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All right boys and girls, sorry for the delay again. There is gonna be a move up in the aftermath of the fireside
I'm gonna try to be quick-ish today because I got started 20 minutes later due to net
nonsense. We are back with some bingo and once numbers stabilize and people realize that we're actually doing this we will begin
In addition to my net outage causing some minor difficulties
We also are still in that last week or so of time zone nonsense
So hopefully the euros will be on the same plan as we are over here in freedom land
at the next weekend, and then we will have the
DST related time zone confusion across the org will be less of a thing
There are many excellent squads and if you think that yours should be the best let us know in Elysium
We have lots of Sigson squads
But you know only a few actually get out there and say we're the best one on fireside
So figure I should encourage the behavior. There has been a shitload of locusting
That's something a little riff before we get too into the heavy hurf blurfs
I've been hearing very positive reports about vast swarms of goons locusting like the wind and
Stripping belts like nothing else. So do get involved with that if you are interested in doing some PvE stuff
I want to I'm gonna want to address the general
What are we doing? Where are we going? And what are the cool things to do in EVE online or rather I should say in
Goon swarm online or in Imperium online
There are less people in theory playing the game
Across the galaxy by a combination of the war in Ukraine
Or general dissatisfaction with CCP and whatever there was all the prospector pack drama that was happening while I was moving
I think our CSMs handled it very well, and then they fucked off to Florida to party
Night at the Roxbury style. I think that's gonna be a lot of fun for them
so when they get back, I'm sure there will be more updates, but
At a time where
Some people are not as engaged
We're actually starting a whole bunch of really interesting shit. And so when people are mad at CCP
I don't want to tell you guys to not be mad at CCP personally. I am
Very old and very jaded when it comes to CCP related nonsense
So it is important that our CSMs and the player base
Protested against the prospector pack and the free retriever and all that other dumb crap
But in the grand scheme of things, I'm pretty happy to see CCP by and large
Walking back a lot of their dumbass
prosperity changes
And generally appears to be on the defensive and hopefully fixing the game for the better
But that doesn't matter and the reason it doesn't matter is because we have been here before there are so many times throughout our history
Where CCP can be setting their hair on fire and fucking everything up for most of the game
But as long as our people have something fun to do that's entertaining
I don't really give a shit and the important thing from a
Goonswarm leadership space emperor perspective is to make sure that we have cool shit to do and I have a bunch of cool shit for you
Guys to talk about today
most of it involves murder
Sigson squads killing puppies watching test failure cascade a whole bunch of stuff there
The other part of it involves making tons of money to delve time unit style because as I mentioned the locusts a couple minutes ago
It looks like the rest of the galaxy is not doing mining at scale and we are and we're really getting stuck in with that
So I want to encourage that you can essentially choose your own adventure
and the reason why I'm telling you this is in times of
relative peace and
This is a situation where there was a thousand person fight yesterday at around this time, right?
So if you're just cluing in and you're wondering what's going on in Eve
There is a bunch of shit happening and we're gonna talk about that a lot
I want you guys to get involved in the Jeff deployment. It has already kicked off with a bang
There are puppies to kill there's horde there. There's tests there. There are fights fights fights and we need
Supplies and we're gonna talk about that in a second. But the point is is this
Some people are gonna be like gosh CCB socks
I'm mad about whatever and I think that people who want to take breaks from the game because they're mad about that. That's fine
I don't again. I'm
Jaded I'm not as freaked out about the prospector pack as I was about the prosperity thing and making sure that CCB would change the
core gameplay back in a direction that made it
more entertaining
So what does that mean? That means killing puppies?
