Fireside Chat Transcript 20 Aug 2k22

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I think we'll give this another minute or two before we get started, give people time to get here. Welcome everyone.
It was quiet. I think we can get started now. Hey everyone.
Sorry to surprise you, I'm not Asher. I have some bad news. He couldn't be here this weekend. He asked me to handle the fireside. His dad is in the ICU, so he is dealing with a family emergency.
He wishes he could be here and ask me to say hello to everybody. Yeah, it's bad news. He asked me to just share that. That's it. So yeah, it really does suck.
So we have some notes about things. As you know, it looks like we are facing a full PAPI deployment.
They have come on strong. It looks like they have significant numbers up front.
And so that is the current situation. I have some other additional fireside notes here. We'll give some time for people to get through best wishes.
All right. Well, okay. So Stretchmate started off with a great question that's a great segue into what's actually going on.
So it's pretty clear that PanFam and PAPI have fully deployed.
Obviously, FRT is out fighting their own war. They were only sort of partially PAPI in the first place in terms of actual numbers.
But the reality is that a few people who used to be PAPI, a lot of what used to be Legacy, anyone that didn't end up in Brave or in the Freeman of the North,
is still part of what is essentially now PanFam. Fire is with them constantly, right?
And that's what we're facing. They have significantly more numbers now that they're all fully deployed, and that's the situation.
So yeah, that's the reality of the game right now. We've shaken some of that off, right?
Big pieces of that, of what used to be PAPI that are now up in the Northwest fighting their own wars with Brave and the Freeman versus Fraternity.
And so that's good, right, compared to the situation we were in just a couple years ago.
But they still outnumber us on the war front. So make sure you have all of your stuff ready.
I have some notes here for war preparation. In particular, we have a plan for everyone to be able to have an alt, an alpha account,
separate from all your other stuff, that is a home defense clone for Dell, no matter what we are currently doing.
No, I asked if it's still silent. No, I've been talking for several minutes.
So we have a plan for a home defense alpha account alt that we'll be rolling out later this week, so be ready for that.
This is an alt that you can have that can always be active, right?
If we only need one for you, it never goes anywhere other than 1DQ, right?
It flies a couple of very simple Tech 1 ships, so we'll be rolling that out later this week.
Please look for that. That's the big thing we want people to pay attention for this week.
We think that'll expand our capabilities when we are deployed to be able to respond quickly and effectively within Dell, right?
We did have a joke name for a corp like this for HiSec at one point, right?
We're going to come up with a different name, but we don't want to announce it yet because it's not quite ready, so that'll come in a few days.
In the meantime, still recruiting, look for the recruitment forum or the scouts recruiting post.
And make sure you're making your capital fuel contracts to the new logistics corporation and not to GoonWa.
All right, I'm going to get through a couple more bullet points before I take some questions here. Let's see.
All right, so we had all the move-ups we're going to have for the time being.
We're going to see how the war progresses this week as the enemy is essentially trying to lay siege into a bunch of our stuff.
And then we'll see how that all shakes out.
Vlas asked, "When will GoonWa have a new CEO?" We haven't decided on that yet.
There's been a bunch of debate within the Directorate about some of our options, right?
We would not have anyone bang down our door from within GoonWa with an offer or a plan necessarily.
The Directorate is always interested in war to make the mistake of saying they are interested in that job.
But so far, that's a pending item. We've been dealing with the war. We don't have an answer on that yet.
I'm looking for other questions.
Something I forgot because we started with WIF, actually, I wanted to report independently of all this that we've been having a bunch of meetings with CCP.
And actually, I'm relatively encouraged by their attitude.
I don't want to make promises or talk about any details or anything, but I honestly have been surprised so far about how positive they have been and the questions they've asked us and the input they've been looking for.
So I'm encouraged. I don't want to come back and be like, "Yes, EVE Online is going to be awesome again," because I'm not trying to say that.
But things have been positive in my job talking to CCP lately.
All right, I'm looking for other questions.
Okay, Evangelina asked about a Zealot doctrine. There will not be a Zealot doctrine.
