Fireside Chat Transcript 20 Feb 2k22

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All right boys and girls, it's the best possible way to delay some space meetings and firesides. It is dead fucking puppies
I'm always happy when I have to
Delay meetings and firesides on account of y'all kicking ass
We're gonna let the fleets get here and we'll get started
BP is giving us an easy layup for people that might be new
in fact, we're gonna have a couple of if you're new or if you
Haven't been here since the war
Shake the dust off kind of commentary so like I used to say at the start of
firesides all the time and then I just sort of assumed that everybody realized this but
Back to basics. If you have questions to ask during a fireside you ask them at Elysium and conference site
I do not have the mumble chat window open. I keep it in minimal mode
So you ask questions outside of Elysium, I literally won't see them. Well, well, well
I didn't expect to wake up today to seeing 530 dead papi munins. I didn't expect to see East papi
We have always been at war with East papi
being so
happy, you know, one of the things about these guys is
It makes my job a lot easier
when the enemy gets together and will self-identify
As what I've been saying they are all this time
What I mean by that is before this second big grind fight that we just got out of
There was a previous big grind fight where we'd killed a whole bunch more munins
Some papi guy from TES decided to run to the the reddits, which is perfectly wonderful to say, you know
Papi reassembled they did a thing and I really like it when the papi's identify themselves and tell everybody like look
We're papi and we blobbed up again and we still lost against the Imperium. It warms my heart
But not as much as watching everything and they know and love be steadily destroyed as we grind them down
So we had a couple of big hack grind fights today
And it's been a while since we've had a chance to really really go big like this
there has been an increase of activity in the galactic east and
We're just gonna roll with eat the whole East papi thing
While NC and PL are often venal fighting boss and doing whatever
so I wanted to give people an opportunity because I was bouncing around on the op channels earlier and
I want people to recognize that there are a lot of people that have not played during the war people who've joined us since
The war come back or generally people who have forgotten
War murder and fighting. I love war murder and fighting. I despise peacetime
it's always a pain for me to get up here on peacetime firesides and answer questions about like moon taxation and
industry and
Stockpiling materials because what we truly live for is is war and the doom of our enemies
So this is fun and cool
There are a few things that I want people to keep in mind if you this is your first reminder
I heard people going gosh tie-dye is bad tie-dye is always bad whenever it's a good grind fight
One of the things that will always help us win these fights is people recognizing that when we send reinforcement pings out that basically
You guys remember this from the war
I hope is when you're seeing pings going out for a big grind fight to get in the fleet rapidly make sure that
Between now and the next fight you actually have your shit together, right what I say that I mean that you've got doctrine ships
Ready to rock multiples that you understand that speed is necessary to undock
Rapidly and to get into the fleet if you don't have to undock immediately listen to what your FC says
But if it's in the case of a reinforcement grind fight, you need to be ready to go
We have had many months of you know, we've had fights. We've been doing things
We have been engaging in warfare at a lower level in eve online
But when I see 900 versus 900 fights, I get happy
It makes me very excited and I want people to understand that there is a tremendous advantage that we have with our superior
organization and making sure that at the line member level each of you knows what's expected and knows what to do such that when there
Is a big fight like this you're already expecting to get into a reinforcement fleet if you aren't on the front line already
If you are on the front line already you are getting ready to make sure that you have your next ship lined up to join
That reinforcement fleet and get back into the fight if it's gonna be a grind. No one does attrition warfare
No one does a grind fighting. No one does wood chippering like we do it is our element
We love it. We embrace it
you can either lean into the tie-dye and murder fucking puppies or you can whine like a bitch and die and we lean into it and
We murder puppies and today has been yet more evidence of us being in our happy place
Mmm, that's a lot of dead fucking hacks
Some of them are ours a lot of our hacks are dead too
But a lot more of the bad guys that I'm eager to see them try to replace those losses and I look forward to more
