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All right, all right, all right, let's get people in here and we'll get then we'll get started
We're still climbing a little bit. I'll give it one more minute
Yeah, cuz I'm making coffee you guys right you listen to the fireside in two minutes
All right, welcome fireside guys. We still got people coming in but I'm gonna start it right now anyway
First off I want to talk about the diplo update that's been posted can drop the link in the latest him here. There we go
these are
Always good. Make sure you check out and I'm gonna go give the mic over to Rallo's. He's gonna tell you about
Diplo recruitment and give you a look on the update. We're gonna see ready to go brother
Did figure out how to meet himself?
Here I've unmuted you there
All right. Thanks guys
What would the diplo update is is the entire team at CD actually puts together?
their findings is from their assigned regions and then shingly has kind of
Collaboration he's led that collaboration and kind of posted that out there
This is so that you guys can see the galaxy at large
That's something that we want to make sure you guys get a chance to see
The politics they're going on
various regions may not always be something that you get a chance to take a look at and
We try to make sure that that's going out. We're gonna try to do these once a quarter so that you
Also, we do have a diplo
Recruitment drive going on. So check that one out. And if you're interested in becoming part of CD
Apple, all right, cool. Thanks
So if you're joining
Corpus Diplomatique
They are accepting applications. Now. It is a really cool job if you are
You're interested
It's one of those job that is sort of like a different than most space jobs
So it's one of those things that if you are looking for a space job that sort of out of the usual
It is a pretty interesting one and there's something applications now. All right
Sniper wants me to point out to you that there are mumble updates sniper. You want to link the thread in Elysium?
Mumble has been updated as a lot of good actual good new features
So if you've been waiting to update and this is definitely the time to do it
Probably the coolest new feature is that you can listen in to another room while you're in one room
So for instance if you wanted to stay in your corp channel and also listen to the fire side you could do that
If you are in an op and one of us in the capital comes you can do that. It's it's pretty good
And that's a like a big feature ad so latest edition of mumble. It's it's really nice
All right. Next update is pretty I think it's pretty awesome
We are bringing in zernitras as
Alliance treads if you want to use a zernitra in an official op we are SRP them
We're giving you a revelation plus 1 billion
We will SRP it with a billion on top of the revelation
They are right now. They're about twice as much
As a regular dread they do a lot of damage they link
Like so much damage once they spool up and
It's a it's an extremely strong dread
So if you want to see a bunch of like super lasers out on a dread drop get your zernitras
We are able to build them
in in delve and we have people who can spin out quite a few so
That's a pretty awesome pretty awesome thing we're adding. All right next up. This is just a reminder
No supers on contract and delve or anywhere in our space
Do not sell your supers on contracts put them on f-mart if we see supers on contracts
You could be fined your court could be fine. There are various things we want to keep that
That from you know happening
Because then our enemies are coming and buy them up and we just don't like the idea
So do not sell supers on contract in one to Hugh or anywhere else
Yes in the as Kostichek says that does include Alliance contract
All right now I've got a real spicy one for you guys
I'm going to read you the Alliance update
for fire they had a ping that was sent out today and
I'm going to edit it a little bit
because I don't want to
Actually, I'm gonna edit a little more than a little so
He links this is Constantine this is the leader of fire he links an alliance and he says
This alliance has left our coalition and was reset completely
Reasons are there was suspicion and a clear proof that a certain person in their alliance
doing crimes
We gave them time to call me leave and discussed all the details
Situation resolved good luck to the Alliance in the future
so I think the important thing to know about this is that
These allegations were known
To fire and Constantine months ago. And if you think about what was happening months ago
Was it wasn't too long ago. They were fighting us now this person who he says was convicted
This is what he claims and that he knew about months ago was an important FC in their Alliance
So they did not kick them until the war was over
These are the kind of people that we are fighting against
that they know that the person is
in their words convicted of crimes and
They keep them in their Alliance until it's a convenient time to get rid of them
I just want you guys to think about that for a second
There have been two reddit threads about that. I've seen and both have got taken down
Which just goes to show like you can bring any kind of lurid accusations against goons and they get left up
Or they get conveniently deleted like a day and a half after the threat has been going on
Whereas if it's anyone else they seem to get deleted immediately
Think that between what we've seen with some of the stuff going on in Horde, which is nowhere near this level
But they're also needed to do a cultural evolution
And the fact of what we've done and addressed it it shows that
We're in the right place and a lot of other alliances have a lot of time to catch up
I think it goes without saying that keeping someone useful in your Alliance
when you have when you know about something like this is
Sort of beyond the pale. All right on a more hopeful and cool note. We are starting up
Capital umbrella again and coach check is here to talk about the beehive and I'm gonna push check. Go ahead
Hello space friends. I just linked the forum post
So if you want to start reading that please feel free
For those of you that don't know the super capital umbrella is basically utilizing our combat
capital and super capital ships
To dunk on fucking nerds that come to our space
so there will be lots of opportunities to use your supers and carriers and faxes to
Dunk on some hostile fleets of hacks and kikis and bombers come to Delph
And kind of in addition to this
We are building out the kind of instructions for people who are trying to crab within Delph
So there are various crab focus sigs or a portion of beehive
And we highly encourage everyone
who is crabbing within Delph in
carriers dreads rotters
supers Titans
Whatever to join those various sigs that are linked in the post
And that'll provide you information on how to crab safely and how to get saved by the beehive organization that will be running the umbrella
So, please feel free to jump in those
What questions do y'all have super adding is back
Yep, super adding is officially approved for members of the super honeybees sig
Oh, yeah, standing fleets will begin immediately following the fireside. What are the odds you'll get safety right outside the one EQ umbrella?
