Fireside Chat Transcript 20 Dec 2k20

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Alright boys and girls, this is gonna be a quicker one than usual.
I don't have like a whole bunch of bullet points for you because most of my bullet points
are "keep going on fleets and kick it ass" like I've gotten a lot of good results from
that today so pretty much more of the same but I wanted to get folks together, reiterate
that, answer some questions, and then we can get stuck back in.
I probably sound better, I probably sound different because I have been smoking a shitload
of weed by way of my volcano.
Like last night I got deep into the weed-seeing and was prophesizing about the future of things
related to the war.
I am delighted with the volcano, the volcano fucking owns.
I got the volcano for $560 something, there's a reason why I pinged that shit out, it was
on a Black Friday sale down from like $700.
Normally Dictator Imperator is the one who arranges for fireside bingo but it is a little
bit later.
We had ops earlier and so we punted the fireside until after the meta show and after the meta
show I need to take a little break to eat some food.
So I want to give people a big picture strategic overview in basic terms.
Now some of these things are going to like, I mentioned some of the stuff on the meta
show, I don't want to go into too much detail about it but suffice to say that I am pretty
fucking sure that the major form up from Legacy and from PanFam yesterday where the initial
Rift and all was originally intended to be a hit on either 1DQ1 or Helm's Deep.
I said this on the meta show, I'm reiterating it here so you know it's not just like public
spin or something like that, but what we have seen is yet again PASB got together like 1300
fucking people and they choked.
However, the challenge that I have in all of this and jacking everybody off about our
successes defensively is that if we stop forming up huge numbers, one of these days they are
just going to flash form and roll us.
So we are having success, we are having continued success, their numbers are decreasing in situations
where they don't outnumber us 3 to 1, in many cases they pass or they find a different objective
and that's great, keep it up.
But if we stop keeping it up, if we stop, like last week and the week before that we
all got together and I asked you guys to fucking double down and I said this is the period
when the enemy is flagging, when the enemy is faltering, this is the time to grit your
fucking teeth and go on more ops.
And you did.
You did.
The Cyberpunk happened and more of the enemy melted away than we did and we have had great
success as a result.
That needs to continue.
I just want people to stay focused on this because things are going great, we are on
track to win this war, we are turning the tide, but if we just take it for granted and
assume everything is going to be fine, we will get rolled.
So do not snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
Hunker down more, dig in deeper.
Like I said from the start of this, defensive wars, you're losing defensive wars until you're
It's one day longer, one op longer, one op more than the foe and you are starting to
see the fruits of your efforts and the efforts of your people when you're seeing in it and
friends scything through the enemy backfield and some of the general chain of command issues
that the foe is having.
That is great.
We need to keep it up.
This is the time where we cannot afford to back off or slack off and you guys haven't
been backing off or slacking off.
This is fucking awesome.
We are on track to win the single most difficult, longest, hardest against the most impossible
odds war in the history of online gaming wars.
As long as there have been online gaming wars, this is the fucking big one and you are fighting
against everyone and we're still here and things are looking good.
So let's keep it up and not fuck it up.
Alright, and yeah, there is, you know, you don't want to give out sources and methods,
but when the bad guys stand down or when they punt, there's usually a lot of chatter from
the people that didn't want to stand down and punt or divert to a lesser target.
I don't want to reveal sources and methods, but there have been a number of circumstantial
pieces of evidence that suggest that yesterday's attack was intended to be either hit on 1DQ1
or Hemsdeep.
So things are going well.
Let's keep that up.
I want to talk about a couple other things.
Let me think.
Let's take some questions here.
I'll ask us again.
Like we have ops.
We've got a bunch of shit going on in general.
This is the time for us to double down and work harder to put more cycles into this,
not less, even as, especially as the enemy is losing momentum, especially as you are
seeing numbers in T5CI steadily drop off.
One of the things I mentioned on the Meta show that I think is relevant for you guys
to hear directly here is that there was a fraternity.
I'm not sure whether it was a fireside or an announcement or what exactly, because it
had to get translated through our spies.
But FRT basically said that they were explicitly unhappy with the way that Legacy is conducting
the war and that if Legacy doesn't shape the fuck up, that FRT will probably eventually
be heading towards the door.
But let's talk about that.
We need to talk about the messaging of how you guys troll or not troll the bad guys as
they find their way towards the exits here.
As you guys have seen me on the Meta show, I'm pretty respectful when it comes to anything
involving PanPhan because they have been trying to do the lion's share of the work.
And most of the credit for that goes to Horde.
