, I don't know.
I'm protective.
I've got this protective instinct.
I see them trying to like test things that they can talk shit about dark shines.
Like, I'm sorry.
I'm fucking sorry.
Screw these guys.
There is going to be a move up after this fireside, but I'm not sure if it's going to
be in our mall in one.
I don't want to speak to that immediately.
One of the FCs is going to pop up and tell me what the fuck.
I know that we have move ups that are going to get pinged immediately at the end of this.
I'm not sure it's going to be an asset safety thing.
I have a couple of different notes here.
One of the things that we are in need of and we're going to shift gears from her for guys
and we're going to go a little bit to some line by line because our logistics heroes
need some help.
One of the materials that we are currently bottlenecked on on the Delvery build is broadcast
If you are running a PI setup, we need broadcast notes.
Please make your GSolars happy and let us increase the supply of broadcast notes.
It is entirely possible to do that because if I can figure out how to set up a P3 to
P4 factory planet system, you can.
Tuzzy says just post them on the 1DQ1 market and he will buy them.
So yeah, that is super simple.
There you go.
Thank you, Tuzzy.
There's some questions about the move ups and unfortunately due to the nature of OPSEC,
I'm not going to be able to specify to you here on a fireside exactly who is moving where
or when.
There is going to be pings in the aftermath of the fireside.
People that are part of those move ups have kind of already received those pings.
Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.
So if you've gotten the good word, you've gotten the good word.
And beyond that, we're going to give everybody a bingo free square here and we're going to
file that under future plans.
Another thing that I'm getting a request to talk about here from the Rebuild Delve project
is we need salvage still.
We still need lots of salvage.
So if you're out there and salvaging things, this is the trigger unit situation, but it's
not just trigger units.
Salvage in general, you get that stuff, slap it up on the 1DQ1 market, please.
That is a request specifically from G-Ship and yeah, absolutely.
So we need broadcast notes and we're going to need salvage in general.
Please just slap that stuff on the 1DQ1 market and make our boys happy.
Getting lots of questions about chat porn and I understand that.
As I keep telling everybody, I am Pappy Snowden.
So as far as I can tell, I've already given you lots of chat porn.
I know that you want more.
We are working on that.
There are sensitivities.
I keep saying that.
You know I want to give this to you as soon as possible.
But there's...
Yeah, we're still working on it, guys.
There are questions about what corpse canon cannot do, about that, about structures.
We actually have had a number of Kremlin meetings in like the last two or three weeks.
We've had a Kremlin meeting, I think, every single week to talk about the moon stuff,
the structure policy.
And the guys have been working with Billy and Robin Hood and Kaznir and the rest of
the finance team.
That's part GSOL, part finance.
It's like a joint system.
So there's a lot of like corp level things that have been happening.
Your corpse are aware of this.
We've been working on systems to make sure that everybody gets rich and prospers and
is also getting ready for war because you do.
But we don't typically like, believe me, you don't want me discussing moon policy on a
fucking Friday night.
It's just bad news for everybody.
So we're going to spare you from that.
But believe me, if you really, really care, for some reason, you could talk to your corp
directors, but they will just, you know, whatever.
It's cool.
But not for me to talk about because I'm not the moon guy.
But they have been talking to the moon guys and working things out.
That's the takeaway.
Are asset safety ops from HopHib coming soon?
Now we're a big fan of the asset safety ops.
They've been doing great.
I enjoy doing them right after the fireside.
Today we have slightly different ops.
I don't think we're doing an asset safety op after the fireside today, but I think that
is something that we can just bake into our plans in general.
We're going to try to do that.
I can't promise HopHib.
I don't want to say that again, future plans on the fireside, but we are looking at all
of the major ones.
Gehi, I was expecting, I was waiting for somebody to say Gehi.
Yes, absolutely.
And so that is something that our FCs are aware of.
And our FCs often have stuff in all of those places too.
So we like this system and we're going to keep trying to keep that going.
But for this fireside, there's going to be a different sort of move up.
Who knows, maybe when they hear me saying this out loud on the fireside, somebody will
get together another one, but I have not been given those instructions yet.
And I mainly want us focused on basically the next, what, what one day and eight hour,
our primary organizational focus is making sure that this Keapstar dies.
Also keep in mind, I'll add from HopHib, I believe there's now a Citadel chain that crosses
from Fountain and Teridia across back to Sacked.
Once made that way, that if you're not moving a super from HopHib, you could undock carriers
and jump and hop from Citadels the whole way that are, you know, that are forwarders are
so that you could dock in with like a carrier or drive over.