That means the Jeff deployment. It is not very far away
We are deployed over to D tech P and there's actually gonna be a move up right after the fireside
And this is an opportunity for us to recruit for a number part a number of parts of our organization that are necessary
For the process of killing puppies. It has been a while since we've done like big deployment stuff
This isn't like a full alliance deployment
It's not like everybody has to move out of 1dq1
But for those of you that want to get some blood on your hands and I encourage you to get some blood on your hands
Because it's a lot more fun than not. We want you to get involved with the Jeff deployment. So there are links in
Elysium or there should be for joining Jeff and
as a result
There's a bunch of basic getting back on the bicycle learning how
War and murder and eve online works. This is not officially a war as far as we are concerned. It's a Jeff deployment
And even so we still need to have the market there stocked right there is all so first of all join Jeff
Second of all, we need people who are able to hack and that means we want you to join
GSFOE GSFE is getting involved and they were the ones that are originally going to be doing a move up after this which is now
Turned into a full-blown move up for people that want to get involved in the Jeff deployment
It's only about seven jumps away because we have an amazing jump rich network. The market there does need to be stocked
We are particularly looking for
lodgy pilots
Intosys jocks in general and also
We need more USTZ people. They the enemy has brought a lot of relatively tanky sub cap doctrines that have fax support
So we need more firepower in USTZ euro time zone has been there with fucking bells on like I mentioned earlier
There was a thousand person fight that lasted for several hours yesterday
Euro time zone turned up strong went balls deep deep into Jeff territory and I want to encourage that
We need more of that from USTZ such that we can crush these nerds and USTZ as well
And we've got some very good questions about the SRP web page
Which we're going to be handling in a second
Because we have a whole rant about getting our dev services on fucked and we have been working on that and it's gonna be cool
And good right now if you are trying to apply for portable care and you get an error
Just hit refresh and try again
That is a shitty annoying response and I don't want to get here on a fireside and tell you just hit f5 for try again
Because I'm sick of telling people that one of the biggest things that we have been doing
Organizationally over the last week is getting together our developers you if you are a developer you've probably heard about this
There are a number of projects that we are working on to fix things that have been bothering you
So one of those includes caps or maps like we mentioned last week
Actually, I'm not sure whether we mentioned this last week or not because I was in transit
But if you get an error for the caps or map, please send it to the edge
Actually, I should make sure that the edge is here before I send a million people as away
Cool. Okay. I'm free to send a million people his way and it's important to send the error messages in particular
I send them in a forum p.m
To the edge such that he can actually see what they are because our devs have been heroically diagnosing them
I don't like it. I don't like to see anybody in this organization going
Gosh, I tried to get SRP for something and there was an error or gosh
I tried to apply for a group and there was an error. We know it's been an issue for a while now and
Essentially, it's been the first thing that I flipped a fucking table on unfucking since I got situated in my new location
I want to go back to talking about war and murder because if I keep talking about IT stuff, I'm gonna blow a gasket
But we are working on that and we do want to hear those complaints
Such that we know what's busted right? My attitude is if I see one person applying for a portable care and getting an error
There's probably 50 people that
Got that same error and didn't complain in Elysium. So we do try to figure this shit out
Okay, so I want somebody please to put a link to test alliances dotlan in Elysium while I'm
Going through my notes here
Thank you
So periodically we get asked what is the status of our enemies?
There's been a couple of big moves on the chessboard in the last couple weeks
Horde has changed their main staging location
They did a space swap with fraternity that had been something that was in the works for a while
They have moved deeper into the drone regions test is of course still deep in the drone regions and you guys may be wondering
What have we been doing about test? Well, first of all, if you would like to shoot test or Horde I
Strongly encourage you to join Jeff or get involved in sigs or squads
Nuts what nudge nudge wink wink join GS if we join Jeff pick a squad any squad
Almost all of them are involved with shooting Horde or test in various locations around the game
Sandra and stone has apparently been left holding the bag in test and I don't think he realizes that it's an idiot price
so we're gonna keep monitoring that situation and
See where that goes
I'm not sure whether they're gonna be losing more corporations or not
but if these if these guys want to burrow deep into the safety of the drone regions and then
Rot away like they have I'm perfectly cool with it. Now. We talked about caps or map issues
We talked about GS if we what is GS if we people might not know goons worm offensive and tosas
What they do is they make the hacking system less shit if a properly organized
System of people attack fozzy saw it can make an op
Very easy if you don't have enough organization
You don't have enough hackers those things can go sideways and they can suck for a while
So we need to get back into the swing of things
GS if we is out there with Jeff and we encourage people that are
Really dedicated to doing in tosas to give it a try or to if you're dedicated to intosys
You're probably already in
GS of a way
But if you're curious if you're looking for an f2 if you're looking for a way to get involved
Maybe you can fly a main fleet alt but you also have another alt that can do some hacking stuff
During those ops check it out. We need you and it's gonna help move the dial
GS of we is a fantastic f2 because hackers are one of those situations where if you have enough it's great and you don't have
To worry about it, but if you don't have enough it sucks for everyone involved in the op
So it's a very important backstop
So you always are going to be contributing to the greater good of the tribe you are
Involved in GS of e if you are bringing hackers if you are contributing even if you are not
Actively being utilized the fact that we have that backstop there
Against following blow that critical mass of hackers is critical to many of our ops
Alright, I am being slightly rushed and I apologize. I probably shouldn't be rushed
I could sit here her force for as long as I want
But there's really nothing quite like going from why internet no worky right at the moment
You're supposed to give a fucking speech in front of 500 odd people
There we go, so what I want to say about stocking the market in DP
That is where the Jeff deployment is. It is in esoteria
It is only about seven jumps using our bridge network