Cuz check a
pretty low to be honest
Outside the super capital umbrella. It's pretty hard for us to project that far. So please
Rat in the safe systems that are linked in each of the various sigs
If for some reason that is unattainable
We may try to save you with sub caps, but I cannot promise so please rat within the safety of
our regions, all right, so
This has been something we've been working on for a while. A lot of people are a
Lot of people have been looking for ways to get involved with super adding
With crab beacons of that kind of stuff and we've kind of pushed it back. And so I'm glad we've addressed it
I think we've come up with a really good system and we want to get you guys involved making money and
using your big boys and also
It's just more fun to counter drop and people when they come after our stuff. So it actually opens up content for us. So
Overall, I think this is a pretty exciting change. All right. I
Think that's everything. Yeah, that is everything on the agenda that I want to talk about if you guys have some questions
I didn't take questions last week because of time reasons but for this time go ahead and throw me questions and I'm happy to answer
Yo setsu says let everyone know that just act payment is available everywhere except high sec and
Poshman and Ashton has its own payout. So that is correct
You can get SRP flying whatever you're flying essentially in anywhere in null sec or low sec
You're doing filament rooms or whatever. There is plenty of plenty of SRP to go around
So I'm happy to announce that I like to do filament rose myself
And you can get SRP anywhere you do any it's a new cigs Patrick. We're still working on those
Still looking for people who want to step on to leadership roles
But that'll take a little while to develop to get a coherent development
So it is in the mix, but it probably won't be for the next few weeks
We have a lot of stuff that is on our plate and we're working on our meetings have been
You know, usually we do like blocks of hour-long meetings and they have been incredibly full
There's a lot of stuff going on that we're handling which is good because I mean it means that we're active and creative things
And that's what we want to be doing. I've been to some meetings that last, you know, 10 minutes
And then we just kind of shoot the breeze
It hasn't been like that. It's been you know, our long meetings full of our long of stuff to talk about
So if I'm making you sound like this if this sounds like fun if you want to sit around and talk about actual you've stuff
For an hour then join something like corpse diplomatic if that sounds awful then go ahead and grab and make some money
UPG is recruiting that is that's the poshman cigarette Compton is the name of it
But yeah, that's going on. Seems like they're doing a great job and they're making a lot of money
Any words on our recruitment front the newbies of today are the big guys of tomorrow
All right. So that's a great question. We are really trying to step up our recruitment
And we've been talking with the corpse about how to arrange that we're having another court meeting next week
So I expect that to be a major issue
Increasing our recruitment and making it easier for people to join is one of my major issues
Nothing is off the table. We've talked about you know to be like Jabber to be like mumble to be like
You know the signup services to be like the CI checks. What can we actually address?
And it's everything's been talked about
Have some stuff that's already in the fire some iron dart in the fire and more to come
So I think recruitment is one of our big
Like our big issues that we need to like get right on
Soviet Elmo says what's the deal with brave shadow?