I hate peace wretched wretched wretched peace and it's just it's so nice to be here in front of you today talking about
Pappy's calling themselves pappy just before I give a fireside and then feeding us 530 hacks
Again, we lost stuff too. And that's good because this is where we get to leverage all the shit that we have been building up since
You know the the end of the war the official end of the war as far as the puppies are concerned
We are better able to replace our losses
We have more of an understanding of the need to get back into the grind and this is a wonderful opportunity for people that are newer
To start looking around for finding an f2 if you remember during the tail end of the war
We had the third cultural revolution where we said that we wanted everybody to find their f2
You not just press f1
Don't just be an f1 monkey be an f2 guerrilla get out there find a way that you can add value to the fleet the
Fleet commanders either you're gonna like work on being a better dictor pilot
And so you have like a dictator alt or you get involved in scouts and recon you find a way to move the dial
To make sure that East Pappy or West Pappy, whichever flavor of happy we happen to be fighting eat shit and loses
Because you went out there and you found a way to move the dial more than just turning up in fleet
But still we want you to turn up in fleet. We want you to do what you've been doing
I've been very happy to see what I saw today was nice to shake the dust off since the fucking all-caps pings
Scream from the top of our lungs over broadcasts
I love seeing our enemies pinging and then standing down fleets and it was it was nice. It was nice. I love war. All right
so I
Would anticipate this isn't a formal officially declared war
But in any kind of day where randomly more than 500 munins get set on fire
Obviously there is shit that's going down in the Galactic East
Pappy is supporting fire coalition fire coalition is basically Pappy as far as I'm concerned because
Severance is in fire. So whatever fuck them all and
Yeah, I just want people to use the opportunity today to remember tie-dye is a thing
That is our element that we swim in and we swim in it way better than the bad guys
We did good work out there. We just need to make sure that again
Everybody has replenished their ships that you have multiple reinforcements ready to rock. It sounds like I'm beating a dead horse here
But this is the this is how wars are won
This is how victory is achieved is making sure that at the line level
Everyone understands that when shit goes down and pings are going out like that and you see a call for reinforcement fleet
Don't sit there holding your junk waiting for 15 minutes for an engraved
Invitation like get in the trenches to help your brothers and sisters out immediately
Because look if you see 900 fucking pappies, even if they're just Eastern pappies going on out there
They want to come to Delph. This is just fucking
Military training drills, whatever the fuck you want to call it a proxy war a random engagement in the east
But if these guys get ground if they get their mojo back
They are absolutely gonna form back up again and do their thing. They're fucking calling themselves Pappy amongst themselves
What do you expect? So if our enemies are out there getting that level of forces on the field
It is on us to be prepared to fucking kill them at every opportunity that they give us to punish them
When they are separated from each other at any point where there is East Pappy and West Pappy and they are not working together
Actively it is on us to punish punish punish and that means readiness
We have opportunities here during these between war periods where our enemies can be caught out like today
Where they can be?
Invested in a grind fight that we know that we will be able to hurt them more than us then they can hurt us
Everybody can trade hacks. It'll be great
but at the end of the day the Imperium has the economy the system in the
organization that it is going to be a massive net buff to us as
Long as we are willing to take these fights to get involved and to wreak the havoc when the opportunities are
Provided to us by our enemies making mistakes and you can contribute to that by making sure that your shit is correct
You know
There's gonna be another Pappy fight if you were confused today about what to do if you're new if you're looking around for guidance
Ask your core mates ask around get some help and make sure that the next time we are saying oh crap
We need a reinforcement fleet with scimitars that you have five or six of them ready to rock if you don't have that if you
Are not prepared
Get help right where the whole reasons why we do have the peacetime
Economic stuff that we talked about so much during peacetime firesides. Is that peacetime secure peacetime economic?
Where am I what are the right words to use that for this?