I don't expect that you're going to see any kind of public acknowledgement of the fact
that the bad guys are going to leave and wander off.
What you will see is them announcing that they're going to be attacking in the other
Don't expect any kind of announcement from Horde going, "Oh, wow, GG goons," or whatever.
That's not going to happen.
What you might see, what you're going to start seeing more of, is we are completely committed
to destroying Goonsworm and the Imperium, and we're all about getting rid of goons,
and ProGodLegend is on the cusp of victory and all this other horseshit.
But while we're doing this, we are also going to be attacking in some other region that
has nothing to do with the war, and it's totally related to the war.
Because these guys, when you have allies as shitty as these people have allies, they're
afraid of each other because they're afraid if they reveal that, hey, they don't trust
ProGodLegend, the whole thing is starting to lose momentum and fall the fuck apart.
They got to find a way to get out of the theater without the basically backstabbers and shitheads
and legacy turning on them, which is what they would do.
So even when I am on a fireside telling you indications are good, we are seeing the enemy
waver, T5ZI numbers are going down, various enemies are talking about a future that does
not involve attacking us, which obviously means that we get to murder zone test sooner
rather than later, which is awesome high fives all around.
But if you make too much of a stink of it, if you yell and scream from the rooftops about
how so and so is leaving and makes it harder for all of the other bad guys to leave, and
thus it's harder for us to get to what we want to do, which is murder zone test and
all of their quizzling.
So eyes on the prize, guys.
This is our war to fuck up and lose, because right now we are on track to win this thing.
And that rules.
It is not a certain thing by any means, but keep on keeping on.
I said last week now is the time to dig in, commit more just as the enemy is wavering.
You did that this last week.
We need to continue doing that.
And that is how we will have our path to victory, which still remains through tests skull.
All right, so let me take some questions.
Lots of questions.
Is the enemy waiting for the quantum core update to push Helms deep?
They are not waiting to do that because they tried to potentially hit either one to Q1
or Helms deep yesterday, and they backed down.
Their excuse might be that they're waiting for the quantum core update.
Serious question from Cosium.
Do they even have a viable super cap FC that would be able to drop under one umbrella?
Yeah, actually, particularly on the Pan Pam side, they have a number of viable super cap
They're just hobbled by the fact that they are basically forced to work with fucking
billion pro got and the past piece strategy of using super gaps.
Did the Jeff FC project work as hoped?
I mean, seems to be going all right so far.
Let's see what else we have a question about what will we core first?
Obviously, that is a future plans question.
We're not gonna be talking about what we're going to be quarrying when or how we actually
do have a bunch of finance related announcements for you next week.
Casimir and the new finance directorate have been beavering away on coming up with a bunch
of cool stuff that I barely understand.
My simple little mitten brain cannot quite comprehend all the financial nuances.
Hopefully there'll be no transit trenches or mortgage backed securities involved.
Will we see our Eagles used soon?
That is also a future plans question.
And I don't speak for the FCs when the FCs like choose to pick this or that doctrine
that they fleet up with.
Usually when we introduce a doctor and it takes a little bit to get it stocked and have
people taking out there and doing stuff.
So there you go.
Have a query us in a lump of delve have no hubs at all.
What's going on there?
That's a good question.
So what's going on there is this you glorious motherfuckers have been out there zungan
up style and a whole bunch of other folks like big bill the boss and a bunch of corpse
and GSFO we have all been working together to hack the living shit out of the bad guys
things they are losing their I hubs rapidly enough that while the I hubs are trading hands
in many cases the bad guys have stopped putting I hubs down which is a good sign because they
are running out of the ability to afford putting I hubs down and then getting them blown up
by us.
So that's pretty hilarious.
All caps.
No has a lot of test items on the keep star.
Yes, they went to go hit and all rather than hitting one DQ one the other day.
Scary boo.
I will not be mentioning Delta squad because I would never reveal the Delta squad secret
general mister.
Are you kidding me?
Some things must remain sacred.
Question we will not put any offensive pressure on the enemy around Christmas.
So we are not going to be doing offensive structure ops during the couple of days running
up to Christmas.
If the enemy violates the apparent like Christmas truce that seems to be happening.
We got some positive indication earlier today that at least one of the major pan fam organizations
will be respecting that we will respect that accordingly.
We have to operate under the assumption because we have to be prepared for the worst that
pro God is pro God and we have to assume backstabbing treachery and venal behavior from the gaggle
of idiots in charge of test Alliance.
Please ignore.
But as far as the rest like when when Horde says that they're going to respect it, I take
Horde at their word.
So we're going to play by ear.