I don't know exactly what you're asking
But it looks like frat is attacking brave really hard this week because the Chinese are on the autumn festival
Which means that a lot of them have a lot of work for the whole week
So I imagine there will be a lot of attempts to alarm clock and break frat
I'm sorry break them brave and volta timers over this next week
I need to be a secondary sig for upon or streamlining upg
There is we had a discussion today already about something along those lines. So stay tuned should be
I don't know if we can announce anything that we haven't made a decision yet, but it's it's actually being discussed actively
We talked about it for about 15 minutes today
I don't remember. I'm a coach check. Yeah, it's
Black ops battleship fleet
It will certainly see more use than it has in the last few months
Particularly within beehive so you can kind of expect to see a resurgence of that
On a related note. We have a lot of people who are putting in
Bad applications not providing the information requested. So please make sure you are doing that because otherwise I will reject you
How about retention for people burned by CCP? Yeah, I mean that's a recruitment and retention
Those are my actual big double-r drive going on right now
I'm trying to make this game as much fun as I can for you guys. I
Think that's our job as leadership. So
From what I've been seeing from CCP. It looks like they're addressing a lot of the issues that we've had problems with
Obviously, there's more to do but it seems like they've sort of had their come-to-Jesus moment
And they know that they need to make these kind of changes
I think they were
Happy to sit back maybe last year, but I think this year they know that they have to start putting out deliverables. So
You know, I don't want to be
the cap of a dying ship, right and so
If we felt like this game was going down the toilet we would you know
Act accordingly, but I don't feel like we're at that point
Genesis squad is also recruiting if you like flying big expensive stuff and we're almost just had a big fight this morning
Why don't you link your BR there see for our Titans included in the umbrella? Yes, they are
Yeah, I know if you just want to do the PvP stuff all the active PvP six are included
So fight club caps worm, etc. Will all get you groups
Dumlod said should I join the beehive if I don't plan to crap at camps but like to drop on the nerds trying to
Kill our crabs that is they should right cuz check. No, you don't need to
Cap swarm membership will take care of that for you
Skills in the skills app. Yes, eventually they aren't quite ready yet
However, kind of just look at the the caps worm skills as your priorities is beekeepers replacing delve 9-1-1
Bee keep no beehive sort of
Assume you read the wrong thing, but yeah
They wrote but I think they're just got confused as well. Yeah. Yeah, so so beehive is the same name
beekeepers does the the
anti-harassment stuff
Beehive is not completely replacing delve 9-1-1
But the functionality that we currently utilize delve 9-1-1 for will be within beehive when beehive is active
So yes, you should join beehive to get safe and Maddie. I see that you typed my name out wrong
It looks like you wrote Asher underscore
Loas let me show you a really cool thing on Jabber
You guys might not know this type out like Asher and then hit tab and that name works that works for anyone's name in the channel
So if if you hit names and tab, it'll auto populate as long as there's no one with the same after starting a name
Okay, got it, thank you, thank you everyone life sound is off so this is not really working but
It could be triggering me if it was severe Hawks is amongst all the school
Okay, so if you want to merely be on standby for defense drops should you join any of the new six?
You should join the standing foot isn't that right Kosti?
Yeah, if you if you merely want a PvP be in cap swarm fight club or Titan swarm and just join comms
Dynex charger says shout out for PI the ants needs more spice must flow. It is true that the Alliance always wants more PI
We're like a 1000 pan pound man and Twinkies. We always want more
All right, if you have any questions that I have not answered and it got lost in the scroll back. So
Yeah, you guys ever had a fried Twinkie. I
was like in
In high school or sorry in college
I worked as a janitor for this high school and they had like a deep fat fryer and one day
We just brought in everything we could think of and tried to fry it and the fried Twinkies were oh so good. I
Fried a a bacon eater from Wendy's I deep-fried fried a bacon eater from Wendy's
I took one bite in my heart palpitated
It was the most like I would have died if I ate the whole burger, you know what the actual I'm gonna throw you
I'm gonna let you guys know here's like the best thing you could deep-fry
Was oh, yeah, the Scottish know all about deep frying things. They're a kuno
But the best thing you can deep-fry let me tell you is by those little I don't know what they're called
But they're like the little blueberry bites. So you get a bag of them and they're tiny little blueberry muffins
Those were delicious deep-fried. Those were the best ones. So
No numbers. I have not had the double down from KFC. That sounds it just sounds so like it sounds like too much
I also did this when I was like 19, right? So like I had I
Really I had more ability to eat just whatever I wanted tried to deep-fry an apple and exploded
It could have like got like horrible burns, but luckily no one did deep-fried doner kebab and batter. Oh my goodness
That's not so good
All right
Can someone become a cap FC for home defense be grinding through quorums and hacks for two years
Home defense is a better place to get cap usage
But it still takes an effort like you just thought the show
That you know what you're doing being a cap FC is a big responsibility and our guys expected to be
What's the official beehive snack fit? Let's go. Let's go with fried Twinkies. I think that's what we got to go with deep fryer fleet
I mean, that's the that's the bar guess right? I mean, that's not really that's more like a pan fry
But that's definitely a bar guys fleet. I can't think of anything that looks like a deep fryer other than um, what's that ship?
They mostly use a high stack that carries fit ships
That kind of looks out heads bow heads the thing you kind of looks like if it had a little handle
It totally looks like a McDonald's fry tray or you know, you pull out of the fryer. So I
Would say the bow head is probably the high sec one and the bar guest is the lower fat pan fry
No, sec one deep-fried Kirkland bars. I don't think they would hold anything would melt
From my experience back in the day
Do I work for Burger King or something? No, I do not guys hungry now. All right, go get lunch
Thank you guys for showing up the fireside. I hope you enjoyed it. I'll see y'all next week