Someone mentioned PI. We can always get a PI link.
We should have a thread link for market stocking also, making sure if you want to make money you can keep the Warcraft stocked.
And Tom asked about the Alt Alliance for moon renting and Alt Corps.
We've taped that just because of how the war is going. We're busy with that stuff, so we're going to come back to that once things have progressed farther.
We have a couple of war questions. I don't know if Apple or CustCheck, you want to take one of those?
What are the war questions? I missed them, I think.
Let me look.
We've been deployed with Jeff prior to this since March. How are we managing player burnout?
So obviously right now, PanPan has a momentum advantage.
We've been deployed not twice, back to back pretty much, and that lasted a while.
And now they are deploying essentially and have a momentum advantage because they're more fresh.
This is the new thing that they're doing, and they have a substantial numbers edge on us on bad days and in bad time zones.
At the same time, the strategic lay of the land is that they will not be able to make very much progress.
They are deployed in time zones that are not going to be able to push very far into most of the space we hold in the south.
That's just the reality. So it's an interesting sort of tension. What happens next, it's not clear.
So they definitely feel like they have momentum right now, though.
I think that that's understandable. They're probably going to rack up a couple wins, but we'll see how far that is.
And we're in amencia. All of us care about Dell a lot more than we care about anything out in the south.
It's obvious that that's affecting people's numbers. There's 500 people on this fireside today.
This is not like it was in the middle of the war, and that's OK. It's the end of summer.
This is why the game's PCU is about to dip under 10K. This is a widespread thing, not just us.
But that's the reality right now, is that they have a momentum advantage.
And that's what, as we as a directorate are talking and planning about the war, we're taking that into account.
That's the situation right now, and everyone should be aware of that.
We need to be prepared for eventualities where they do have momentum and we do suddenly end up on the back foot or on the defensive.
That's part of EVE Online. I don't know if you guys want to add to that. I guess I went over.
No, I don't have anything to add.
The only thing I would add is this is the first weekend they've been deployed, right?
Every first weekend of a deployment is huge, massive form-ups where you try and blow up as much shit as you can.
They're having a good first weekend, right? But it is what it is. We're not too concerned about it yet.
The first weekend that we had, we killed two of their stages pretty much, and then forced them back twice.
That's what happened on our side when we deployed. So yeah, makes sense.
Yeah, we took two regions the first weekend we deployed.
They're taking Amancia, which we took like a week ago, right? It's not the end of the world.
Don't be too concerned about some IHubs and Amancia.
I agree, Heidi. Eat more ice cream.
Okay, so you said to ask Horn of Gundor question mark without any additional verbs or nouns or adjectives, right?
I would say no, right? We save big options for stuff that is big, right?
I know Pantheon's deployment feels large, right? But it's also indebted in Amancia, right?
Stuff like the Horn of Gundor, big pull-out, all the stop stuff, that's not where the game is right now.
That's not where we are right now, right?
When it was the middle of the war, we had Mittens talking like it was the apocalypse.
That's not the situation, right? We're not going to act like that.
It's the end of summer. We'll see how this goes.
School is about to start, and the game is going to change again, right?
Yeah, not like we aren't going to get some IHubs messed up here.
Okay, I'm looking for other questions.
Nighthawks when? Not now.
Oh, I did have a note here. If you have a Baltech ship, feel free to polish your Baltech fleet ship.
We may call on Baltechs for home defense. That's still a totally valid option for home defense,
especially while Tech Fleet is out deployed still.
So if you've got a Megath'grom, shine that up. That could be an opinion if you are located in Delve or have a character in Delve.
Sorry, Tariel. That's only when I'm trying to work through a topic with a group,
like I was talking through the game mechanics stuff last time. I'll try and behave.
Now that you guys are making fun of me about it, I can't stop paying attention, right?
I'm looking for real questions, and people are just chatting a lot.
Ragnar asks, "Can I sell feed pictures for ISK?" No. Homegrown is banned.
On the Supertrains discussion point, it's unlikely we will deploy them to the Warfront,
because Tech Fleet kind of fills the same defensive shoes, at least structure-wise.