Making sure that you're rich as shit and have as much war material as possible during peacetime
Allows you to murder the puppies better. So in peace prepare for war. It's the whole Parabellum thing
You guys know where I'm going with this
But we take this seriously one of the reasons why I get angry about PvE drama or any other sort of
Trivial nonsense at peacetime is that peacetime exists for us to build up war material supplies and training to enable more
effective war and murder
So at peace make sure you're always laser focused on the fact that on any random Saturday
Eastern papi is gonna reform and try to send 900 dudes at us and that is our
chance when they are smug when they are full of hubris when they've got their little blob together and test things that they can actually
Go out there and be a real alliance again, and we can grind through
Their hack supplies like we did today, which is cool and good
I despise peace. It is not my element
But it's necessary at times for us to get ready to slit throats again
So make sure you are getting ready to slit throats again like today. All right, so
One of the other things that I want people to realize is that in situations where we are get stuck in in a fight
Particularly if it is a fight that is further afield from us, right?
Like if we are fighting in a territory that is further from our
core systems right further from 1 to q1
Than the bad guys then it is even more important to the further afield
We are for people to be leaping into those reinforcement fleets, right?
Because the classic Imperium style of war is we get stuck into a tar pit. We're trading
There's wood chipper ring happening grind grind grind and then we are more committed than the enemy
We want it more we are angrier than the foe and we want to wreak havoc and that is expressed in
Attendance and involvement in leaping into those reinforcement fleets and getting on target as fast as you can
So I was very happy to see that today
I want you guys to expect that again and know that as we are in these fights far afield if you see us calling
For this stuff maybe you know in a lot of cases these battle reports they start out with us losing
They start out with us losing the ISK war like oh like whatever
But if we can get the enemy bogged down in a situation that we can just drop
piles and piles of goons on top of them
It usually ends well and has a smile on our faces at the end of it and then we end up winning
So that's the way it works. That is the way it works. Okay got a few other things. I want to go over here
This was the the hurfety-blurf war kind of things
Speaking of stockpiling, right? I want people to understand
When they are engaging in PvE activities
Incidentally as we saw at the start of the fireside
Burner missions and delve are now like at the top of the burner mission meta
So if you are looking for some burner hijinks or a way to make ISK that isn't abyssal or locusts or whatever the hell else
you're doing
just public notice that
Burner missions and delve are apparently now a thing and that they are better ISK than abyssal. This isn't a PvE territory
I just guys I just want you guys to be rich enough that actually be as rich as you possibly can
Such that you can turn it into war material
So there you go. Look at that stuff that's being linked here in Elysium
I'm glad you guys brought this up because otherwise I obviously would have no fucking idea about the status of burner missions and delve. Okay
So as part of stockpiling as part of learning these kind of things, there's been a CCP dev blog
There's been talk of CCP on fucking things in the economy and this then the other thing
I want everybody here to take a breath to enjoy the irony of what I'm about to say because remember how that whole
Scarcity thing was totally supposed to ruin stockpiles and make sure that people didn't stockpile
The retarded administration's lack of understanding of human psychology continues to amuse me
Here is what we need to do
You guys are getting rich CCP is saying maybe they're gonna change things involving how capital ships are built right now capital ships are
Ruinously pointlessly expensive to build right? It's like a nine billion isk for a dreadnought build like for the build cost
It's like nine billion for a bear haul on the math on dreads
The the capital ship system is completely broken
Currently for building caps and what I want you guys to do is as you are
Leveraging the peacetime that we have when you are preparing for war making sure that you've got the dust shaken off and you've got the right
Attitude to get into a fucking tie-dye grind fight because it might annoy you but it annoys the other guy a whole hell of a lot
When you're preparing for these things, I think that I I think that it's the the current CCP regulatory risk
It sort of incentivizes us to stockpile ourselves. I think
given the option of trying to build a nine billion is dreadnought hull or
preparing those materials and sitting on them and leveraging our assets and our wealth to prepare for when maybe
Sanity returns or something like that is gonna be the way to go
I do always like to take our delve time units and turn them into military assets
But particularly when it comes to building up capital ships, I want you guys to
Buy and hold essentially I want you to be preparing getting those assets getting ready
I was gonna talk about this at the Kremlin meeting today
But we had a big op and that got interrupted and so here you go
I don't want us placing bets on any system that CCP is saying that they're going to be doing because so far
That has ended ruinously for anyone who has trusted CCP
I want us to prepare for an environment of regulatory risk
which means stockpiles and making sure that you are adding to your wealth and adding to your assets and
Should it come a time that sanity returns to the industrial system and Eve online and that capital ships are able to be built in a
Way that isn't incredibly stupid that we are as a coalition ready to rock immediately
We have an advantage in our ability to get materials compared to the bad guys
And I want to leverage that into increasing stockpiles and then holding them such that when it makes sense for us to act
Then we're able to do the classic peacetime fireside of me getting up here and telling everybody that I want
Each of you to have both an armor and a shield Titan in every hangar
We were there a couple years ago. That's our goals where we were aiming for again is leverage the Dell time unit into power
but for right now
That power I think comes from from stockpiles. So plan
Accordingly, and if you are just getting started if you are going gosh this fucking crazy mittens guys here
And he's talking about an armor and a shield Titan and every hanger. What the hell is this a Titans like 350 billion isk to
build what the fuck
This is how we ended up winning the war against the entire fucking galaxy is that when there were periods of time of peace?
