Fireside Chat Transcript 2024 03 16

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Zintage Enaka:

The one time Asher is actually having technical difficulties.

Apple Pear:

Maybe you should just start with what you were going to talk about, say this about the doctrine changes, like, let's start off.

Zintage Enaka:

Yeah, we can start with that. So, I ended up pinging this out Sunday. But because I didn't have it ready for last fireside we made a bunch of small doctrine changes, and I'll probably copy paste this list into Elysium. But we removed a lot of the redundant ships, so hawks and wolfs are out of doctrine, and so on.

Dakka - Hawk removed, Svipul added, Flycatcher with tackle will be removed IN MAY normal cloak dictors will still welcomed on fleets

Stormbringer - Muninn removed, Svipul added, Nighthawk from CFIs Added

Mallets - Caracal removed, Svipul added, Vigil Removed

Flycatchers - Hawk Removed, Vigil Removed

Voidrays - Hawk Removed

SACS- Shield Hyena Removed, Wolf Removed, Default Sacrilege fit updated (NO NEW MODS)

Leshaks- Hyena Removed, Pontifex Removed

TFIs- Pontifex Removed


There's a handful of, like, small default fit changes.

Zintage Enaka:



Modules that are already there.

Zintage Enaka:

We changed the default fit on the Sacrilege.

Oh, hey, Asher showed up.

Asher Elias:

Yeah, we're trying to unify some doctrines.

Apple Pear:

Yeah. Also, while you're waiting for doing this fireside get your capitals logged in and make sure they're fueled up, etc.

Asher Elias:

Alright, big numbers, big fireside. Let's get going. Thanks for the update, Zintage. Like Apple said, let's let's get our caps ready to go. We're gonna move them forward.

So tomorrow, or today, depending on where you are we will be forming, we'll be forming at 1100. There could be earlier forms, but our main form will be at 1100. I, I know you guys have been anxious to fight, you know, that we have been looking to fight, and they have conveniently left a dinner bell for us, we have rung it. You know, it is in every advantage zone for them. They are pinging like crazy, let me tell you guys. They're slam pinging right now. They're going to try and get their biggest best numbers. Guys won't fight us. They won't fight us at all in any time zone other than this one. So we're going to take it to them.

You guys have said you wanted to fight leadership wants to fight. So let's show them what we can do even in their best time zone. I want to see great numbers here. For Euros, it's not so bad. For U. S. people, I want you there bleary eyed, waking up early if you can be there. You know, we can take multiple bites of this apple, if we want to, but I would rather just get it done today.

So here's here's the basic plan. We're gonna move immediately afterwards, we're gonna move Well, we'll put it in the ping so, I won't say it here. But if you are a capital owner, check your pings, be ready to go.

So I've been noticing a lot of, a lot of interesting stuff going on. First off, if you are an avid Reddit follower like me, first off, you're just wasting your time. But secondly, there's been this really interesting switch in characteristics that I keep seeing from Horde people. And when they are defending their alliance, this is the new, the new level defense that they have. And I have seen this multiple times from multiple people, so either it's a genuine feeling or, or it's a talking point, and I can't believe it's a talking point, I think people have come to this independently.

The defense that Horde has been making has been, everyone in NullSec is shit, there's no difference. I have seen this one more times than I can count in the last month as a defense. If anyone says that, you know, goons are better or Imperium is better, they go ahead and say, Oh, no, everyone's bad. So keep your eyes out for this one. If these people think that they're shit, I think that we should show up and prove it to them. I mean, it's a good idea. So we'll give them all the advantages. We'll give them everything they need to feel comfortable taking a fight and we'll bring it to them. And I'm excited about it. I want to see excellent numbers there tomorrow or today, whatever is appropriate.

Let's talk about some F2s. We don't, we don't hit on that that much, but this is the kind of fight where, you know, we can expect there to be high TIDI. In a fight like that, you can bring a second or a third or even a fourth client, and you can be extremely useful. So I would highly encourage you that this is the kind of fight where you can be useful running multiple fleets or do multiple things. You know, in 10 percent TIDI, you have plenty of time to monitor both your clients and as long as you set it to potato mode, it should run fine, except on the low least of PCs.

On a slightly lighter note, do you guys know what happened two days ago? Two days ago, it was 3. 14 Pi Day. You guys should be doing PI, very important. Everyone loves PI. Heh heh heh heh, yeah. You weren't ready for that one. 3. 14, baby.


Asher, are you gonna tell them when you're scheduling your Twitch stream of you setting up PI?

Asher Elias:

We haven't scheduled that yet. It's coming, don't worry.

Apple Pear:

I think it's probably not going to happen before Pi Day next year, because like, he's talking about it for years now.

Asher Elias:

Don't ruin the secrets, all right?

Apple Pear:


Asher Elias:

All right so let's see if we can crash Jabber. X up if you're gonna be there at the fight. Seen a lot of X's. Put a Y if you have real, real life. TFA Horseman, you don't need to spam that many X's. Put a Y if you have something in real life that's gonna stop you. All right, we understand, we understand. All right, I think we're, I think, I think we're lagging it out. To the person who sent me a private message on mumble join Elysium on Jabber and X up in there. That's where we do our talking. It's the general chat channel for Imperium.

Okay, so, for the fight tomorrow we should have some, some interesting new stuff coming up, and some stuff that you've been asking for. Also, some oldies and goodies. There are about 10 timers. There's TTC tomorrow. There is Jamunda, Utopia, G-O, which is the entrance to Zarzak. There's a fort there. There's the Keepstar. There's a bunch of, there's actually several others. So we have lots of options. So if you can be around, be around starting at 0900. But once again, the main form, the one I'm going to ask you guys to make it to for sure is 1100.

My goal is if we can get three full fleets tomorrow, I'll be very happy. Three full fleets if we get three full fleets, I don't care what the results are of the actual fight. As far as, as long as we don't mess anything up, as long as we don't do anything stupid. But if we can get three full fleets, that shows a lot of commitment, and that's exactly what I'm looking to see.

If we don't finish this one, we'll go again, but I really would like to do it now. I know you guys would like to win. And so we'll, we'll, we'll try our best to, to get this into hull. If we get into hull, then, you know, we will kill it a couple of days from now. If we don't, we'll, we'll ring the bell again next time.

Listen, a lot of you guys are talking about what I just said about not doing anything stupid and saying that's a very high bar and you all have heard about the best way to get away from a bear is not to be faster than the bear. It's to be faster than the slowest person running from the bear. That's sort of like how it works in EVE. We don't need to be the perfect organization. We just need to be better than the people who say that everyone is shit. And that's what they're aspiring for, is everyone is shit. So why don't you join our shit group? It's just that.

Alright, so I'm not going to talk much longer. We have a lot of stuff we want to do. We want to get moving. So if you have your cap alts ready, make sure you're logging them in, getting them fueled up. And I will see you all tomorrow starting around oh 900. But if you can be there at 1100 that'll be good. And I will answer one question before I go.

Mirotrem wants to know what color the op is. This is a gold crayon because they're the most delicious to eat. Be there for the gold clar, gold crayon.

Apple Pear:

Also for the cap the capital moves. We're starting in 15 minutes. It gives me time to do a quick bio break and everybody time to do a quick bio break. We've sat in meetings for the last few hours to get everything sorted. So everybody in 15 minutes. 1930. Yes, we'll start moving.

Asher Elias:

Alright, see you guys in 1930. Thanks for coming. And I'll see you guys real soon at the the fight.