I have a personal request.
This is not a Space Ember thing.
This is a Alex and Sarah thing.
So brace yourselves and or tune out.
Sarah's like has an enlarged liver and we're having some issues with a stupid vet in Madison
who is not answering her questions adequately.
I was wondering if, if somebody happens to be a vet or have a good hookup for one, you
never know in this organization, if somebody is actually a vet, I just want to have her
be able to ask somebody that we can trust about what does it mean when the dog has a
large enlarged liver because this this woman unfortunately is not answering our questions
with the level of actual rigor that Alex and Sarah tend to prefer when it comes to biological
medical information.
The dog is not like super sick or anything.
The dog seems like the dog is happy, but I would like to be able to talk to somebody
that we can trust about an enlarged liver.
So if you are a vet for some reason, or you have a really good hookup, please do send
me a PM on Jabber about it.
Basically what I want to do is find somebody that we can trust and link my girlfriend up
with the vet and then sort of set that going.
But obviously we want what is good for the dog.
So that is the personal request.
I want to throw that out there and then I'll take some other questions.
There's questions on the Pappy recruitment policy ban.
I think that's something that we handled in Kremlin.
That is that is now over and done with.
Like we had the time initially for that ban.
Good question, Galaktigar.
So as you guys know or remember, or if you weren't around at the time, after we won,
we implemented a two month long ban on any Pappy recruitment.
And then that gave us time to set up a vetting system.
Now in general, whenever your enemy explodes abruptly, you've got to go to the policy drawing
boards immediately, which is why we've been having so many fucking meetings about moon
policy and all these things.
Because as you guys have heard on previous firesides, we still anticipated the enemy
to be combat functional in a reduced capacity for at least another two months instead of
just blowing up on impact on August 3rd like they did.
So in that time, Tony has been able to work his magic.
I gave him a list of like 50 people I wanted hunted down and blacklisted and he got them
all and then we were able to set up a system within the Kremlin to vet people who are coming
over from former Pappy organizations.
So that blanket ban is now over and done with and people in the Kremlin have been handling
it appropriately.
So I'm glad you brought it up just so that everybody here at the line level gets to hear
about it.
It's not something that you need to worry about it anymore.
And yeah, thank you for bringing it up.
I didn't realize we hadn't closed that loop.
When can we go shoot the TTT Keepstar?
I'm really curious to see what CCB does.
I don't know if they're going to be...
The TTT thing is now just hilarious because it still exists.
I don't know if CCP is going to ease up on the tax break thing.
I don't know if in six weeks they're going to say, "Hey, it's going to be back to normal
and the TTT is a thing again."
It is kind of hilarious because TEST has lost everything and are functionally like renters
and outer passage.
It's our job to make sure it stays that way, by the way.
Not that they have to stay renters and outer passage, but that they stay losing and getting
But if CCP turns this big back on, it's going to be hilarious because obviously TEST doesn't
Outer passage renters do not deserve that big of a share of the TTT.
Back when they were leading a block in the galactic southeast, that was one thing, but
right now, not so much.
So we'll see what that comes.
I think that if instead of...
I would be perfectly happy with the TTT thing with a better share outcome if it was actual
great power getting a cut and maybe we change the binages a bit.
But all of those things are up in the air and they're up in the air because we have
to wait and see what CCP does.
Personally, I want CCP to ban the possibility of TTTs existing.
I don't think that they are cool or good.
I think that it is a bad gameplay thing.
I think that it's bad because it removes ISK syncs and a whole bunch of other reasons which
have been amply demonstrated in the last year and a half.
However, you guys also know me and if there is going to be something like that happening,
we got to get our cut.
That's how this galaxy works.
If there's going to be something like that, we got to get our cut.
Because if we don't get our cut, it's got to go.
So regardless of how things shake out, we're going to make sure that if it exists, which
I don't think it should, but if it exists, we will continue to get our cut.
And we will make sure that we're happy.
Well, that's interesting.
The test is having a town hall and I'm getting some black hand reports from it right now
that are quite interesting.
Something about how their time in outer passage might be extended past four months.
Could be longer, could be indefinite.
Maybe they're going to be perma-rinters, we don't know.
But the important thing is that this op tomorrow night is an opportunity for us to demonstrate
to the galaxy how serious we are about that whole test is next thing.
They're going to keep saying we're not serious about it, and that's fine, because fuck all
puppies forever.
I don't care if they think we're serious or not.
The important thing is that internally, we're going to murder this fucking Keepstar and
we are going to continue to rain hell upon anybody that wants to still be a fucking pappy
and do pappy things with tests.