We said this is achievable because many goons did achieve that and more they got more than just one of each type
I've have Titan and their hangar and the thing is is that if you're looking at them going gosh, what the fuck ask for help?
We have GS isk as is just being pointed out here. Exactly. Thank you. Plaid rabbit get into GS
we have a whole bunch of people who want to make money for fun and they are eager to teach you how to do that because
Every single one of you that learns how to build up their own
Economic operation is able to then turn that economic ration operation into the fun stuff, which is
Military assets that let us murder puppies, which is what the game is all about at the end of the day
So get help don't just sit here being confused reach out to your court mates join GS isk
Get involved and figure it out. If any of it random dumbass goons can find a way to get rich you can too
Okay, I have some other orders of business
I have a reminder here from g-saul that if you have if you see a structure out there in our space and it's called do
Not use you're not supposed to use it because do not use is usually the indicator that we're gonna be yanking a citadel down
I love these warnings. I actually had a bunch of people asking me about like
Gosh, how many times should we warn people?
People who might have been afk we should tell them this we should tell them that
We run this organization for people that are playing the game currently
We always care about people who respond to the horn of goondor and stuff like that
But the in terms of citadels and their locations and what's there?
You need to be paying attention, right? So if you put your shit in a citadel that says do not use
then I
Mean, I'm not terribly sympathetic. It says do not use except for English as a second language situation
so just just try to help each other out and don't be a fucking dumbass because this organization is more built to
Point and say don't do that thing. That was very stupid that everybody told you not to do that was very stupid
We're only gonna wipe your ass so many times are there citadels that are safer like small astros on iHubs?
I mean generally speaking. I don't think you have to worry about any of the like you can park stuff in the fucking palace
These are really sort of like outlying citadels and random things that people shouldn't be investing in too much
Like if it says do not use on it. Don't use it. I'm trying to
that I you know
What else to say about that don't use the citadel that says don't use it the larger structures like the Imperial Palace are always the safest
Speaking of shaking the dust off. This is very important at the last fireside
We had some requests for people asking about capital training ops
We used to do before the war we would have capital training ops once a month
And then when the war kicked off our capital training ops were fighting the entire fucking galaxy for a year and a half
We're at that time again
And so Dave wanted me to tell everybody after the fireside next week mark it on your calendar after the fireside next week
So on Sunday the 27th after the fireside
We will have a cap training op on the test server and we will teach you how to
woodchipper and you can ask all of the questions you would like at that op and
We're gonna try to do that again
You know once a month like that that's worked out really well for us before the war and this is a way for people that get
New capital ships or have forgotten how to use them in the current meta to shake the dust off. All right
Let me take a look at some questions boys and girls
If you are if you have questions to ask ask them in Elysium at
Can we blow some kind of horn to tell all the players who won't see do not use because they didn't log in the dick
But is not being taken down
You know what? Like I said, no, we have warned people through normal channel channels
We're not gonna send out a whole bunch of emails because we're moving a citadel like and keep in mind guys
Keep in mind. There are a lot of people that are not paying attention to the game currently that are not necessarily subscribed to the game
But they're on Jabber. They're on discord
you can take breaks from this game and still be plugged into the community if you walk away and
Don't pay attention to anything. The Empire has still got to do the Empire's thing
Right like those of us who are here and are playing and are engaging in things
Normal business must continue because in case you didn't notice
We merked
129 papi munis
Just an hour ago. So there's a lot of bad guys out there who would really really love to burn all of our shit down
So no
Do not expect that this organization is going to stop doing what it's doing to
Try to reach out to hypothetical afk players, right? We we send broadcasts. We've got discords. We've got Jabber
There are so many ways for people to stay connected to this thing that don't require you to play the game
You do not have to be playing the game actively to be on, you know into the org, right?