So unlikely we'll see them at the Warfront, but you never know.
We may ping them out of 1DQ to use them for defending Keepstars or Fortizars in the future.
You should keep your Supertrains.
Yeah, definitely keep your Supertrains. They'll see use. Any update on the Slipnir doctrine?
I think that you're talking about Dakka's. That was only a Jeff doctrine, so that's no longer an active doctrine.
You can use them with, I think, Eagles as a boost? We added them to one of the fleets.
Evangelion88 asks, "Cap fight expected in the near future?"
This is connected to the whole strategic question, right?
If they want to throw down, we can throw down. We don't expect them to really try that,
given all of the various factors in play. We all know how expensive supercaps are.
But we feel well-equipped for that fight if they want to make that choice
and go for another M2 tech on a Keepstar as they're trying to push all of a sudden.
That would be very interesting. We'll have very interesting decisions to make.
We don't think that's going to happen necessarily.
But be ready, right? That we did move ops. We're ready for that type of fight if they want to have one.
We just did capital move ops a week ago. That would be very interesting.
Am I saying I think that's likely? I'm not saying that.
So that's the lay of the land as we see things.
As far as move ops to the front, they're kind of on hold tentatively for now.
Really, anyone that will deploy basically has deployed.
So if you need subcaps out here, you can buy them on contract.
But I wouldn't expect to see any capital move ops in the near future.
Someone asked if we can update the procurement sheet for ZMV. I believe that it's happening.
As far as repping structures in their backfields, it's already happening.
So join SIGs and SWANs.
Yeah, great general note about that.
And any other question, if you think there's something that should be happening in EVE that we should be doing,
some SIG or squad is probably doing it or is attempting to do it or is interested in doing it,
then you should browse the recruitment forum for people that look interesting to you and apply.
No further details.
SIF doctrine is still a thing, but we haven't used it because we're not at home with the right people to use it.
We look forward to using it again someday.
We're not doing move ops from Poidon to ZV at the moment.
But if you have ships there, then you'll just PM a capital director.
They are in there and see what you need to move.
Samir asks, "Any news on how the Alliance Tournament team is doing?"
I have absolutely no news on that.
Someone feel free to post in Elysium if you know.
Yeah, Satil is the person running that, I assume.
Yeah, Dirk is running it. I know I've seen them doing some trainings.
I would reach out to him on Jabber and Discord. It's probably your best bet.
Yeah, okay. I'll take this one. I've seen some Pockvin chatter.
Is that how we say that word? I've never been there.
So we had a problem a few--well, for a while we had a problem where we were engaged with a bunch of people in Pockvin
and were getting too interested in behaving badly there
and putting forth resources for things that weren't worth it, which is an easy mistake to make, right?
It's easy to fight over stuff that people you like are also interested in.
Anyway, we wasted a hack fleet trying to defend a crab swarm in Athanor or something.
It was just a really bad move. A lot of people were upset. We don't want to do that.
At the same time, Pandemic Horde is in Pockvin a lot.
And we like killing Pandemic Horde, right?
So we don't want everyone to think of Pockvin as a curse word.
What we are never going to do is try and own a structure in Pockvin and have people live there.
But don't be surprised if at some point over the course of--well, future plans, never mind.
Exactly. We don't talk about Bruno.
This action is a great one. We've been talking about this internally with the FC team.
The answer is yes, but it takes a while to set up grids.
So that's a work in progress.
Yeah, is that--what SIG should someone jump if they were interested in assisting with that?
Good question. We don't really have a SIG answer. I would expect main fleet pings for those.
There may be some SIGs that develop it in the future, but I'll let you know.
I think we have talked long enough, Gajanir.
Yeah, I was just looking for questions, but if that's all we got, I'm happy--
I'm just sitting here listening.
I'm in a good mood.
Thanks, everybody, for coming.
If we have no other questions, I will let you all get back to the war or the rest of EVE Online or your weekend.
Spod bless.
And yes, the fireside is on Saturday now, so we don't have any meetings on Sunday anymore.
So every week, fireside, this time on Saturday.
Fireside back to Saturdays.