Hot off the fucking presses right there.
Can we get that op tomorrow on the calendar?
Not necessarily, because that is up for our material guys to put down.
It'll be posted when we post it.
You guys need to know that from 1 o'clock eve onwards, expect ops to blow this thing
Are there going to, let's see, are there some people to talk to to give guidance about where
to deploy?
I'm in some sigs and squads, a bit lost due to limited funds and skill points.
Would love to talk to somebody that can guide me a bit, as for now I'm only in 1-2-Q-1.
That is a very good question.
So in general, what I recommend is not just talk anally soon, but talk on your corpse.
You can ask around.
Your friends are in sigs or squads.
Find where your friends are.
See if you know people that you enjoy hanging out with and explore that way.
I'm glad that you asked the question on Elysium because that gives me a chance to answer it
in general.
I think the path is, if you're sitting around and you're like, I want to play the video
game with my friends.
What are my friends doing?
If you don't have, like if you're new in your corp or you're new in the organization and
you're like, I don't have friends yet, then obviously ask around.
Let people know.
Let them know that you're looking to get involved in some way.
And then one of the most important pieces of advice that I have for everyone, and it's
been a while since I've gotten to answer this on a fireside, so I'm glad you teed this up,
is when people ask me how they can help the greater whole, oftentimes the best way to
do so is to identify what you're good at and what you enjoy, what you are drawn to.
One of the things that distinguishes the Imperium from the bad guys is that we recognize talents
outside of just being a fleet commander.
Now fleet commanders are incredibly important, but as you've seen from the whole last war
we had, the whole Vietnam situation, a pure focus on just FC and that kind of stuff leads
to ignoring the rest of the tech tree and failing.
So figure out what you like, figure out what makes you happy.
If you don't know how to do that, see what your friends are doing, because if you like
a certain person and he has hobbies X, Y, and Z, like if you're buddies with this dude
and he is constantly doing moon reactions.
Well, if you're friends with a reactions guy, maybe you're a reactions guy, give it a try,
talk to your friends.
If you don't have people that you know that are currently doing things, just talk in Elysium
or talk to your corp or something like that.
You can figure it out, I'm confident.
Using that guideline, the goal is not do what is best for the group, the goal is find what
you enjoy doing that aids the group.
And that first part is identifying what you want to do and identifying your special skill
set that you can bring to the collective.
All right, last week there was a mention about Alt Corps, can we get an update on that?
I know that that is in the works, we are finalizing all the moon policy stuff for corporations
and that this is then getting extended to Alt Corps and a system is being designed to
let Alt Corps back in.
I know it is in the works, it is something that is after the moon policy stuff, which
is near, okay, the Kaznir update is not yet but soon.
I know it is in the works and that is slated for next after we get the corp moon allocation
sorted which we had a meeting about just before the fireside and I believe is, you know, it's
being implemented, it's been approved.
We're going to get Alt Corps fixed before Alt Corps moons are handed out.
And I want you guys to appreciate why this is necessary.
If you were not here during the early part of the war, one of the amusing things that
the Pappy men did to waste a perfectly good opportunity was they had an Alt Corps in Gunz
Worm, kind of like we had one in test in the Fountain Worm.
And this was in July of 2020, so right at the start of things.
And it was one of Pittsburgh's old Alt Corps and they used it to try to drop like 20 asbells
at a go all through our space under the cover of our SOF.
This would have been extremely dangerous for us except that we were able to catch it before
all but like one of them went online and just destroyed them and kicked the Alt Corps out.
So Alt Corps are a tremendous security risk if not handled well and we essentially after
that incident which could have given them a foothold all across Delve if we hadn't caught
it in time, but we did.
But that is why we stopped letting Alt Corps in for the duration of the war.
And now we are devising a policy that will be a little bit better regulated and better
understood and so that's next.
Again guys, thank you for being patient.
One of the reasons why we've had to ask you to be patient is like I said, we expected
the enemy to be combat effective in a increasingly reduced state for probably until let's see
August, September, October, until probably around early October.
But they fucking suck and they died and ran in shame.
And so we had to drop what we were doing and come up with a whole bunch of new policies
model UN style out of nowhere.
There we go.
I'm going to go ahead and call it for this week.
We have ops tomorrow.
Tomorrow night USTZ.
We're going to kill a fucking test Keepstar.
Be there.
Dust your shit off.
Get combat ready.
Talk to your friends.
War is not defense now.
War is offense.
We have to be ready.
No hubris.
And I will see you all tomorrow night.
We're going to murder this fucking thing.
Thanks for coming.