To talk to your friends and keep a rough eyeball on what's going on
And so that that is a fair warning guys
don't expect that this org is going to stop and not adapt which in ways that it has to because of
Some guys who might have been afk and chose to tune out, right?
We will try to do our best typically to meet people halfway. But like if somebody says help I'm tackled in a belt
There's only so much shit you can do besides have a trim send a ping laughing at them
Once you've tried to meet him halfway, so I appreciate where you guys are coming from
But that's sort of our stance on these things. Here is a question about fan fest fan fest is coming
We are doing fan fest. I will be at fan fest. I'm looking forward to that
We also have Vegas dates were announced in the third weekend of October. We're gonna be back in the Planet Hollywood zone
We don't have a fixed hotel for that
but it's probably gonna be you know, some people saying Planet Hollywood some people staying at the Cosmo and generally back to the strip for
us and
I'm very much looking forward to that another goon meet to plug of course is goon Berlin, which is coming up on
July 9th the weekend of July 9th and 10th, I believe
Alrighty civil war between RMC and stain Russians. Can you tell us more about it? What are they fighting for for lands or for isks?
Love to fight for the isks
We stay out of Russian on Russian civil wars that is generally speaking not something that we like to get involved in
and so I appreciate the question, but it's definitely going into the
Russian on Russian violence no-go zone. How are the train sets coming along?
Actually, wonderfully. We've got about five or six structures made out of cardstock that have been lovely. We're doing Metcalf
Structures. This is a double-o gauge
British layout I've made
Furniture question. Well, you guys are going hard on the bingo
Yeah, actually so check out mad for calm with added a whole bunch of new inventory there in case you have no idea
What the hell I'm talking about
We have a furniture business on the side called mad fern calm where I say we I mean me and my girlfriend
It has nothing to do with Eve or goons worm or anything like that. I'm not very good at chilling
I haven't really learned the art of saying hey throw money at the twitch screen or like hey go buy furniture from us
But actually please do free shipping in the continental US mad fern calm check it out
All right. Let me take a look at some of these other questions have brave learned their lesson or are they still?
Fucking with papi. It is interesting. I don't want to give dunk a free pass on a fireside or something like that
Frankly brave has been engaging in a lot of the kind of conduct that we would like to see from a group that wanted to
Actually leave papi
They have been fighting on the side of the guys in venal on the side of boss against
NC and PL and so, you know
we've had a lot of fuckery with brave in the past where like we've tried to be nice to them and they
Tried to fuck us over repeatedly. They got kind of hijacked by a test guy
sharded armor
But certainly the indications I am seeing from Braves behavior on the field instead of flying with Western papi
They are shooting Western papi and I kind of like the whole East papi West happy thing
So we're gonna roll with that for now is NC and PL are mired and venal. We're gonna call them West papi and
East papi is all the dumb motherfuckers you were beating the shit out on out of for the last couple hours here today
Will the cap training be limited to caps from pilots or open to who wants to get in it is gonna be open
That's an excellent question. This is gonna be on the test server, right?