I want people to be on guard for treachery because this is Eve, but we put our cards
on the table that we are going to be operating in good faith.
And as usual, we will operate in good faith until somebody fucks with us.
And then the knives come out and the gloves come off.
Would it be a good idea to platform to have an all Alliance ping leak?
We are looking to reveal more what I call chat porn, which is like leaks from the black
hand of funny things that the bad guys are saying.
That is something that is up to the black hand handlers for them to use under their
But it is something that we've noticed.
Certainly one of the things I want to do after we win, but first we have to fucking win.
But in the aftermath of glorious victory is to go through and declassify a bunch of the
whole area shit that we have had to sit on through the process of this war.
Because there has been a ton of fun and ridiculous things that the bad guys have said that we
have screenshots of that.
Obviously, we haven't wanted to reveal because we don't want to give away or timestamp our
sources and methods, blah, blah, blah.
You guys know the deal.
But there has definitely been a need in my mind for more chat porn and pointing and laughing
at the bad guys saying stupid things.
How did I convince Morgan Freeman to do the Meta Show voiceover intro?
That was all Brisk and crew.
The guys who make the Meta Show happen basically do a ton of work such that I can put my red
shirt on or my black shirt on and act like a dumbass.
And the credit basically for everything that happens in the Meta Show goes to Brisk J.
January, a life shifter skeptic, anybody who is like helping out actually like make the
damn thing happen.
Ionis, you keep spamming the same questions about the assault on the Gnaw Keep.
I think I already addressed that.
I said how the bad guys have started hitting Gnaw because they diverted from the attack
on 1DQ1 yesterday.
And then beyond that, because it's happening and we are going to be having a bunch of ops
tonight, I'm not going to be speaking about that for obvious reasons.
Future plans?
I don't know if you want me to like run around screaming and acting like I'm panicked and
my hair is on fire or something or other, but you know, whatever.
They could have come at 1DQ1, they went after it all.
Instead, I find it amusing because I know what they were actually planning or what they
regardless of what they said in public.
Yeah, dude, like I, I don't want to suggest that we're suddenly like out of the woods
and like the doom clock isn't a problem and that like we're not going to continue to potentially
lose Keepstars here and Keepstars there.
Like we're not out of the woods, guys.
Like we are on track to win this if we keep digging in more, fleeting up more and fighting
like motherfuckers every step of the way.
If we stop doing that, we're going to lose more than just a handful of Keepstars here
and there, right?
The main thing I think is really funny about the Nolstop is that the guys in Incidot have
insisted for so long that they're not just a band of brothers respawn.
For years, the ex-bob guys in Incidot have been, "Oh, well, you know, goons are still
obsessed about band of brothers.
Incidot has never been band of brothers, da da da da da."
And what do they do today?
They put down a four-star that's named Sir Moly Sins Is Regard.
So apparently somebody's still mad.
Anyway, hoes mad.
So if you ever see an ex-bobbitt complaining about how we mock their losses in the Great
War and they insist that they're not tremendously ass-blasted more than a decade later, you
can just point them to the fort that they put down in all today.
It's good shit.
All right, boys and girls.
So I said that this was going to be a relatively quick one.
The main thing is this, the same stuff as last week.
But there is more evidence of what I was saying.
Like I told you this was going to happen, and now there's stuff that I can point to
and show you that it has been happening.
The enemy is losing their will.
They are losing numbers in T5ZI.
The offensives in the hostile backfield have been bearing tremendous fruit.
We are not out of the woods yet, but if you glorious motherfuckers keep fleeting up one
day longer than the enemy, one more op than the enemy, they don't know how to fight you
unless they have three to one odds.
As we've seen, when they get close to even rough two to one, 1.5 to one, or God forbid,
only having 100 people more than us, we're seeing these ops where we will outnumber two
to one, do two to one damage to them.
Because you guys have been fighting these guys outnumbered three to one for seven plus
months, when it gets even remotely close to an even battle, not all the time, but a lot
of the times, you guys kick the shit out of them, because otherwise we would have lost.
You have been trained by force to fight horrifically outnumbered for the last seven goddamn months
or whatever.
So six months, I guess, whatever, times of war, seven months, adding is hard.
So, keep fleeting up.
Let's do this.
Let's fucking win this war.
Congratulations, boys and girls, or will be congratulations, not yet congratulations, so
So far, congratulations on how well we've been doing.
Good luck.
Let's not fuck it up.
Test is next.
That is the reward for us.
Keep it on, keep it on, is that we get to have a celebratory feast out of the top of
Tests skull.
Thank you for coming.
I will see you next week and let's get back to the fucking front.