Make sure that you are using scouts don't just go on your own there because they're often gate camps
Just before there and that's perfectly fine. That's legitimate
The enemy should be trying to stop us getting into a combat deployment
Don't be a fucking dumbass and assume that just because it's relatively near to 1d q1
You can just drive a freighter through there and it'll be fine. You will die
We will point and laugh use scouts, but stock that market again if you are
Curious if you're not sure about how to get there safely talk to your friends talk to your court mates
Talk to people in the Jeff channels and go with a group. It is very close by to 1d q1
It is very easy to get there and stock the market. We want you to do that, but don't be stupid about it
All right, so
Various other people have been asking about is the what is the most
Optimized way of making money if you if you aren't interested in war murder
In fact, I suggest that you do Jeff and have you know economic alts here at home and they'll doing your thing
You get a link to the Ranger gamma is already there for it. Perfect. These threads are updated
There's a question about whether they were the currently the most up-to-date
This is the this is the starting point guys
If you are PBE curious if you're like gosh, maybe I should get into GS is can learn how to do things
Or maybe I could be making more money. Maybe you're just in a PBE mindset
Please check out those threads including particularly the stuff about how to make PI easily
CCP has made it such that PI is critical to all sorts of things and the Alliance needs PI
We will buy it off of you from our by orders and 1d q1
So it's a great easy way to make money that will also help move the dial for the coalition as a whole
Yes, thank you. Thank you rat night
Perfect. So essentially that is what we are doing
We are currently in a galactic arms race because it is between the big wars and whenever it is between the big wars
It is on our it's on us to run up the score at home as much in an organized way as possible
Compared to the bad guys the most recent MER indicated a galactic decline in economic activity
But delve was standing out as being one of the most organized place for group mining and we're doing our thing again
And we want to encourage that and scale that up because as we learned in the war
We know that in these times of peace when we are running up the score
That is what allows us to have the reserves necessary to stand against the entire galaxy and survive and thrive
So we're gonna be doing that. So check that shit out
Okay, let me take some questions. Can we get a fight of the Titans white shirt Merkel chin versus black shirt mittens?
That is you know
I'm not really sure if that counts as a fight of the Titans unless you're talking about my expanding waistline
Because I seem to have managed to gain like 26 pounds over the last year. So I'm feeling kind of Titanic right now
Thankfully it hasn't reached my face
So you can't tell it on the meta show, but somebody's ass needs to get back in shape. And I think that somebody is me
I eat too many milk duds. How are some of the up-and-coming FCS doing? I've seen some new faces now
We have seen new faces and that's excellent
There has never been a better time to get involved and learning how to FC be it in a cigar squad way in a Jeff way
Just getting out there and getting some blood on your hands or helping out around home and Delph
Again, it is a it takes balls to stand up and say you're gonna do this
You have to be able to make mistakes to learn anything, right?
And one of the things that we enable newer FCS to do is to get out there
And you know occasionally things go wrong and I think that's good
I the the FCS that are out there and able to do the thing get back on the bicycle and keep going
those are the ones that really develop the talent of leadership because
That's just how it fucking works, right?
So I've been very happy to see that and as Altaria is pointing out
We throw skirmish commanders to the wolves constantly and they have back seats and lots of opportunity to learn and be taught
So like you don't have to go it alone. You don't have to go out there and go gosh
I'm gonna FC something and it's gonna suck. You will have mentors. You will have guidance
There is an entire system that has been set up in order to enable you to murder puppies for the good of the Imperium
So yeah, let's do that. I do need to go to the gym
Actually, what I'm really gonna be doing is walking every day because out here in northern, Michigan
It's fucking beautiful and so I'm gonna be you know, it's a beautiful day. The lake is is pristine
It's fantastic out there the fish managed to survive the move. I was a little concerned about that
We we drove for 11 hours with buckets
Five gallon buckets of fish in our cars and there were no casualties. We managed to pull it off
I I am now in northern, Michigan. I have successfully moved. That's why I've been off the table for the last couple weeks
We moved up to the Traverse City area Lake Lelanau. It's a family lake house and I'm a big fan
I'm not quite a you per on the mitten of
Michigan it's the little finger. It's not the not the you I did not go full prepper now
But if I wanted to go full prepper, it's certainly the territory for it
All right
We are running late because I am a fucking idiot and decided to fuck around with my desk
So it'd be in the full upright position and then I had to reboot the router and it took me a good 20 minutes of
Stupidity before I just gave up and rebooted the router and then everything was fine
So I want to take a couple more questions and really I want you guys one in Jeff to in GSF
We're GEO GSFO e and three
Getting the market in DP stocked fully such that we have the war material. We really need more u.s. Times on people
We really need more logistics pilots and we need more hackers out there. It's been a really good start to the deployment
It hasn't been like we deployed and then there was disaster everywhere or anything. We've been getting a lot of grindy fights
We've been getting to use battleships. It's been really cool
So, please do get out there and keep murdering puppies
Is there a thing for tracking the mark market shortage in D tech P that indicates what's preferred to help see that is a good question
I do not believe we have anything like that set up currently
But all of our procurement folks who are here in Elysium can say some of the things that are required
Right now because it is a fresh deployment within this last week
There's just a lot of stuff that's needed on the market there guys. It's not really like we need this one thing. Please get it
It's fresh deployment zone stock that market
scimitar scimitar is munins munins
doctrines doctrine ships ammo drones boosters
Yeah, see check this stuff here in Elysium guys
Just pick any of that stuff and get it shoved into D tech P again. Don't make the run yourself unscouted
There will often be a gate camp
but if you go as part of like the post fireside move up or if you use various brain cells and rub them together as
Long as you're not trying to ram a freighter there by yourself unscouted
You should be okay use basic intelligence and or die as a lesson for everybody else. Yeah, it is always a
Little bit rocky in terms of a fresh deployment when it comes to market stocking, right?