So you don't actually have to be a member of caps worm to get involved in the capital training off
The goal is for anybody that is capital curious as long as you can get into one of these holes
Or just hang out on mumble and listen to the instructions during the op
The goal of it is to teach you how to use the hardware. So please go
And join the capital training off that will be again next Sunday after the fireside
So one week from today after the fireside, you do not have to be in caps worm
Please turn up be ready to rock and learn. What can people do who can't join caps from because of fucked up ESI
That's a very good question. Let's talk about the ESI thing again
CCB has screwed something up on their servers and have for a while
It throws 500 errors on the reg so what you have to do and this is unfortunate and it is lame
But if you are trying to register a character or anything else on our services and it says, you know
It's not offing you for whatever reason you're getting errors
You literally just have to hard refresh try again like five or six times in a row
It is lame. It is something that is affecting every organization
Across the game because the rot is coming from inside CCB servers
It was actually you know
I hadn't made this connection until just now but it's kind of funny because last week when I got up here and we talked about ESI
We hadn't had that whole CCB server guy posts on reddit and says yeah
Hey, by the way, these two servers weren't talking to each other for a long time. And now all the galaxy's BRM
values have been
fixed to what they weren't displaying this entire time and and
basically look at what they fucked up with the BRMs and the dynamic bounty system and then apply that to the
ESI system and you get a rough idea of what we in
Space leadership across the galaxy are trying to deal with here
So again when you run up in a situation like that
I've had to do this too for my characters like for a while
Some of the Alliance executor shit was broken and you just had to fight like five or six times in a row
refreshing logging and just doing it doing it doing it doing it until it finally
Stops spitting a 500 error and be mad at CCP about it. All right good questions today guys. I like it
I like a lot. Yeah, so and also when you see people complaining about this
It's important to let them know that CCP is responsible particularly for the 500 errors that are coming through
Because it's been very easy for them like with everything else that's wrong with the game to say. Oh, it's the players
Oh, it's not a problem or whatever
so if you see somebody who's having problems logging into something and is bitching about it and they don't seem to understand because they
Haven't been told what's going on. Please let people know
we don't want people being angry at goons worm or our IT people who are doing their like our poor devs have been
Dealing with this shit for months now and it makes everything
Nightmarish compared to how it was when CCP systems were working in the way that they were supposed to be working. So
If you see somebody who's having trouble getting off for anything and they are frustrated and they don't understand
Please reach out to them and let them know what's going on because there's no reason to be frustrated and feeling isolated because it's easier
To be frustrated about the situation if you realize everyone is frustrated with the situation and that there's an explanation for it
Well, there be Titan training on the CC capital training classes
any the goal the capital training classes and and if you really want to be a try hard and I encourage you to be
kind of a try hard when it comes to the capital ships because the big boy toys are
expensive and only gonna get more expensive is feel free to write down a number of questions that you want to have
answered before you go to the capital training up such that you don't forget like you got a week to prepare for it if
You're like I want to learn how Titans work then write down your questions about Titans such that when it comes time
You're prepared the whole idea of the capital training off is it's kind of like a fireside
For how do I shot web with a capital right?
The FCS are there to explain to you how all this shit works because the goal is if we have a more
experienced more competent capital fleet and super capital fleet than the bad guys
We will be able to say
Fight the entire galaxy for a year and a half and beat the shit out of them and humiliate them like we just did
So that's cool
All right
And yes as sniper eagle points out if you have a super in a Titan and you want to use it next weekend on the cap
Training up which is on CC make sure you log in and get it out of asset safety on CC before the op
So like when it comes time for cap training
Don't turn up immediately after the fireside is over and start getting your shit together
Right if you're planning on attending the capital training up kind of like if you're planning on attending a strat op
Make sure your shit is correct in advance
Do your FCS the kindness and show them the respect of they put in this effort to put on the event for you?
Please make sure that you are meeting them halfway by having your shit prepared
You know don't be like, oh, I've got a I've got a I've never used the tester before what do?
Make sure your shits correct
and if you don't know if your shit is correct act ask your friends ask your court mates ask around and
Get help. All right, that is going to be it for today boys and girls
I'm always happy to have a slightly delayed fireside on account of murdering the fuck out of East happy
Shake the dust off get prepared look to your war gear
make sure that you're ready to dive into reinforcement fleets and grind grind grind because
Murder murder murder murder and war is there's a scent of it in the air, and I love it. Thanks for coming
We'll see you next week