You have to get out there and show people. Hey guys yesterday
There was a thousand person grind fight that we participated in and it was awesome
So like it's not like we're doing a deployment to bumfuck nowhere where there aren't fights like there are active fights
There's real engagement. There is shit to be had and there is spaceship violence just a short trip from one to key one
So, please get involved on that. Yeah, so you can see a bunch of FCS that have been taking breaks or getting back involved
John Hartley is yelling at us and telling us that we're stupid for various reasons. I'm sure
It's great. It's sort of ideal. There's third-party fights
There's just there's just a bunch of shit going on and that's one of the things that's nice about these things is it's a fuck
Fest and it's a good kind of fuck fest when we last deployed Jeff. It was in May of 2020 and
We didn't start off nearly so well and we fed a bunch of sacrileges and then it became obvious that
All the puppies were coming after us
That's when that Jeff deployment provoked
Piggles running his mouth too much and then all the puppies said that they were gonna come together and attack us
So that's how we got some of our early warning of the war coming
This one is much closer to home
It's not like a far-field deployment with our bridge network guys seven hops from one to Q on it is as easy-peasy
As we can make it for you to murder pubs
All right
let me take some questions and then I'm gonna ring off here such that we can get to the killing work of
Jamming a bunch of goons and ships and war material into DP
What fish do I keep? We have a
the the two main centerpiece fish in this tank are a
Golden or a honey grommy
Golden grommy, but we have a purple spotted gudgeon
Which is this big fat thick goby thing and he's more like a dog than a fish. He wiggles his ass
he's got a lot of personality also some green tiger barbs and
Odessa barbs and yeah, but in a sorry Tetris which are also really hot. Those are fun
Furniture business questions mad for calm check it out furniture for men
We have been not too busy with that during this last move
But as soon as our offices are unthawed we have one office here
The other office in the house is still in boxes. I'm gonna be trying to fix that today
There's been lots of runs runs to storage and shit like that. And then we are going to I
Mean, it's pretty awesome right to be able to sit at your desk and look out and see a fucking light
So I'm excited about the future. Okay checking any final questions is
Test invading us. Well, they're not really invading us
They are in the theater of the esoteric at a faith abolis fuck fest zone, which is where we have coincidentally deployed
The actually the day that we were deploying Jeff to begin with
Was that weekend that test announced that they were gonna go home and then they turned around and came back
So on Jeff you will be fighting primarily
Horde test and any pappy remnants that happen to tag along with them. So it should be very familiar
And obviously shooting Horton test is something that we are always fans of especially when they are so close to home
What's the school for the Lakeview? Oh
My god, I'm definitely in the the furniture business now, I'm laughing at school joke
All right. What is our overall objective with faith abolis? And what is the end game of this Jeff deployment?
That is especially coming from sir cuddles
I'm guessing that is that is bingo bait and I will give it to you. That is an excellent future plans question
We are over there to murder and to remember how to murder
As you guys know fuzzy sob takes work
GS if we takes work
Learning how to fight in an organized way takes work
And if we ever allow ourselves to go soft weak and incompetent the entire galaxy will immediately blew themselves again
And come down here to try to exterminate us. So unlike our enemies who want to live in the deep drone regions and complete safety
Here in Delve. I love it because we have NPC Delve. It is never fully safe in Delve
we must always be looking for a degree of danger because otherwise we will rot and
Sort of slough off into weakness just like our enemies have
So after a certain number of months off, it just becomes I also I just get sick of peacetime
I get sick of peacetime firesides. I get sick of talking about moons and
stuff and I just
It's just time to kill the fucking puppies. That's the objective kill the fucking puppies. There you go
All right
I want to thank you guys for coming and there's gonna be pings going out shortly for the move ops join Jeff
We particularly need USTZ people. We need lodgy stock those fucking markets join GSFO
We we got work to do out in there out there in the east and it's only seven jumps from one to Q1
Get involved. Let's do this. Thank you for coming. We will see you again next week